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  1. WOW! Thank YOU hyyyper!!!!! Actually, I have seen pics of this ride, but did not know where it was located until now. I remember Free Fall and CGA "the Edge being somewhat bumpy, but the Drops were Awesome. I just Love these rides.
  2. As am I Bummed about Free Fall. Last time I rode on Free Fall was like 21 years ago, when I used to live in LA before moving to Chicagio IL. I did however, ride on 'the Edge' at CGA in 92 while on vacation. That was my last ride on an Intamin Ag 1st Generation Free fall ride. When I go back to LA, I will always envision Free Fall standing in it's original place before they started building all these monstrocities around it. I took my mom on Free Fall years ago, and she almost had a Heart attack. I also remember placinga coin on my lap seing wheather I'd catch it or not.
  3. Thanks for the heads up XYZ, and I guess my question would be why?????, and also is Drop Zone still currently at CGA? I Love the fact these newer Free Falls make you drop from much higher, but am afarid your way more likely to get Killed or in an accident than the former Free Fall rides. Imagine the 'Edge' at both Great America Parks, being twice as high as their Original height?
  4. Thanks Fooz! Where is Dorney Park? Love to go. (CORRECTION: Just found out Dorney Park is in Pennsylvania.) Thanks! Yes it is a Great Ride and any of those were all neat to ride on. What else sucks, is that they built all these Newer rides which Towered above or around the Free Fall Rides, to make them look un-noticable and not very important. That kind of Park planning, will make a ride less popular very fast. What I dont like is how at Six Flags Great America (Gurnee park) , they had to place the Giant Drop right next to Raging Bull. Both are same height at 200 + feet and make either ride look not as intimidating. Almost pretty much canceling one another out. One of the rides should have been on one side of the park, while the other was on another side of the park or well across from it.
  5. Any Pictures on this thread of any of the Intamin Ag 1st generation Free Fall rides over the years, be much appreciated. I'd like to see especially more pics of Gurnee IL. Six Flags Great America 'Edge' if possible. Never rode it, but if anyone has pics of it's ride exsistance before they tore it down years ago, would really appreciate it. I've been to the Six Flags Great America Gurnee site and did see some old pics, but would like to see others and other of the same Free Fall rides if possible. Or even Aerial veiws of these FreeFall rides. Thanks and it's my pleasure if Ibrought any great memories to your ride experiences over the years. Bring these rides Back, Please!
  6. Gotta say, I really miss all the Intamin Ag 1st generation Free Fall rides which have all but been extinct. I understand coasters got much bigger making these Free Falls look more puny over time, and the creation of the Newer Free Falls (2nd and 3rd generation Free Falls, which are another 10 story's to 20 in some cases. I enjoy the very tall Free Fall rides, but must say, the drop you got in your stomach from the 1st generation Free Falls were so much cooler. These rides needed to be rebuilt or built higher than what their original height was which was 10 or 11 stories. In 1982, Six Flags Magic Mountain had the "Original" [b]Free Fall [/b](Note: Yellow Free Fall tower "L" shaped ride with Red Track) Awesome ride. I remember how damn Intimidating it looked from behind colossus and centered at the North End of the park. You had Both Great America Parks both Santa Clara Ca. and Gurnee IL. (note: Gurnee Park is a Six Flags Park) both Parks had 'the Edge'. (Santa Claras was Orange located at Country Fair and Gurnee's Edge was a Rust Red color located more near the front of the park in Orleans place. Never rode on the Gurnee IL, 'Edge' as it was well taken down from the accident in 1984 before I ever went to Six Flags Great America and quickly removed and scrapped during the late 1986 season despite better improvements and safety features. However, I did get to both Great America Parks and did ride 'the Edge' in Santa Clara in 92 on a vacation. Awesome ride. Six Flags over Texas also had Free Fall as did Six Flags over Georgia. Astro World (RIP) in Houston Texas, had the 'Sky Screamer', Six Flags Great Adventure (New Jersey) had "Mr. Hydes Nasty Fall", Cedar Point was the last Park to have "Demon Drop" and scrapped it in 2009 or so. Another Park and it's Location is Unknown to me, had a Free Fall ride called "WildCatter"which happend to be Imploded. Just Very Dissapointing, they had to tear all these 1st generation Free falls down, but I will always remember them and enjoyed my rides on them. I will say that even though the Newer Free Fall rides are much higher, I Loved the senastion of riding up the Elevator shaft track, and then being pushed out the Edge much better than having my feet dangling and basically not enjoying the full height of the drop. I feel that while these Newer Free Fall rides are higher, they also cheat you out a fun drop. Just still not the same.The Highest of these Free Fall rides is in Dream World Australia I believe. Love to try that one. There actually 2 rides on 1 tower. I Live in and around the Chicagoland area in IL and I have not been to Great America over the course of the last 5 and 7 years, but would Love to see a version of 'the Edge' be built again, only taller. I dont see why not. Most parks should try to get these types of 1st Generation Free Fall rides built back up again and with New improved features and break systems. Be finally nice to get to enjoy the thrill again of a Newly approved 1st generation Intamin Ag Free Fall Drop Tower again. Miss them, remember taking my mother on Free Fall at Magic Mountain, and who can forget, placing a coin on your lap and seing wheather you'd catch it? Please bring them Back. I know I cant be the only one who wants them back.
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