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  1. I guess you could make almost anything a first if you sub-categorize it enough. But the first thing I thought of was the original two modern looping coasters, Corkscrew at Knott's Berry Farm and Revolution at (not Six Flags) Magic Mountain. Being old helps in this case.
  2. Sadly, I've just realized that this also means that the farthest-from-my-home dark ride I've ridden is Energylandia's Monster Attack, which really challenges my long-held belief that there is no such thing as a bad dark ride.
  3. Mike 'N' Terry's Outdoor Fun Park We like mini golf. A lot. You may already know that. We like big corporate mini golf, and we like "guy built this in his backyard out of whatever he had lying around" mini golf. This is that second one. And it's amazing. Mike 'N' Terry's also has a go-kart track and some batting cages, which seem normal enough. (I guess?) But we're here for The Putting Zoo, two truly deranged mini golf courses that I'm still not sure I didn't just imagine. But be warned: "For visiting Mike 'N' Terry's, we would like to make you aware that by entering our facility you acknowledge that you are doing so at your own risk, that we assume no responsibility whatsoever for any and all kinds of injuries you may sustain while on our premises. Please exercise caution." It's cash only (of course). $8.50 per adult, with the second round being half price. Although, if you're reading this in the future, the price may be higher. Or the place may be closed. Or we might all be dead. (Although, if we're all dead and you're reading this...um.... I dunno. Now I'm thinking about what kind of currency ghosts might use.) Ah, the Water Course. Featuring just as much water and the exact same number of obstacles as the Obstacle Course. The thing is, though, even though it's cracky, it's also pretty good (even if a lot of the fairways are rather uneven). Aren't homemade horrors better than paying for some existing IP? Yes, yes they are. How ambitious is this mini golf course? This isn't hole 18 or something, this is like, hole 5. I can't see my ball. Guess it must've been a hole-in-one. You're probably not going to hit it into that hole. But don't worry: as long as you can make it over the rolled-up end bit, the river will carry your ball down to the green. Nothing here is ADA accessible. Cryptocurrency! That's what ghosts use. I just figure it out. Is this course great? Yes. Is the other one better? Let's find out! Hole #19 for both courses. Hit it into the cartoon rabbit's facial wound for a free round! We are both masters of mini golf. Those are the batting cages on the right. Sorry, don't care. They were more popular than the mini golf while we were there, though, so I'm glad they're keeping the place in business. The front side is exactly as steep. We called this "the hit yourself in the face with your own ball" hole. Speaking of holes, there's a hole at the top center of that ramp, beneath the rock. And, if you hit it in there, you get to take 5 strokes off your total score for the course. I'm reasonable sure it's impossible, though. Just keeping it up and over the ramp without braining yourself was hard enough. Yes, the horseshoes move up and down. (I mean, obviously. It's plugged in.) It's worth mentioning--worth emphasizing even--that everything worked on these courses--even the things that look like they probably break down twice a day. Mike takes pride in his insanity. Speaking of which...that circle of green turns. 40 Mini Golf Spin.mp4 Look, I don't normally post videos. But for this update, I'm posting two. Because y'all need to understand. I know, everything looks disappointing after that. But stick around. It gets better. There are koi fish in that boat. And let me tell you, they are living their best life. Nothing here is ADA accessible. But at least it's LGBT-friendly. It's just...I love this place so much. Wait, what? 50 Maxi Golf Spin.mp4 This can't be real. Also, before you ask, there's no posted weight limit. And also, screw you for asking. Oh, right, there's a go-kart track. I probably should've taken a photo of that for completion's sake. Well, actually, I did. But this sign was more interesting, so that's what you got. Mike 'N' Terry's can be found in a random residential neighborhood in Puyallup, Washington. It is highly Erik & Smisty approved.
  4. Lockdown Since we couldn't go anywhere anyway, we got a dog. He also wants to go outside.
  5. Ooh, I want to play! My guess is Silver Dollar City. (I'm unlikely to be right--but if I am, I'll look like a genius!)
  6. In fact, the owners of said place are the members of In Flames. So there you go.
  7. I did not know about the hill across the highway. Even though all I brought camera-wise was my phone, I would've liked to see that--if for no other reason than just to get a bit more of the flavor of the area. Then again, I'm not sure where the time or energy for me to do that would've come from, as the heat and lack of sleep from the previous day really kicked my butt that day. I'm just not sure about Liseberg. Certainly, there's a lot to like. But a lot of its attractions didn't really hit for me--or maybe nothing was ever going to work for me that particular day. Tough to say. Guess I need to go back!
  8. Wait, the cups on the Ferris wheel spin? We didn't make it onto "Legendia Flower" as the line looked fairly long when we were on that side of the park and I was worried about time. And only now do I find this out...?! I liked Hyperion more than most, I would say, but Lech is the real deal. It just kind of does everything. Just a really neat park.
  9. I also really enjoyed Hyperion, despite the rattling. We rode big rapids ride, which was incredibly dull. We didn't even see the smaller one, but were told by someone (Gearhart? Goldballs?) that it was better. Had a good time at the park, but it is weird. Speed: The Ride was stupid and bad and it should feel bad. While I wish it had been open for everyone else's sake, I was kind of glad that Zardoz wasn't ready yet, because I'm sure I would've ended up having to ride it once.
  10. While it was my least favorite park of the trip, I'd still be willing to go back. And, sure, I guess that "perks" might've helped, but I think a bigger problem was that it was incredibly hot in a country that doesn't normally have to worry about that sort of thing. Still, most of the people I talked to had a good time there. And I'm glad I saw it.
  11. This TR is super interesting and informative. Thank you. I guess it's been a while since I was at IOA, because I had no idea that Sinbad was closed or that Green Eggs & Ham was all tater tots now.
  12. I loved Drievliet. Was it objectively the best park on the trip? No, of course not. But it was a lot of fun, and I would be very happy to spend more time there. Small? Sure, but that didn't bother me because there was lots to do. A few other random thoughts from the Esty and Smirik camp: We're all over that first section of your trip report, which is weird because we tend to be where everyone else isn't. Speaking of which, we're also in that overview photo of the tractor ride at the beginning of the second section! I might very well have been the biggest fan of Kopermijn in our group. Which just serves to to once again demonstrate how unpredictable my tastes can be. But I don't mind getting LoCoSuMo-ed, as long as I'm not overly restrained (and remember that a lot of restraints fit me oddly) and I'm not being hit in the head. That was a good theory on why Twistrix is themed to owls, and one could do worse than repeatedly listening to Fly By Night, but I was thinking of an even simpler explanation: Owls swivel their heads, and the cars are meant to look like owl heads. I kept the Andrews straight by calling one Goldballs and then just being confused the rest of the time.
  13. Well, that caption would not stand up in court, as your alleged statement came to me second-hand via Gearhart.
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