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  1. Such a beautiful park in Paris--nice way to start the trip.
  2. My first visit to Halloween Horror Nights was Jack's first year. Our little group loved it when he popped up in other attractions like Earthquake and Terminator.
  3. I was last at Toverland with TPR in 2019 and was so impressed with the new outdoor expansion. I'm not a big fan of Wing Coasters, but Fenix was great! Love the layout and theming in the station. I'm sorry you missed out on the bier garden, as it's quite nice.
  4. Great news! Looking forward to seeing the parks light up the skies again.
  5. I was at the park for a while today, and noticed some activity down on the Rhine River boats--some ride ops and technician types. I'd like to see that attraction reopen, as it's always nice to relax on the river. LeScoot was down for a bit, but reopened with a full queue. Alpengeist was closed all day.
  6. I'm not sure what's going on with Finnegan's Flyer, but it's been closed for weeks. Mach Tower being closed isn't as surprising.
  7. ^Yes, they're using the same strategy as they did for Galaxy's Edge: Get the land open with a "D ticket" ride, and get traffic and revenue, while they build the "E ticket" ride. (At least that seems like what they're doing.)
  8. Great job, David! I'm hoping to see this for myself in November (I understand it was crazy busy on opening day). The food does look great, and the Web Slingers is a nice "upgrade" from Midway Mania.
  9. Here's some information from the park about the return of "Summer Nights"--including nightly fireworks and Celtic Fyre! Busch Gardens’ Summer Nights Is Back! Bigger and Brighter than ever with New Live Concert Series, New Daily Fireworks, Electrifying Entertainment and Extended Hours Beginning June 25 Amidst an open-air block party atmosphere, park guests will also enjoy the return of fan favorites such as the high-energy laser lights show “Spark!” and the award-winning Irish dance show “Celtic Fyre®” For 35 nights, guests can stay late and enjoy world-class coasters,
  10. Or "Clyde & Seamore's Florida Chainsaw Massacre." I am curious to see how this event works out. Tampa has done a good job with Howl-o-Scream over the years, and SeaWorld's event will offer Haunt fans something else to do that's a bit scarier that "Boo Bash" or "Mickey's Not So Scary."
  11. I think that Walibi Holland is a strange mix of scenic beauty and some very odd theming--natural spaces, but weird rides and goofy graffiti on some buildings. They did a great job with Untamed.
  12. BUSCH GARDENS WILLIAMSBURG SESAME STREET KIDS’ WEEKENDS OFFER SAFE, FAMILY-FRIENDLY & FURRY FUN Including enhanced health and safety measures, weekends offer scavenger hunts, dance parties, a NEW Julia’s Welcome Party Weekend and more from June 4 to 20. WHAT: Created especially for the youngest members of the family, kids and parents alike can join in the fun at Busch Gardens Sesame Street Kids’ Weekends, including an ALL-NEW weekend celebrating the arrival of our newest Sesame Street friend, Julia. Included in park admission, guests can take part in safe family fun with modified
  13. I've never had an issue with Apollo's Chariot or Verbolten, but InvadR can be a bit of a squeeze for me.
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