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  1. Something like this? So many people have these in Korea. My son had one and he loved the control he had and went everywhere in it. Personally hated the damn thing since his handlebars and the handle at the back were connected so it always ended in a battle when he wanted to go left and I'd be turning it right. Back on topic, I don't dare show these pictures to my wife. She'll start trying to work out what Korean coleslaw actually is since it's not a thing here or why the rib is that way. Had the same thing when we met some friends at Everland and she had no idea 'Korean Tacos' e
  2. ^ The original one or two that popped up were constantly busy and since they're relatively cheap to run and upkeep there seem to be quite a few popping up or under construction around the country. The ski/countryside resorts especially have been jumping on the bandwagon and building them.
  3. I'll try not to post too often unless there is significant progress but posting these because better quality pictures were posted today on the message board today compared to the ones I found on another site yesterday. Source
  4. Track work is moving along on the Blue Fire clone. The first spike of the Power Splash has also been installed which you can see in the corner of the next door's Luge Park construction picture below which interestingly lists Lotte World for an August opening.... Not sure if they're just confusing that opening with the Luge Park because it seems there's still a lot of work to be done. Source Source
  5. I'm impressed by the amount of people wearing masks properly though compared to how the news used to report on America here. My son wanted the bumper cars here in Korea and the queue social distanced about as well as your picture but everyone seemed to be hitting the snack lines and coffee carts and using the queue time to pull their masks now and munch away with their masks on their chins.
  6. I kind of wish they'd kept the original gates swinging open with the 'Welcome to Jurassic Park/World' moment and the original score kicking in, and put the aquarium as the middle part but I seem to be the only one missing the welcome moment.
  7. I feel like most locals with at least half a brain and most enthusiasts would avoid the park during that grand opening rush. The majority of those that day will be the 'Firsties!' crowd and I'm alright skipping a few weeks rather than them desperately posting their queue updates every 10 minutes on Instagram for bragging rights.
  8. People will throw the words 'casualty of corona,' if this places ends up closing down but I think stubbornness is a major factor here. When you see even Six Flags adapting to the pandemic and finding new ways to bring in money there is no reason for this park to experiment and trial new things. It just seems with the shops, ski-slope and water park they could really try and entice people to come in and drop some money on individual rides but they've stubbornly stuck to their pricing the whole time even when it doesn't seem to work. For example, a new park in Korea that is also strugg
  9. Source Disney definitely takes breaking the covid rules seriously. There's body cam footage in the link.
  10. Source I really like this idea. My wife and I have always wanted to try a cruise mainly to relax and for the food. Feels almost like a starter pack for people who aren't too sure about the cost of doing a cruise would be a great cheap alternative for us to do a very short 2 days before deciding if we really want to experience one of the longer packages once corona is over.
  11. My hotel in Tokyo did the same thing, I had to return the key to the desk whenever I went out out every day.
  12. I think what they're referring to was that all 3 new areas for the Disneyland side expansion were boat rides.
  13. Jessica Walter passed away in her sleep. Source
  14. This sounds great. This park really seems to bend over backwards more than any other park in the world to make sure things don't get removed. Is it just because it's the original park? Seems like other parks aren't afraid to update or remove in the name of progress. Only thing I'm surprised about is that all the copies of the Tokyo Disneysea rides are boat rides, I would have thought that they'd have gone for a copy of TDL's Beauty and The Beast ride in place of Peter Pan or Rapunzel (Frozen was always going to happen.)
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