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  1. Still haven't mastered The art of writing haiku But keep trying hard
  2. Yeah, that's a park tickets plus drink cup deal. If you have a Platinum Pass, you get a bit of a discount on the hotel room, so that's a better deal if you're going to multiple Cedar Fair parks like you're planning to do. And yes, Breakers Express does give free parking at the park. It's offsite, so you don't get that ability to walk back to your room in the middle of the day. If you're planning on staying all day at the park, it can be a good way to save some money. I'd still recommend Breakers onsite if it's possible for you, as it's a far better experience.
  3. At the risk of sounding hella American, the fewer royals the better!
  4. This Free Spin looks great, and it's gotta be better than Dragon no matter how it turns out. This park is only one state over from me, but about 6 hours drive is a bit too much to day trip, so it requires some planning. I like what they've been doing lately, may have to try to get up there.
  5. Man, you need to go in August when it's raining. This park is super awesome then.
  6. Go at opening, generally always good advice, but in this area, on a Sunday, it's especially true. Powder Keg has the slowest line. Generally the order I recommend going in is Powder Keg, Mystic River Falls, Outlaw Run, Giant Barn Swing, American Plunge, Wildfire, Time Traveler, Thunderation, Firefall, Fire in the Hole. That'll get you on all the major rides. Anything else generally doesn't have a huge line.
  7. Whatever's on sale at Shoe Carnival when my previous shoes get a hole in them.
  8. I'm not saying it's not a maintenance issue, but water does wreak havoc on braking torque. It's essentially a lubricant.
  9. They did in 2019, haven't been back to the park (or any park) since then. You got in 15 minutes early with a Gold Plus or higher membership. This was in addition to the early waterpark entry, not instead of it.
  10. I would love to see a pavilion expansion/better early entry area. It always feels sketchy the way they lead you through back alley paths into the Spain area. Having a better early entrance that's clearly marked as such would make for a better experience, plus it would help market memberships to guests with season passes, or (god forbid) day tickets.
  11. ^ Eh, that only really matters very close to the station. Farther out, your wait is much more dependent on the number of people in front of you. There's really no need to ever crowd when you're an hour away.
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