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  1. Can't common sense play in as a factor, though? This is like the Facebook argument someone tried to start with me saying every single animal's life is just as valuable as a child's, because we're all in the mammal species so we're all equal. (I actually just deleted my Facebook app again because of it...) At a certain point you have to put aside the technicalities.
  2. Quite the opposite for us in 2018. I'm looking forward to eventually being able to enjoy it.
  3. The last three times I went to Cedar Point, I went in mid-June. Just shoot for whatever is available first from Sun-Friday and go from there. I don't think you're going to get nightmare scenario (pun intended) Halloween event FL situation where you will wait over an hour. Will you maybe wait 30+ minutes for some rides? Yeah. It's Cedar Point. But, with 3 days of FL, you can take your time and get everything in. The alternative is to go earlier in June when the park isn't open as late, and just make the most of it. I'd personally rather ride less and have 10-10 to come and go from Breakers as I pleased, and not get to ride as much. The combination of Breakers, Cedar Point, and FL is a well rounded experience regardless. If less rides and 'a little' more wait during the day means I get to view the park lit up, so be it. I always take my chances on that. My other advice is when (not if) you see Maverick's FL spilling out into the midway, just pass by and check it again later when you're in the area. That FL queue is either feast or famine. Good luck with your health problems. I hope they don't get in the way to the point where you can have an awesome time. I'm not a fan of long narcissistic TR's anymore, but I'd definitely like to see yours when it's all over.
  4. Just looking at the schedule, I'd go Sunday 06/16, Monday 06/17, and Tuesday 06/18. All 10am-10pm operations. If you can swing it, just do FL for all. How often do you get to go to the park? We don't even ride a ton, but when we go to the parks we always buy FL+. We can walk around end enjoy the park instead of waiting in line. If I had to do without it for one day, I'd pick the middle day. Just chill by the pool or something. Beer/cocktails included. FL or bust. Life is too short. (if you can responsibly afford it)
  5. I'm getting pumped for the 2024 season so I can ride Joker in June when the park goes to full operating hours. I also wanted to hype my daughter up to ride the carousel. Carousels are fun rides for the whole family. I can't believe there aren't any recent videos of it. Anyway, I was looking for testing videos for both and I couldn't find any. I must not be searching right. My youtube account kept showing me videos of a roller coaster called All American Tripple Loop at a small regional park called Indiana Beach.
  6. I've always had luck going the first week of full operations. Meaning Mon-Sun 10am-10pm.
  7. Step 1: spray chemicals Step 2: load trains half empty Result: More wait and more uncomfortable ride. I miss those days.
  8. It bothers me that people think the locker situation was unplanned, regardless of what the park says. They're going to make money off of you however they can do it. It's business. Pay an employee to help with free locker confusion vs. make money on locker rentals.
  9. So their vertical construction of the ride itself looks nearly complete. Meanwhile, at our carousel....
  10. Looks like Patriot at Indiana Beach should be opening this year. I wonder if it will open before the carousel. I think the timeline for it to get disassembled, shipped, refurbished, and reconstructed at Indiana Beach was shorter. All of that, yet Carousel didn't even kill anyone.
  11. Unless the plan included making everyone pay for lockers.
  12. I usually carry a heavy steel bracket in my cargo shorts, so I get your point.
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