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    • I think this is good choice.  This will be a nice change of pace after all the "family launched coasters" they've been building at the other parks.
    • How many family coasters added in the US does this make, between this year and next?  Back to the bread and butter.
    • Hooooooly shit. That line for one train opps on a family coaster? There's no way I would wait in that if I didn't have a kid, or maybe at all. I wonder if the audio track will already be toast by the start of 2024? It's awesome that even with the loud audio, you can still hear Freeze roaring and kicking ass after over 20 years.   How's the trick or treat and October Fest been going? I think we're going to check it out in a couple weeks.
    • I think this is going to be a great addition to the park. They needed another family coaster with Sand Serpent gone and there are not that many rides in the park at all for someone too old for kids rides but not wanting to go on a coaster with an inversion.
    • ACE fall conference was this past weekend at Lagoon. Primordial is indeed open to the public, we got some ert on it Friday afternoon before park open. Which was a very good thing because it has an average of a 1 1/2 - 2 hour wait Fri night and most of the day on Sat. Yes, an update version of Wonder Mountain's Guardian BUT a few significant differences at the end of the ride. Don't want to say more and be a spoiler......but you should do it more than once if you are there and able. Feel free to message me if you want the exact details. I really enjoyed the park. It was both more polished and bigger than I thought it would be. Halloween event was going on of course, no scare zones but nice decorations and the 5 mazes were well staffed, free with your regular ticket (unless you bought the fastpass) and comparable to most SF/CF parks. The standout were the shows. They had some really high quality Halloween shows and one in particular, Seance was very different, in the best way, from most theme park shows. That one was an upcharge but well worth it in my opinion and if anyone has a chance to go I strongly advise you to be one of the "volunteers". Side note: According to my son their flyers are just about as snappable as the ones at Knoebles.
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