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  1. Big Mike looks even better on the new updated forum!!!
  2. Superb Job!!! Glad to see everyone's hard work paying off and that's a really cool award to hang in TPR Headquarters! All the best and love to all, Big Mike
  3. Very cool stuff!! Enjoyed reading and seeing all the fun things you did, especially the shows! I am glad to see someone who loves the theater as much as I do. You just don't find enough people in the World who appreciate this as much as I think they should. I feel lucky that I can hop over to NYC any day after work if I win any of the Broadway lotteries, as I have a change of clothes in the car at the ready any given day. Tell everyone I said hello! Peace, Big Mike
  4. Hello everybody! How about that, it's anniversary time!! 10 YEARS AGO TODAY!!!!!!! June 9, 2006, we were all meeting in the UK for TPR's first ever attempt at a group tour! Yes, Big Mike was one of the test dummies and if you ever took a TPR trip after that, you can thank The Big Man for not ruining the original trip and giving Robb and Elissa the confidence to run more! Big Mike had joined TPR almost a year to the date (June 7, 2005) before heading out of the country with 50 something total strangers! Since then, Big Mike traveled with TPR every single year after that
  5. Poor KidTums, looks like she got a little too twisted lol. Good report Chuckster!
  6. This is SO cool to see people still checking out The Big Mike Road Show thread from start to finish! I hope you enjoyed it!! I think maybe one day I should go through and relive it from start to finish also. Peace, Big Mike
  7. Wow! One day short of a full year of no posts in this thread! lol I was one day going to try to go back to the Dells and find my missing duckies too! As far as I remember, no one found any. I would be interested in seeing if any are still there. Let me know please. Peace, Big Mike
  8. GOLD shirt!!!! lol Close, I said I was going to lay low for 6 years and start back up when I retired Peace, Big Mike
  9. Hello Valuable Big Mike Readers!!! Big Mike is back once again to show you another adventure taken on The Big Mike Road Show! This trip took Big Mike to the state of Mississippi to visit Brookhaven Exchange Club and home to the ONLY roller coaster in the state of Mississippi, the All American Roller Coaster!!! The Brookhaven Exchange is only open about one week a year during the fair, and this was not even close to the week while Big Mike was visiting!!! As everyone probably knows by now, Big Mike has this little thing he likes to pull out every once in a while when he really
  10. Glad everyone enjoyed the parade from a different and special place! It was nice hanging out with you guys again as always Peace, Big Mike
  11. Going through looking back on page 1 of all the pics when Kristen was born!!! What an awesome day!!! Peace, Big Mike
  12. I have not tried to read the forums from it, but I did try my first update on The Big Mike Road Show thread. I put up an 11 picture update and it didn't take me long at all. Signing up, finding my thread, and uploading pictures was easy, and I even figured out how to do it all on my own, which is rare lol. I then switched to my main computer to see how it worked and the only problem I had was that all my pictures were in reverse order. It took a while but I figured out how to put them in the right order on my main computer. I think this app will work out really good for mys
  13. Big Mike is testing this new app for Theme Park Review that Robb sent an email about! This would work great for Big Mike since he takes most pictures from his IPhone nowadays and would make it much easier to update this thread on the go with up to the minute updates! This was yesterday at Phoenix Phall Phunfest at Knoebels, where I finally got to ride Flying Turns!!!!! Flying Turns was fun and Big Mike's advice is to do some homework early and set up your seat partners beforehand!!!!! Each car can hold up to 400 pounds and they actually have a scale you have to stand on and get
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