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  1. Not my photo but I thought it's worth sharing too. Photo credit to my friend Heverton Saenger. Firewhip at Beto Carrero World (17pm - almost a sunset)
  2. The park has plans to built Shrek themed area first and then the coaster. Here is proof that the project is ready, just waiting to go up! Unfortunately, we'll have to wait and see. Picture from Zix's website.
  3. Beto Carrero World (Brazil) opened this weekend the new Madagascar themed area. The themed area has a river rapids ride and a new show inspired by the movie Madagascar 3. A friend of mine, Heverton, visited the park in the opening and asked me to share the images here. I hope you enjoy! I apologize for not putting the pictures in order. BONUS: Madagascar Circus Show [youtu_be] [/youtu_be] Madagascar Advert [youtu_be] [/youtu_be] Madagascar Circus Show Madagascar Circus Show Is a huge theater! The Zaragoza's train Alex! *-* Snacks More snacks Here is the place to take pictures with the characters The Madagascar Crazy River Adventure station. The Madagascar Crazy River Adventure entrance. Gift Shop On-ride photo shop Queue-line Madagascar Circus Show entrance Madagascar themed area entrance Picture from Beto Carrero's Facebook page Picture from Beto Carrero's Facebook page Picture from Beto Carrero's Facebook page Picture from Beto Carrero's Facebook page Picture from Beto Carrero's Facebook page
  4. I live about 1 hour from Beto Carrero World - Brazil.
  5. Some Brazilian theme parks from the air: Hopi Hari - São Paulo Hopi Hari - São Paulo Beto Carrero World - Santa Catarina Beto Carrero World - Santa Catarina Wet'n Wild - São Paulo Hope you like it!
  6. According to this article Beto Carrero World has started to receive shipments of the former Batman & Robin: The Chiller coaster that once ran at Six Flags Great Adventure. (Article in Portuguese) *no picture appeared so far*
  7. I thought Six Flags Mexico and Hopi Hari were on Latin America as well They are! But definitely you do not know Beto Carrero World (14 million square meters) is twice the size of Hopi Hari and Six Flags Mexico!
  8. Latin America's largest theme park (Beto Carrero World) announced this weekend the alliance with Universal Studios and Dreamworks. Unfortunately, the park has not mentioned about new areas and attractions. The characters involved in the alliance are: Madagascar, Shrek, Kung Fu Panda (Dreamworks) and Fast and Furious (Universal Studios). AND there are strong rumors that the park bought Batman and Robin: The Chiller! (if true, it should arrive in Brazil next month) Alex (the lion) soooo cute! Fast and Furious will replace a car show (Extreme Show) Eles chegaram = They arrived I will return --with pictures-- if the rumors become true (about chiller)
  9. We're still waiting to see which Brazilian park bought & would install two face from SFA. No one! Two Face went to Italy!
  10. Rumor has it that the Chiller is going to Brazil. Facts: 1. Beto Carrero World Theme Park removed two rides and cleared a big area in the Old West region. 2. A few employees saw a model of a roller coaster and, according to their description, they appeared to be talking about something fairly similar to the chiller. 3. When the rumor about that new roller coaster started, the chiller was said/announced to have been sold.
  11. This parl is really awesome! Tower of Terror (Intamin First Generation) it's my favorite ride there! And seriously, it's better than Demon Drop at Dorney Park!! haha I can't explain the reason, but it's better!
  12. I loved this day! Was so perfect! Come on, ROBB, give us some comment here. We'd love it! lol
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