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  1. The more you charge, the more premium the food becomes. Everyone knows that. I can't wait until this spills over to Cedar Fair.
  2. That thing is old AF. Parts are probably hard to come by. It's being trashed.
  3. I'm confused. Has anyone has looked at their grocery bill, lately? Ours doubled over the past few years. We can't go out to eat and have a couple drinks anywhere decent under $100. Why would anyone be surprised Six Flags prices have skyrocketed along with the rest of daily essentials?
  4. They will be added after the first time an overweight guest posts a viral TikTok video of not hearing their restraint "click" so they "thought they were going to die and experienced 'trauma" because they believed the restraint wasn't locked since the ride isn't "accommodating large guests." That, or they just weren't installed when they showcased the train.
  5. So it actually did crash, get disassembled, shipped, repaired, repainted, reassembled, and tested quicker than SFStl's carousel could have all of the horses bonded, sanded, and repainted?
  6. I'd be down for a Winterfest type event with limited attractions open.
  7. KI said, "Hold my beer," and got theirs finished in an off season. At SFStl: "BUt iTs AlL bEiNg DuNn iN HoUSe N wIlL bE GrAtE!!!" Two years after restoration: Trashed.
  8. I just hope Cedar Fair and Six Flags have been paying attention to this thread. Otherwise, they probably never even considered how the FTC will view this merger. Six Flags Saint Louis clientele have been neglected repeatedly over that mindset.
  9. I wonder if HITP would have done better if they hadn't included it with the season pass.
  10. I think this merger will be good for our park. If all else fails, at this point can it be any worse? Maybe it's because I'm almost 40 years old and my perspective has changed, but I only remember the park being as bad as it is now once or twice in the past. I can't give you an exact timeline. Things seemed to peak at the park right around the time Dave Roemer retired. Outside of HITP, it seemed to level out, and then go on a gradual decline from there. Regardless, I hope CF/SF bulldozes the carousel and has a bonfire with all of the horses. I can't wait until new management finds out how long it has been in the "restoration" process. It will probably be fun to see how many mechanical failures it's going to have when it runs after sitting for five years.
  11. I look at it as losing a flavor. You had Coca-Cola and Pepsi. Now, you just poured both drinks into one glass. So what does that do for the people who love Coca-Cola, but didn't really like Pepsi? Now, you can't have Coca-Cola without tasting Pepsi.
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