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  1. Legoland Florida is so far ahead of Dutch Wonderland. Nothing beats that botanic garden inside.
  2. We pretty much know nothing about it yet. No real details were released. Let's not judge a park harshly when it won't even open for a few years. We only have one concept art so far. However, the name.
  3. 1. Name 3 of your favorite roller coasters, but not your top 3. Expedition Everest, Steel Vengeance, Fujiyama 2. About how many different parks did you visit in 2018? 26 3. Which 2018 park visit was your favorite? Animal Kingdom 4. Your favorite 2018 park addition (ride, food, show, etc)? Steel Vengeance 5. What ride exceeded your expectations the most in 2018? Mind Bender SFOG 6. Best meal/food at a park in 2018? Skipper Canteen 7. What was your favorite new coaster of 2018 NOT made by RMC or Larson? Slinky Dog Dash? 8. Name one park you will definitely visit in 2019. the WD
  4. Dodonpa Fujiyama Expedition Everest Powder Keg Tron Lightcycle Power Run Rock N Roller Coaster Steel Dragon 2000 Big Grizzly Mountain Magnum XL-200 Flash
  5. ^Or buy some of their rides in portable models so they can just swap them out when ridership drops.
  6. It is the roughest B&M I’ve been on bases on my visit in 2014.
  7. For a park chain in such a deep financial crisis, why would they think this is a good idea? (You can simulate this in RCT) Why would you think Horizon will have comparable ride experience to Harley Quin’s? If Disney can run Dumbo in Disneyland this shouldn't be much of a problem.
  8. It’s not a smooth B&M but I still really enjoyed my ride on Firehawk. I’ll definitely miss that “oh shit” moment when the first time your life relies on the restraints is 115ft up in the air, and floating through the top of that loop at the back seat and then immediately landing on your back (it’s more punchy than a B&M Pretzel Loop IMO)
  9. I think the only place to ride a Tagada in the US is at IAAPA.
  10. It’s a good show and I love the soundtrack and how the fireworks launch in geometric formations. But yay new show!
  11. Never done an ACE trip but I highly doubt anyone can handle the whole Texas/Midwest 2013 trip situation better.
  12. I enjoy eating my excellent food at Epcot and judging the GTA results as an annual tradition.
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