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  1. Even if some park was to do a VR coaster, why would you do it on a 200 foot dive machine? Can't even believe this discussion is happening.
  2. I think Gatekeeper was just somewhat of a fluke or a long pause for coasters after Maverick. If you look back at Cedar Point's history, since the 80's they've built new/record breaking coasters every few years. Magnum, Mean Streak, Rapor, Mantis, Millennium Force, Wicked Twister, and Top Thrill Dragster (plus a kiddie coaster in there) were all built in a timeframe of four years max in between (Mantis and Millennium Force). After Maverick, and acquiring the Paramount parks, they wanted to focus on other parks, and reimagine the image of Cedar Point being more well rounded (not that it wasn't
  3. Another article http://www.610kvnu.com/national/3c40b0cf6e6573e38ca2c01c74893e7a
  4. If Planet Hollywood has to get rid of its tacky decorations, I wonder what's going to happen to T-Rex Cafe and Rainforest.
  5. I guarantee it was dictated by their lawyers. Classic over rreaction.
  6. Wow that actually looks really nice. Hopefully that fake grass is durable.
  7. Yeah, assuming the right is a hit, it's going to be very easy to clone these around the country.
  8. ^ Love the little BTTF references scattered through that!
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