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  1. And clearly have some sort of support system (whether that may be savings, parents/family, government handouts, or whatever), otherwise you wouldn't think the way you do. I value human life above all else. You can't get it back. Money can be replaced. Lives cannot. This is my service to my country right now. We are fighting the coronavirus. This is the most important work we can do. To undermine those efforts is to fight for the enemy.
  2. I don't know. I just feel like we're all getting awful distracted by money when the problem is that there is a killer virus out there. Maybe deal with that, and worry about money later?
  3. That is so cool. I love those sort of towers, and a double decker one at that! And yeah, I would pronounce it Speero, but I know a lot of Greeks....
  4. At least you got that. I worked from home for like two weeks before getting laid off. I'd like to go back to any office, but when it's safe. I know. I'm lucky to have switched jobs last year to one that allows me to work from home, my last job I would have still had to go in or been laid off. I am trying to remember to appreciate that but I just want to go back to work. I am ready to go whenever they tell me its cool - I'll wear a mask, wash my hands and bike instead of public transit etc etc . I hate hate hate working from home. You got it man. I've been biking a lot recently too (Spri
  5. The BBQ Sauce is one of our family's favorites! We always get a couple of orders of the BBQ wings during the boysenberry festival. Yeah, that was the one I was looking forward to the most. Knott's customer service is great though, working with them over email. Still holding out hope for some boysenberry wings.
  6. At least you got that. I worked from home for like two weeks before getting laid off. I'd like to go back to any office, but when it's safe.
  7. ^ I feel you. Got really used to that ten week off-season. This is definitely a tough time.
  8. Minimal thrills is basically the entire point of that ride. It's a water ride with no minimum height requirement (adult supervision under 36"). That's a super family friendly ride.
  9. Nice photos! There's a bunch of beautiful Intamins in that lot! I still don't think I ever want to do one of those SCAD towers though....
  10. It's 100% guaranteed that Minnesota will put together a more scientifically literate reopening plan than Indiana did.
  11. I hadn't heard anything about a spike in Eureka or West County, and I live in Ballwin, but to be fair I haven't been checking in detail either. Even though Governor Parson has started reopening the state today, St Louis County (which SFSTL is in, barely) and St Louis City are still under stay at home orders. The mayor of Eureka threatened to defy that and let businesses open and Page the county executive warned them to check with their lawyers first. So they backed off. County 1, Eureka 0 Yeah, that's the sort of drama I expect from my state.
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