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  1. This is tragic and this is going to be a problem for the park now. I'm not going to put any on the parents or whoever the little girl was riding with, but when I rode rides with my kids I never did mine until I made sure their belts were buckled. It all comes back on the 2 operators though, they could have kept her alive.
  2. Another website posted pics and yes, it's completely removed now.
  3. Damn, that sucks. Ed Hart has always done a good job as president.
  4. My family and I had stayed in one of the cottages when I was 8. I had so much fun that week so much has changed since then. Superstition Mountain didn't have the lift, it went into the mountain then came out the top and around that turn, there was a wooden toboggan ramp that came down off the buildings and into the lake right at the end of the beach you skipped quite a few times, the only roller coaster was the Jet one. The skiing show was awesome, they had a small dock with AstroTurf on it you could sit on and the skiers would jump up on it and slide across it no more than a foot away from you. I loved Frankenstein's Castle, went through it with my Dad, scared the crap out of me.
  5. I miss my kids being that young and having a fun day at a park like that... they become teenagers and don't want to hang with Dad anymore because it's not cool... lol
  6. Probably Six Flags St Louis.... felt like I was back home at KK when it was under their flags. I know there are some good 6 Flags parks but the overall feel is like if you've been to one you've been to most.
  7. I love WDW and WDL but the Happiest Place on Earth is quickly becoming You have to hit the lottery place on earth.
  8. French Lick Resort and Casino is really nice. The hotel has a nice history and is quite beautiful. https://www.frenchlick.com/ I've never stayed there but it's on my list.
  9. I wish KK would run theirs backwards but was told theirs wasn't programmed for that.
  10. I agree... it'd be better to drive south 3 or 4 hours for SDC instead.
  11. Your slower than normal ride on American Thunder surprises me. I rode it as my first coaster in the morning when we got there and it was moving pretty good so maybe just a time of the day thing maybe? I totally agree about Boss, it was painful and not fun at all I couldn't wait to get back to the station and be off of it, probably the worse coaster I've ever been on. I didn't get a chance to ride Screamin Eagle because I got there later in the afternoon and that whole back section was closed even though it was running in the morning so I'm guessing staffing issues. The train was shut down to so missed that as well. I did like the mine train coaster, not fast but was fun. I didn't get to Ninja because I was too worried about cracking my head on the restraint and having a headache.
  12. My thought is he did it on purpose and since it's right as it was coming to the fountain if he was trying to aim for the fountain but lost his grip. The main thing noticeable to me is how calm he is which was also brought up on another site.
  13. There maybe rioting and looting if KI were to announce RMC'ing the Beast.
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