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  1. Does anyone have an update on the timeframe and length of the line to actually get into the park? Are the lines still the same length as they showed on the news a couple of days ago of it being on the sidewalk of the streets? Thanks in advance!
  2. I would click 2018. Your example made me lean more towards using 2018 rather than the latter.
  3. Through TPR, my wife and I were able to enjoy a film shoot for the Travel Channel a few years ago. We had a great experience that exceeded our expectations and we are still very grateful for it. We appreciated the opportunity TPR gave their members to enjoy an experience that is not common for the general public. I'm sorry that some people don't appreciate these opportunities given to them but I hope that doesn't stop Robb from providing these experiences to people who would be genuinely grateful for them. Here's a clip from the finished film shoot that we were a part of... thanks again TPR for the wonderful opportunity to enjoy the park in a very special way. https://www.travelchannel.com/videos/the-xcelerator-0187075
  4. Thank you everyone for that. I was going through my emails making sure I didn't erase or lose the email in my spam folder. My wife and I are excited to enjoy the day at WCB because it's always a treat to enjoy our home park with so many extra perks! Thanks again to the Alvey's for allowing us to enjoy the park in such a special way. See you all soon!
  5. I got my tickets last week and I was just wondering if this email had the WCB schedule? I checked all my inbox and spam folder but haven't received an email with WCB details yet. Thanks again for the help.
  6. Thanks again for the opportunity to enjoy the park with so many perks... especially with the 4 hour buyout! It's going to be an amazing day. See you all there!
  7. My wife and I are due for another WCB! I think we can make the Six Flags Magic Mountain day... especially if there's 4 hours of ERT. Has there ever been 4 hours of ERT to end the day before? I can't remember, is that a first for WCB?
  8. Thank you for that! The aquarium looks fun and I forgot about Legoland. We'll see if we can add it on.
  9. Sounds good! We did get the 5 day park hopper to make sure we have enough time to enjoy all the parks. We're hoping we don't get too tired of walking throughout the parks almost everyday. I've been checking the weather for those days and it seems it might be mid to high 80's with possible thunderstorms some days. What do you recommend to deal with the weather? Also, any city sites, small theme parks or attractions you recommend?
  10. My wife and I are heading to Orlando next month and we wanted any tips or advice you have and any other attractions you would recommend us to visit. We'll be arriving late Saturday afternoon Sept 5th and leaving early Friday Sept 18th. Here's how our schedule looks like for the trip... Saturday, Sept 5th Arrive in Orlando Sunday, Sept 6th Attend Church then head over to Seaworld Orlando Monday, Sept 7th Labor Day, Shopping day for the wife, Sightseeing Tuesday, Sept 8th Busch Gardens Wednesday, Sept 9th Universal Studios Thursday, Sept 10th Universal Islands of Adventure Friday, Sept 11th Night of Joy at Disney World (Evening to late night event) Saturday, Sept 12th Rock the Universe at Universal Studios (Afternoon to late night event) Sunday, Sept 13th Attend Church/ Sightseeing or attend park that can be done in half a day Monday, Sept 14th Walt Disney World Tuesday, Sept 15th Animal Kingdom Wednesday, Sept 16th Disney Hollywood Studios Thursday, Sept 17th Epcot Friday, Sept 18th Go home Anything to make our trip more enjoyable is welcomed. Thank you guys!
  11. The way it works is that you buy your discounted season pass online, print the receipt and head off to the park (tell the parking guy that you'll be upgrading to gold and they'll let you park for free). Trust me, Trust me, Trust me Your getting no parking from the parking guy at toll gate until you either pay cash or charge or present your gold parking season pass. Showing your piece of paper is nothing until it has been processed and that covers parking. Your best bet is allow some time and pull into guest pick / up drop / off area and drop a person off and have them go get their gold season pass and come back to car and let that person then go take the car and park it in parking lot while the other person gets their season gold pass and meets you back at a predetermined area. Nope, not true. I went through this yesterday and even called ahead to make sure I wouldn't need to do anything like what you outlined. I called and asked to make sure I could get the free parking in order to process my pass (which was confirmed) and then when I pulled up to the booth, the guy simply scanned the printout and sent me on in. True! I went last Saturday to the park and just showed my printed page with the barcode for my season pass with the free Gold upgrade. The parking gate attendant scanned it and I was good to go!
  12. I went to the park today with my wife around 12pm to process our season pass we bought from the Labor day flash sale. We didn't know that if you buy your season pass online and bring your printed page that has the barcode on it, you can skip the long processing line and head straight to the main gate. You give the attendant your printed page with the barcode, they scan it and ask you to place your right index finger on the scanner. After a couple of seconds you receive your season pass card. No pictures are taken now for a season pass. After the quick and easy process of getting our season pass, we went to X2 but left when we saw the 2 hour wait. We walked down to Apocalypse and rode in the second to last row... Rough ride! I remember the coaster being an enjoyable and relatively smooth ride when it opened but just a couple of years later it's pretty rough sad to say. We went on Goldrusher and after that we headed to Lex Luthur Drop of Doom. The wait was about 15 mins and we got the absolute BEST ride. I told my wife before we rode we might be lucky enough to have the tower sway because Superman was running today. Well we couldn't time it any better. We were about 5 seconds from the top and we hear and feel the rumble of Superman coming up the tower. I tell my wife "I think this is it, it's happening!" We look at each other and we hear and feel Superman roaring up the tower! We both stare straight ahead and we start to sway left to right, right to left, left to right, right to left... you get the idea. It was incredible and totally made the ride that much better. We headed to Full Throttle and it was another 15 min wait. We really like this ride even though it's pretty short. That hang time on the loop is so awesome. My body was off the chair and the restraints were doing all the work (thankfully!) After that we got on Goliath and my wife blacked out for a bit but she's a trooper! We left around 2:30pm to eat and cool off at the Westfield mall. Oddly enough, after we ate and cooled off a bit, my wife is leaving with shopping bags that weren't planned... go fig! We came back to the park around 5:30pm and headed to X2. It was a 10 min wait and we got on the 2nd row in the front. Rough ride! We rode it again because the line was non existant and we tried it in row 5... almost a good ride BUT on the last part of the ride we always hit our head on the back of the seat pretty hard. It was pretty bad and I don't recall X2 being this rough in recent memory. We were pretty disapointed! We took a break for 30 mins so my wife could take some medicine for her headache and then we went to Superman Escape of Krypton. It was a 15 min wait and both sides were running. We took the left side because we've never ridden on that side and we rode on the back 2 seats. We have a great ride but my wife's headache came back again so we decide to get a slice of pizza from the shop near Batman the ride and called it a night. The weather was pretty hot but we paced ourselves and the cooling off period in the mall help. We enjoyed our day and were surprised the park wasn't as packed as we would of thought, especially for it being Labor day weekend. The season pass deal is such a steal, free admission to all SF parks, Hurricane Harbor and free parking at SFMM for about $75 bucks! I just wanted to share our day today with you guys and by the way this is my first trip report since I can remember but I hope you've all enjoyed it!
  13. ^ Thank you all for the advice! I really appreciate it. You guys are great and thanks for giving me some peace of mind when we decide to go. - Josh (wished there was a scaredy cat emoticon) Escobar
  14. Thank you very much for confirming that information. I was wondering if people leave their sandals at the bottom of the ride (just as strollers are left at Disneyland at the entrance of a ride) but I won't risk it because people do tend to "mistake" things which are not theirs! LOL! I'm kind of a scaredy–cat when it comes to water slides, any advice for a beginner on what to ride first to break the ice?
  15. Hey there guys! I bought a season pass to SFMM two days ago and it includes free admission to Six Flags Hurricane Harbor. I've never been to a water park so I have a couple of questions to ask. I don't like walking barefoot if I don't have to so I heard that you can take "beach shoes" (shoes that have a mesh type outer lining that is pretty much see through) to the park but you would have to take them off once your in line for a waterslide, is that true? If so, where would I store away my "beach shoes"? I've also heard you can wear a t-shirt but you can not wear it on the water slide, is that also true? Any helpful tips for a first timer would be GREATLY appreciated! I love coasters but I'm a little nervous to get on a water slide. What would you recommend for myself to enjoy my first time at a water park. Thanks again for all the help!
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