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  1. Great report, thank you for sharing! Storm looks like a really solid ride that many small-to-medium parks could use.
  2. They would absolutely have to close the roadway (or a portion at a time) if they needed to construct a box culvert/bridge in that area for the coaster to pass through. Especially considering that Beach Blvd is a state route maintained by the DOT, the tunnel would require a whole slew of permitting, approvals, and construction phasing on its own by encroaching in the DOT's right-of-way. Whether this all affects the possibility of this project happening is debatable... but yeah, building a coaster under a state road would be complicated. With that being said, regarding the City's tweets, I guess we just take from that what we will. I'm not sold on this project (or any variation) happening but those drawings also look just a little *too* good to be drawn up by some coaster dorks with spare time. As someone who works in site planning, land development, and roadway - these plans are fun and interesting to dissect no matter how legit they are!
  3. ^For the extension of 2020 passes to the end of 2022, it was prorated given the special circumstances. But on regular occasion, yeah, it's best to purchase passes early in the year for highest value.
  4. The park allowed my family to renew their 2020 passes for a discounted price to last until the end of 2022. But they did it physically in the park at guest services, I doubt that option is available online. The park has a LOT of 2020 passholders whose passes just expired last week and I bet many of them want to continue to the end of 2022. I think you may have to do it over the phone or at the park though. EDIT: And yeah, for whatever reason, Knott's is the only year-round 365 park I can think of that uses seasonal passes that expire December 31 rather than 12-month passes like SeaWorld/Busch/Disney/Universal.
  5. Thanks all. I just bought it for both days. I was pleasantly surprised (relatively speaking) to see it was only $115 each day that weekend. I paid $250 for FL+ at Cedar Point last summer.
  6. Officially booked my trip to Kings Island for Memorial Day weekend. I haven't been since 2017 so I am very excited. I know FastLane+ at this park is magic, it gets you to the station everywhere right? Is there any chance of them selling out on Memorial Day weekend? Just wondering if I should purchase now or wait until I'm at the park, even though it's basically guaranteed to be crowded that weekend.
  7. Regarding the vest restraints, I will say that the ones on Emperor felt a little more comfortable and forgiving than Valravn's/Gatekeeper's. During the hold on the drop the vests actually "gave" quite a bit and my whole body leaned forward a lot. No super tight locking, but I'm also only 5'9" so I can see how they could ruin the experience for a taller or larger person. Obviously the original restraints will always be better and more freeing due to their ratcheting nature but I do think B&M has improved their vest restraints from the days of their early wing coasters. The beyond vertical drop and airtime hill on Dr. D will be awesome.
  8. Iron Gwazi last Tuesday. Still as good as ever and it feels wrong to have this coaster at my home park.
  9. I had the exact same experience at Alpengeist. The line had built up and my dad and I decided to try the single rider line, fully expecting to be split up and assigned rows like we should. But nope, the attendant waved us through to pick any line we want. It basically was free QQ. We ended up pairing with a group of 2 to fill the row anyway but obviously that could've been done from the regular line too. It was a head scratcher.
  10. I think Gwazi's lack of a MCBR helps its case so much. When I rode SV last August it was trimming very heavily on the MCBR and made the second half just so repetitive and tedious IMO. By the final bunny hops it was like, "Is it over yet? Is it done yet?" The first half is excellent though. Iron Gwazi feels like SV's first half the whole ride and it never lets up and powers to the end with speed. Obviously SV needed the edge with capacity though, so I understand CP's reason for adding a MCBR. Iron Gwazi is just consistent from top to bottom, beginning to end, without a single dead spot or trim. When I rode SV that was very much not the case. But I can see anybody's reason for preferring either coaster based on personal preference and taste. Neither is a bad coaster and they are both some of RMC's best work.
  11. Whatever it is, I hope it has a <54" height restriction. With Ice Breaker being bumped up to 54" it would really be a shame if the park plopped in a 5th coaster with a 54" height restriction and nothing in between those and Super Grover. Although, unfortunately, with this being a B&M coaster I suppose that is unlikely unless it is something entirely new from them. Nonetheless it is exciting to see their original post-2020 plans ramp back up again!
  12. I visited this park for the first time last weekend and just wanted to pop in and say I loved this park. Despite the cool temperatures and early-season timeframe, all rides were open and we had a fantastic time. Pantheon had some hiccups as expected but generally operated most of both days we were there after late openings in the morning. What an awesome coaster. It's so unique and has some great elements and lived up to my expectations. It feels like a marriage of Ice Breaker and Velocicoaster with some RMC mixed in. Although on my first ride, somebody's phone flew out on the drop off the top hat and hit the forehead of the person in front of me and nearly hit me. Please secure/don't ride with loose articles guys.... sigh. The coaster also has a pretty decent capacity when both trains are rolling through with no breakdowns. The wait from the entrance sign was often 30 minutes or less. Big surprise was also Alpengeist. I may prefer it to Montu, it was an absolute blast. The other B&Ms were about what I expected. Verbolten and InvadR were fun too and were also generally better than I expected. Despite their comparable ride lineups it has a completely different feel than BGT. The park layout also took some navigation and getting used to. I really have nothing negative to say at all, I know there have been some comments about this park lately. I absolutely loved it and they seem to be off to a great start this year now that all their coasters have re-opened. I can't wait to go back.
  13. I'm sure this has been asked before, but does the 50% off QQ for Platinum holders apply to all parks? I have a Florida Platinum pass and am going to BGW in 2 weeks and wondering if my 50% off QQ applies there. I know the parking, admission, and retail discounts apply there but my single-use daily QQ ticket does not apply, so this was a gray area. Thanks for any info!
  14. My dream is for the park to RMC Hurler (ideally not a carbon copy of Twisted Timbers), then add a sweet new GCI somewhere in the park. Oh, and scrap Vortex. One can dream.
  15. Not gonna lie, I've had some suspicions lately that Xcelerator may be on its last legs for the park, but ever since they dumped a bunch of money on a fancy color scheme that definitely couldn't have been cheap (and they even painted it post-Dragster incident), that solidified for me that it's staying for a while longer. I'll be at the park in a week so that'll stink if it's down but I'm really just going for the Boysenberry Fest anyway.
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