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  1. Heres a couple; T-Express (lucky shot over a fence); Eveyone's shot at DCA;
  2. I was there a couple of months ago ; there is a room full of fast-pass-like machines (setup near Space Mountain); You scan your park-ticket(s), enter your ticket "requirements" (show/time/number of peeps) on a screen and it spurts out (or not) the tickets;
  3. Half Pipe at Don Quijote http://rcdb.com/3383.htm (but it never opened)
  4. ^^ think that last image/rendering is flipped L-R? (or the first two are?) Either way, all looking very nice!
  5. I had never been to any of these sort of Halloween events before, but I made it to HHN this year; twice. On a Thursday and then the Sunday 2 weeks ago. Well I REALLY enjoyed it. Yes, there were Qs but thats the sign of popularity isn't it - so I bought the Express pass for the second night. I encountered the roaming hoards lots of times and managed the mazes a few times each. Bill&Ted I enjoyed, thought it was a good (& quite long) show - maybe the Circus show a bit less so, but even then it was worth doing. I realise I don't have "previous HHN" to compare it to, but if that
  6. It was definately working, but just a bit hard to spot unless you are looking for it! -- Waiting around outside the park for my friends with the tickets to arrive; SWARM-1 Looks good as you approach it then; SWARM-2 I liked the station fly-over bit (both on ride and off ride); SWARM-3 And the themeing on the control box was just great! SWARM-4 Its a very quiet ride (themed sound effects apart) SWARM-5 And I didn't realise there was a little manta-like splash thingy... it was a bit hard to see to be honest but it was working. SWAR
  7. I'd heard that the media day was on the 9th, 10th was a Merlin Friends&Family day (at Thorpe) and 11th the same @Legoland. (could be well wrong about the media day, but I have a friend&family connection, so Saturday is looking good for me )
  8. Theres a cool video of that place over on the photographer Trey Ratcliff's site; http://www.stuckincustoms.com/2011/11/07/abandoned-chinese-disneyworld/ -- Couple of other links too; http://www.theatlantic.com/infocus/2011/12/chinas-abandoned-wonderland/100207/ http://finance.yahoo.com/news/china%E2%80%99s-deserted-fake-disneyland.html http://www.timeoutbeijing.com/features/Propaganda/11322/Wonderland-Amusement-Park.html
  9. ^^^ yep pretty sure X2 ate my spare set of glasses last Friday (despite being in a buttoned cargo pocket). I didn't notice they were gone until later on when I was just about to board Tatsu. (Its possible I lost them on that Roadrunner ride which I got in between X2 and Tatsu, but I doubt it). RIP glasses.
  10. Bit more done by Friday the 4th (in the rain ) And heres a bit more, at approx 12:07 Friday 4th November standing at the top of the Sea Lion stadium - that OK for you?)
  11. ^^ most of the Alton pics are HDR (thru Photomatix), basically if a pic looks processed it'll be HDR! And I love my wide angle lens. ^ Main camera is a Canon450D, pocket camera is an old OlympusC70 Zoom. Some of the processed HDR shots are from the Olympus, the main ones are from the Canon. (The only park pics from the Canon are @Alton and @Heide, rest are from the Olympus)
  12. (double-post - I blew the single post charcter limit! 60000!) Day 6 : Wednesday 1st June Right then, deliberately planned to be a no-travel day so I could spend all day in the park (last time I was here in 2006 I had left a bit earlier than I wanted to in order to get somewhere else in the evening). Anyway, same MO as Hansa; the park opens at 9am but they don't run the rides until 10am - except this time I realise that and wander into the park about 10to10 and join the Krake queue (Krake being just about the first big thing you hit when going into the park from the hotel).
  13. Hello, I recently had a couple of weeks holiday from work, and went off around Denmark and a bit of Germany (like you do). Just before that I had a day at my local park, just to get me in the mood. This is what went on then (its gonna be a LONG post); (and apologies if you've seen this TR elsewhere, I'm non-exclusive and I thought TPR could have a looksee too!) -- Summer is here, booked a couple of weeks off work and had totally failed to get myself sufficiently organised / motivated to do anything "long haul" I found myself sitting at home with the said 2 weeks stretchi
  14. Great Pyrenees video. Whats with Parque Espana, is there ever anyone there (apart from coaster enthusiasts)? I've only ever seen pics of the place empty, and the day I went there it was deserted too. Does it EVER get busy? (Concerned for the place!)
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