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  1. That last shot of Black Mamba is particularly good. The theming really enhances this coaster (all the trees and trenches--not to mention the drumbeats as you leave the station).
  2. The ride looks great. I like Phantasaland's Taron, and if Velocicoaster is an improvement on it, so much the better.
  3. ^Yep. The new Avalon section as great, and Fenix is the best of the B&M Wingrider coasters. It was nice to sit and relax with a brew at the indoor Biergarten, too.
  4. I'm curious to see if that outdoor Spider-man animatronic will be swinging around the area. We're hoping to take my Mom to Disneyland in late fall this year (a trip we had to delay thanks to COVID). She's a DCA fan but hasn't been there since they changed the place. The Marvel stuff doesn't interest her because they don't have Superman. But she is happy that they still have Soarin'. I'm looking forward to seeing the Avengers Campus, though (hoping that non-California residents will be able to visit by then).
  5. I'm going there today, mainly for Food and Wine. I imagine it'll be nuts (Colonial Williamsburg was fairly busy this week, too). A little warmer here today, but still chilly.
  6. Yep--it's the same at Busch Gardens Williamsburg, but the walk-through temperature check and the entrance lines move quickly. Looks like Magic Mountain is off to a good start.
  7. I'm looking forward to that outward banked curve and the bit where it heads toward the Rhine River.
  8. Nice timing (I'm a local, and I've yet to see Pantheon testing). I agree that the outward banked turn looks amazing., and I love the color they chose for the track.
  9. Plaza Azteca is your best bet for Mexican food. Pierce's Pitt Bar-B-Que is a local institution if you like a good pulled-pork sammich and hush puppies. For Italian, Guiseppe's (on Olde Towne Road) or the Tuscany Ristorante (Olde Towne Chopping Center on Longhill) are good choices, as is Maurizio's (on Rt. 60 not far from BGW). La Piazza in Merchants Square in new, and I did a have nice lunch there a few weeks ago. You also can't go wrong with the Dog Street Pub (Merchant's Square). If you want a nice, big breakfast, try Shorty's Diner on Rt. 143 or the Five Forks Cafe on Rt. 5.
  10. They also mention Slinky Dog Dash, along with Tron Lightcycle Run--so, possibly two coasters.
  11. I like this park a lot. It's hard to beat a lineup that has New Texas Giant, Shockwave, and Mr. Freeze.
  12. I agree that the new trains and restraints are an improvement and make Boomerangs more rideable.
  13. This is great news! I'm hoping to meet my family there this fall, so I hope the "California residents" only requirement will be lifted by then.
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