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  1. Gyeongju World, Korea is year round and their B&M's have the same limit and the park warns you on the site that they won't run if you visit on too cold a day since temperatures can hit up to -4 degrees here. However nearly all the year round parks like Everland and Gyeongju run multiple snow slides to entice people in and offset the water ride/coaster closure. Even smaller parks that run year round like the Folk Village or Seoul Land set up one slope in the winter.
  2. ^My Uncle's always talked fondly of the one at Flamingo Land as well.
  3. ^ Honestly, I don't think any of Ocean Parks coasters are very good and only have the views going for them, even the new B&M which is maybe one of my least favorite B&M's I've ever ridden (I'd heard people complain but on my first visit it just seemed to have typical B&M rattle, however on my last visit it was really bad.) Screamscape is reporting the Arrow coaster is going to get the cut for certain but 1) it's Screamscape and 2) their source is just another blog site called Coaster Kings who credit Hong Kong news without linking to the article but after some searching
  4. I really hope I'm wrong but when I hear '3rd party operators installing rides and collecting revenue' all I think of is 'carnival'
  5. Source I heard about it because someone shared a Korean website, I haven't included their article above because they are pretty bad at being clickbaity, and inaccurate, so the article has wrong information e.g. location of the park and their pictures are of a Vekoma corkscrew and Vekoma Inverted coaster that are from random parks and nothing to do with this park, however I mention it because they have one picture to do with the article which is a more grisly picture of the aftermath that I wasn't sure I should post in the topic but click at your own discretion: Link
  6. I think they're still hoping to host it, hence the state of emergencies being used around Japan. I also don't see it happening but with all the money already invested and jobs promised they'll try everything they can before it gets cancelled. There is insurance but there have been estimates that a cancellation could cost Japan up to $50 billion. Even taking the next slot or next open slot causes a lot of issues in terms of maintaining everything, having to redo all the logistics and planning especially since the next open slot is 2032, but it's hard to gather how much a delay would
  7. And Bullet in Mexico which is kind of like a Shuttle Loop. I really wish I'd headed out to Flamingo Land to try it many years ago instead of deciding on going to Drayton Manor to try out a stand up coaster instead.
  8. I found the problem, it was on my end, this browser guard (which I didn't even though I had as an extension) was taking offense to something on the site, turning it off fixed it.
  9. I'm getting all broken images, I'm on chrome if that helps. Also the Thunderbolt clone from Robot Land South Korea and the Mack Spinner from Shinhwa World South Korea are missing on the polls.
  10. Source In other news, I mentioned how we skipped this park on our last visit, because we couldn't justify the price or time on an all day ticket when the park had only a handful of rides. Especially when most of the island's many tourist attractions are designed to be quick visit places. Seems the park has realized this too because it's now a free entry park so if you just want the Mack spinner credit a single ride ticket is 4,000 won (around $4), 3 rides at 11,000 won ($11) or 5 rides at 18,000 ($18) but honestly at that point you might as well get the unlimited pass for 20,000 ($
  11. ^ Yes, especially Japan. I've seen people sit down ready for Fantasmic at TDS almost 4 hours before and people show up almost an hour early just to try the lottery for show tickets for night-time or theater shows at both the Japanese Disney parks.
  12. There are videos online, I won't share them here because I remember USJ having a strict camera policy so they were most likely done without permission.
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