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  1. Dorney is a "generic Cedar Fair park" to me, but I do like Steel Force and their log flume (thanks to its unique layout).
  2. Looks like a nice event--glad to see more parks trying to work within the restrictions of the pandemic.
  3. Yep. BGW's response to restrictions due to COVID has been evolving, and I'm glad they're following through with what worked for them last year. There's a slight chance of snow in Williamsburg this weekend, which would be a nice sendoff for the "Christmas Celebration."
  4. ^I wonder if the leprechaun will be back the the St. Patrick's Day Celebration? He's been a photo-op character in the past.
  5. That's because the Williamsburg area is usually a ghost town from January to March each year. That being said, the park is hosting a bunch of weekend events this year, such as "Winter Weekends" and "Mardi Gras." https://t.co/7xoXBO8iNv?amp=1
  6. I vote for Untamed at Walibi--that ride just never lets up and even throws in a fiendish inversion right before the final brakes. As for old-school rides, I'd say Phoenix.
  7. Greetings! I run a YouTube channel called Theme Park Crazy and am working on a video project about the worst dark rides ever made. May I use your photos from the Brer Rabbit's Burrow ride at Oakwood Theme Park? I will give you full credit with an on-screen caption in the video.

    1. cfc


      Hmm--I'm not sure it was the "worst" dark ride ever made, but it's among the weirdest.   You can use the photos. Thanks for asking first.

  8. I like this water park a lot, but haven't been there in years. Cross Country Creek is the best lazy river ever.
  9. I like this much better than the "Leave a Legacy" monoliths, which looked like a field of jagged, broken teeth. The fountain fits Epcot's aesthetic perfectly and makes the entrance less cluttered.
  10. "Fujiyama - King of Coasters slider"--They need to sell these sliders in the snack bar.
  11. My family was planning to take Mom to Disneyland for a Christmas present in May 2020. We all know how that worked out. So, I guess the only "sure" thing is trying again in 2021. I imagine it won't be realistic before midsummer. At least Mom has filled out her paperwork to get the COVID vaccine (she's in assisted living). Other than that, who knows?
  12. Thanks for the report. I haven't ventured up I-95 for this event, but I give them credit for trying to salvage part of their season.
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