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  1. ^ So you're essentially confirming that not all future projects are completely stalled for the park at the moment? That's good to hear, I was hoping things are still moving behind the scenes there
  2. Here's a link to the LA County planning board government site. Click the pdf link to view the submitted (and approved) plans for the modified Jersey Devil clone. https://epicla.lacounty.gov/SelfService/#/plan/c292f719-db4c-44ad-a217-011599501c9a?tab=attachments
  3. Yeah, I'd never blame anybody for ranking Boulder Dash high (it was divine in 2011), but even in 2016 it was awful. Seeing how far it fell was really the low-point of my coaster year. Haven't returned since
  4. Yay - Some results! I'm happy to have ridden 41/50 of these incredible rides. Now for some notes: Although Untamed is one of three RMCs I have not yet ridden (so I can't fully judge), I find it surprising to see it place so highly. In fact, every European coaster I've ridden is ranked higher than I would personally rank them (EGF, Taron, Helix, Wildifre), so maybe there's a strong European voter swing, or maybe I had universally 'worse' experiences across Europe (doubtful... I loved these coasters)? I wish Hakugei had enough voters to compete because I think it absolutely deserves a spot in the Top-25. Same for Zadra, which I haven't experienced yet. I also find it funny to see a separation between RailBlazer and Wonder Woman when both felt nearly identical to me (I'd even give a *slight edge to WW for keeping it's speed marginally up at the end) Glad to see T Express make top 5! (Although it deserves top 2 to be honest) And it's good to see Outlaw Run beat out Wildfire! The love of my life, Coaster at Playland, is still holding strong, well done! And finally, it's nice to see more recognition for the best US GCI, Prowler, although it deserves a spot closer to Mystic Timbers.
  5. I take it you've never been to CGA... SWSD confirmed they will have shade structures, but no roof. Similar to Journey to Atlantis and Tidal Twister
  6. Here's a picture I took of the completed layout! And one of the new train in the maintenance shed.
  7. I just want to point out that the loading process on WCR is actually faster than Full Throttle because they don't have to check every seatbelt before lowering the lapbars anymore. WCR doesn't have the secondary seatbelts so you pull down your restraint once you're seated. Also, WCR has a loose-article system that happens well before riders load into the trains, so that quickens loading as well. This is possible because load/unload happens on the same side of the station (like Skyrush). Also I have never had an easy time loading onto any Premier coaster. Their seats have always been designed with such minimal rider space that it's such a pain navigating into/out of them. The collars make that difficult process even worse. I seriously feel like I'm on the verge of spraining my ankles every time I have to shimmy into the far seat.
  8. Is it too late to add West Coast Racers into the poll this year?
  9. The only rides I saw single rider lines for were Eejanaika and Fujiyama. For both of them we went to the main entrances and used the same queue as the priority tickets/fast passes. Maybe they started labeling them just recently? Do-Dodonpa might have had one too, but I'm not certain. They were definitely not running the single rider line on the crowded summer day I visited (a label on the signs said "no single rider available today"). I think it's based off crowds. Also the skip-the-line passes cost me 2500 yen instead of 1500 yen each on the day I visited.
  10. You describe my feelings on these coasters pretty well. Do-Dodonpa's launch is incredible! I can't wait to see how you rank every Japanese coaster overall
  11. Finished my rankings. I stopped at 200, because nothing below that matters. I'll give my top 30 in case anyone's interested: 1. Steel Vengeance 2. Lightning Rod 3. T Express 4. Intimidator 305 5. Maverick 6. Hakugei 7. Outlaw Run 8. Skyrush 9. Twisted Timbers 10. El Toro 11. Expedition GeForce 12. Phoenix 13. Coaster (Playland) 14. Wildfire 15. Medusa Steel Coaster 16. Fury 325 17. Wonder Woman Golden Lasso Coaster 18. RailBlazer 19. Iron Rattler 20. Helix 21. Twisted Colossus 22. Mega-Lite (Happy Valley Shanghai) 23. Kawasemi 24. Prowler 25. Superman the Ride 26. Behemoth 27. New Texas Giant 28. Mystic Timbers 29. Silver Star 30. Taron
  12. It appears you can't ride WCR without some sort of pass/membership (aka a normal, ticket-buying guest) until 2020, so maybe the jury is still out on if it "opens" in 2019 or not.
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