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  1. Tornado at Adventureland. Not as painful as I was expecting for being 45 years old and had a pretty enough setting with the creek running alongside it.
  2. It definitely is. I had a friend that was stationed at Pearl Harbor in the 90s and he said the #1 question he got asked when people found out he was from Ohio was if he had been to Cedar Point.
  3. Yeah, stopped by on my way to Fort Meyers from North Carolina today as ot was the last day for my membership. I was quite bummed out as I won't get back to ride it in the near future. I had been checking the closures page every week or two since November and was super frustrated when I got there today, although not nearly as much as the family who showed up this week from England at the ticket window next to me.
  4. My boy and I went out of our way to go to Funtown last summer on our New England trip just for Excalibur. Had seen pictures and watched videos for years and wanted to ride it before age really started to take its toll on it. We absolutely loved the ride! Great air and laterals. We only had a little amount of time there after opening, so we didn't get night rides, but I can imagine that they would be amazing!
  5. ^ I had a similar experience on Millennium Force a few years ago, Kim. Had eaten lunch and the belt was a little tighter that afternoon. When I got it buckled, I gave a little sigh of relief. The teenager next in line asked if I was nervous and I said no, I had been riding it since the year it opened. He just looked at me and said, "You're old." I could only laugh and agree.
  6. I noticed them the last week of April swarming all around the top 1/2 or so.
  7. Yeah, I rode Raging Bull last summer for the first time in almost 20 years, and while I didn't enjoy the overall ride as much as I did in my teens, that first drop is still amazing in the back row. The bottom of the train just dropping out from under you is so much fun!
  8. Rode it for the first time this morning. I've heard about the upside-down ejector air, but it still did not prepare me for the awesomeness of that element. What a great ride and moment!
  9. ^^^ I went on Monday with my boy and one of my college buddies, and I completely agree. It's been almost 15 years since I've been to the park, but I was quickly reminded why I loved it so much. It's a solid coaster lineup, and even the smaller rides are quite enjoyable. Really liked Pantheon, although I liked it better towards the front. The air on the outer bank was much better there. The backwards section was fantastic with some incredible pops as well. Was quite impressed with Verbolten. The indoor section was a lot better than I thought it would be. I really enjoyed Invadr too. Wasn't expecting a whole lot due to its size, but it was just a fun ride. Maybe my favorite moment of the day, though was on Verbolten. My son had no idea that the drop track was coming and it really caught him off guard. I told him to keep that part a secret for when we come back in the fall with his mom. I'm heading down to FL in 2 weeks to hit SeaWorld, Universal, and BGT and I'm really excited to see how all these new rides stack up to each other.
  10. Got some rides on Pantheon yesterday. Lots of fun, and surprisingly had a better ride in the front than in the back.
  11. Getting down to Universal, Sea World, and Busch Gardens Tampa in April, and going to Busch Gardens Virginia and Kings Dominion at some point this spring. Carowinds is our home park, so we'll hit it up numerous times this year. Our guys trip with my oldest is going to be Holiday World, Kentucky Kingdom, Kings Island, and Cedar Point in August.
  12. ^ They said on their fb page that they have some trees down and they are inspecting other items. So far it sounds like they were pretty lucky.
  13. Wooden Warrior was one of the surprises of our big New England trip last month. I had heard great things about it, but I always try to temper my expectations when that happens. It did not disappoint, though. Incredible airtime all the way through. It was also the first time we had ridden on Timberliners and man they were comfy! Definitely hope to see more of these GG family woodies get built.
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