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  1. Very smart to install dividers, so they can fill every seat. The tower looks very tame, but at least the theming is top-notch! I feel like there are lots of opportunities to theme drop towers that most parks don't even consider. Props to Chessington for presenting it nicely.
  2. Perhaps I missed it, but I assume the park is open daily for passholders from May 6-21? Or is it weekends only?
  3. Nice reports! I am excited to get back to SFFT in June. I really enjoyed my visit during HITP 2019. I will admit I was a bit underwhelmed with Iron Rattler though. Perhaps it was running slowly, even though it was warm out. The section at the top of the quarry wall just kills all the pacing and excitement for me, personally. I also only got three rides on it that progressively improved throughout the day, so who knows. Still a very good ride. SeaWorld also looks like a nice park. I've never been and will likely visit in June when I also go to SFFT.
  4. Definitely some different shaping on the dive loop versus the other clones. This is looking great!
  5. Nice report. I am happy to hear that Tatsu and X2 are running at full capacity - as they should. I also hear Batman is getting repainted, which could be part of the reason it is closed. I saw a photo on Instagram of the track getting sandblasted.
  6. ^I completely agree. I am visiting for the first time with my family on June 8-9. We are really crossing our fingers that Iron Gwazi will be open. Even if not, the lineup is already stellar - especially for first-time visitors.
  7. ^That's nice to know about the crowds flocking to the water park in the summer. I will be there on either June 1 or 2 (depending on which day we do SWSA). My last visit in December 2019 was right before Christmas and actually had pretty light crowds to my surprise, even with the perfect 64-degree weather. I can deal with the heat - but waiting in a 2 hour line in the heat is where I draw the line!
  8. Nice photos. I have always been intrigued by Wild Adventures. Even though their coaster collection is mostly off-the-shelf clones, the park seem pretty well-kept with nice paint jobs and rides and lots to do outside the coasters. I'll definitely make a trip there sometime in the next couple years once I move to Florida in a few months.
  9. Looks excellent! There must be a ton of foot choppers on this. The fact that Grona Lund and B&M were able to squeeze this around and over existing buildings is extremely impressive.
  10. ^Thanks for sharing! I knew it did that, but I don't think I've ever seen a photo of it.
  11. It's funny because my family was planning our Florida trip for that week already. In fact, we may have scheduled Universal for that day regardless - before they even announced the opening day. I would definitely never travel just to attend opening day - like Coasterbill, there are other things I'd rather do...
  12. With Velocicoaster opening on June 10, I wonder if we will see an announcement for Iron Gwazi soon? Or maybe BGT doesn't care at all? I imagine they are still dealing with the financial issues with RMC that were brought up last year. I can't think of another reason they're holding off opening such a highly anticipated coaster.
  13. ^My thoughts exactly. I am moving to Florida, so I'm not too worried about riding it immediately, but my family will be with me during that week of June. Of course they announced the opening that week. I'd really like to attend opening day but... is that a death sentence? lol
  14. Looks great. The off-axis hill seems to have a steeper bank and slightly different shape than Railblazer/WW. I am curious to see if there are any other slight layout modifications, presumably to accommodate the 10-car trains.
  15. Great report. It is so wonderful to see the park operating again. I believe the final count was 384 days of closure... Given how quickly the park turned around and reopened after the Governor released new guidelines, they should be applauded. I'm sure things will only get smoother from here on out.
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