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  1. This isn't quite accurate.... pretty much everything here in Kentucky is open.... bars and restaurants are running at reduced capacity, some movie theaters are open, KK was open for awhile.
  2. I grew up on the stuff even after moving to Indiana from Cincy.... one of my best memories was getting home from school and smelling the smell of it after it's been simmering all day on the stove. Cincy Chili Conies with cheese, mustard, and onions is the bomb.
  3. What I think I like best is being able to see all of the Unread content across all the threads as opposed to seeing your activity on the old forum an d only seeing threads you actually commented on or followed. This lets you see all the awesomely gooiness of TPR.
  4. I love the new forum and will take some getting used to.... and the best part.... we still keep our donkey titles!!!
  5. "Lightning strikes twice" means that they'll open it next year and the up/down will start again and not talking about the rides themselves.
  6. Well considering at one point they had to have water spraying on the magnetic fins on the launch just to try to get it to run helps points it that way, something needs to be done, why have a ride that's constantly up and down, if it was me I wouldn't want to try to keep wasting my money, I'd want to fix it or remove it.
  7. ^ You know they would have, failure to provide adequate security measures or some nonsense like that on the park's side of things.
  8. So does this mean that KK needs to rename this Raging Eunuch River Ride?
  9. The bleachers are leftovers from the Drag Racing attraction that used to be where Eye of the Storm is now. There were like 4 different strips or lanes if I remember correctly and you could race against people in a drag race complete with staging lights. It was pretty cool honestly if you like drag racing.
  10. ^ I agree with this to a certain extent, I'm glad it's so much closer to my house (like just 10 mins) but with as slow as the ques can be, and all the obnoxious teens dropped off to run wild. I'd rather go to Holiday World, that's a much better day out for the family.
  11. ^ lmao, gotta love Yahoo, but at least they got the ride's name right!
  12. They're starting to do the same here in Kentucky now. Restaurants and Bars cannot serve after 10pm and has to be closed by 11pm now.
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