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  1. This is a great move. In essence, it makes your pass valid for one year after their re-opening date. And yeah, this extension is likely exclusive to Knott’s, since they are CF’s only year-round park and will probably stay closed the longest.
  2. ^I don't blame you at all. I am following this closely as well! I posted this in the Adventuredome thread, but since you seem to be a Vegas local, I'll ask here. Do you have any idea how Adventuredome crowds have been lately? I will spending a few hours there on Friday.
  3. That makes sense, given the recent issue... I do hope they sort the trains out and get them running. I’m not a huge fan of the cramped Premier Sky Rocket trains, especially with comfort collars, but anything is better than those terrible shoulder pad restraints on the old trains. These new trains also have an addition 2 seats per train, slightly increasing the capacity (not that capacity matters much for a ride like this, but nice nonetheless).
  4. That reminds me of when SoCal got dumped with snow on New Year's Eve 2014. Not so much the coastal areas or Orange County, but the inland empire and higher parts of LA got several inches that hung around for several days. Highly unusual but super cool when it happens.
  5. The seatbelt reaches from the left side of the train to the right side (or it may be right to left, I forget). It is similar to a car seatbelt, where it is always retracting. So once it's clicked in, the belt remains taut and cannot be released. There is no way to tighten the belt against the rider like a typical roller coaster seatbelt. It is impossible for the rider to unlock the seatbelt mid-ride, whether purposefully or accidentally. To be honest, the ride feels quite safe. I rode it when I was younger with my dad, and have ridden it as an adult with my younger sister, and it feels ve
  6. The height requirement for Jet Star II is 50". However, all riders (kids or adults, doesn't matter) must ride in pairs. Nobody may sit alone in a seat. The seat belt connects across the front of the two riders. It is away from the body, unless you have two large adults, then it may touch the front rider. This is why two riders is required for the ride - if somebody rode alone, there would be a lot of extra room to slide around. I suggest taking a look at some offride photos or videos of the ride to get a better idea of the train setup. There is no restraint that tightly hugs any riders. The fr
  7. While it may not be catered for us enthusiasts, this will be a nice addition for them. The water park is their bread and butter, and it is good that they are capitalizing on that as much as possible. The new roller coaster will come someday - when it makes sense for them financially.
  8. The trains will be the most interesting part of this coaster for me. We know the technology exists to build enormous steel structures. The real question is how the trains and wheels will be designed to accommodate these insane statistics. Maybe tires? lol
  9. Great news that they may go year-round (to some extent). I love the trend of expanding operating calendars over the last 5+ years. I did find it odd that BGW is the only major SeaWorld property that doesn't operate year-round, but I never questioned it since they are located quite a bit farther north than the other 4 parks. If they really do this, Kings Dominion better step up their game fast.
  10. Did you end up visiting? I am curious to hear about your experience with crowds. I plan on visiting the Friday of MLK weekend. Since it is an indoor park, I am a bit more concerned with COVID than usual, particularly if it is crowded. It has been several years since I have visited.
  11. Even just 2 weeks later, these plans have already changed. With COVID going the way it is, and my graduation/job schedule in the spring, a road trip like that may not be feasible. So as of now, the only things that are 99% certain are Lagoon visits throughout the year (already have my 2021 pass) and a Silverwood visit in the summer. If California parks open, those are a possibility too.
  12. That trackwork is nice to see. I haven't ridden Racer since 2017, but it was not smooth by any stretch of the imagination. I am glad to see them committed to keeping it running well.
  13. Looking great. This is a perfect addition for the park. I am interested to see how this compares with Railblazer/WW. The longer trains and extra speed could mean a crazier ride, but perhaps this will be a case of Goliath at SFGAm where the larger and more drawn-out elements leads to a slightly less insane ride. Regardless, it will be awesome!
  14. Great news. Even if the timing/planned opening is all up in the air, it is nice to have something new to look forward to, other than the park re-opening eventually. This will be a nice addition for them and miles better than Green Lantern (even though I didn't hate GL as much as others).
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