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  1. I don't agree with this as I said why in my post. The epicentre of this earthquake was off-shore which saved many buildings along the coast from collapse, unfortunately it triggered the tsunami. Not all of Japanese buildings have been built to the strict standards imposed in the early 70's, there were quite a few shots today of 4/5 story buildings collapsing. There's no doubt that an earthquake of this magnitude would have significant effects in any populated area, look at Chile in 2010, that was an 8.8 eathquake that devasted a large area of the country.
  2. Christcurch was more damaging because the epicentre was practically underneath the city, like the '95 Kobe earthquake. I think it's rather naive to say that Japan will just bounce back from this and that they will be unaffected. This is unprecedented in Japan's recent history and it's something from which the north east coast is going to take a very long time to recover from. Entire villages and towns have been wiped out by the tsunami which followed the earthquake. The newer buildings might have been able to withstand this but many older wooden buildings would have just collapsed, as evident from tv reports which show entire houses being swept along with the current. Tokyo may be relatively unaffected, but think of the 400km of coastline where the tsunami has come ashore many kilometres. Thousands will have died as a result and many hundreds more will be homeless.
  3. The train still looks crap. Glad to hear it's riding well though, I had my reservations.
  4. It would be interesting to see what B&M would do with the ride concept at a park with less building constraints. Thorpe have been infilling land for years to build new rides and Gardaland seems to be a smallish test ride.
  5. I have to say that i'm actually happy with this! Thorpe Park/Merlin are bringing something completely new to the UK and it actually makes me want to visit Thorpe next year. (Still haven't been to ride Saw even when I lived 30 mins away for about a year!)
  6. And the award for the longest manoeuvre to turn right goes to... I don't understand this element at all. Personally I would much rather see a tophat go in there twisting to the right.
  7. ^ What most excites me about that photo is the SlimJim recycling bin!
  8. Went to Alton Towers. Apart from the long opening hours and a non-gun Duel I didn't really notice that much difference. Thirteen was pretty cool in the dark (especially at the front!) but i did the maze in the Towers last year so didn't bother again. Best part of the day? FOOD! Vege burger, fries, salad, onion rrings (good thing i did a preview and saw that filter!), Jack Daniels Sauce and a pint of cider (off shot). Yummm.
  9. Did nobody else read in the press release that this ride will be the first in the world to jump tracks?
  10. Lol. You think that opinions don't matter in hollywood? Someone takes a look at George Lucas releasing some terrible movies (1-3) and goes, i'm not wasting my money on that. Yeh that's money that hollywood aren't getting.
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