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  1. I rode the Racer one time at KI and didn't think anything about my glasses (which were loose from being bent up) and made it all the way to the 2nd bunny hill before the climb up to the turn around and off they went.... the guy behind me tapped me on the shoulder when I started to look around trying to figure out where they landed and somehow he caught them in his hand so as we were going around the turn around I slipped them in my front pocket... whoooooppsss!
  2. ^ lol that's what I was thinking put some Diamondback scoops on it and make it another splashdown just like Diamondback.
  3. I always was under the impression that it was more of a partnership and that Herschend was the majority and Ed's group was a minority partner. I didn't realize that they actually sold the whole thing to Herschend.
  4. I feel sorry for the kids the most, it did't mention if there was another adult with them, only that he was with 2 kids. I can just imagine how scary it was for them. I seen another inteview with a ride attendant but the posting page wasn't sure if they were working or not, but basically this guy said that the man was told he would have to wait until the end of the night and retrieve the keys from Lost and Found, got back in line then disappeared, and was struck in an area of where Banshee is only 5' off the ground according to the ride attendant.
  5. Weekends might start out very busy until the waterpark opens but once the waterpark opens that's where the main crowd flocks and the dry side crowd dwindles rapidly so the first or two hours after park opening will be crowded but if you're skipping the waterpark you'll be good on the coasters and I'm not sure about the parent swap system but the staff are very friendly and when my two sons were younger the staff would keep an eye on either or both of my sons standing on the exit ramp waiting for me. I'd send them into the exit que while I went into the entrance que and never had any worries about them.
  6. I agree and now restuarants are toying with that idea.
  7. That was part of the issue but the main issue is Six Flags and the Fairboard had a blowout over the leasing and Six Flags basically said screw you we're out of here and vacated the premises. The Kochs dropped their interest as well for the same reasons when they were thinking about taking it over after it was abandoned.
  8. My thinking was trying to decide if it was the video that just was making it seem a slower pace or if it was the difference in the launch vs chain lift, but if it is a slower pace than that's not necessarily a bad thing because it will make it more family friendly with younger children, the one time I rode it in launch mode it was very very fun but very very fast and the whole thing was a blur from start to finish. I personally think for me if it is a slower pace that just gives me more time to enjoy the twists and turns, just my opinion.
  9. I agree, but won't get on a soapbox about it.... Looney Toons has gotten the woke treatment but yet look at the FPS games out there and the violence in action movies and they label Looney Tunes as too violent, makes sense to me but I"ll hush.
  10. I wish my 2 sons were still young but both are in their 20's now. I miss that young kid energy.
  11. Was just wondering, would Saturday night be a croweded mess for Winter Nights?
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