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  1. Ok so I’m looking for information for those of you browsing the forum ON YOUR PHONE! Do the videos in the above post appear like this with the thumbnail image showing: or like this without the image: please tell me which version you see on your phone and what kind of phone you are using and what browser app. I do not need information if you are browsing on a desktop/laptop, only if you are using a phone. Thank you.
  2. Just doing a test to see how photos & videos upload with the latest forum software… IMG_7525.mp4 IMG_7526.mp4 IMG_7527.mp4 IMG_7528.mp4 IMG_7529.mp4 IMG_7530.mp4 IMG_7531.mp4
  3. What better way to showcase the new SeaWorld Abu Dhabi Park but with a “classic style” TPR video! Volume up for this one! Enjoy!
  4. 18.mp4 Testing something.... please ignore...
  5. Batman was REALLY GOOD! I struggle which I liked more... Forbidden Journey or Batman. I'm not a Potter fan at all so I like the Batman franchise for more, but the Batman ride did rely a bit more on screen-based content rather than practical sets. So it's kind of a toss up for me. But the ride was very much like Forbidden Journey, but make it Batman.
  6. Still not as bad as the US account for Din Tai Fung which reads Din Tai Fungus.
  7. Reposted from TPR's Instagram / Facebook Story feed. Any tags or action items (polls, questions, etc) will show up in the photos, but they are not active for the forum version of this report. Follow our Instagram and Facebook story feed for the most up to date trip reports! 5.mp4 6.mp4 8.mp4 9.mp4 10.mp4 11.mp4 12.mp4 14.mp4 15.mp4 16.mp4 17.mp4 18.mp4 19.mp4 21.mp4 26.mp4 27.mp4 28.mp4 29.mp4 30.mp4 31.mp4 32.mp4 33.mp4 34.mp4 35.mp4 39.mp4 44.mp4
  8. Take a front seat ride on Manta at SeaWorld Abu Dhabi!
  9. It was great to be back at the Dr. Phillips Center in Orlando for the National Tour of My Fair Lady! If you are a fan of this classic musical it is absolutely a MUST SEE! The current tour borrows the sets from the 2018 Broadway revival and the cast for the tour were fantastic! This was my first time seeing My Fair Lady (I know, I know...) and while we really enjoyed it, it does move a little slower than a more modern musical, but that being said, it was great to finally see this classic show! When you are planning travel to Orlando, remember there is a lot more to do than just the theme parks, and if you are a fan of the arts, then you should absolutely check the schedule at the Dr. Phillips Center to include a show during your Orlando vacation!
  10. Since they've had a history of injecting political discussion in their posts, I've just got ahead and removed them.
  11. Take a ride on the legendary Viper at Six Flags Magic Mountain!
  12. Take a ride on all the roller coasters at Parc Asterix! Video also includes a construction tour of their new for 2023 coaster, Toutatis!
  13. TPR trips are back! Today we pre-games a bit before the real trip starts at Jardin d'Acclimatation and hung out in Paris, France! We are posting daily updates to our Instagram and Facebook Stories so be sure to follow along there! IMG_5444.MOV IMG_5451.MOV IMG_5453.MOV IMG_5459.MOV IMG_5466.MOV
  14. To be fair, we've used the Minnie Van service several times and it has always been above and beyond expectations and I was actually super bummed with the rumors of it never coming back were out there. This is a service I will most like make good use of in the future, and I say that as an Orlando local with a car!!!
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