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  1. I did not know about the hill across the highway. Even though all I brought camera-wise was my phone, I would've liked to see that--if for no other reason than just to get a bit more of the flavor of the area. Then again, I'm not sure where the time or energy for me to do that would've come from, as the heat and lack of sleep from the previous day really kicked my butt that day. I'm just not sure about Liseberg. Certainly, there's a lot to like. But a lot of its attractions didn't really hit for me--or maybe nothing was ever going to work for me that particular day. Tough to say. Guess I
  2. Wait, the cups on the Ferris wheel spin? We didn't make it onto "Legendia Flower" as the line looked fairly long when we were on that side of the park and I was worried about time. And only now do I find this out...?! I liked Hyperion more than most, I would say, but Lech is the real deal. It just kind of does everything. Just a really neat park.
  3. I also really enjoyed Hyperion, despite the rattling. We rode big rapids ride, which was incredibly dull. We didn't even see the smaller one, but were told by someone (Gearhart? Goldballs?) that it was better. Had a good time at the park, but it is weird. Speed: The Ride was stupid and bad and it should feel bad. While I wish it had been open for everyone else's sake, I was kind of glad that Zardoz wasn't ready yet, because I'm sure I would've ended up having to ride it once.
  4. While it was my least favorite park of the trip, I'd still be willing to go back. And, sure, I guess that "perks" might've helped, but I think a bigger problem was that it was incredibly hot in a country that doesn't normally have to worry about that sort of thing. Still, most of the people I talked to had a good time there. And I'm glad I saw it.
  5. This TR is super interesting and informative. Thank you. I guess it's been a while since I was at IOA, because I had no idea that Sinbad was closed or that Green Eggs & Ham was all tater tots now.
  6. I loved Drievliet. Was it objectively the best park on the trip? No, of course not. But it was a lot of fun, and I would be very happy to spend more time there. Small? Sure, but that didn't bother me because there was lots to do. A few other random thoughts from the Esty and Smirik camp: We're all over that first section of your trip report, which is weird because we tend to be where everyone else isn't. Speaking of which, we're also in that overview photo of the tractor ride at the beginning of the second section! I might very well have been the biggest fan of Kopermijn in ou
  7. Well, that caption would not stand up in court, as your alleged statement came to me second-hand via Gearhart.
  8. Sitting at home listening to my 2-disc Efteling Soundtrack. Just reread my own trip report and don't remember writing half of these captions. But very happy that we went to Europe before the world fell apart. Here's a random, never-before-seen photo from each of the three countries we spent the most time in. The Netherlands This is what we look like outside without masks on. This was considered normal at the time. Poland In no way could this ever be considered normal. Sweden How did this photo not make it into the original report?
  9. Perhaps you are referring here to Men at Work's chart-topping hit song, "Who Can It Be Now?" Or maybe you mean their SECOND number-one hit, "Down Under"? Well, Chuck, which is it? How about their one hit album? Seems you beat me, Mr. Bond.
  10. Perhaps you are referring here to Men at Work's chart-topping hit song, "Who Can It Be Now?" Or maybe you mean their SECOND number-one hit, "Down Under"? Well, Chuck, which is it?
  11. Will everything work out? Who knows? But this certainly isn't bad news! And it sounds like the city knows the value of having the park--most cities usually only figure that out once it's too late. So a slightly cautious "HOORAY" from me. I love Indiana Beach (when it's running properly).
  12. Woo! My gambit worked! Hopefully, the Disney parks will take the opportunity this downtime affords to add Shia LaBeouf into their Indiana Jones rides!
  13. Riverfront Park If Seattle is the straight-A prom king quarterback of the Foosball team at Washington State High, then Spokane is the little brother who resents the comparison. It's also the smallest city to ever hold a World's Fair, and not because it had something to prove or anything. But if you're thinking about marrying Seattle, just know that he'll never be faithful to you the way that Spokane would be. Much like the first post of this thread explored the 1962 World's Fair via Seattle Center, this post will explore Expo '74 through Spokane's Riverfront Park. Riverfront Spokane
  14. Re: The Six Swans So it's a children's flat ride with a dark ride "section"? I love it! Really enjoyed my first visit to Efteling this last year. It's like Disney without all the icky Disneyness.* *This one's going to get me in trouble.
  15. Break On the corner of 4th and Blanchard, in Downtown Seattle, there is a 17-foot tall statue of a Popsicle. And this is a photo of it.
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