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    • The layout is a simple out and back.  Not bad but I don't think there is anything special about it.  I have to admit that relocating the coaster would probably mean putting 80% new wood in it, so might as well building brand new if the blueprints are still available.  But I don't know if it'd be a success.  The Blue Streak is great operating there at CLP if well taken care of.  It has good pops of air time, history, and its delapidated look, which induce fear amongst many riders (although the ride is safe).  Unless a new owner comes in soon to operate it, and I'm sad to say this, but I can only see the Blue Streak rotting away, and that is if it's not taken down.
    • ^Let's hope so; there is a big hole where Galaxi used to be.  Those are really fun rides, complete with real air time (where your but leaves the seat. Hi RMC).
    • Sabaton  - Steel Commanders. Which, since I saw the band live tonight, will be in my head til morning. 
    • Hmmm. "And then there was the last pizza I had....." This one had four cheeses, and I paid extra for adding leaves of Basil . Well, to be honest, I wasn't taken with this one. The fact that it was basically the flatest pizza I had seen from this pizza place... I think I am still missing tomatoes on any part of a pizza, be it the base, or as a topping. But I am still going to continue weekly with a few more olive-based pizzas to go. I want to try all the got in this place. And compare what I've had, etc. 🍕 http://viateverepizzeria.com/ And it was a touch windy and cool outside, so I sat inside for the first time, in a long while. They put me in the corner of the place. To my left, part of the Victoria-William St. 'intersection'. Looking out in front of me. Not much to be able to see, compared to being outside. The Four Cheese pizza. With Basil added, a$ extra. I could count the basil leaves on this. The white blobs were the Riicotta. It tasted alright. Nearly finished, with a last slice to take to David. Total with tip = $33.53 Cdn.
    • Looks like Lightning Rod was open today (Friday, 9/17/21). Is it possible it's only down during the Monday/Wednesday operating days for right now? 
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