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    • Update: I am dumb. They gradually increase the load as they start it for the day. Please ignore the ramblings of this old man. 
    • Not sure the issue... but they're only loading the first three rows of TTD. They Also had three cars of Magnum roped off.   Ops have been otherwise smooth and enthusiastic. Multi trains everywhere, but staffing shortages are certainly still effecting morning roll out.
    • Super hoping to hit Melt.  Also, outside the park... if you're into excellent craft beer, we tried CLAG tonight. We were super impressed. The brewer knows how to make excellent hazy N.E. ipa's.  Didn't have the food. May go back tomorrow night. 
    • Standing in a line to get into the line. Employee just came by to say it won't be open for at least another hour with guys working on the lift. That's a...uhhh...good start on the first day open to the public. Edit: They've changed their wording from "extended delay of over an hour" to "major delay, we recommend you don't wait for it." GREAT! Edit again: Closed for the day! Guess I'll ride whatever doesnt have an insane line and head out. Sounds like it ran fine for all 4 days it's been open. Figures once I make a 4 hour drive it shits the bed.
    • Weather looking perfect this week, curious to see how weekday crowds are. Looking forward to visiting the waterpark for the first time in ages, and hoping they open more slides since @Mike240SX 's visit.
    • Cheetah Hunt: Behind the scenes! 20210612_095056.mp4 20210612_095335.mp4
    • I know that the world isn’t exactly clamoring for another Jersey Devil coaster review but I figured I’d do a brief post with my thoughts. We went yesterday and got tons and tons of rides all over the train in the morning and at night (the park stayed open an extra hour since they were so busy). Let’s set some expectations: If you’re expecting Wonder Woman, you’re not going to get it here. I actually feel like the best way to look at this ride is that it’s more similar to the pacing of a regular RMC than one of those old batshit single rails but people positively lose their shit over regular RMCs so that’s not a bad thing. First off: The ride area and queue are very nice. My expectations for this park in that department are always low and none of it will change your life but it’s better than I expected so kudos on that front. As for the ride, it was running all four trains and when it got in a groove it’s capacity was better than you would expect. I’m sure it’s capacity is realistically higher than rides with higher theoretical capacities like El Toro and Bizarro on a lot of cycles since the restraints are very forgiving and the boarding never stops. It’s not like El Toro where the train is loaded and then it’s that “recheck 3,5,6... we got 6, lost 6, now just 3 and 5... we lost 2... now just 6... verified” bullshit. As for the ride itself, I guess let’s just go element by element. - The view from the lift is great. It’s a really nice view of the lakes and of Nitro. At Sunset, it was crazy. This is where Six Flags should take all of it’s Nitro social media / website / marketing photos from. - The first drop delivers insane ejector in the back and even solid ejector in the middle.  - The first inversion is nuts everywhere and just an awesome element overall.  - The next hill is an ejector hill with insane ejector airtime everywhere in the train. This will probably be a lot of people’s favorite part of the ride. - The stall following it is a blast. If the ride is running fast it’s wild, if it’s running slow then it might even enhance this element. - I thought that the turnaround would be a throwaway element but it’s absolutely not. In the back maybe it is, in the front it made me yell out an involuntary expletive. That’s RMC single rail pacing at it’s finest. - The next inversion is the most underrated thing on the ride. Throw your hands up and just enjoy it. It’s a really cool element where it feels like the world is in slow motion. I guess it’s not that forceful compared to everything that came before it but it’s just as much fun. I’ll admit that from this point forward, the ride definitely chills out a bit. The pop into the midcourse is nice but nothing crazy. The best way thing about the second half is the visuals. The headchoppers are great. My favorite element of the second half is the left turn after the midcourse because it just feels like there’s no clearance there and the turn is very tight. Every airtime hill on the second half provides mild floater air. Think “Nitro’s final camelbacks in December” airtime... maybe. The people complaining about this ride are probably judging the entire ride on this 10 second stretch, which is dumb. I firmly believe that the designers expected this part of the ride to run faster and it’s possible that they can tweak it to get it that way, maybe even just by dialing down the timing and having it sail through the midcourse. Even as-is though, it’s still fun. Despite ending the review on a low note with those last few hills, the ride is insane. The pacing on the first half is awesome and if the midcourse would have been the final brake run everyone would be blowing this ride. It has ejector air, it has “oh shit” moments, it has a forgiving restraint and a low height requirement and it looks great. It fills a nice niche for Great Adventure. Everyone is going to love this ride from the regular day-guests to the extreme thrill seekers (unless they’re just jaded as hell). At most parks in the northeast, this would be the best ride in the park. It would probably be my favorite ride at Lake Compounce, Dorney, Six Flags America, maybe Hershey (or at least top 2), Nick U, La Ronde (except it would run one train), possibly Busch Williamsburg... you get the point. I think most complaints about this ride are due to people being spoiled as hell by the fact that it’s not the most intense ride in the park with the strongest ejector airtime in the park but it’s still super intense and has crazy airtime. The problem is that across the park you have the tallest coaster in the entire world that goes 128 mph and one of the best, if not the best Intamin airtime machines ever built.  We walked in with lowered expectations after reading the reviews but after riding it I realize that every enthusiast in New Jersey is just comparing everything to El Toro which means they’ll just end up hating everything forever. Go in expecting regular RMC Ibox pacing but with the unique ride experience of a single rail and you will love it. Ranking isn’t my thing, but I’d say that El Toro is clearly the best ride in the park but after that depending on my mood this might be my second favorite. It could also be Kingda Ka or Nitro at any given time. God, we’re spoiled. Ignore the haters, come out and ride this. It’s wonderful.  We love Jersey Devil! A few general park updates: - Great job by the park staying open an extra hour because of crowds. They filled the parking lot which I’ve never seen outside of Fright Fest. How busy were they? Well... (we walked by, it was not a typo). - Now that Kingda Ka can run independently of Zumanjaro, the gloves are off. The crew yesterday was the best I’ve ever seen on that ride. They were practically running. Also: There is no longer a station grouper and you are free to wait for row one no matter what. We did, as we always do. Amazing ride... - I’m so used to riding Nitro in the winter that I forget what this thing can do when it warms up. That hill before the swoopy hill into the helix (I named that element just now) was providing borderline ejector air all day long. - We rode the Flume. We asked if we could not be grouped, we were denied. I should have just jumped in the lake to get less wet. Please stop doing this, nobody likes it.  - The new temporary dinosaur thing was cool. After 6:00 you can pay 5 bucks and do it as a walkthrough rather than a drive through. It’s better than Dinosaurs alive was. The animatronics are pretty solid. Overall we had an awesome day (thanks to Flash Pass). Come out and ride this thing, you won’t regret it. Just don’t do it on a Saturday unless you’re getting there at opening, but if you do you should rope drop the Flash Pass building, not Jersey Devil. Flash Pass lines stretched back to the Joker entrance yesterday. They really need to improve that system.
    • 13 an hour was the starting wage at the beginning of the season.
    • I feel like they shortened them. Dunno why if they did. I could always do the lap bar and the belt ok up until the past couple years. My "form" hasn't changed much since 2016 so that can be ruled out. lol But seriously I am suspecting they really did change them over the off season around 2018-2019. I have taken the "walk of shame" ever since after a few attempts. I never had that problem on a coaster, not even another RMC.
    • Unless they raise the roof A LOT on the Ramses ride building ..... it's another dark ride, probably. IMhO. 🐪
    • Was at Playland today, for the Opening Weekend of "The New Season." A few rides weren't operating, including <sighs> Coaster. But that was okay. I spent time just enjoying the atmosphere of everybody having a great day there. And just before I left, I ran into Roxann and Christina, who are involved with the "Guest Experience" of the park. I have emailed Roxann on several occasions  about Playland and the PNE in general. Was great to see them in person and not "online" lol. So a group photo was taken. Ka-ching! Am planning to be there tomorrow, when all things point to "rain and showers" for the day. But I will have my trusty rain poncho ready! And I'll post both days of the weekend, when I get back home, tomorrow afternoon.   Roxann, myself, and Christina.  
    • Super hoping to hit Melt.  Also, outside the park... if you're into excellent craft beer, we tried CLAG tonight. We were super impressed. The brewer knows how to make excellent hazy N.E. ipa's.  Didn't have the food. May go back tomorrow night. 
    • Oooooohhhhh.... that's a good idea. I was worried about raptor being so close to the front. I WAS all about a maverick start. Then MF. SV looks like a noon hit. Big open crowd is thinned then. Heard about gatekeeper chain. That's a giant bummer. It eats so many crowds and my daughter was super excited for it.    THANKS!
    • Ohhh. Huh. I just figured they'd bought some of the Pickin' On CDs to play. So, if they can't sell the queue music, there's at least a really good variety of bluegrass covers through Pickin' On and The Cleverlys and The Beef Seeds and more. So if you ever wanna groove to bluegrass covers, there's plenty out there even if it isn't the exact versions in the TT queue.
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