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    • I just got to talk to a few friends who visited and stayed and it sounds just perfect honestly! Exactly what you want when visiting a bucket list park
    • Forgot to mention another thing that I found mildly amusing at the park on Friday night.  A few years back, CarnEvil was removed from the scare zone line up and since then, the clowns have had no place to call home.  So now they tend to wander throughout the park.  On Friday, they were creeping people out in front of Cedar Downs.  One of them had a severed head attached to an elastic band that he would throw towards people walking past, usually resulting in the victim jumping a foot off the ground.  Even more fun was that two of the other clowns were standing at the railings of Cedar Downs while the ride was going.  They were waving at the kids as they rode past and the one had a seriously creepy laugh.  I felt bad for the one kid in front of me who had his head on a swivel the whole ride and seemed genuinely scared, but it still made me laugh.   As mentioned earlier by Mike, it was nice to see HalloWeekends back in action after last season.  Looking forward to visiting on a Thursday night next month and checking out the stuff I missed.  
    • People in new jersey  don't pay to park at target, or their grocery store, or a mall. This isn't brooklyn or los angeles (or jersey city). Even people from "Brunswick NJ," don't normally pay for parking 🤣 Not a single business in bergen county charges customers to park. 
    • It's that day of the year, mateys! And so be it, with a mighty  "ARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR." 🏴‍☠️
    • I made a couple more loaves these past few weeks. I repeated a "5 Seeds" Bread, but upped the amount (1tablespoon vs. 1 teaspoon) of the three smaller seeds (flax, sesame, chia)  in it. Made it for our nice neighbour next door, who's always giving us BBQ meats and such. The first loaf shown here, was what I called my "Greek Loaf." It had green and red peppers in it, a "Greek Seasoning" shake or three, and small cubes of feta cheese. The feta did not work out that well, with the bread. The cubes stayed as they were and actually became chewy in the bread. Didn't like that, so in the future, I will try to figure out a better cheese to use .... but still keeping it "Greek" of course. 🧀 My Greek Bread, fresh out of the dutch oven. Looked great, but the feta didn't work out, taste wise. Will try a similar cheese, next time I make this. The "5 Seeds Loaf" with lots more seeds inside. For Liz and Terry, next door.🍞
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