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  1. So excited for CP to finally bring the world’s tallest and fastest Aquatrax to life
  2. Thanks for putting this together! It’s cool to even see something like this be attempted, even if I have strong opinions about meaningless details (the fact that Disney even built this is bonkers and I love that). As someone who will probably never get to go, getting a comprehensive look like this means so much.
  3. Maybe the hotel just needs ...... TOGO in a different direction. GET IT?!?!?!?!
  4. I’ll be at the park tomorrow and was wondering if Fast Track is a necessity on a September Saturday. First visit since I was like 6, but I’ve read mixed thoughts about it in the era of coronavirus.
  5. I know I'm late to the party, but who let Avril Lavigne on Andy Warhol's lip?????
  6. I'd be interested to see a version of the accelerator that is in the 300' spectrum. It might allow for the use of LSMs instead of a cable launch, and could prove to be a more efficient iteration of the ride. Either way, this combined with the newer lapbar design should be awesome! Really cool addition to an already epic park.
  7. I have a feeling we shouldn't even be worrying about whether the queue means something or not till the park actually opens. Because they have a couple months left to rip that sucker out, they wouldn't bother doing it with the snow everywhere. The same talk was centered around the station meaning something, then that got torn down. The park isn't going to miss this opportunity to expand outward more. They have a great area of land there and they won't just block it off with another coaster. That would be extremely foolish. And I doubt that when the decision was made to retire RT, it was done so with just a new coaster in mind. They now can fix two very obnoxious dead ends in the park layout, and that's awesome!
  8. I'm actually surprised SFMM hasn't tried something like the newer models of Vekoma Jr Suspendeds. I love that they're really focused on appealing to the whole family in terms of their coaster catalogue, and I feel like an extended version of one of these could be a great addition to appeal to families. Anyway, cool to see them focusing on the whole family!
  9. A multi-level dark ride with an epic haunted house exterior solves all problems.
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