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  1. For some reason, the search function is pointing to "SSD" instead of "SWSD" for SeaWorld San Diego. https://coasterpoll.com/@SWSD/manta https://coasterpoll.com/@SWSD Those should help.
  2. I would recommend spreading out your batches in case there's a new coaster you ride later that might end up between them. What the poll cares about is whether or not you prefer coaster A over coaster B. As for mountain coasters, no they are not included.
  3. You're always great at pointing those missing coasters out, Garet! Much appreciated. As for your broken images issue... I'm not noticing that regardless of which browser I use on any of my devices. Not sure how to help you there. Is anyone else experiencing this?
  4. The 2020 TPR Coaster poll is now open! Happy voting!
  5. Finally, here is some info on some additions and changes for 2020! Brand-new coasters for 2020 Candymonium - Hersheypark Eagle Warrior - VinWonders Euro-Coaster / Christmas Coaster - Traveling FLY (F.L.Y.) - Phantasialand Forest Predator - Happy Valley Nanjing Gesengte Sau - Wiener Prater Hals-uber-Kopf - Erlebnispark Tripsdrill Launch Roller Coaster - Sun Tzu Cultural Park Light of Revenge - Happy Valley Nanjing Objectif Mars - Futuroscope Orion - Kings Island Pitts Special - PowerLand Roller Ball - Wi
  6. Here are some Frequently Asked Questions regarding the poll. How does the poll work? The way coasters are ranked is based on whether riders prefer one coaster over another. The more that one coaster is preferred over all other coasters, the higher its individual rank is. It's not just about how many votes a coaster gets. How did you decide which coasters to include on the poll? Generally, any coaster that is the size of a wild mouse or larger is included on the poll. However, there are exceptions - a few smaller coasters are on the poll, and a few larger ones
  7. Hey everyone! Despite what has happened in 2020, parks and coasters around the world have still opened, so the TPR Coaster Poll is back for its third official year! coasterpoll.com We have over ONE THOUSAND coasters that you can rank on the poll, so whether you've been on every Intamin coaster in the world, or only have been on the coasters at your "home" park, your vote matters! As always, we're taking steps to promote the poll on Theme Park Review's social media channels. If you're one of TPR's followers on social media, and you're reading this for the firs
  8. Six Flags Over Texas Introduces Fire and Ice Winter Festival All-New Shows, $19.61 Admission, and Saturday Fireworks Highlight Special Winter Event through February 28 ARLINGTON, Texas — January 6, 2021 — Six Flags Over Texas, the Thrill Capital of Texas, is introducing the Fire & Ice Winter Festival to kick-off the park’s 60th Anniversary season in 2021. Open weekends and holidays in January and February, this all-new event features a high-energy ice carving show, an extended run of The Frosty Snowhill, plus a fiery finale each Saturday night with fireworks. “We are thrille
  9. Aha, but it is free spinning! The vehicle is just super-heavy. You could "theoretically" rock the hamster wheel enough to get it to flip yourself but it would be an ordeal. The friction plate is what gives it that extra push. There's no stopping SBF from making a larger layout with two or more plates.
  10. The rolling of the hamster wheel cars is kicked off by a friction panel mounted to the track, that's why it always happens at the same place. It's very low-tech and not something that could be turned on / off / up / down like, say the magnetic fins on Free Spin coasters.
  11. Disney has unveiled the brand-new entrance fountain at EPCOT! https://disneyparks.disney.go.com/blog/2020/12/first-look-new-entrance-fountain-celebrates-the-past-present-and-future-of-epcot/ The past, present and future of EPCOT are all coming together today in one special moment at the front of the park. Anyone visiting as of this morning will see in real life what we at Walt Disney Imagineering have been dreaming up in our heads for many years now. Overnight, our crews removed all the “progress walls” from the main entrance plaza, giving you the first full look at
  12. Locking this thread because it is already being discussed here:
  13. Ideal: Back home to PA for a weekend in late spring, weeklong midwest US in late summer, weeklong international trip near the end of the season. Realistic: Probably just PA in the spring and maybe Dollywood / Carowinds in late summer. Will all depend on vaccination status.
  14. I wouldn't be surprised if they redid River Adventure to match Hollywood's here in the next few years.
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