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  1. Great report. I really do love this park. Thinking of going on the last day of their operating season, November 1st, if weather permits. But it's been a crazy warm September and October here in Utah so fingers crossed it stays that way a little longer.
  2. I am convinced that Spongebob is the greatest kid/family animated TV show to air. And the memes that come from it are spectacular. But I guess people who grew up before the 2000s probably cannot relate as much. But back on topic... I totally agree with what you said, Bill, about Great Bear. I think it is severely underrated and is a fantastic invert.
  3. It is actually pretty funny to see a "modern version" of Hulk. Vest restraints, smoothed out transitions, and slightly different shaping on the inversions. All of the characteristics of 2021 B&M vs. 1999 B&M. Nonetheless, the park looks great.
  4. Bingo. Could not have said it better myself. When I visited Taste of Knott's back in August, this was constantly on my mind. "This event is great, but the park literally feels like it's open already - just no rides. What's the difference?" Wacky policies are one thing, but inconsistent wacky policies are much more frustrating.
  5. Sigh. I am glad I kept my expectations low. I hope the parks push back as much as possible.
  6. This screams Cedar Point to me. Their drop tower is a little outdated considering how modernized the park has become. This would be an excellent (and affordable) way to upgrade Power Tower and market it as "first of its kind."
  7. Yeah, I can't see this coaster opening before Spring/Summer 2022 at the earliest.
  8. I've had this idea in my head for so long and wondered why nobody has done it. Of course, S&S are the ones to innovate like that! Love it. Supreme Scream... please! Just one of the towers?
  9. I am often indifferent when it comes to most coaster removals, but one coaster I don't miss AT ALL is Mean Streak! I rode it in 2012 and 2014 and never enjoyed any part of it. On the flip side, Volcano will always be the most difficult and unfortunate removal for me.
  10. It's the "Leviathan was originally intended for Knott's" rumor all over again! lol With that being said, I think Orion would have received MUCH more praise if it were at CGA!
  11. ^Here's to hoping! Sigh. I'll be in SoCal from Thanksgiving through mid-January. Fingers crossed, but expectations low...
  12. While it sucks we can't ride any rides, I am still very glad to see Knott's putting on these food events and selling out. I am sure they are pulling in quite a bit of money. I anticipate they will do a Holiday/Christmas event too, and they will probably just keep doing these until they can fully open. Good for them, it's genius.
  13. Cannibal last night (October 11). I may not be back at Lagoon before the season ends, and if SoCal parks stay closed all through the winter, that will have been my last coaster ride for many months. Again.
  14. Silverwood's opening day is in May, right? That is a pretty standard deadline for opening new coasters. Given their proximity to RMC and how quickly these raptors get installed, that should be a breeze for them.
  15. I really miss the park too. This year has totally made me realize how much I take parks for granted. Holiday in the Park is my favorite time of the year at SFMM. It's a bummer they probably won't open until next year. Thanks Newsom. Also, this park and Universal (the two in LA County) will probably be last to open in SoCal. I can see SeaWorld, Disney, and Knott's all opening first. But at this point, I'm not holding my breath for anything before springtime.
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