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  1. I did my first Horror Nights last night . It was good. We headed straight to Stranger Things, I have never seen but my friend is obsessed . It was pretty good and had some good scary moments . The we did the houses at the back end of the park and just soaked up the atmosphere . My highlight was meeting Zombie Boy George, tho the photo I got was quite blurred still was so funny. I really enjoyed the Vamp 1985 NYE show. Overall thoughts on Universal, probably like many others , too many “wear glasses and have a drop of water thrown at you” rides . I’m also over Rip Ride Rockit. I used to quite like it and always choose Beastie Boys or NoDoubt as my soundtrack. However it was rough as anything. It’s also pretty ugly i realised . But hey just my thoughts. The Mummy remains a fun ride too. And got plenty of re rides I will forever be upset they didnt move Dragon Challenge to Springfield, paint it green and have it themed to Kodos and Kang. But a guy can dream. Jimmy Fallon ride was a waste of time . Overall had a great day. Sidebar: I still mourn Twister and the flying cow
  2. That ride desperately needs a re-theme and overhaul. How full was the train? I've had some really hit and miss rides on it lately and I've found that it is far more shaky when the train is more empty. Yeah I agree Atlantis so needs a retheme. Going on it with someone who hasn’t been on it before and they are just sitting there waiting for something to happen ! It was like “this is awkward where’s the seahorse etc?!” Well Kraken train was basically empty so that may explain it ? I mean I still love it maybe it was because of that.
  3. I got to ride this today. Queue was posted at 45 minutes however we got on in 20. Really enjoyable and some fast pacing in the sections. The smaller drops got us more wet but the lift and the waterfall are a nice touch and the final splashdown is a great visual too. Didn’t get as soaked at we did on Popeye but then again that can get insane with the soakings! On another note such a shame Atlantis has dropped the story and at the beginning your boat is just stopped there and you are watching nothing. Mako was great, aside from the harsh trim up the third or fourth incline . And Kraken beat the shit out of me! I told my friend who I’m on holiday with it was one of my favourites and came off with a banging headache . Not that it’s a bad ride but it was far more shaky. All in all a great day!
  4. I don't get what this secret element can be either , I also don't understand how these rides cost so much comparable to US ones when Merlin always seems to build "half a ride" lately. The loft hill does seem an unusual incline at the bottom . Thinking of the space the Log Flume had, I know they have height issues but still. They probably spend half the budget on the statue or whatever that is under wraps. Maybe the gimmick is a room where you have a virtual ride on the old log flume, I don't know
  5. I am so glad i got my final ride on these two coasters this year, but it hasn't been the same since the duelling stopped, but they are still both awesome individual coasters. Should have moved them to the Studios and themed them to Kodos and Kang the aliens in The Simpsons area.
  6. Excellent news, it is so depressing driving past the site and seeing the scenic railway with half of it missing, laying in a desolate wasteland. Lets hope this Heritage Park gets off the ground, Margate really needs it!
  7. I'm really looking forward to riding this, hopefully, when i got to Orlando this September. As has been said, its better to get all these problems ironed out before the ride opens causing more delays. One thing i was wondering, forgive me for being ignorant, but say it valleyed when it was opened, arent there going to be multiple trains on the track ? Could that cause potential problems.
  8. Not sure of the complete relevance of this, but this was a notice issued aout a critical fault in the 1001 Night design, and it mentions that the design was taken over by Huss, who made the Rainbow. Interesting read anyway. 074. "1001 Nights" Fatigue Damage LTC Ltd and Wilson Consultants have provided us with details of an occurrence of severe fatigue cracking in the main arm of a 1001 Nights (single arm Magic Carpet type) ride manufactured by Weber in 1984. Although Weber are no longer trading we believe that Huss now have control of the design copyrights and may have built similar rides. The rotating arm is a welded steel box section and the 40 seat gondola is carried by a slewing ring mounted in a housing fabricated into the end of the rotating arm. The main crack, which was found by LTC, initiated from the region of the welded connection between the slewing ring housing and the box section front plate (8 mm) and had propagated for about 500 mm in total. It is now thought that the arm was within weeks or hours of a failure which could have led to multiple fatalities. In the fully assembled state the cracked region is hidden by guards and decorative cladding. It is therefore essential that periodic access to the area (for visual inspection and NDT) is achieved and LTC have insisted upon this. We feel that one of the lessons from this occurrence is the importance of ensuring that ride controllers permit strip down access to significant, inaccessible regions. The co-operation of the controller in the case of this incident was of importance in ensuring that the crack was detected. There were also other lessons to be learnt from the findings of the investigation. Firstly, one of the secondary cracks that was close to joining up with the primary crack had initiated from a drilled hole which was not an authorised part of the design. The role of, even slight, changes to design in causing problems is regularly seen by NAFLIC members. Secondly, design calculations for rides of this general type (i.e. rotating in a vertical plane) frequently underestimate the range of the forces affecting fatigue. This stems from fundamental faults in ride dynamic analysis. Thirdly, the lack or inadequate assessment and calculation of fatigue life is a common failing. It was considered that, in this case, some combination of these last two factors meant that the original calculations had significantly overestimated the timescale for the cracking to develop. The HSE suggest that persons operating similar rides should contact their ride examiners. Housings for both shaft and slewing ring types may experience problems of this type. Also USA Today have covered the story, apparently the 40 injured figure is incorrect. http://www.usatoday.com/news/world/2008-07-15-rainbow-ride_N.htm?csp=34
  9. Oh god, that looks awful, I recall there being some concerns over the mechanics and potential for failure with the similar Weber 1001 Nacht model as well a few years ago. Good that there appear to be no fatalities.
  10. Is it the Twist and Shout from Loudon Castle that was also at Dreamland in Margate for the 2001 season ? I was reading that Parkware who own it have sold it and that Loudon Castle will be getting an Original Looping Star back there. Speaking of Frezeitpark Kirchorst, i remember in the mid 80s i had a ton of brochures on it, as well as Ponypark/Attractieparc Slaghren, also owned by the Bembom Brothers, back in the days when Dreamland in Margate (my local park) was a great place to go, and not some spooky derelict park like in Scooby Doo with one abandoned rollercoaster and a waste site as it is now.
  11. Revolution didn't have OTSR when it first opened, i thought that was something added in the last ten years or so. Schwarzkoft loopers rarely have OTSR, that's why they are such good rides.
  12. I went on Friday. The ride didnt open till about 11am, then once we got in the queue it launched three times then had a rollback, so then they stopped it, tested it a bunch of times, and then put passengers on, and it did it again. Finally got on it, twice all in all that day, and i was very impressed with it i must say. Then again virtually EVERY ride we went on, bar Nemesis Inferno, experienced "technical difficulties" when we were in the queue. And my good god, what the hell has happened to Colossus? Absolutely dreadful ride experience, crawled around the circuit and was making some really dodgy noises.
  13. Im going to Thorpe Park tomorrow, that Stealth BETTER be open or i shan't be a happy bunny.....if i was a bunny that is. Of course, knowing my track recrd, everytime i go to thorpe its guaranteed that it will be cloudy, cold, Samurai will experience "technical difficulties" just as we reach the end of the queue,there will be a huge thunderstorm, and most of the rides will be shut for most of the day. Maybe thinking negative will prove opposite will happen
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