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  1. Sorry for reviving a dead topic but seemed a better place to put this than a new one. What could be better than that a 1.3km long Glass Slide down a mountain? Well how about twin racing glass water slides with a combined length of over 3km? These weird and wonderful contraptions can now be found in Qingyuan, China And if you want to watch a POV video of the original Taihang Mountains glass slide you can here! The ride seems to waver from incredibly slow (almost stopped) to breakneck speed at random although perhaps the best feature is riders are given a small cup to sp
  2. Not seen this on here before but nice model of the ride as they planned to put it up.
  3. Just to follow this up Not that it matters hugely but its likely to be a Golden Horse (all the other 8 coasters are) Duane has put Hebei up for now as they are the only ones who advertise an 11 loop coaster. However its not exactly unsual for Chinese companies to rip off designs from one another Heibei tried to build an 11 loop coaster a few years ago but it had Vekoma style track. they delivered the pieces to Jinling Happy World but it never got put up. Last i saw about it a local man had a vegtable garden growing around the stored supports... because China.
  4. China has endless new parks under construction but this is a big one.... An entire park with a ton of coasters thats gone up without anyone noticing for ages. A rather ridiculous park that as flown under radar so far. Daxing East is in South West China and currently hash 9 new coasters. Some of them VERY interesting. Including... Wait for it... Golden Horse Tilt Coaster - KSC-24B Model Golden Horse Dive Machine - GSC-24A (They finally built one) 11 Loop Coaster Golden Horse SLC - XGC-20A Golden Horse Moto Coaster - MTC-12A Golden Horse Mine Train Unknown mini coaster Golden Horse
  5. Happy to oblige. I mean its Hideous but wow it is sure going to be mad. Oh and the top half is apparently going to be a stand-up.... not sure i 100% believe that isnt just a translation error somewhere but if it is its going to be even more mental.
  6. https://www.sttinfo.fi/tiedote/linnanmaki-amusement-park-in-helsinki-finland-announces-their-biggest-roller-coaster-project-ever-taiga-is-getting-ready-to-launch?publisherId=3179&releaseId=66986964
  7. First Drop Magazine lists the ride as an Intamin. FD isnt always 100% accurate but they are pretty good. If it is it crosses one of the ton of Intamin LSM's on their reference list from January
  8. No no the graphs right. I'm just a moron and can't read my own graph. Fixed it This is why i do these things on here before I write an article
  9. Howdy all It’s been 2 years since I did one of these. And somehow a whole 7 years since I did the first one. Part of the reason I haven’t done one in a while is I was short on ideas for new graphs. I was doing a lot of the same “coasters per country” and “people per coaster” graphs each year didn’t change very much. I didn’t want to repeat same stuff this time so here’s a whole set of random graphs from the coaster industry. Before I start here are some disclaimers. All stats and numbers used here are from the RCDB, Any errors are mine and mine alone and the older the data is the les
  10. Another round of nice pictures from Wanda Wuxi and their enormous B&M wing coaster.
  11. Just from the Intamin reference list I suspect it will be similar to the old Hard Rock Park Slippery When Wet it replaces. By that I mean it will be a vertical elevator style lift like Divertical rather than a vertical lift like Fahrenheit. But that's just an assumption.
  12. I assume this is just general maintenance. At least I hope so. https://twitter.com/higasaMHk/status/960344494863400960
  13. Time for a bit of an update and a refresh for this thread as the park is now installing 2 new Intamin Coasters replacing the two Premier ones from Hard Rock Park. If you already know the histor First up Sun World Da Nang Wonders is the new name for what was Asia Park. Located in the city of Da Nang in Vietnam this park arrived into the enthusiast consciousness when they bought almost all the old coasters from the failed Hard Rock Park/Freesyle Music Park in the USA. For the purposes of this post I'm going to refer to them using their (better) Hard Rock Park names Led Zeppelin head
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