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  1. I can’t believe I just found out about this today! Looks great so far, my one comment/complaint would be is why does every park built in the last 20 or so years feel the need for a man made lake. I feel like they are taking a lot of future expansion space up with that.
  2. Good work! I’m surprised as the park just put money into the Salon and they use a part of it for a fright maze, looking at the pictures again I really really hope this doesn’t mean the closure of the Log flume, the exit/ picture building is right up against the salon. I know those type of things can be reworked but I worry especially with how many logs have been closed the past ten years.
  3. Nothing has been announced but based on the size of the new ride and the location of it, it’s hard to see how the Condor could still fit in its current location. Since it’s not a major ride I wouldn’t expect a closing announcement until right before the season ends if we even get one at all. Six Flags has closed plenty of rides without giving notice.
  4. Went to the park this Sunday for the first time since 2016, Only rides I noticed down where the Bobsleds and the launch side of Sasquatch, the park was packed and since it was in the mid 70’s most people stayed in the dry park. As far as the new Hurricane Harbor goes I was underwhelmed by the conversion but it’s about what I expected from Six Flags in 2019. A new staircase has been built from next to the bathhouse down the hill into the old Wiggles World. The Big Red Car and Teacup rides are gone but the Plane ride remains and seems very out of place now. The new Bucket Blasters ride is very s
  5. Ride of Steel actually opened for the season at 7:45 on Friday ( the park closed at 8 ) I actually got on the first public ride of the season. The ride was running very slowly and the train barely was making it over the second hill. Also the train seemed to shuffle back and forth pretty badly which is crazy considering it's only a year old and I was on the Superman at Six Flags America two weeks prior and its 17 year old trains ran noticeably smoother. All the coaster trains at Darien are in really rough shape and make some funky noises (mind eraser the worst of the bunch) The whole park jus
  6. A few rides that can now be marked as closed SFNE-Splashwater falls Cedar Point-Mean Streak, Shoot the Rapids Valleyfair-Enterprise Hersheypark-Flying Falcon, Also Laff Track is marked as closed but it is still open.
  7. Thanks for the Welcome! I am from the Utica area so I am used to the Weather and the crime already lol. Also a big thank you to Robb for putting this up on the front page, I was so happy when I opened the site today!
  8. No problem and there is still more to come only about half the park has been posted I've just been very busy with work and preparing for my upcoming move to Buffalo in November. The lazy river was really good and your pretty spot on with your comparison to the newer one at Soak City, it's just not as wide and WIidwater's had a much nicer look to it with the fake rocks and whatnot. And yeah Water Safari is definitely worth checking out. The park has the front part you see from the road which is crazy older slides from the 80's, it has the Enchanted Forest which is very similar to the one in Ore
  9. It honestly shocked me that Six Flags didn't clone that slide complex around their parks. My only guess is that Six Flags didn't like Whitewater West (Which explains why they didn't add more of those spinning rapids rides) Honestly the slide complex looks a lot better then it actually was, The 4 tube slides were average and none really stood out. The speed slides were definitely the best aspect, the green speed slide in particular was really good and didn't rip up your back like a lot of these plastic speed slides. I still wish they made speed slides with foam padding like they used too,
  10. Thanks for all the positive feedback guys it's much appreciated. I hope to have the rest of it done in the next few days. As far as the slides I am not sure where they will end up. Knotts also removed there Tornado slide this year so Cedar Fair has two extras lying around now
  11. Bump: I realize now I uploaded my part 2 before I was done and only a few pictures where in it I added over 50 more let me know what you guys think. Thanks-Nate
  12. Any fans of the park please check out my trip report from the last day at Wildwater Kingdom http://www.themeparkreview.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=72490 Putting one of these together is more time consuming then I thought and I hope people will appreciate it.
  13. Part 2 Another shot of the river The entrance to Riptide Run This stand sold ice cream, I think Cedar Fair built this and it was not part of SeaWorld but I could be wrong This activity area was actually my favorite attraction at the park. It featured a really cool whirlpool and also had a basketball hoop, It actually had a second level which contained seats in the water and the water here was very warm. The area was actually a SeaWorld attraction called Dolphin Cove and you can still see the original rock work around the "Cove" Coral Cove You can see the rock's here wer
  14. As many of you may have heard this past season was the last for Wildwater Kingdom aka the last remaining piece of Geauga Lake and Sea World Ohio and I was fortunate enough to attend the last day of operation. Growing up in New York about 5 and a half hours from Geauga Lake I was unfortunately never able to make it to the theme park while it was still in operation (my father did ask when on a trip to Cedar Point in 2002 if I would have liked to spend a day at what was at the time Six Flags World's Of Adventure and give up a day at Cedar Point but being 9 years old and not knowing really anythin
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