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    • Disneyland Paris has announced a myriad of changes to the resort as part of a "new era", including a complete rebranding of the Walt Disney Studios Park to Disney Adventure World! https://disneylandparis-news.com/en/disneyland-paris-unveils-a-new-milestone-in-unprecedented-resort-transformation/ After transporting generations of guests into the magic of movie-making, the second park at Disneyland Paris is entering a new era marked by a fresh creative vision, brand-new experiences, an expansion on a never-before-seen scale and the introduction of an all-new visual identity. To celebrate this new chapter, Walt Disney Studios Park will be renamed Disney Adventure World when World of Frozen, a new immersive area dedicated to the wintery world of Walt Disney Animation Studios’ Frozen will come to life, bordering a majestic bay. While the ongoing transformation of the park is sure to take the guest experience to a whole new level, the entire resort will continue to elevate its offerings in the coming years. Each anniversary brings its share of surprises, and this year is no different! On April 12, Disneyland Paris lifted the curtain on an ambitious future for the place where dreams come true, during an immersive presentation delivered in front of an audience of nearly 1,000 fans and Cast Members. The resort’s executive and creative teams took the stage to share information about groundbreaking entertainment that will debut in the coming months, the next phase of the ongoing transformation of Disney Hotels, and ongoing reimagining of Disney Village.   The resort has seen an unprecedented number of projects brought to life to reinvigorate the guest experience and make Disneyland Paris a must-visit destination. One of the top priorities of this exceptional transformation plan – which is coming to fruition thanks to a two-billion-euro investment – is a complete makeover of Walt Disney Studios Park while continuing to expand its footprint with new themed areas that will join Marvel Avengers Campus, which welcomed its very first recruits back in 2022, and Worlds of Pixar. At the end of its expansion journey, the soon-to-be-renamed park will have roughly doubled its footprint and become a can’t-miss experience for an all-day getaway! When it opened in 2002, the original idea driving the creation of the second park was to give guests a behind- the-scenes look into the making of movies, animated feature films and television shows. The park concept has since evolved creatively to offer more immersive worlds, and in 2007 it embarked on an exciting expansion journey with the launch of multiple large-scale, immersive projects like The Twilight Zone™ Tower of Terror, Toy Story Playland and Ratatouille: The Adventure. From the recent opening of Worlds of Pixar and Marvel Avengers Campus to the creation of a Frozen-inspired land, the park continues to welcome beloved franchises, allowing guests to step into their favorite stories in a uniquely Disney way. And the fun is just beginning, as immersive worlds inspired by the most popular Disney movies of all time become the cornerstone of the park’s transformation!  
    • Day 20: Thursday, June 22nd - Power Park Part II   the Pizza Buffet was decorated just as "eclectically" as the rest of the park.   it was over a grill (on the 1st floor) that only seemed to sell cheeseburgers & Pepsi - shades of Classic SNL), but upon going up the stairs, greeted by this funky Roman guard. why?  hell if I know.   sticking with the Owner's plane theme tho. .there are lots of planes in here hanging from the ceiling. how that ties with the Roman guy?  yeah.. again, I dunno. the buffet had a few things more than just pizza (which was so so - tho they again had the pizza with corn on it). the Chicken nuggets and happy face hashbrowns were good, I recall. oh. there was also an Indian. .and a witch mirror (which I liked, especially the bat under it) and can't forget the Conquistador - that was guarding the staircase down to the burgerjoint below.   pleasantly full, we headed out to the section of the park near the front that we hadn't explored yet.   The sky was turning a bit darker, and it was getting a little chillier. . . luckily the hotel was right across the street, so made a quick stop while over here at the gates, to grab a hoodie. the Pizza place is on the 2nd floor of this building. the green tower is the park's Asian themed drop tower. the mentioned "main entrance" for the Hotel guests. . that building back on the left is the giant events center and the Movie theater. they were setting up for a big concert coming the next day. . didn't recognize the band names, but they apparently are popular in Finland.   Time Square is another Kiddie flying carpet type ride.  back behind it you can see a few other kiddie rides.   back there is also the parks smallest coaster, and a shooting dark ride. the cars are a bit "steampunk". . so maybe that's the "Time" in the name of the ride? on the left was a weird little "station" that definitely gave me the impression that at one point it was a loading platform for a small train. the park doesn't have a train, and it's an odd "oversight".. so I've got to wonder if they used to have a trackless train type ride that at one point used this as it's station? no ride here. .but hey, a Rabbit riding a carrot.   sure, why not?   Mine Train is the parks final coaster, it's a Zamperla family coaster, with a fun little layout.   tho they certainly made it less "family" and more "kiddie" with the train design which had VERY tight seats - especially after gorging on pizza buffet. but we squeezed our butts in! Next door was a car ride which was part Jurassic Park, part Antique Taxi, and part " we got this ride via multiple Garage Sales" here's Kristen and Brayden, looking excited to ride!   ooo.. nice theming. . very Blair Witch. rather than squeeze into the front seat, we chose to ride front and back. look how excited we are!   (and got yelled at by the operator for having my phone out.   I was confused. this is a slow moving car ride that you aren't steering, but was told that I MUST put my phone away - and note, several extreme rides I had been on today, was told it was ok to have phone out for pics - so I went ahead and put my phone away and we "enjoyed" the ride.   but it was weird, that THIS is the ride they won't let you take pics on.    you can take pics OF it. . . so they aren't concerned about the content of the ride, or the design.  it was just weird. hmm. . the drop tower hadn't gone in a while.. was it down?  answer was yes, it was down. . but the same maintenance guy was there working on it, and he did get it back up.  so Kudos to this amazing Mr. Fixit, who was able to get every down ride back up and running.    we went on it a little while later. Kiddie Ferris Wheel, and behind it looks like a Himalaya, that I don't even remember seeing, so I didn't ride it!   whoops. walking around the Dino Safari ride, to go to the park's dark ride. . here's a pic of the kind of Dinos you'll see on the safari. yup. . a plastic Zebra.   this area suddenly got very well themed, to kind of a western Boom Town.    Really well done. don't recall if the Steakhouse was open, but as we had recently eaten, didn't check anyways. here's the Dark Ride. . the Devil's Mine hotel (I think it's called that?) this one had working animatronics, even on the outside.   with the cowboy up top talking to people in the queue, and various characters emitting "bodily noises" and it's a SHOOTING dark ride.  I hoped it was good. and it was. . it was VERY good, I recall.   I rode this thing at least 4-5 times. speaking of motion activated animatronics in this area: (yes, he yells at you for watching him while he's pooping. . .complete with fart sounds). As the sky threatened to open up, I headed back over towards Pitts Special to get a ride on it, just in case the Evening ERT had to be cancelled. passing back thru the "main street area" I again was impressed with the facades here.   a photo-op to sit on a Cowboy's knee? why sure!   I rode Pitts Special - I didn't care for it (not a fan of vertical lifts. . but this one doesn't even have inversions, so it seemed "not worth it".   the fact I didn't get any pics of it when I went over to ride it?  kinda says it all. heading back up to the rides in the front I hadnt' gotten on yet, I eyed this as I passed it.   I was GONNA ride it, just had to get my nerve up. you can really see how threatening the sky was looking in this picture tho. an adorable kiddie flume, that really wasn't operating today as there just weren't a lot of tiny kids in the park. but look how cute! I will say that Pitts Special LOOKS pretty neat. .that ampersand feature. . .I mean, it looks like it SHOULD have inversions. taking a spin on Typhoon - going thru the house really adds so much to this ride - as does going completely upside-down.   oh. .I actually DO have some pics from when I went over to ride Pitts Special. . just had them filed wrong. here ya go, a few pics of the Gerstlauer coaster with the Vertical Lift and looking the other direction, this is Junker. . with the loops.   I AM "Kapteeni Koukku" I think this is a stage for a show, that they probably run on busy weekend days.  from the backdrop, guessing it's a comedy pirate show. I've grown to appreciate these rides. . they are way more fun than they look, even tho really you're just going in a circle and controlling the "swing out" the Enterprise ran the whole rest of the day once it got fixed, but I can't recall if I went and got another ride on it. at first couldn't remember why i took this pic, then realized it was to catch the collapsing balcony on the tower there on the 2nd floor.  I'm not sure WHY it does that, but it was pretty cool to watch steeling up my courage, headed towards the big ride I was gonna force myself to ride.  *and I think this is when I grabbed my Mr. Slushie. taken from in line for this thing. I DID ride it, and we didn't' flip much. . so it really wasn't near as terrifying as I was afraid it was gonna be.   in fact, this was running a crazier cycle than the one I was worried was gonna flip. luckily it stopped before I got too sick to my stomach.  LOVE the angry fish faces on the cars tho   a few more pics of Thunderbird, while over here. . . and then a treat for me.   it was time to ride the Carousel! and Mike and Jon rode with me too. .so wasn't the only on riding.   yup. . my happy place. while we were on the carousel, the drop tower started working again, so we went right next door to ride it. as with the starflyer, there are two separate lines:  one for thrilling drop, and one side where it cycles as an observation tower. we chose fast, of course pretty neat that the top of the loading station is clear, so you can look up and see the prior riders. and the queue line has windows too. . so was able to get this shot of Collin, Barry, and Andy as they also had come right over when it started running again. after that ride, it was back to the dark ride (again) with yet another shot of the Dino Safari... that seems to have no dinosaurs, just zebras and military trucks. oh, I found this other carousel too this park lets you bring your doggie if you want to, and you can put them in the stocks while you enjoy the park. so of course I had to! I saved one of the best for last. . . I sat and watched this for a while, tho didn't ride it. it's the gayest, straight ride I've ever seen. you climb on top of the "bull" and wrap your arms and legs tightly around the "bull weiner". . and then it bucks like crazy to try and throw you off, while LOUD music blasts from those speakers. no. . really. I was worried about breaking my neck - even with all that padding underneath it.. so I just enjoyed watching. it has different settings too. and the operator controlled how extreme it was gonna be. i tell you. . just TONS of enjoyment watching this crap. . LOL it was time for our evening ERT over on Pitts Special, so we headed that way. now, I might be mis-remembering this, as it's been 10 months, but I *believe* Robb asked us if we wanted to do ERT on Pitts Special, or just do Junker again, and it was unanimously decided that Junker was the better coaster, so did that instead. while waiting for them to clear the short queueline, snapped some pics of the back end of Junker. (while getting eaten to death by mosquitos who came out in forces as it got overcast) some wonderful woodcarvings on the sides of the buildings back behind Junker. including the hawk (Eagle?) with it's catch the garages where the owner of the park keeps some of his classic cars (per the operator I was chatting with)   whee!!! and now back on for more ERT.. this seems to be my pic, since I'm not on this train. . but I think the rest of them are from Elissa  (and yes, I was so glad I had grabbed my hoodie) the Ride building, with a weird restroom/storage area for park food carts beneath it. and then a pleasant surprise.  .  . more ERT.  on Thunderbird. I really liked the coaster, so was a happy "yes" for this too.   i think I rode every cycle on this ERT, so these pics must be courtesy of Elissa (I see Robb, Andy, and Brad on the train) rider cam. . WHOOOOOOO!!!! just look at that smile on me. . such a good coaster. even if it DID 'put put put' thru the brake run every time, sloooooowly inching into the station.   Steve looks thrilled. . HA! and then it was over, and time to go back to the hotel. Robb sent to the group chat a couple of spectacular pics he got from the top of Dragon Tower - when it was in "observation mode" look how amazing the setting for this place is! Pitts Special from the Dragon Tower, thanks to Robb. and back to the hotel to refresh for dinner. this was the welcome mat at the hotel: and before dinner, wandered a bit to snap pics of the oddball theming. the 2nd floor over the dining room - called the Lido Deck - looked like it was a bar area for use when they were really crowded. but there were planes hanging in the hotel too.. so not JUST boat themed.   Eclectic! taken thru a closed glass door. . hence the reflection. very Nautical. . . the lobby on our side of the hotel, and Main Deck is the dining room. I believe the appetizer and Desert were the same as the prior night and that's why have no pics. but I do have a pic of my main course this evening. . . and I'm STILL confused by "why a cup of ketchup with my fish?" and the watermelon seems a bit out of place as well. one last look out the window towards Power Park. . and with that, I went to the room, packed stuff up, and was ready to head out in the morning. had been such a fun day, and I really enjoyed the wackiness of this place. tomorrow. . onwards to Sarkamniemi
    • ^ well, that's gonna make quite the break between part 1 & part 2 😛  
    • So sorry about this, Bert. I have no idea how it multiplied my posting. Grrr.
    • The "wooden village" you saw behind Thunderbird, I loved it. So many photo ops! And during the 2014 TPR visit, I actually met the owner of the Power Park, and the previous owner of the park....his father! That's when I asked about that 'village' was told about the TV series, like you were. And - I 😍 that Booster ride! It was smaller than what we used to have at Playland (now removed for the new coaster opening this May). I must have ridden it several times, with different TPR tourers on board. And I remember really, REALLY wanting this brought to Playland. Have to add. I believe your room is in the same part of the hotel ours was, back then. Good view of that grandstand, I remember. Great tour of the park, Bert!
    • I can't think of the last time I rode spider.  I'm not surprised they'd remove it, but I'd almost expect Wipeout to be removed first, it seems to give them issues every year (but they have done a lot of repair work on it lately
    • Day 20: Thursday, June 22nd - FULL (and I mean FULL) day at the Northernmost Theme Park in the world:  Power Park in Finland I had turned in early from the exhausting travel day / TPR Grand Prix. .. but many folks hung out at the "bar" that was near the Park's hotel. these pics are from Andy - and based on the time stamps, the 1st pic was around 11pm, the 2nd was around Midnight, and the 3rd was just about 1am.       here's me, just after Hans came in, and raved about it being light after 1am. .and how I should get up and look. he was very insistent. . so here's my sleepy ass out on the balcony snapping a quick selfie, so I could go back to sleep (thanks Hans!) 😛 better pic (camera takes much better pics when it's not a selfie). .   fast forward a few hours, and I believe was up just before 8am, and snapped this pic then.   Sun now coming up and blue skies. we'd have some foretasted rain later in the day, but nothing really terrible, and tho was overcast (and colder) much of the day?  ended up being a great day to visit the park.   here's a look at what I got from the Breakfast Buffet served in the hotel. most of it was very good, and I loved the mustard Herring at the bottom center. and some fruit - gotta be "healthy"   and then we headed across the street as a group to start the day at Power Park.  I believe we were about an hour before Park Open and we were gonna get some ERT on Junker - the Park's Gerstlauer launched Infinity Coaster.  With some ERT later in the day on Pitt's Special - the Park's Gerstlauer vertical chain lift Infinity Coaster, and Thunderbird - the Park's big woodie. making our way thru the gates, we passed a carousel (so of course got pics)   and this thing, which was scary as hell... but I DID ride it. Nice, large, Ferris Wheel a swinging carnival ride. . but this one has an amazing setting - you swing THRU the house while spinning.  It really feels like you're going to hit it every time. the Park also has a Boomerang - Cobra This was the first Boomerang to use Vekoma's "new" MK1211 open sided trains  (spoiler, it didn't help, the ride STILL sucked, and I regretted getting talked into trying it out) tho I did love the theming on the Octopus ride there - and the tower behind it, which seemed to have some animatronics on it, so the balcony collapsed as if there was an earthquake going on, and then re-set. this crazy thing - for some reason called "Pegasus" (yeah, a lot of the ride names were a bit odd to me) - was AMAZING. this one did all the flipping and spinning that several similar rides we had been on earlier in the trip didn't do.    Fantastic and a do not miss ride if visiting the park.   the park's Spinning Wild Mouse coaster - called "Neo's Twister"  (Based on a Finnish Cartoon mouse).  If I'm recalling correctly, we got stuck on the brake run here facing the wrong direction, and they had to call someone to turn the car around so we could exit after the ride and there it is. . . Junker.  or is it Pitt's Special? hard to tell - as they are bother Gerstlauer Infinity Coasters, and the park painted them the same color - so it looks like one massive coaster, but is actually two separate ones side by side. the park's flume ride. . which is really more like a Chute the Shoots boat in a river with some flume elements. Called Kwai River.   and the big woodie back there is Thunderbird. I believe this one is actually Junker.    I THINK that's the one that wrapped around the walkway. Lion King ?   what the heck is this?  and why is Johnny Depp in front of it? I LOVED the WTF-ness of this park. . it just comes out of nowhere sometimes.   LOL such as this Enterprise.  (I LOVE this ride, and they are disappearing). but this one?  they took it literally, and named it after the USS Enterprise - with Star Trek theming and characters inside the base, that one could only see when the ride went vertical. it was down in the morning, but they had maintenance (the same guy who rescued us from the Wild Mouse) working on it most of the morning, and he DID get it working, so I could get a ride on it here's the TPR Group picture in front of Junker - with our Park guide. Thanks Robb for the pic headed into the station.. wow. .loved the Art Deco design on these trains. I *believe* they told us that Junker is a type of classic Plane (so is Pitts Special). .so that would explain the cool engines on the back of the train. wonderfully comfortable restraints. a look at the magnetic brake run, as it does come into the station really fast. looking out from the exit ramp from the station. . it's lovely here! (that's some of the owner's housing, I was told, tho he rents it out to park staff to stay in mostly) I dunno how much I'd love living right behind a rollercoaster.. but would be cool at first, I'd think. Wheeeeee!    LIM launch. guessing this pic is from Elissa ? yeah.. I liked it and rode it a lot during the morning ERT theming! morning ERT over, and park now open to the public, we spread out to meet up again later for more ERT. crossing the "bridge" that Junker circles - you can look over and see the vertical lift for Pitts Special (that's the one that goes over the road and in the center of the race track). We had Evening ERT on that one, so we decided to move to other things as we'd ride that later if weather held out. LOL. . they called the water ride Kwai River, so that this would be the "bridge over River Kwai" BWAAAA-HAAAA-HAAAA   oh and a cactus theming for the Mexican place (didn't eat at it, but I think that Erik said it was ok)   the loop on Junker going around the bridge that I just mentioned: across the bridge is Thunderbird - a GCI coaster with Millennium Flyer trains . ..  looks like it's got some steep turns. . . one of the drops on the Kwai River ride. . you can see the wide flume and why I said it's more of a Shoot the Chutes with some flume elements. it even comes alongside the "bridge" before dropping under it - in the major drop that will soak everyone in the boat. as noted, Park is now open, and Thunderbird is testing.   a peek towards the front of the park. . random Alligator. sure, why not? but I did love the attempt at theming with the sign. . it was lovely over here. more.."theming".. this one didn't really make any sense to me.. .but OK oh yes. . HOT PINK trains.   LOL  (the other one, as you may have noticed was neon yellow) and it's themed like you're taking a train between cities. well.. the station is themed like that. . not so much the rest of the ride. best thing about it?  the brake run coming into the station.  they brake the hell out of this thing.   We made it a game later during ERT counting the brake stops, as we inched along, slowly thru the brake run and into the station. . . I swear it was no less than 23 "stops" before the station every time.   LOL and you exit the ride thru the "Flipper Saloon" er.. or, maybe I should say, you USED to?   I mean. . I GUESS you could play this one - if you're really, really skinny. wasn't very busy today - not sure if it's just the time of year, the weather forecast for today, or just that it's not a weekend. but most everything was open. and some of the themed sections were great. . . even if just facades that contained basically convenience stores. ah.. just noticed, the neon yellow train has green sides. I did ask what this was - it wasn't open today - and I believe was told it's a "storybook" area for kids, where the characters in the window tell stories for the kids. I was getting "Flowers in the Attic" vibes tho. .LOL and across from it. . seemingly appearing out of nowhere?    A construction themed Fun House. It looked like nothing, but was SO much stupid fun, I think I went thru it twice. and yes, full of the kind of stuff you'd see in a traveling carnival fun house . . but also full of freaky mannequins - doing "butt" humor. of course I loved it! they did make you check all bags and loose articles - but it was ok to carry a phone to take pictures.  (I didn't question why a phone is not a "Loose article". . you can see, Andrew didn't question it either.   D'oh! ooo. .this is cool! and this is rather . . "snug"   funhouse done. . there seemed to be an outdoor walk-thru area. I THINK this says: "Teruetuloa". . . and when I asked what it was all about, they said this area was built to film a TV series, and they just left the sets after so the Park could use it as a walk thru experience. the woods were pretty, so figured, ok, let's check it out. having never seen the show, I had NO idea what was going on. . are they trolls?  hermits living in the woods?   Nymphs?  i dunno, but there was a Photo Op, so I was happy. ' lots of buildings and sets to check out. . even a little band-stand.    Wonder if there's actually music here sometimes? and lookie who came out while we were walking thru!   Mascots. i think?  didn't see them anywhere else in the park. one looks like a hermit, and one looks like a Nymph. . so I'm still confused. but no matter. .let's pose! NIGHTMARE FUEL!!! even a sauna out here. . . and a place to sacrifice puppies????   hell if I know. . we had to pass back by Thunderbird again on the way out from the walk thru, so sMisty and i hopped on for a front row ride. whee! thanks Erik for the pic! the Wild Mouse was having some issues, and wasn't quite open yet. . tho not sure why it says "Steam Power" on the sign, or why there are animals about to get ground into meat byproduct from gears. but just across from it, Pegasus was running. . . so we looked at each other and headed there. I had to look up what "HUOMIOITHAN" means, since I saw it on lots of rides, and surely they can't ALL be called that: it means:  "Please Note" Erik said "hell no" to the spinny ride, but told us to have fun. so thank you to him for these great pics!   This was one of the many kiddie rides sprinkled thruout the park.  all of them looked like a hoot, but all of them were for little kids only.  (most of them were paired up next to each other, with one operator for both rides) I REALLY wanted in on this:  a  bouncy house fill of balls, that actually moves! was told "little children" only.. but with some nice asking, was allowed to take a picture almost on it - even if I didnt' get to actually "ride" in it. I had to ASSURE him I wasn't going to go inside, I just wanted a picture. still.. good enough!  I was happy Neo's Twister had opened while we were on the other ride, so we headed back over there and got in queue. the line stacked up while we were waiting for Maintenance guy to come spin our car around so we could exit. (making it the longest line we saw all day). LOL   Having ridden most of the stuff in this section, before heading back towards the main promenade of the park, we decided to ride the Kwai River ride. the ops decided that all six of us should ride together in one boat - despite us asking if it was ok to split up between boats. yup.. they made sure we were heavy enough, and this was the result. does it get you wet?   umm. . . yup: walking by Lion King again, it was running now, soi got a better look at what it actually is. seems to be a "flying carpet" type ride . with arms crossed neon colored lions sitting at the back of each car.     No, that doesn't explain why there's a pirate there.  but I mean. .flying neon Lions, and you're worried about why there's a Pirate?   I didn't even ask about riding this one (tho did see some adults on it). . was worried it wouldn't support my weight.   the Enterprise was up and running - which made me SO happy.    we got a ride on it with a long ass cycle, and I was happy that I hadn't eaten lunch yet. It was nice of them to give us such a long cycle tho, as i had mentioned to the maintenance guy earlier how much I loved these rides.   tho it did concern me that he hung around during our ride to make sure it kept operating ok - it had been closed due to getting stuck in the upright position the prior day. still. . . .whee!!! remember I noted some of the rides have strange names? here is "Fiesta Mexicana". . . which is the park's Starflyer.   yeah. what I found rather cool tho, is that there were two separate lines - one for "thrill" (meaning that the Starflyer operated as normal) and a line for "Observe" (meaning it spun very slowly so you could use it as an observation tower. i thought that was rather a neat option, and have never seen a Starflyer operate that way.    (there were only two people in the "observe" line, so the operator loaded up the Thrill side first to get us on. not the main entrance gate, but an entrance gate to the Park.. I think the one closest to the main parking area, for those who are not staying on property. were some clouds rolling in, but was still a lovely day. Finnish butt. I mean, I COULD claim I took the pic because I wanted to show someone standing in the "observe" line. . but no. . I took it for the butt   who doesn't want to buy something from "Mr. FUNSLUSH" ???? (I had one later in the day. . super sweet. . like a slurpee with added sugar) here's that Cobra I got talked into riding. yeah. . still terrible, even with different trains, and some theming (a puff of smoke over the train when you leave the station from the 1st drop) the parks one remaining "big" coaster - which is a family coaster, called Joyride. it's pretty much a traveling carnival coaster, that is pleasant enough, and does have some steeply angled turns. and artsy shot of a crappy coaster, taken thru an ok coaster. Power Park really does like to paint coasters that are close to each other in the same colors. . .if you just glance at it, these two look connected. and closing out this part of the report with a park map:   by now was starting to get hungry for lunch. . . so we took a look at the offerings, and I believe myself, Big Mike, and Andrew decided that the Pizza Buffet near the front entrance sounded promising.. so we headed there. to be continued. . .  
    • S.T.A.R. labs (a big part of the DC universe - in particular the Superman family corner of it), has a "Particle Accelerator". and the Character "Captain Atom" - who has been associated with Star Labs in the past, does have "Quantum Powers" so it wouldn't be out of the question, if they decided to do something Star Labs/Captain Atom and use this name. I doubt it. . .seems a stretch. . . but you never know!
    • Was browsing the internet yesterday and I found Spider on a used rides website asking for $65,000 and being available in September which right at the end of the season. Call me crazy but I think Spider could be removed at the end of the season and be replaced by something cooler! I'll post the link down below if you want to read more but already some intriguing stuff before the season starts!!   Link: https://irmrides.com/product/eyerly-spider-2/
    • Check out my YouTube video for the songs played. The theme from 2001: A Space Odyssey was played as the sun went into full eclipse. The shirts were not glow in the dark.
    • It was an incredible experience! I can't even put into words the emotions I felt as the sun went into total eclipse from the moon! 
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