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  1. Anyone wanna comment on the lines for Velocicoaster since opening day? Is it necessary to get to the park uber-early in the morning to guarantee a ride or are we seeing hour-ish, manageable lines throughout the day? We're heading to the park(s) for the first time tomorrow and Thursday.
  2. I had a wonderful first visit to the park today. It was everything I had hoped for and more. I am extremely excited to now call this my new home park as I move across the country from California to Florida. The weather was absolutely perfect. Clear skies all day and relatively manageable humidity, coming from someone who grew up in the dry desert out West. Even yesterday at SeaWorld Orlando was also perfect. We really lucked out with weather so far at these parks. BGT is interesting because there is no clear stand-out coaster (yet), and there is also not a single bad coaster. The lin
  3. I was at the park on Wednesday afternoon and Thursday morning. Poltergeist was closed Wednesday when the weather was good. Every ride in the park closed almost all day on Thursday due to a huge rain storm which was a bummer, however I did notice Poltergeist testing during the rain storm. Wish I could've gotten a ride on it, but oh well. Also ran into Mr. Siebert while crossing the railroad tracks in the rain. He's a great guy and was very friendly to us! He apologized for the weather which, of course, is not the park's fault but still nice to hear. I had a wonderful time at the park despi
  4. I visited the park for the first time today. It was a wonderful visit! Texas Stingray surprised me. What an amazing wooden coaster. It has some great turns, quick airtime pops, a nice first drop (reminds me of GhostRider’s), and a decent length to it. Even though this was my first visit, it seems like a great addition to the park that was very much needed. I am glad this coaster managed to open a few weeks before the shutdown, otherwise it would probably still be closed like the rest of SeaWorld’s new coasters… Steel Eel was also good. You really slam into your seat at the bottom of
  5. I think Velocicoaster's reliability (due to months and months of testing, I assume), the higher capacity trains, and the month-long soft opening will all alleviate some hype on opening day and make it much less of a clusterf*ck than Hagrid's was. I'm going on the 16th and 17th, and given how smoothly everything seems to be running, I am hoping for at least a couple rides! Can't wait!
  6. I'm actually a bit surprised they are selling it. It must have a dirt cheap price tag for anyone to pick this up...
  7. What a nice surprise. I am be interested to see if this is the new family hybrid coaster model RMC recently announced. But even a Raptor clone would be great here. Yay for new coasters in 2022! With this and the random new Gerstlauer, maybe next year won't be a dud after all and some parks are still willing to invest.
  8. I agree about the lineup "plunging off a cliff" after the top 4. Copperhead Strike was a wonderful addition since it somewhat filled the "middle ground" gap but, yeah, still very unequal. Honestly, their lineup would drastically improve if they *removed* both Nighthawk and Vortex, then maybe RMC Hurler and add a GCI at some point. But now I'm dreaming. Thanks for the report!
  9. That really does suck for those who already planned vacations. I would be furious, honestly. And it's not like they cancelled some dates that are several months out. It's a matter of a few weeks away - well within the "we already have everything booked and ready to go" for vacationers. I hope the park accommodates these visitors. The park is probably expecting lots of angry phone calls and emails. Glad to see they raised the wage to $20/hr though. That is probably very enticing for a lot of people, especially those from far away who would need to stay in housing and want a bigger wage to
  10. Completely off-topic question, but how are crowds usually on Labor Day weekend? Was Labor Day last year when the park completely hit capacity or something? I've been itching to get back to the park (haven't been since 2017) and with things looking much closer to "normal" this year, I'm thinking of staying at Breakers (for the first time, wow it's expensive) over Labor Day weekend and spending 3 days at the park. I would probably splurge on FL+ anyway, but I'm curious what the operations/staffing is like around that time.
  11. I've been going to the park regularly since 2010 and have never seen it. I had to sit and observe the coaster for 20 minutes to ensure it was three trains since I couldn't believe it. Crazy stuff. But like I said, constant double stacking.
  12. Had a “fine” visit to the park yesterday. My first time in 14 months. I say “fine” because most of my enthusiasm was a result of me simply being excited to be back in the park riding coasters. But it definitely wasn’t a smooth visit. Full Throttle was closed all day, and Twisted Colossus was closed until about 2pm. The first half of the day was quite nice. Lines were short and I rode 7 coasters in just a couple hours. After lunch, the crowds significantly increased and coasters were posting massive lines. We used our Diamond Elite skips on Tatsu (just before it sold out) and Viper, since
  13. Like Elissa said, I think the fact that Velocicoaster has been consistently testing since November helps its reliability now. That is over 5 months of working out bugs. And the block system is much less complicated than Hagrid's it seems. I do think crapping on Intamin's reliability is outdated. Their newer rides (that are simple and proven concepts, not crazy prototypes) seem equally reliable as new Mack launch coasters, new RMCs, or even new B&Ms. I am happy to hear it is running consistently. Velocicoaster and Iron Gwazi were both at the top of my list for "awesome new rides that I
  14. Any of the rides at Six Flags New England. I am from Southern California, and we visited a bunch of parks in the Northeast/New England area in 2016. According to Google Maps, it is about 2900 miles from home. One day I will travel overseas but for now, this is it!
  15. I finally returned to Knott’s yesterday after 433 days (yes, I asked Siri how long ago was March 7, 2020). It felt so nice to be back at the park. I have never gone this long without visiting Knott’s since I was a toddler. I will NEVER take parks for granted again! It was a wonderful visit. Oddly enough, the slowest moving line was Silver Bullet and the fastest was GhostRider. Quite the contrary on a normal operating day. The upper and lower floors of GhostRider’s building were extremely socially-distant, only utilizing a few switchbacks, and they were keeping an empty row between parties
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