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    • ^ I think this is why I love wooden coasters. Still a design-and-build, right? And mainly based on gravity, yes? No? I do know tech and computer stuff are now more involved with woodies, as much as steels. Still - all this stuff about prepulsion, braking, etc. etc... Gives me a headache, lol.
    • I see Alpengeist is getting a different paint scheme. I just wanna know who asked for that shit?!?  The green and white really contrasted and fits well with the ski lodge theme. Now it blends in with Griffon, to me. . .
    • Its not a LIM launch, but theres this about Hulk: "In the end a drive tire system was selected, where 230 electrical motors power a set of tires that pinch the train's underside to provide propulsion.[2][14] As this system required eight megawatts of power to propel each train, the park built several customized motor generator sets with large flywheels to reduce the risk of browning-out the local energy grid with every launch."
    • Have to comment, after seeing all the craziness that one f-ing popcorn bucket can bring, and I am looking at you Figment, well .... it's just nuts. 😱 But that said, I do collect TOMICA toy cars from the Tokyo Disney Resort. Get them on eBay, usually. And I am sure the lineups for getting those 'souvenirs' can be much the same, that's happening in WDW. Still, with the prices I've seen for the Figment buckets ..... if you really REALLY want one, you'll "pay the price." Other than that, I am glad Elissa got one for her friend w/o too much time wasted in the queue for it. 👍
    • Musical POP QUIZ Question! I just found this out, so try and answer w/o looking it up, etc. For the Broadway Musical Candide, Leonard Bernstein wrote the entire score, there's no question about that. BUT - how many lyricists has "Candide" had, over the years? No peeking, ok? 🙂 More than one, I discovered. And as a bonus...... Stephen Sondheim was one of them.
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