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  1. Take a ride on the "New Texas Giant" at Six Flags Over Texas!
  2. Want to take a ride on all the roller coasters at Hersheypark? Right NOW and all at once? Now you can!
  3. Want to take a ride on all the roller coasters at Hersheypark? Right NOW and all at once? Now you can!
  4. Take a ride on the classic Thunderbolt roller coaster at Kennywood!
  5. Come on an "out of this world" adventure with us aboard the Star Wars Galactic Starcruiser at Walt Disney World!
  6. We just got back from the world's newest theme park and America's only park dedicated to Peppa Pig! Check out all the rides & attractions along with riding along with us on "Daddy Pig's Roller Coaster" which we nicknamed the "Maverick of Kiddie Coasters" since it has a lift hill AND a launch! Watch the video here:
  7. Iron Gwazi is AWESOME!!! Take a front seat and back seat ride on this amazing new roller coaster at Busch Gardens Tampa! VIDEO:
  8. Don't underestimate the volume of people who are still NOT traveling yet. And also because of the nature of this poll, it has to be people who are well traveled AND have ridden Velocicoaster along with many other rides that it is competing with. If our poll was simply as "popularity contest" maybe it would have ranked higher. But the reality very well may be those of who have ridden Velocicoaster AND had a 1 on 1 match up with the other rides ahead of it, may have ranked it lower. For me personally, I love Velocicoaster, but the weaker first half of the ride is why it barely made it into my top ten. Had the first half been as strong as the second half, I would have ranked it higher. And also considering that I've been on 20 of the 22 coasters that were ranked ahead of it, it's very possible that because I don't praise it as the best thing ever on the planet, could be one of the reasons why it's lower. Now obviously some of those 22 coasters I ranked lower than Velocicoaster but yet they still came in ahead of it. It all has to do with rider experience and how many 1 on 1 match ups a certain ride wins or loses. So perhaps people with less "experience" that ranked Velocicoaster higher, may eventually rank it lower when they gain more experience by riding more coasters. Or, maybe they will rank it higher. But that's exactly how this poll works and why it is so much better and fair than a typical "popularity contest."
  9. Once again I just want to remind everyone that the TPR Coaster poll is NOT a "Popularity contest" meaning is it not the traditional "He who gets the most votes wins" style of contest. The TPR Poll takes everyones riding experience and matches it together to determine a winner. So that means if Twisted Timbers came in ahead of Steel Vengeance that means more people that rode BOTH COASTERS preferred Twisted Timbers to Steel Vengeance. Even if Twisted Timbers has fewer overall votes. It matches only those who have ridden BOTH RIDES. The results are based on ACTUAL RIDING EXPERIENCES instead of just number of votes one ride gets. So while I understand that maybe YOUR FAVORITE coaster didn't get ranked where you wanted it to be, at least respect the fact that the results are that way because it legitimately lost more fairly, unlike a lot of other polls that are purely based on "Hey, go vote for our ride so we can win" even if the person voting has never actually ridden the coaster. Hope that makes sense to some of you.
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