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  1. Friday was also my first time to this park, and I thought it was great. Nighthawk was the only one I didn't get on. Fury, Afterburn, and Copperhead Strike are all awesome. Harmony Hall had some great food too. Really impressed with Carowinds.
  2. That seems about right. I also ran some numbers and at 75mph and a 21m diameter, I'm coming up with slightly more than 10 G's. 27mph sounds safer.
  3. They're having a Halloween event. Y'all acting like they're going to shut the park down on Labor Day or something.... Place is still open until 10/30. Sheesh.
  4. New event looks pretty great! I like the all-ages approach more parks are going to.
  5. Yes you can do both in one day. Probably won't need Fastlane to do it. Yes, you can go out through the OOF gate. There's a little side path they direct you through once OOF closes.
  6. You mean the list of companies that is splattered across every single page of their website? Must have missed it.
  7. The first thing I noticed, yes, mainly because it was in the first sentence. But you're right, the rest of her resume is pretty gross too. Especially that "Forbes List of Self-Made Women" bit. As if there is such a thing as self-made at all, but in her case we have generations of wealth and power. I started off skeptical of this, and the more I find out about it, the sketchier it seems.
  8. Ugh, that's disappointing. Tulsa deserves a theme park. Really every city of Tulsa's size should have one. I want for this to happen, but it keeps seeming like Bell gets in his own way. I keep going back and forth between I will support him whenever this opens, and giving up entirely on the dude as a lost cause. I don't know. Do or do not, there is no try.
  9. Haven't been to Mexico, but I agree with you that Fiesta Texas and Great Adventure are both awesome and for completely different reasons. Just like Texas and New Jersey are both shitshows, but for very different reasons.
  10. It's definitely through that website. They mention a "learning marketplace," whatever that means. I've looked through the website, and it's chock full of business jargon. Nothing about it resembles any higher ed site I've seen. I'm just getting serious red flags from the site. Don't like this vibe one bit.
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