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  1. ^ Ooh, that's really good. Thanks for sharing! Just discovered Izzy Johnson and loving her album
  2. Oh I meant the dude behind her, the short guy in sunglasses who is dressed exactly like an Irish boomer would imagine a cowboy would dress.
  3. Don't worry, the Internet will keep your secret. We promise. Coasterstock does look like a good event. I'm going to have to make it one of these years.
  4. I haven't done it, but it looks really cool. I've just done the cave tour hundreds of times so I don't want to pay the upcharge. It sells out quickly, so when you first get there go immediately to the cave desk in the Hospitality House (you'll literally walk through it between the turnstiles and the square). Trailblazer Pass is generally worth it if the weather is good. Current forecast is for thunderstorms on Sunday but clear on Monday. If that holds, then get TB pass. Around here, though, weather can be quite variable, and I've seen storms get pushed back a day as they develop more slowly than the models would predict. So there's a decent chance that it might rain on Monday instead. Don't pre-purchase, wait and see what the weather does and buy day of if it's sunny.
  5. Giga coaster with two stations, one end in Six Flags and the other in Sea World.
  6. Yeah, I totally get it man. Wish you could visit under better circumstances, but SDC is pretty great even if things aren't ideal. Have fun!
  7. ^ Just bring a mask and you'll be ok. You'll get stares. For sure you'll get stares. Like hostile glares from multiple people. I live around here and I've taken to masking again since the rise of the Delta variant (just when indoors or when there's too many people around in an outdoor area, you know, like the CDC says). Hoo boy the distrust in the eyes of people, the wariness, like they are concerned I'm going to jump them with a knife or something. It's absolutely unreal. That attitude is the cause of why this variant has taken hold in this area. So that's what's happening. I want you to be aware of what you're walking into, but with eyes open you'll be ok. Just take care of yourself, act real friendly and be super polite, and they'll leave you alone. God, this is how I have to talk about my neighbours now. This place has become so hateful in the last decade or so.... Trust me, it hasn't always been like this. People used to be nice here.
  8. Never heard of Cedar Valley, but a jumping log flume sounds great to me!
  9. So glad to hear your opinion of Twister. I think it gets overlooked just because Phoenix is there, but Twister is utterly awesome in its own right. I would accept Legend as a point of comparison, but there's really nothing quite like Twister.
  10. You should expect them to be as "open" as they have been this year.
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