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  1. A couple years ago I was berated by a user for making a comment about Chinese food, so I won't rule anything out. That's a lot of buck for that bang.
  2. Careful. You're likely to offend someone on this site with the religious display.
  3. This is life in Illinois. We're everything that's wrong with California, without the view.
  4. Look no further than a company which just laid off 10% of its workforce.
  5. No park food could ever be as good as Drunken Chicken. (AKA that's what we call "Roosters" within a short drive. They have ice cold Yuengling and my favorite boneless wings ever. It's the kickoff to the shit show evening. Suggestion: Uber/Lift)
  6. Maybe they can run Eagle and have white Christmas chaser lights on the lift and drop... They can forget to take them down and it will be like old times.
  7. I don't get waiting in long food lines. It's so easy to leave a park and get a better meal in the time it takes you to wait in line for park food. That's been my experience. We pack a healthy lunch in the car. For dinner we leave early for food and beer, usually around 4-5. We return with plenty of time to enjoy the park and drink more beer. There are some parks which are exceptions, like CP and BGW, but with a park like KI it's very easy to come and go. I guess things are different with 8pm closings.
  8. Seems like KI has really made a name for itself. I'm glad "I was a fan before it was cool." My first year visiting was when SOB was SBNO and I really like it. Maybe because it was the first park in which by happenstance of bad circumstances we had our first of many park beers.
  9. They're not wasting any time setting up. At least SFSTL isn't like the last KI Haunt I visited where they had the giant Christmas tree out front. (Am I allowed to say Christmas?)
  10. That's part of the themeing, man. Your pictures are great. Thanks for sharing.
  11. I would have rather purchased four commemorative bricks at CP than one chunk of steel from a junked coaster. Most people are awesome at wasting their money. Does water help with thirst?
  12. Beautiful car. I've thought about going with a domestic V8, either a Mustang or a Camaro for my next car. I've never gone that route before, so I'd like to try it out. I've heard nothing but great reviews about the new Camaro. For the first time, I actually like the looks of the Camaro. Great choice. I love my Michelin Pilot Sport A/S 3+ tires on my STI. They're comparable to some of the less aggressive summer tires. I didn't notice much of a difference between those and the stock UHP Yokohama Advan Sport tires that came on my car. Granted, I don't push my car hard. Enjoy your new car.
  13. Need for Speed Heat on PS4. It's both cheesy and fun.
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