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  1. Sorry if this is too off-topic but this TPR video got me interested. What happened to this ride? Is it SBNO? Or did it get scrapped? It's a shame there was never another of such a unique ride or that it didn't get relocated.
  2. I can't remember where, but wasn't there mention that S&S Free-Spins could have different experiences on each side depending on where the magnets are placed? I wonder if they could split the queue lines so the people on the right side of the track hit different magnets than the left side do to give different experiences. Perhaps even an intense side and a less spin heavy side?
  3. So we were at a Korean park last week. Even before corona the parks tend to shut half the rides or operate them on half day shifts on off peak weekdays. I bring this up because the lines I'm talking about here aren't a handful of people, I took my son to a park on Friday and because less rides run, we waited maybe 30-40 minutes for some children's rides in cattle pens. The park has footprints painted in the lines but people just didn't social distance or follow the stickers in any of the lines, you were packed in for 20-40 minutes. And although everyone wore masks people were const
  4. Everland had a confirmed corona patient visit their park. There's a little bit of a worry since the post location mentions Starbucks where people would have been maskless when drinking and it was during a 3 day weekend so the park was very crowded.
  5. Thanks, for your hard work. Some of the links were still broken but I think it's for a certain time period. We were originally planning to go to Gyeongju World so I checked that one out and the 3 new rides Draken, Klake and Dragon Race were broken although probably not heading that way anymore because my son decided he really wants Seoul Land now because he saw it on YouTube. Tried some random parks elsewhere and all seems good. I think only other random one I spotted as an example was Hyperion at Energylandia. Also, while I was looking at Gyeongju World I noticed this was listed undernea
  6. Thank you, that's on me for missing that. I really appreciate the help though.
  7. Maybe I missed it but one thing I liked about the old forums notification system was I'd get an email that somene had replied in a thread but it wouldn't email me again until I had opened that thread/caught up. The new forums has get an email every time someone posts or once a week/day for emails and notifications but I can't find an option similar to one email per thread visit like the old ones.
  8. Will the park index be retired since the forum move broke most of the pictures? Curious before I head out to a Korean park later this week that could use an update.
  9. I'm wondering if any of the parents have advice for riding with your children, especially young children in terms of both keeping them safe and comfort for yourself. My son is 4, getting closer to 5 and he's suddenly shown an interest in rides and is at an age where he is more willing to test his limits and won't say no until he's tried at least once if he makes the height check.. Outcomes are mostly positive so he wants to try more and one or two where he overstepped and learnt where he's not ready. I'm not sure if it's because I tend to turn my head a lot more to check on him or
  10. ^Thank you for that alternative method, that content posted in area in the activity tab was exactly the sort of thing I was looking for, and failed to find earlier.
  11. I've been getting a complete your profile page that has twitter and Instagram as mandatory, but I don't have either of those things so couldn't leave the page and complete the form. When I loaded up the forums in incognito page and re logged in that way it went away. Edit: It randomly kicked me back to this update page when I went to edit this post with that screenshot and I had to close incognito and re log in to escape it.
  12. Wasn't sure if this should be in the Disney California thread, but it seems the lay-offs are across the board so thought it might be better in the Non-Park thread. Source
  13. It's like an Aqua Trax but without the water. Although considering Lotte World removed the water permanently off the worlds only Aqua Trax a few years ago, does that make Atlantis Adventure a Blitz coaster?
  14. Jurassic world, not Jurassic Park. Hopefully it’s a mix of the old and new in the area and doesn’t mean an upgrade to River Adventure. I much prefer the gate open reveal of the dinosaurs and the ‘Welcome to Jurassic Park’ moment over the digital aquarium.
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