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  1. Disney has announced that Tiana's Bayou Adventure at Magic Kingdom will open on June 28th! https://wdwnews.com/releases/tianas-bayou-adventure-opens-june-28-at-walt-disney-world/ “Drop on in” with Princess Tiana this summer, as Tiana’s Bayou Adventure opens in Magic Kingdom Park at Walt Disney World Resort on June 28! Tiana’s Bayou Adventure invites guests to join beloved characters Princess Tiana, Mama Odie, Louis, and all-new friends on a thrilling adventure, all set against the music and excitement of a New Orleans celebration. This new attraction will feature dozens of Audio-Animatronics figures, a foot-tapping soundtrack, and a celebration where everyone’s welcome. They got music, it’s always playin’ Music is at the heart of New Orleans, and guests will be tapping their toes all throughout the attraction thanks in part to adorable critters, who play instruments made of natural materials found in the bayou. Tiana’s new friends include an otter, a rabbit, a racoon, a beaver, a turtle and more. Their spirited stylings will turn the bayou into a party with Zydeco, Rara, and Afro-Cuban music authentic to the region of New Orleans. There will be new, original music alongside favorite tunes from the film, created in collaboration with award-winning artists PJ Morton and Terence Blanchard. In addition to musical critters, Tiana’s Bayou Adventure welcomes talent voices from the film as they reprise their roles, including Bruno Campos as Prince Naveen, Jenifer Lewis as Mama Odie, Michael-Leon Wooley as Louis, and the one and only Anika Noni Rose as Princess Tiana. Grab somebody, come on down As guests float through the cypress trees and Spanish moss of a beautiful Louisiana bayou, they may see some familiar faces as part of the dozens of entirely new Audio-Animatronics figures. Along with Princess Tiana, Louis and Mama Odie, keep an eye out for Eudora, Charlotte, Prince Ralphie, Prince Naveen and others. Between Disney’s iconic storytelling, technologically advanced Audio-Animatronics figures, and a thrilling 50-foot drop, Tiana’s Bayou Adventure has enough fun for everyone! As Walt Disney Animation Studios’ “The Princess and the Frog” makes its home in the Crescent City, Tiana’s Bayou Adventure is more stuffed with authentic NOLA artistry than Charlotte is with Tiana’s “man-catching” beignets! Artwork from Louisiana artist Malaika Favorite will delight guests as part of the queue, and guests can see an original metalwork weathervane from third-generation master blacksmith, Darryl Reeves and his apprentice, Karina Roca. New Orleans artist Sharika Mahdi’s artwork has inspired the attraction from the beginning. And, for some lagniappe (a “little extra”) guests will have a nose full of the sweet scent of beignets being kept warm in the oven – reminiscent of strolling through the French Quarter – as part of the attraction queue. Dreams do come true in New Orleans The heart of Tiana’s story reminds guests that everyone has the potential to make their dreams a reality. With teams of Imagineers, Disney Animation artists, cast members and Louisiana artisans working together, Tiana’s Bayou Adventure is sure to pass a good time when it opens at Walt Disney World Resort in Florida on June 28, 2024, and later in 2024 at Disneyland Park in California!
  2. Universal has unveiled new details about Super Nintendo World at Epic Universe! https://media.universalparksusa.com/press-releases/universal-orlando-resort-unveils-exciting-new-details-about-super-nintendo-world/ Next year, guests can jump into the action of their favorite video games when SUPER NINTENDO WORLD makes its much-anticipated debut at Universal Orlando Resort as one of five imaginative worlds at the all-new Universal Epic Universe theme park. Developed in partnership between the visionaries of Universal Creative and Nintendo, the vibrant land combines iconic Nintendo characters with Universal’s renowned craft of creating innovative theme park experiences to deliver a multi-sensory environment where guests can experience the fun and adventure of Nintendo games in a whole new way. Today, Universal Orlando reveals official details about all the excitement that awaits in SUPER NINTENDO WORLD at Epic Universe – featuring attractions plus dining, shopping and interactive experiences inspired by the Super Mario franchise and – for the first time in the U.S. – Donkey Kong Country. ENTER THE ICONIC GREEN PIPE It all begins the moment guests enter the portal to SUPER NINTENDO WORLD, which will transport them through the iconic green pipe into the immersive land. As guests emerge from the pipe, vibrant scenery and exciting kinetic energy surround them as they are greeted by the familiar sights and sounds that they’ve experienced on their Nintendo game consoles – from the towering Mt. Beanpole and majestic Peach’s Castle to swaying Piranha Plants, pacing Goombas, spinning coins, ? Blocks and more. Inside SUPER NINTENDO WORLD, guests will be able to explore Super Mario Land – where they’ll enjoy adventures alongside Mario, Luigi, Princess Peach and other characters; and Donkey Kong Country – where they’ll encounter thrills featuring Donkey Kong, Diddy Kong and other members of the Kong family. SUPER MARIO LAND The colorful landscapes of the Mushroom Kingdom come to life in Super Mario Land, where guests can experience: • Mario Kart: Bowser’s Challenge: Guests are invited to join Team Mario and battle Team Bowser for the Golden Cup in this groundbreaking attraction that fuses augmented reality, projection mapping technology and elaborate environments to bring the fun of the Mario Kart video game series to life in a compelling ride-through experience. Guests up for the challenge will enter through Bowser’s Castle – where they’ll wind its corridors and get a glimpse of Bowser’s deceptive plans to stack the odds in his favor – before boarding their kart and heading to the starting line. Then, guests steer through a variety of Mario Kart courses – collecting coins, tossing shells at Team Bowser, dodging obstacles, and more – as they join their favorite characters and compete to help Team Mario win the race. • Yoshi’s Adventure: The delightful Yoshi’s Adventure attraction will make its U.S. debut when SUPER NINTENDO WORLD opens at Universal Epic Universe. On this family-friendly ride, guests of all ages will enjoy breathtaking views of Super Mario Land as they join Yoshis and travel through Mushroom Kingdom landscapes in search of glowing eggs – encountering many familiar characters along the way. • Toadstool Cafe: At Toadstool Cafe, guests can enjoy a variety of tasty dishes inspired by the world of Super Mario and its characters, including Mario and Luigi-themed burgers, Super Mushroom Soup, Piranha Plant Caprese, Fire Flower Spaghetti and Meatballs and so much more. Guests will also get glimpses of several Toads cooking up culinary creations through various virtual windows as they dine inside the restaurant. • Yoshi’s Snack Island and Turbo Boost Treats: Guests can also pick up delicious treats, snacks and beverages at these walk-up dining locations. • 1-UP Factory and Mario Motors: Guests can shop for souvenirs, apparel, toys and more inspired by their favorite Super Mario characters and adventures within these retail locations • Meet and Greets: Guests can meet, greet and interact with Mario, Luigi, Princess Peach and Toad throughout various areas in Super Mario Land. DONKEY KONG COUNTRY At the edge of Super Mario Land, guests will discover an entrance that leads them to Donkey Kong Country, where they’ll explore the lush, tropical landscape from the video game series, complete with tall trees, waterfalls, landmarks such as The Golden Temple and more. Here, guests can enjoy: • Mine-Cart Madness: Guests will hop into a mine cart and careen through the jungle to help Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong protect the coveted golden banana on this first-of-its-kind family coaster. Utilizing an unprecedented ride system, innovative technology and a unique coaster design, Mine-Cart Madness will send riders on a thrilling adventure where they will experience the jaw-dropping maneuvers that they’ve seen Donkey Kong and the mine carts perform in the video games – including getting blasted out of a barrel, seemingly jumping over gaps as they speed along a rickety track, and so much more. • A selection of tropical menu and merchandise offerings in the middle of the jungle – all inspired by the Donkey Kong Country video game franchise and its characters. More details will be shared in the coming months. And that’s not all – guests will find even more exciting experiences and adventures while exploring SUPER NINTENDO WORLD. POWER-UP BANDS Guests can level up their fun in SUPER NINTENDO WORLD with the purchase of a Power-Up Band, a wearable for their wrist that allows them to enhance their play throughout Super Mario Land and Donkey Kong Country. With the Power-Up Band, guests can collect digital coins by punching ? Blocks and playing interactive activities; collect digital stamps on attractions; earn digital keys to unlock an exclusive showdown against Bowser Jr.; and discover other hidden surprises. Guests can also access Leaderboard screens in SUPER NINTENDO WORLD to see where they rank amongst fellow guests. SUPER NINTENDO WORLD at Epic Universe will be Universal Destinations and Experiences’ third installment of the immersive land. Right now, guests can enjoy SUPER NINTENDO WORLD at Universal Studios Hollywood and Universal Studios Japan.
  3. Disneyland Paris has announced a myriad of changes to the resort as part of a "new era", including a complete rebranding of the Walt Disney Studios Park to Disney Adventure World! https://disneylandparis-news.com/en/disneyland-paris-unveils-a-new-milestone-in-unprecedented-resort-transformation/ After transporting generations of guests into the magic of movie-making, the second park at Disneyland Paris is entering a new era marked by a fresh creative vision, brand-new experiences, an expansion on a never-before-seen scale and the introduction of an all-new visual identity. To celebrate this new chapter, Walt Disney Studios Park will be renamed Disney Adventure World when World of Frozen, a new immersive area dedicated to the wintery world of Walt Disney Animation Studios’ Frozen will come to life, bordering a majestic bay. While the ongoing transformation of the park is sure to take the guest experience to a whole new level, the entire resort will continue to elevate its offerings in the coming years. Each anniversary brings its share of surprises, and this year is no different! On April 12, Disneyland Paris lifted the curtain on an ambitious future for the place where dreams come true, during an immersive presentation delivered in front of an audience of nearly 1,000 fans and Cast Members. The resort’s executive and creative teams took the stage to share information about groundbreaking entertainment that will debut in the coming months, the next phase of the ongoing transformation of Disney Hotels, and ongoing reimagining of Disney Village. The resort has seen an unprecedented number of projects brought to life to reinvigorate the guest experience and make Disneyland Paris a must-visit destination. One of the top priorities of this exceptional transformation plan – which is coming to fruition thanks to a two-billion-euro investment – is a complete makeover of Walt Disney Studios Park while continuing to expand its footprint with new themed areas that will join Marvel Avengers Campus, which welcomed its very first recruits back in 2022, and Worlds of Pixar. At the end of its expansion journey, the soon-to-be-renamed park will have roughly doubled its footprint and become a can’t-miss experience for an all-day getaway! When it opened in 2002, the original idea driving the creation of the second park was to give guests a behind- the-scenes look into the making of movies, animated feature films and television shows. The park concept has since evolved creatively to offer more immersive worlds, and in 2007 it embarked on an exciting expansion journey with the launch of multiple large-scale, immersive projects like The Twilight Zone™ Tower of Terror, Toy Story Playland and Ratatouille: The Adventure. From the recent opening of Worlds of Pixar and Marvel Avengers Campus to the creation of a Frozen-inspired land, the park continues to welcome beloved franchises, allowing guests to step into their favorite stories in a uniquely Disney way. And the fun is just beginning, as immersive worlds inspired by the most popular Disney movies of all time become the cornerstone of the park’s transformation!
  4. Universal has released artwork and details about How To Train Your Dragon: Isle of Berk, coming to Epic Universe! https://media.universalparksusa.com/press-releases/take-to-the-skies-and-soar-with-dragons-universal-orlando-resort-reveals-new-details-about-how-to-train-your-dragon-isle-of-berk-a-larger-than-life-world-of-viking-advent/ Universal Orlando Resort invites guests of all ages to soar with dragons in a colorful, fully-alive world filled with Viking adventures in How to Train Your Dragon – Isle of Berk – one of the five worlds featured at the all-new Universal Epic Universe theme park opening in 2025. Here, guests will see what it’s like to live amongst dragons as they explore a larger-than-life world that includes exciting attractions, beloved character meet-and-greets, dining, shopping – and even flying dragons – based on DreamWorks Animation’s multi-award winning and Academy Award-nominated trilogy, “How to Train Your Dragon.” Developed in partnership between Universal Creative and the powerhouse filmmakers from DreamWorks Animation and Universal Pictures, How to Train Your Dragon – Isle of Berk captures the heart, humor and scale of the films within an authentic re-creation of the rugged, rocky world where raucous Vikings and rambunctious dragons live together in hilarious harmony. Guests visiting Berk will encounter one of the most breathtaking environments Universal has ever created – complete with immense architecture featuring hand-carved details, lush landscaping, and extraordinary heights of rolling hills surrounding vibrant dragon houses and local establishments. And everywhere guests look within the bustling village, they’ll find endless activity – from active dragons in their natural habitats and sheep attempting to disguise themselves as Terrible Terror dragons to sporadic bouts of fire – making Isle of Berk an attraction unto itself. WELCOME TO THE ISLE OF BERK Guests’ first sight of Berk will be reminiscent of the iconic sweeping vista straight from the films – featuring a vast sparkling lagoon that boasts two 40-foot-tall Viking statues set against an energetic village perched above churning seas. Guests will discover four attractions, one live show, and several character and dragon meet-and-greet experiences that offer something for every member of the family, including: • Hiccup’s Wing Gliders – On this family thrill coaster, Hiccup invites brave new Vikings to take a ride in his latest glider contraption – a winged flying machine that launches aspiring Dragon Riders into the sky for a dragon’s eye view of Berk. Guests will fly alongside Hiccup and Toothless and reach speeds up to 45 mph as they soar around the perimeter of Berk – and even through the lagoon – while experiencing firsthand what it’s like to fly on a dragon. • The Untrainable Dragon – Inspired by Universal Beijing Resort’s wildly successful “Untrainable” show, this dragon-filled live spectacular takes guests on an unforgettable journey with beloved characters Hiccup, Toothless, Gobber, and Astrid as they work together to solve the mystery of The Untrainable Dragon. This heartwarming story comes to life with captivating musical numbers, breathtaking sets and life-sized dragons soaring overhead. • Fyre Drill – Mischievous Viking twins Ruffnut and Tuffnut invite teams of Vikings to compete to outscore and out-soak each other on this wet-and-wild boat battle. Guests will board a colorful dragon-headed boat and blast water cannons at flame-like targets to practice putting out fires – a crucial skill to master when living with dragons. • Dragon Racer’s Rally – Berk’s new Vikings racers can practice aerobatic maneuvers and high-speed barrel rolls on two Viking-made dragon-riding trainers that reach heights of up to 67 feet in the air. Guests can control how “wild” or “mild” their experience will be as they perform high-flying, gravity-defying, swooping and soaring skills that are necessary to earn the accolades worthy of a true champion dragon racer. • Viking Training Camp – Junior Vikings will learn everything they need to know about dragons as they climb, slide and explore their way through this sprawling interactive adventure play camp – featuring a Viking agility course, a Toothless-themed teeter-totter, baby Gronckle dragon climbers and so much more. • Meet Hiccup and Toothless – Guests can visit the Haddock Paddock for an incredible meet-and-greet experience with heroic Dragon Rider, Hiccup, and pose for a photo with his friendly Night Fury, Toothless. Plus, throughout the day, guests may also encounter other familiar Vikings and dragons while exploring Berk. Guests can also dine and shop like Vikings in the world’s variety of themed eateries and retail locations, including: • Mead Hall — The beating heart of Berk and the village’s main gathering hall, Mead Hall is where guests can feast like a Viking and enjoy a savory menu featuring a variety of meats, fish, sandwiches and more along with a collection of meads and ciders. • Spit Fyre Grill — Overlooking the action of the Fyre Drill water attraction, Spit Fyre Grill is a quick-service dining location featuring delicious, hearty meals flame-seared by a helpful (unseen) dragon fry cook. • Hooligan’s Grog & Gruel — Guests can grab quick bites at this festive racing-themed food stand located in the Viking Camp. • And after a day of dragon training, guests can commemorate their lessons with an array of merchandise available at highly-themed shops like Viking Traders, How to Treat Your Dragon, Hiccup’s Work Shop, and Toothless’ Treasures.
  5. Disney has announced the next new cruise ship in the fleet - the Disney Destiny! https://disneyparks.disney.go.com/blog/2024/03/disney-cruise-line-reveals-name-and-theme-of-next-ship-sailing-in-2025/ The Disney Destiny, sister to the Disney Wish and Disney Treasure, will have a first-of-its-kind design theme, “Heroes and Villains,” drawing on the legacies of beloved Disney stories, characters and theme park attractions. The Disney Cruise Line and Walt Disney Imagineering teams were inspired by the dynamic duality of every great Disney story when developing this new ship, where opposing forces of light and dark drive characters to rise to their purpose. Onboard, guests will encounter heroes and villains alike – including those from beloved Walt Disney Animation stories like “The Lion King,” “Hercules” and “One Hundred and One Dalmatians” – within spaces, experiences and entertainment throughout their voyage. Minnie Mouse embodies the spirit of the Disney Destiny in this brand-new filigree artwork for the bow of the ship, continuing a beloved Disney Cruise Line design tradition. Donning a heroic new ensemble – cape and all! – and a valiant pose, she will boldly lead guests on epic cruise vacations. The Disney Destiny also reached a new construction milestone today with the keel laying ceremony at the Meyer Werft shipyard in Papenburg, Germany, which is a maritime tradition designed to bestow good luck upon the ship. The ship is scheduled for delivery in 2025 as part of a multi-year expansion of the Disney Cruise Line fleet that includes the Disney Wish and Disney Treasure, the Disney Adventure that will homeport in Singapore, and the new island destination in The Bahamas, Disney Lookout Cay at Lighthouse Point.
  6. Six Flags has released a full animation of The Flash Vertical Velocity, scheduled to open this summer! Check it out!
  7. With 100 days until opening, Disney has released a huge amount of new info about Fantasy Springs at Tokyo DisneySea! https://disneyparks.disney.go.com/blog/2024/02/everything-you-need-to-know-about-fantasy-springs/ What is Fantasy Springs? Located between Arabian Coast and Lost River Delta, Fantasy Springs is themed to a magical spring leading to a world of Disney fantasy. This all-new, eighth port at Tokyo DisneySea will be home to three areas inspired by Walt Disney Animation Studios films, “Frozen,” “Tangled” and “Peter Pan,” plus the all-new Tokyo DisneySea Fantasy Springs Hotel. Frozen Kingdom Taking place after the film’s finale, you’re invited to visit the kingdom of Arendelle, where Elsa is finally able to embrace her previously hidden powers. On the attraction, Anna and Elsa’s Frozen Journey, you’ll board a boat voyaging through the “Frozen” movie scenes and the tale of two sisters discovering true love. The story begins with Grand Pabbie, the leader of the trolls, retelling the tale we have all come to love. Soon you’ll be whisked away on a journey through Anna and Elsa’s memories, accompanied by songs from the film including, “Do You Want to Build a Snowman?” “For the First Time in Forever,” “Love Is an Open Door” and “Let It Go.” The story will build to Anna turning into ice in an attempt to save Elsa from Hans. In Frozen Kingdom, you will discover two dining options, the Royal Banquet of Arendelle and Oaken’s OK Foods. Anna and Elsa have opened the gates to the castle, which has been transformed into a dining area filled with books and artwork of beloved “Frozen” characters. Inside the Royal Banquet of Arendelle, you can even dine in the place of Elsa’s coronation — it’s like you’re stepping into the film! Oaken has opened his doors to hungry visitors over at Oaken’s OK Foods! You will be saying hoo-hoo for the Scandinavian specialties he’s prepared, including a fluffy, cardamom bread filled with Scandinavian-style spiced meat and lingonberry jam. Rapunzel’s Forest For those who love “Tangled,” Rapunzel’s Forest will transport you directly into the world of the Disney Animation film where Rapunzel has lived since she was a child! For the first time ever at a Disney park, the story of Rapunzel will come to life at Rapunzel’s Lantern Festival. The journey begins at Rapunzel’s tower where she’s seen singing “When Will My Life Begin,” from its window while Flynn Rider watches on. Rapunzel then escapes the tower with Flynn at her side, visiting locations you may recognize from the film. The journey will come to an end with their love blossoming at the Lantern Festival complete with “I See the Light” and countless glowing lanterns. We’ve had a dream of seeing the floating lanterns gleam and it soon will come true! There’s a very quaint place, perfect for you at Rapunzel’s Forest! Hidden among the foliage, you’ll find The Snuggly Duckling, bringing to life the tavern from the film. Here you can chow down on the “Duckling’s Dream Cheeseburger” or the “Sweet Ever After Dessert” served in, you guessed it, a frying pan! Peter Pan’s Never Land Join the fun-loving and adventurous Lost Kids on an epic adventure in Peter Pan’s Never Land, from Captain Hook’s pirate ship to Pixie Hollow. There’s not one, but two attractions in Peter Pan’s Never Land! On Peter Pan’s Never Land Adventure, join Peter Pan, Tinker Bell and the Lost Kids on an epic adventure to rescue John from Captain Hook and his band of pirates. Here you’ll board a boat sprinkled with fairy dust by Tinker Bell and soar into the sky while encountering Wendy, Michael, the mermaids and even Captain Hook’s moored ship, the Jolly Roger. Over in Pixie Hollow, Fairy Tinker Bell’s Busy Buggies will explore the fairy valley and its changing seasons. From flowers and mushrooms to painting utensils and pieces of nibbled cheese, you’ve been shrunk down to the size of a fairy. After such a wonderful adventure, fuel up at Lookout Cookout! Made from parts of a shipwreck washed ashore in Never Land, you’ll also discover items from the Lost Kids such as pajamas and hammocks, inside their self-made hideout. The menu includes Lost Kids’ Snack Box with chicken tenders, seaweed fritters, banana chips and shrimp chips, as well as a “Pixie Dust Soda (Kiwi)” with a star that dissolves into a silver sparkling effect — just like pixie dust! And that’s not all, there’s even a new popcorn flavor at the popcorn wagon in Peter Pan’s Never Land! Available for the first time at Tokyo Disney Resort, the Roast Beef Popcorn features a robust flavor seasoned with salt and black pepper, and aromas of roasted meat and gravy. Tokyo DisneySea Fantasy Springs Hotel Not only is Tokyo Disney Resort welcoming a new port to Tokyo DisneySea, but an all-new hotel will open too! This park-integrated hotel is located right next to Fantasy Springs and offers the unique opportunity of fully immersing yourself into the magical springs. Featuring interiors inspired by Disney Princesses, flora and fauna with motifs themed to the port, there’s also 3 dining experiences to discover: Fantasy Springs Restaurant, Grand Paradis Lounge and La Libellule. Shop and Special Merchandise You can’t go to Tokyo Disney Resort and not take a look at the special merchandise inspired by the world of Fantasy Springs and its attractions! Fantasy Springs Gifts features an interior with designs inspired by the springs and their surrounding nature and wildlife. You can also find a few more items at Springs Treasures, a quaint little cart along the pathway leading from Arabian Coast to Fantasy Springs.
  8. Universal has finally announced the details of their third Orlando theme park Universal Epic Universe, starting with the gateway land, Celestial Park! https://media.universalparksusa.com/press-releases/universal-orlando-resort-shares-first-official-look-and-details-about-its-highly-anticipated-new-theme-park-universal-epic-universe/ In 2025, Universal Orlando Resort will unveil its next gamechanger for theme park entertainment with the debut of its most ambitious theme park yet: Universal Epic Universe. Epic Universe will present a level of theme park immersion and innovation that is unmatched – transporting guests to expansive worlds featuring more than 50 awe-inspiring attraction, entertainment, dining and shopping experiences that come together to create an unforgettable adventure that is nothing short of epic. The addition of Universal Orlando’s fourth theme park will also transform the award-winning resort into a weeklong vacation destination filled with the most compelling experiences imaginable. Today, Universal Orlando reveals more details about Celestial Park – the heart of Universal Epic Universe and the first world guests will encounter at the new theme park. CELESTIAL PARK With acres of rolling gardens, chasing waterways and strolling pathways, Celestial Park puts the “park” back in “theme park.” As soon as guests enter the imaginative world, they’ll embark on a journey of discovery, thrills and excitement as they wander through lush living gardens nestled along shimmering waters surrounded by stunning architecture inspired by astronomical and mythological elements. Here, guests can relax while taking in the sights and sounds around them, board a shooting comet for an exhilarating roller coaster adventure, dine on delectable cuisine, shop exclusive merchandise to commemorate their visit and more. PORTALS TO OTHER EXTRAORDINARY WORLDS Plus, Celestial Park will be the gateway to explore the four additional worlds of Epic Universe – each bringing to life extraordinary adventures that go beyond guests’ wildest imaginations. Through a set of majestic portals that capture the imagination and creativity of each world, guests will embark on a transformative experience as they journey from Celestial Park to: • The Wizarding World of Harry Potter – Ministry of Magic, where guests will discover a different era of the wizarding world in an all-new land that blends 1920s wizarding Paris from Warner Bros. Pictures’ Fantastic Beasts films with the iconic British Ministry of Magic from the Harry Potter series; • SUPER NINTENDO WORLD, where guests will enter the iconic green pipe and discover a new way to play as they step into the worlds of beloved characters like Mario, Luigi, Princess Peach and Donkey Kong; • How to Train Your Dragon – Isle of Berk, where guests can soar with dragons in a colorful world filled with Viking adventures based on the wildly popular How to Train Your Dragon film franchise; • and Dark Universe, where guests encounter everything from the experiments of Dr. Victoria Frankenstein to the shadowy landscape where monsters roam in a world of myth and mystery. CELESTIAL PARK ATTRACTIONS AND EXPERIENCES Here are additional details about some of the other wonders guests can enjoy while exploring Celestial Park: • Starfall Racers, a dual-launch racing coaster that sends guests rocketing through the skies aboard comets in a race to see who’s the fastest of them all. Reaching speeds up to 62 mph and heights up to 133 feet along 5,000 feet of track, Starfall Racers will be Epic Universe’s most thrilling coaster experience with unique maneuvers such as the “Celestial Spin,” in which the two coaster vehicles perform an inverted crisscross while speeding through the air – creating an “out-of-this-world” adrenaline rush. • Constellation Carousel – the grand centerpiece of Celestial Park. Here, explorers of all ages will take a fantastical whirl aboard constellations that glide forward, backward – and even make 360-degree rotations – through the milky way in a choreographed dance of music and starlight. • Astronomica, an interactive wet-play area that also doubles as a giant compass rose to the many wonders of Epic Universe, featuring crystal blue fountains that spring to life and dance around guests; • An array of unique dining experiences ranging from full-service restaurants to quick-service locations that offer something for every palate, including Atlantic – a full-service “surf and turf” restaurant set inside a Victorian aquarium complete with captivating views of Celestial Park; and The Blue Dragon Pan-Asian Restaurant – where diners take a culinary journey across Asia as they enjoy authentic Chinese, Japanese and Thai fare in this full-service restaurant accented with neon dragons and ethereal lanterns. Additional “must-eat” locations within Celestial Park include The Oak & Star Tavern, where guests can enjoy savory barbecue, Pizza Moon, which will serve up a tasty menu featuring a variety of pizzas, and more. • Incredibly detailed retail locations, including the Nintendo Super Star Store, where guests can shop an assortment of merchandise themed to SUPER NINTENDO WORLD; Moonship Chocolates & Celestial Sweets, where guests can satisfy their cravings with a unique selection of sweet treats, and more. • Plenty of exciting entertainment, including various fountain shows throughout Celestial Park’s seven acres of water where a multitude of fountains sway, dance – and even reach heights up to 135 feet in the air – to music and interactive lighting from day to night. And located inside Epic Universe at the end of Celestial Park is Universal Helios Grand Hotel, designed to transport guests to a world where the heavens and earth unite – complete with 500 rooms, one-of-a-kind views and its very own dedicated entrance into the theme park. Plus – in addition to raising the bar for theme park innovation, Epic Universe is Universal Destinations & Experiences’ latest development to integrate energy efficiency and sustainable construction practices.
  9. Alton Towers has officially announced the name and theme for the 2024 Nemesis reconstruction... Nemesis Reborn! https://www.altontowers.com/press/latest-news/alton-towers-resort-reveals-new-name-and-fearsome-new-creature-for-nemesis-rollercoaster/ Thrillseekers have been given a first look at the terrifying creature they will confront when the iconic Nemesis rollercoaster at Alton Towers Resort returns this spring. The heart-pounding attraction has undergone the biggest overhaul in its 30-year history and will now be known as Nemesis Reborn. Part of the transformation has seen the entire 250-tonne, 716-metre-long track replaced as well as a complete update of the beast which gives the ride its name. Now a striking animation and image released today by The Resort shows a single, giant blazing red eye, ringed by razor-sharp teeth sitting at the centre of its head. Tentacles snake from the beast’s body, studded with the same, vicious teeth. Huge, powerful claws extend from its muscular midsection as it propels itself on nimble, black legs. Behind it trails a tail that it whips with bone-crunching force. Fans were recently given a heart-stopping hint of the sheer power of the beast in an action-packed video that indicated that it had escaped from its secure containment at Alton Towers Resort. On its opening in 1994 Nemesis was crowned Europe’s first inverted rollercoaster and has gone on to develop a cult status amongst thrillseekers globally. Millions of fans from around the world have visited the Staffordshire theme park to experience the thrilling 3.5 G-force, as the ride dangled thrillseekers along numerous twists and turns at speeds of up to 50mph. Bianca Sammut, Divisional Director at Alton Towers Resort, said: “Nemesis is utterly cherished by generations of thrillseekers. “As Europe’s first inverted rollercoaster it occupies a special place in the heart for so many. “At Alton Towers Resort we’ve been working tirelessly to transform this iconic attraction and we’re delighted to give fans a first look at the terrifying creature that gives it its name. “This year fans will be able to experience the stand-out thrills of Nemesis Reborn for themselves. “We’re keeping tight-lipped about the exact date of its return for now, but we can assure you … the wait will be worth it.”
  10. Universal has officially announced the expansion to Super Nintendo World at Universal Studios Japan... Donkey Kong Country! https://www.usj.co.jp/web/en/us/areas/super-nintendo-world/donkey-kong-country Step foot into an unknown, wild space with lush greenery. In this jungle where Donkey Kong and his friends live, you can hop on a mine cart from The Golden Temple for a thrilling ride through the mines, challenge yourself at a play experience using your whole body, and have loads of other wild adventures! Plus, you can check out all the food and merchandise in the middle of the jungle! Awaken your instinct to play and enjoy all the fun and surprises that the world of Donkey Kong has to offer!
  11. Universal has released new information and concept art for their new resort in Texas - now called Universal Kids Resort! https://corporate.universaldestinationsandexperiences.com/universal-destinations-amp-experiences-creates-first-ever-theme-park-concept-for-families-with-young-children-universal-kids-resort/ Today, Universal Destinations & Experiences, a division of Comcast NBCUniversal, officially introduces Universal Kids Resort – the company’s first-ever theme park designed specifically for families with young children. Located in Frisco, Texas and first announced earlier this year, this imaginative, original resort brings the company’s innovative style of storytelling to a new, younger audience. Universal Kids Resort will include a theme park featuring immersive themed lands that celebrate Universal’s iconic brand of entertainment, humor and fun – bringing to life its beloved characters and stories in ways that will wow the youngest theme park goers. It will feature family-friendly attractions, interactive and playful shows, unique merchandise, fun food and beverage venues and character meet and greets. The resort area will also include a 300-room themed hotel giving families a place to stay and to play following their day of adventure. “Universal Kids Resort will inspire the unbridled creativity of kids through imagination, discovery and most importantly – play,” said Molly Murphy, President, Universal Creative. “We’re designing the resort so kids and families can feel the thrill of being physically immersed in their most beloved stories and characters.” Set in lush green landscape with a distinctive look, feel and scale specifically for younger kids, the park will deliver the quality the Universal brand is known for worldwide. Progress on the new concept is well underway following a groundbreaking in November. Universal Kids Resort will drive immediate economic impact for the region, creating thousands of jobs including more than 2,500 new construction jobs. Throughout the project, the company will remain focused on ensuring the resort adds value and positively serves the community.
  12. Disneyland Paris has announced the offerings for the upcoming Symphony of Color event, including the Electrical Sky Parade nighttime drone show, and A Million Splashes of Color daytime parade! https://disneylandparis-news.com/en/spectacular-electric-parade-with-drones-and-new-daytime-show-kick-off-2024-at-disneyland-paris/ Starting January 8, 2024, life will be as colourful and joyful as in a movie at Disneyland Park! Over the first few weeks of the new year, Disneyland Paris will gradually introduce a series of exciting experiences that will add colour to cloudy winter days: Disney Symphony of Colours. This programme includes a new nighttime drone sequence, a new daytime show and brand-new decorations! AN ELECTRICAL DRONE PARADE TO LIGHT UP THE SKY Starting January 8, 2024*, Disney Symphony of Colours will kick off with a bang for guests, with Disney Electrical Sky Parade, giving them the chance to discover a nighttime drone parade in the sky! This feat will be made possible through an exceptional new nighttime show combining synchronised drones, video projections, lights and fountains across Sleeping Beauty Castle.The sky will be transformed into a palette of colours, thanks to the vibrant illuminations above the castle. This novelty will pay dazzling tribute to the Main Street Electrical Parade, a nighttime spectacular that marked the history of Disneyland Paris when it was staged in Disneyland Park between 1992 and 2003. Disney Electrical Sky Parade gives nostalgic fans a chance to relive their childhood, and younger fans the opportunity to discover this iconic Disney Parks experience in a brand-new, never-seen-before format. Up to 500 drones will parade across the night sky in the form of illuminated floats, symbolising the various icons of the Main Street Electrical Parade, including Mickey Mouse and his friends’ dazzling train, Elliott the adorable dragon and Cinderella’s carriage. The unforgettable electro-syntho-magnetic music, which has been remixed for the occasion, will once again set the tempo for this spectacular festival of nighttime magic. To develop Disney Electrical Sky Parade, the Disneyland Paris Entertainment teams have once again collaborated with Dronisos, official technology supplier of Disneyland Paris and European leader in drone shows based in France, United States and Middle East. This breathtaking new show will follow in the footsteps of recent nighttime productions such as Disney D-Light, Avengers: Power the Night or the incredible Bastille Day drone show performed on 14 July 2023. A NEW DAYTIME SHOW CELEBRATING DISNEY ANIMATION AND PIXAR Starting February 10, 2024*, guests will be able to enjoy a colourful, musical experience in a new, energy-packed daytime show celebrating the animated films from both Disney Animation and Pixar, with a host of characters: A Million Splashes of Colour. This original creation, performed several times a day, will take guests on a journey through time to discover the stories of Disney Animation and Pixar – from timeless classics to the most recent hits. The colourful floats will be inspired by art, music and writing – the core elements at the very heart of Disney Animation and Pixar’s storytelling. Each of the floats will have its own visual identity and will be packed with many Disney details and references. For example, guests will recognise the float dedicated to art with its giant paintbrushes and oversized paint pots as well as labels that allude to Disney characters. Music will play a central role in setting the pace for this celebration, combining two original scores and a mashup of iconic songs from both Disney Animation and Pixar films in specially adapted versions. From ‘The Bare Necessities’ (The Jungle Book) to ‘We Don’t Talk About Bruno’ (Encanto) and ‘You’ve Got a Friend in Me’ (Toy Story), this selection of songs will delight guests of all ages as it showcases songs that have touched many generations. A wealth of colours will also be expressed through the costumes and make-up of the show’s dancers. In total, 30 dancers and characters will give guests a colourful and warm welcome every day. ENCHANTING DECORATIONS ON MAIN STREET, U.S.A. Main Street, U.S.A., a must-see when visiting Disneyland Park, will feature new colourful decorations from February 10, 2024*. The land will be decked out in dazzling decorations with sprinkling of colour, a twinkling of light and some flowery touches that ‘wake up winter’ thanks to Pixie Dust sprinkled by Tinkerbell and her twin sister, Perriwinkle. Celebrating the wonders of nature in both Winter and Spring, this new decoration will draw its inspiration from Art Nouveauand celebrate the richness of Disney’s stories. Over 50 Disney Animation and Pixar characters will be featured, including Donald, Tiana (The Princess and the Frog), Elsa (Frozen) and Woody (Toy Story). The main landmarks on Main Street U.S.A., such as the Gazebo and Main Street Station, will be redecorated to celebrate Disney Symphony of Colours. These decorations, conceived by the Entertainment scenography team, are made in collaboration with French artisans combining a range of skills, including sculpture and ornament modelling.
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  14. Tokyo Disney Resort has announced that Fantasy Springs at Tokyo DisneySea will be opening on June 6th, 2024! https://www.tokyodisneyresort.jp/special/fantasysprings/ Oriental Land Co., Ltd. announced that Fantasy Springs, the eighth themed port at Tokyo DisneySea® Park, will open on June 6, 2024. To enter Fantasy Springs and experience the new areas and their attractions, a Standby Pass (available free of charge) or Disney Premier Access (available for a fee) will be required. Fantasy Springs consists of three areas inspired by Walt Disney Animation Studios films: Frozen Kingdom (the Frozen-themed area), Rapunzel’s Forest (the Tangled-themed area) and Peter Pan’s Never Land (the Peter Pan-themed area), as well as the Disney hotel, Tokyo DisneySea Fantasy Springs Hotel. Themed to magical springs that lead to a world of Disney fantasy, this new themed port will be the only one of its kind in the world. At the entrance to Fantasy Springs, nestled between Lost River Delta and Arabian Coast, guests will first be welcomed to this world of Disney fantasy by an entry archway adorned with magical springs representing Disney characters such as Anna, Elsa, Rapunzel and Peter Pan. At Frozen Kingdom, with its beautiful views of the kingdom of Arendelle, guests can experience the Anna and Elsa’s Frozen Journey attraction and enjoy a heartwarming tale of two sisters that discover only true love can thaw a frozen heart, together with some of the well-known songs from the Disney Animation film Frozen. In Rapunzel’s Forest stands a tower where the long-haired princess, Rapunzel, has lived since she was a child. Here, guests can experience the Rapunzel's Lantern Festival attraction and take a romantic boat ride to the annual Lantern Festival. All photos are concept images. © Disney Peter Pan’s Never Land offers spectacular scenery, which includes Captain Hook’s pirate ship and the iconic Skull Rock that guests may recall from the Disney Animation film Peter Pan. At the Peter Pan’s Never Land Adventure attraction, guests join Peter Pan and his friends as they encounter Captain Hook and fly over Never Land. The Fairy Tinker Bell’s Busy Buggies attraction in Pixie Hollow, the fairy valley where Tinker Bell lives, welcomes guests at fairy size to enjoy the changing seasons. Additionally, guests can stop by new restaurants, a merchandise shop and more, each with their own unique charms that bring to life the worlds from the films. Furthermore, guests can enjoy a stay at Tokyo DisneySea Fantasy Springs Hotel, which will be the sixth Disney hotel in Japan. This Park-integrated hotel comprises two buildings: the “deluxetype” Fantasy Chateau and the “luxury-type” Grand Chateau. With the addition of this new “luxury-type” option to the current lineup of “value-type,” “moderate-type” and “deluxe-type” hotels, guests can experience an even more personalized resort stay immersed in a Disney dream. To enter Fantasy Springs and enjoy the new locations and attractions, a Standby Pass (available free of charge) or Disney Premier Access (available for a fee) for eligible attractions in Fantasy Springs will be required, in addition to a valid Park ticket for Tokyo DisneySea. With a Standby Pass or Disney Premier Access for an attraction in Fantasy Springs, guests will be able to enter Fantasy Springs at a specified time to enjoy both the new area and the attraction. Standby Pass is available on the Tokyo Disney Resort App, and guests can obtain a Standby Pass free of charge after entering the Park. Guests will be able to experience any of the four attractions at Fantasy Springs with a Standby Pass. Once guests obtain a Standby Pass, they will be able to enter Fantasy Springs to explore the new area and experience the selected attraction at a designated time. Disney Premier Access is available for a fee, and guests can purchase Disney Premier Access using the Tokyo Disney Resort App after entering the Park. Guests will be able to experience three attractions at Fantasy Springs with Disney Premier Access. With Disney Premier Access for an attraction at Fantasy Springs, guests will be able to enter Fantasy Springs at a specified time to explore the new area and experience the selected attraction with a reduced wait time, offering convenience and added flexibility for those who wish to maximize their visit to this new area. Since opening in 2001, Tokyo DisneySea has been transformed after undergoing the largest development in its history, spanning an area of approximately 140,000 m2 . Taking just over five years from the start of construction in May 2019, there has been a total investment of approximately 320 billion yen in this project. The addition of the new themed port, Fantasy Springs, to the world’s only Disney Park themed to the sea promises to deliver even more moments filled with adventure and imagination to guests in Japan and from around the world. Guests can delight in the beginning of a new story at Tokyo DisneySea.
  15. Disney has announced that Zootopia will be opening on December 20th, 2023! https://disneyparks.disney.go.com/blog/2023/10/zootopia-opening-dec-20-2023-at-shanghai-disney-resort/ We are so excited to share that Zootopia at Shanghai Disney Resort will be opening on Dec. 20, 2023! Mammals big and small are invited to come experience the incredible land and all the details that make the beloved film come to life. Each element of the new land – from food and beverage, entertainment, merchandise and more – has been specially designed to immerse you in the mammalian metropolis. Let’s go wild and explore six ways to step right into the Walt Disney Animation Studios film, “Zootopia,” at Shanghai Disney Resort. 1. Immersive Zootopia Stories Around Every Corner Prepare to step into the vibrant city atmosphere of Zootopia like never before with storefronts along the streets that tell a unique story. Stroll by the Beaver Dentist, where you can listen to the sounds of patients having their teeth worked on through the window. At the Hibernation Hotel, a modern “pod” style hotel where Zootopia’s bears and other residents hibernate, you can even hear them snoring from their cavernous rooms. Don’t miss the Arctic Spa, specially designed for the polar bears, where you might overhear Mr. Big’s henchmen humorously discussing their plans to attend tonight’s Zootopia Day Concert. 2. Innovative New Attraction to Ride at Zootopia In Zootopia: Hot Pursuit you will be greeted by Officer Clawhauser. The boisterous cheetah frequently pauses to talk to the newest rookie police officers or rave about Gazelle and the big concert tonight. Chief Bogo then orders his new rookies to board cruisers to back up Officers Judy Hopps and Nick Wilde and from there the adventure begins! From sliding across the ice of Tundratown to flying off the track onto the busy streets of Sahara Square, enjoy thrilling turns, spins, slides, and “drops” in this family-friendly attraction on a mission to rescue Gazelle from her kidnapper, Bellwether. This experience will surprise and delight your wild side as you have your very own experience in this sequel to the movie! 3. Land Details Found Around Zootopia Your journey begins the moment you step foot (or hoof or paw) on Mane Street. This street is lined with a variety of storefronts perfect for any sized animal that might find themselves perusing the streets. You will then be led to the civic plaza, Savannah Central, exactly where Judy Hopps once found herself when embarking on her great Zootopia adventure! Savannah Central’s fun, colorful, and animated advertisements are played on the large Zootopitron screen, showcasing the energy and vitality of this modern city. Behind this is the stunning skyline of Zootopia, which was originally inspired by a variety of city skylines in the animated film. At Zootopia Central Station, a large metro train can be seen passing behind an upper-level decorative stained-glass window. The train comes and goes as it picks up and drops off animal commuters, just as it did in the film. If you pay attention, you’ll even spot animal-inspired street modifications like “Cubs at Play” warning signs and vehicle height clearance signs to remind long-necked citizens, like giraffes, to be aware of their height when entering tunnels and underpasses, along with roads and streets that are accommodating of all animals of all sizes. 4. Zootopia Merchandise to Dress from Head to Paw In Zootopia, you can discover a wide array of unique merchandise upon the opening of the land, including the Disney Zootopia Cute collection, which will offer even more enchanting items and options. Fashions by Fru Fru, owned by Zootopia’s favorite fashionista and Mr. Big’s daughter, features vibrant colors and flourishes that match Fru Fru’s outgoing personality. Inside, you’ll find two special areas themed after Yax and Duke Weaselton, bringing more characters from the film to life. You will also discover over 200 products, many designed exclusively for the new themed land, including headwear, apparel, accessories, and much more, allowing you to dress up from head to paw! Collections will feature beloved characters like Judy Hopps, Nick Wilde, Flash, Clawhauser, and more, with careful consideration of each character’s species, personality, appearance, and story. You’ll also find items themed after iconic scenes in the film, such as Fashions by Fru Fru Toy Bricks and Tundratown Building Toy Bricks, making them perfect souvenirs or gifts for friends and family. 5. Unique Food and Dining Experiences From Zootopia-themed desserts to snacks, drinks and more, there is a sweet and savory safari right at your fingertips! Take a visit to Jumbeaux’s Café which is adapted to welcome animals of all sizes! It has even made accommodations like a lower take-out window for smaller customers, fashioned directly into the façade’s original elephant-sized door. Sink your teeth into a paw-shaped popsicle inspired by the ones made by Nick Wilde in the film! There’s also the Chocolate Marshmallow, which mimics the size and look of the Jumbo-pop that Nick tricks Judy into buying, but re-imagined as a raspberry-flavored marshmallow. If you’re looking for something on the smaller side, there’s the Mini Chocolate with the same look. What’s more, Officer Clawhauser’s favorite donuts will be provided in two different sizes, meeting the needs of all animals, big or small. Upon opening, there will even be offerings right out of the film, such as the Disney Zootopia Blueberry Pie created by Gideon Grey, the fox; the Carrot Shaped Lollipop that will remind everyone of Bunnyburrow, and more treats to come. 6. Characters Brought to Life in New Atmosphere Show Not only does Zootopia have attractions, food, and so much more, unique entertainment is on the way too! Imagine walking down the street and hearing the residents chatting with one another from their windows. You may even strike up a conversation with Flash the sloth or the Hopps family! This atmosphere show will bring the characters from the film to life in an innovative way that you can only find at Shanghai Disney Resort. Get ready to embark on this exciting journey into the world of “Zootopia” at Shanghai Disneyland, where adventure and fun await beginning on Dec. 20, 2023!
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