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  1. To be honest... I don't think they are designing this even to draw out of town guests.
  2. Though, I don't think offering the same event with new food and decor is worth an additional $5 more dollars... I still went ahead and bought tickets. At $40, I feel they should be offering a 6th food tasting. Their normal park tickets weren't much more than this price, and you got all the rides.
  3. Somehow, I missed your response! There is nothing that you listed that I disagree with. But, overall, it was a nice attempt at a complicated show, and that's just my opinion. And, it could be that me having a handful of friends that worked on the creation and production of it skewes my opinion, But, I know that what ended up on that stage is not what was intended to be there. As for the cast... poor things, haha. They always had such a hard time getting the cast to show up, or even getting people who wanted to audition. It's probably better that it was retired.
  4. That's why I said "Ehhhhh" hahaha. I just think they are hard to compare in the example you are giving; and that it's not really apples to apples. But maybe it comes down to this: The state thinks very large gatherings aren't safe, even if all safety measures are followed. And, Voting 'shouldn't' be drawing the same large crowds in any given location. I'm not defending the state, just trying to understand it.
  5. Ehhhhhhhh. That's an awful stretch you're making there. Voting is a right, and turning people away is illegal. Though I 1 billion percent DO NOT agree with the state guidelines, it's not comparable to a constitutional right.
  6. Taking quotes from another thread; these are the guidelines set, and where the counties are at: I feel like doing that would make everything worse. They are going to get caught if they get audited. I can totally see a wave a lawsuits headed to the state though. These new rules are completely devoid of science.
  7. The park looks great! Though, it all seems to be standard fare for universal; nothing really groundbreaking or special it seems. I was (am) hoping for at least one stand out ride.
  8. It's such a fun looking little dive coaster, I can't wait to ride it!
  9. Do any of the other hotels have cool bars like Dragon Bar though?
  10. It's not really good land, suited for housing though. It's really far out, and has none of the normal conveniences that the main city offers (Stores, Food, Shopping, Grocery, Ect). There doesn't seem to be enough land to build all that out. So, why bother with all this at all? I am not living there, so I don't know what is best for the country or that land, this is just a thinking out loud thing.
  11. Magical Map was a heaping pile. Frozen was a really great show, it was just too much for a theme park audience. Also, guideline for So Cal will likely be released tomorrow, but could omit some large parks...Like Disney.
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