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  1. He's right you know.... there's a cave that runs under the zoo, i264, and it's huge. It's a year around storage facility that has zip lines, dirt bikes, yearly christmas lights, and is huge!
  2. What would be awesome is a 100 ft tall lift hill to make the FAA happy and then a 200 ft drop with a 100ft of it below ground, might need a chain or launch lift coming back up but that would be awesome, not many coasters if any go 100 ft underground.
  3. That's always been my biggest complaint about the park too, even though I live in L'ville I'd much rather go to Holiday World or Kings Island instead.
  4. yes, the land is owned by the Fair Board. Whoever is managing the park pays a lease to the Fair Board, Six Flags felt the FB was being unfair and that's why the up and closed it. The reason why they didn't announce the Herschend take-over sooner is because it all had to go through governmental approvals beyond the Fair Board as well. I guess this is why the Raptor Coaster plans got scrapped. I've got mixed feelings, Herschend is a great family owned company but at the same time we saw how well things went when Ed sold to Six Flags. I did hear rumors of more events and more special things alrea
  5. There was a campground at some point around 1999 2000ish.. my Dad died in 2001 and one of our last get togethers was at a campground right by KI.... they must have put Great Wolf over top of it. I met him and some other family members there and we rode the tram to the park.
  6. Doesn't Kings Island already have a campground next to it, or am I mistaking a KOA campground for a KI campground?
  7. This isn't quite accurate.... pretty much everything here in Kentucky is open.... bars and restaurants are running at reduced capacity, some movie theaters are open, KK was open for awhile.
  8. I grew up on the stuff even after moving to Indiana from Cincy.... one of my best memories was getting home from school and smelling the smell of it after it's been simmering all day on the stove. Cincy Chili Conies with cheese, mustard, and onions is the bomb.
  9. What I think I like best is being able to see all of the Unread content across all the threads as opposed to seeing your activity on the old forum an d only seeing threads you actually commented on or followed. This lets you see all the awesomely gooiness of TPR.
  10. I love the new forum and will take some getting used to.... and the best part.... we still keep our donkey titles!!!
  11. "Lightning strikes twice" means that they'll open it next year and the up/down will start again and not talking about the rides themselves.
  12. Well considering at one point they had to have water spraying on the magnetic fins on the launch just to try to get it to run helps points it that way, something needs to be done, why have a ride that's constantly up and down, if it was me I wouldn't want to try to keep wasting my money, I'd want to fix it or remove it.
  13. ^ You know they would have, failure to provide adequate security measures or some nonsense like that on the park's side of things.
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