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  1. Just started playing this yesterday...how addicting...My username is Bunnyfer...looking for new neighbors!!
  2. I was at HHN nights 10/11, and I must say, as a HHN night veteran, I was highly disappointed in the whole night. The crowds for a Thursday night at early season were HORRID. Walking Dead was at a 120min wait at one point. Most houses remained at 75-90m waits all night. Though we managed to do all the houses thanks to Stay and Scream, I am not pleased with Universal basically forcing people to pay the extra money for FoTL passes...and from what I saw..they still had 30min waits...Why bother? Overall, I only loved Gothic...but Alice Copper was a close second. Dead End was neat, but there was hardly anyone inside it. While the sets in Walking Dead were neat, the lack of people in the house sucked. The walkers outside were fun to watch though. Gothic was simply AMAZING. I wanted to stand in the house and stare. Silent Hill was just OK, but after waiting an hour for it, being rushed through it by employees was not good either. The other houses were just OK...though Penn and Teller had a nice laugh. The lack of scarezones really just did not work. It was dumb really. We never did see the Beasts or the Warriors. I must say the woman chainsaw team was a welcome change though. They move MUCH more swiftly then the men, and the are much more evil and sadistic. There was one stationed in a dark corner right near the ladies room scaring people left and right. They were a highlight of the night. The construction going on also detracted from the atmosphere...nothing say spooky like the bright flood lights of an active construction zone. The park overall was lacking the normal spooky feel. Very little fog to be had. Overall I rate the night a 3 out 5 stars. I am looking much more forward to HOS in Tampa now, to get my fear fix. I am going to consider long and hard if I return to HHN next year or not
  3. Ok, after looking at the last clues, I am gonna say they jumped on a TAM flight this morning, and headed to Sao Paolo, Brazil for something...just a guess...
  4. Based on the picture of the queen, they are going to see the Diamond Jubilee for the Queen of England that starts this week, maybe then travel around London and other destinations.
  5. Well they definatly flew international(if they did at all) from Atlanta, not MCO, as the only international flights out of MCO out of gates 60-99(which is where they were in the pics with Outback and Bestbuy) is TAM...nothing international flies out of MCO in that terminal until mid afternoon... All the pics in the first post are taken from MCO...from the parking garage to Airside 4, where Delta, VA, and TAM are all located. At that hour, only Delta is flying out, as well as TAM Yeah, I work at MCO, so I am very familiar with those early pics...which if I knew they were flying out...I could have gotten them through security with my super special employee badge..
  6. Hey Orlando Peeps....just posting some info about a local event this weekend... Pookies Rescue Fest This is a big event for the local pet rescues in the area. Anyone who is into pets, please come out and support the rescue groups. There will be lots of vendors, and food trucks will also be in attendance. I will be there as well, I will be volunteering with the local pug rescue. Feel free to stop by and say Hi.... I know this isnt coasters, but its local, and we have pet lovers in the area I am sure. Hope to see some of you there!!
  7. I am gonna try the food trucks one of these times...I always find out about them to late
  8. I must say, as much as I love Potter, and the new land, I think is a HUGE mistake on Universal's part. Putting all their eggs in one basket so to speak. I really hope this leaked rumor is nothing more...a rumor...Please put something else into the area. Still sad Jaws is being taken out...
  9. Been away from the boards for a bit, was surprised to see Robb and Crew moved to Orlando...Grats to them...Joined, now waiting for the approval. Hopefully get to meet up with peeps soon!
  10. I know on the day I went, it was Midnight Madness...all the rides were open from 11p-3a for the single price of $20, so that may have had a lot to do with the lesser crowds during the day...as we were leaving around 6p, the temp was dropping, and the crowds were starting a little..Saturday the 6th was Kids Day...I would want to have NOTHING to do with that... For those looking at the Scorpion/Cobra ride, there is one currently running in at Fun Spot, next to Old Town. This visit I also tried the Chocolate Dipped Bacon.....OMG!!! It was heavenly!
  11. We went on Friday the 5th...Hardly anyone there, and lines non-existant. Was hoping from more rednecks, but sadly non were found during our trip. Indeed the "Make your own" Strawberry Shortcake is the best value at the fair, and is damned good!
  12. I think the Splendid China site would be more work than they want...That place is ALWAYS having issues with teens using it for skateboarding, setting fires and other vandalism..the place needs to be torched...LOL
  13. 21 miles from I-4 to the park. That's more than 'a bit' on a road with lights, stores, restaurants, etc. I'm not gonna argue, there is traffic, but I have made that drive in 30min. US 27 is a 3 laned highway..not a backwoods local road. All the major trucking uses it. The most lights are through Haines City area, but it is an easy drive. I do it all the time, as I live right in that area. It can take an hour or more to get to Busch Gardens, and people do that..so the possibility is there...plus with it having some affiliation with the new Sea World owners...who knows...maybe they will add shuttle service.
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