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  1. Wow, that was absolutely amazing! The final scene where they play "So Close" from Enchanted to the end gave me goosebumps like crazy! I can't wait to go back out to California to see this show in person
  2. No offense taken, the park is on the small end, but not the smallest Six Flags park. But when the crowds are low, you can breeze through the park within a few hours. The only time I personally can get a full day at the park is when I'm with some friends.
  3. Ohh yeah, I've been on Thunderbolt when the train just passed that red line. That means we got to go for a second time so the ride-op can try again in stopping the train within the red line.
  4. Well, the restraints are the same kind as El Toro and El Toro doesn't have a max height. So maybe we'll be fortunate to see the removal of the max height. I do know the max height was put in place when the old restraints were modified.
  5. ....I'm confused... The crowds were low due to a combination of the weather being bad and Easter (it was actually much more busier on friday which was the opening day.) Superman isn't going anywhere, it just got a new name, better trains, and some theming, The park isn't going down the drain, since I've been going to the park for 20 some odd years, I've seen it's ups and downs, but overall, six flags parks all reported profits last year per what SFMM management said at West Coast Bash. But yeah, the price of the upcharge ride is kinda steep for the kind of ride.
  6. They generally rotate in using the two trains every season. But as for running two trains on Thunderbolt, it cannot be done due to the braking system. If they had pinch brakes, then they would be able to have two trains since they stop a train much faster than the skid brakes on thunderbolt.
  7. They say that the tunnels will have fog machines. Wouldn't that be pretty cool to see a wall of fog coming out of that bizarro panel opening with the coaster track kinda disappearing into the fog. Hopefully that's what they're intending to do, but we'll see what happens when Memorial Day Weekend rolls around.
  8. Why not? They made the decision to change it! I'm really starting to like the whole Bizarro thing. But I still think it's lame that it won't be open until Memorial Day. It's usually around Memorial day is when the new rides generally open at the park. Dark Knight was intended to open for memorial day until SFNE decided to cancel the project and put astro turf over the foundation. What I can't wait is the new trains, i hope the ride will be smooth just like when it first opened.
  9. I gotta say Shane... Thank you so much for posting those videos of Cyclone! You don't know how hard it is to find any historical photos of Riverside. Watching those videos brings back classic memories of Riverside when I was a kid. Even for living 20 minutes from the park, my family and I would go usually just once a year since my Dad's company had his company picnic there yearly. I'm glad that the park still is holding onto that Riverside feel in some of the rides and buildings. Btw, back to the historical photos of riverside. Agawam Historical Society - Riverside Park That is so far the largest collection of historic riverside photos that I can find. Most date back to the early 1900's. This must date back to the early 1900's or something From: Agawam Historical Society
  10. Wow, you caught two things I did not even realize in my photos and I took them. haha I don't know how New England residents would take it. It would have made more sense if they put down the New England Patriots...however, I'm pretty sure it's easier to use the Redskins logo with the new management. i.e. no need to file for use of a registered logo. As for the funatics, I think I did see some advertisement in the bathroom where you could text a word to one of those text phone numbers and get discounts and special offers. But other than that, no. I didn't see anything or hear anything else. Thank you. The lapbar gets released by the attendant. They need to press on a foot pedal for each car to unlock the restraints. And it does have a seat divider. My friend Brian, was the one that disclosed me everything about how they gutted the thunderbolt trains and added the new restraints and seat divider.
  11. Thank you guys for the compliments on my report so far . I didn't get a chance to ride it with the new restraints, but my friend Brian who I was at the park with did. He said it's not the same. You don't get that airtime you did with the old lapbar. With these, you get a bit of the airtime, but the restraints push you back down. Now what really makes me scratch my head is, I thought the old style lapbars were a key feature of a classic wooden coaster to be able to receive the ACE coaster classic that it received in 2008.
  12. I know it's been way too long since I did a photo TR, but I thought I'd share with you guys some photos I took today of the opening weekend for Six Flags New England. The park was intended to be open from 10-8pm today, but due to the low low crowds and weather, the park closed up early at 3pm. To start off here are some changes that the park has made. Nightwing: The George Foreman Grill Experience - Gone Joker's Wildcard - Returned and is in the spot where nightwing was. Timewarp - Gone Superman Ride of Steel - Well everyone knows it's Bizarro now. Slingshot - New upcharge ride in the DC area Mind Eraser - Brand new paint job (first one since the ride opened back in 1997) Thunderbolt - Got rid of the single lapbar and replaced them with individual lapbars, seat divider, new seatbelts, and they need to be unlocked by the ride attendant, not electric like before. Other than that, all of the employees were down to earth people and friendly as can be, the park was very clean and well maintained, they were even vigilant in cleaning the bathrooms every 30 minutes. I made sure to look at the bathroom inspection log that's promptly posted in the bathroom. So now onto some photos last picture, SFNE brought in Six Flags Radio and Six Flags TV Networks into the park. The entire park has good music playing, with of course Rockville and Crackaxle music themed to their areas. Final words...I can't wait to see how Bizarro will be when the ride opens on Memorial day weekend and I think this will be a great year at SFNE. Fine selection of beer within the park. A plus about SFNE, is the ability to enjoy a beer while watching people enjoy having fun on the rides Carousal looking nice as can be. The roof could use a power wash. I still couldn't get over how dead the park was. But I will say it was nice walking around and taking photos They haven't gotten around to finish painting the station Now some shots of Bizarro for your enjoyment Thunderbolt looks like it's going to fall apart unless it gets a paint job. Overview of the park from the Skyway. I'm glad they still have this ride in the park. Riverside classic and one of my childhood favorites Another dead park photo shot They didn't do a good job in finishing the job in removing the foundations for timewarp yet. Looks odd without Timewarp being there Mr. six was out in the park doing his dance numbers...with no one watching! poor guy. Advertisement for Rollercoaster cuts on Route 66 Bizarro themeing being built Mind Eraser looks great with the new paint job Wow, look at all those people. Route 66 cars got a coat of fresh paint. They even removed the canopy on some of the cars This is at the bottom of the first drop. I swear it looks like if you're not careful, the thing can take your hands off. They didn't finish painting bizarro yet. Good spot for the ride, I didn't ride it yet since I didn't feel like paying $25 bucks for it. This area of the park is now called The Sports Zone. This is where the new slingshot $25 upcharge ride is Something bizarre did happen. There's video footage of the ride getting struck by a purple lightning bolt. Bizarro! Bizarro! Bizarro! Ooooo, one of the new trains already ready to go. Original Joker's Wildcard signage from where the ride originally was Joker's Wildcard. You can see they added boarding where the hole was for Nightwing. New Park map that's much more accurate than the previous ones It's purple! The ride actually looks nice with the blue and purple paint scheme. Batman: The Dark Knight got re-turfed.... One of the new advertising boards in the park Thunderbolt as you can see needs a paint job really badly. I would have taken Thunderbolt having a paint job than Mind Eraser. Looking up towards the main entrance Dead park. SFNE has a really beautiful park entrance Someone on the tram thought those what the six flags of Six Flags were...I advised her that New England having six states was just coincidental Oh yeah, this park is going to be busy
  13. I agree with you there. When I went to Solace back in 2007, they hardly had any interesting activities during the event. I even left early and had more fun helping Kyle and his color guard group paint a big map of the world in Santa Monica.
  14. That was a good update. I'm glad I was able to make it out this year back to California to see all you guys. I will say the additions to WCB did make the event 10x better. Team number 8...no these guys are NOT the cheaters! If you know what team the cheaters were (or if you have ever cheated on anything).... EMAIL DAN! and he will make sure those cheaters PAY! Yeah Hi, we so played by the rules for the scavenger hunt. But we did contemplate one of us just standing on the plaque at the gift shop. hehe
  15. # 22 Craig Keough Token Yankee Guy No one else in the picture but me and Big Mike. It was great to meet you Big Mike and I didn't win a prize from you
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