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  1. This is not good advice for anyone to follow.
  2. This is what I was thinking. What's there to be excited about getting a smaller version of a ride? The initial complaints were that it was the smaller model. I think guests would be more impressed with a larger wheel (if that's the case) and higher capacity. It's not much different than feeling lucky to have received a smaller ferris wheel or carrousel than other parks.
  3. Herschend was and is a different brand than Six Flags. There is one certainty. Kentucky Kingdom will not be receiving a launched wooden roller coaster any time soon.
  4. If the price is right, the company will sell. Bottom line. I mean... If he has a family that might be the most depressing thing I've ever read.
  5. Six Flags Saint Louis has no competition. They choose not to compete, because they don't have to. The park's business strategy revolves around local season pass holders and some daily ticket sales. The price point, offerings, and sustainability are working well for the product offered. There's no need for a giant park with cutting edge attractions here. Things will only change if the corporate model changes, which is unnecessary at this time.
  6. KK likes to troll coaster enthusiasts almost as much as I do, except they're a little less vulgar.
  7. Kentucky Kingdom's booze game is ON POINT. If Herschend buys them, I'm fearful of how that will turn out.
  8. It's another example of Illinois being Illinois. If I didn't have any obligations in this state I'd do whatever I could to leave.
  9. ^Jersey Devil is a little more significant and will draw more income than a flat ride like Cat Woman. It's smart budgeting. They also may have had a locked in contract with the construction contractors that would have been expensive to get out of. Had construction already been started on Jersey Devil? Don't confuse expensive with expensive relative to the industry. I'm sure it's plenty expensive to construct a huge ride.
  10. So an 18 year old female should be more worried about the possibility of working with a potential 45-year-old male pervert, because they're different from potential 18-year-old male perverts? Sounds like a stereotype if I've ever heard of one. In a lot of circumstances, it's easier for an older person with years of established credit to find someone willing to rent to them. They 'should' also be more financially established and willing to afford something outside of a dorm. This frees up space for young employees who need more financial and logistical assistance. It makes it more attracti
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