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  1. Jeffrey Siebert posted on Instagram that the park has purchased a third train for Iron Rattler. I presume this is for maintenance reasons, so two trains can operate year round. Knott's made a similar move in 2017-2018 when they purchased a third train for Silver Bullet even though it can only run two. Great move! Also, this means Six Flags made a purchase from Gerstlauer. Never say never...
  2. That must be a very recent development. I had some family members go on Sunday and they rode both sides of Superman a few times each.
  3. Velocicoaster really is perfect. I cannot find a single flaw with the ride. The layout, the trains, the restraints, the capacity, the theming - it all checks out wonderfully. Glad you managed a second ride!
  4. Steel Vengeance, a couple weeks ago. I don't worship it like most other enthusiasts but it is still an excellent ride with a spectacular first half.
  5. I'm very excited to try Superman forwards (even with the bulky harnesses compared to the original lap bars). My first visit to SFMM was in the summer of 2010 when it had just closed for the renovation. Hopefully this means the park will try to keep both tracks running frequently, rather than only ever having one side open for budget cuts.
  6. I will say that among the 4 unopened SeaWorld coasters, I think SWSD needs theirs open the most. Emperor will likely be their best attraction and will also have a decent capacity.
  7. Maverick on Monday afternoon. Still my favorite coaster at Cedar Point and one of my favorites anywhere!
  8. Kraken last week. It's not the smoothest Floorless but I think it's the most intense! I love it.
  9. What a fantastic addition! I really hope that concept art proves true and the structure will have all that incredible theming around it!
  10. I came to this thread to ask the same question. With BGT and SWO officially announcing openings, SWSA announcing a new ride, and BGW saying news is coming soon - I imagine it won't be too long until we hear from San Diego. Hopefully.
  11. Very exciting to finally have opening dates (well, months)! I can wait - I don't mind. I just hated being left in the dark! Looking forward to getting here right around opening day.
  12. Yeah, at this point I will be shocked if it's not Wonder Woman. I am curious to see how this layout varies from Jersey Devil, since I'm sure there will be some adjustments on profiling like we saw with Stunt Pilot vs. WW/Railblazer. And of course the ending will change to fit in the area too.
  13. I don't think there is any park that I will refuse to visit again. Some parks are very far down my priority list to visit again until something major and significant comes along (such as Six Flags America), but that doesn't mean I would *refuse* a visit if presented the opportunity. Parks are constantly changing and evolving and always deserve another chance in my opinion.
  14. I was referring to the rate of acceleration. Sandy accelerates incredibly quickly for an LSM launch, from a dead stop. We already know Intamin's new LSMs can get 100+ mph - see Red Force in Spain. I'm not guaranteeing a retrofit is possible (I don't work for Intamin), but just making some inferences about modern LSM technology that in 2003 was out of question, hence why hydraulic launches were so popular at the time and are now pretty much phased out. And yeah, this particular incident did not involve the launch, but as we know all too well, Dragster's launch is anything but reliable and is of course not going to last forever. I think if Cedar Fair were to do something like this (big, big if), it would be because of the entire ride's slew of issues top to bottom over the last 18 years and not just because of this single isolated incident. This is all hypothetical anyway. I just know Cedar Fair is really cutting the crap with their high maintenance and unreliable attractions (see Volcano, Firehawk, Vortex, and their other recent ride removals, many of which were still very popular attractions), so it makes me wonder about the future of Dragster.
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