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  1. I'm not extreme. I avoid certain products if it's convenient enough. Entertainment wise, I choose what aligns within the best interests of our child related to our personal values. I avoid businesses and destinations who promote the causes that go against our values, but not at the cost of raising "the weird kid." Maybe we wont avoid most popular destinations all together, but I'll certainly avoid loading up on merchandise or buying their products elsewhere. It's a compromise. I gave exponentially fewer shits about the political environment before I had a child.
  2. The issue is the same as always. They "beautify" an area and don't touch it for another ten years, expecting it to stay in good shape. It's like patching holes on a freeway. Next up on the conversation wheel: Adding themeing to Mine Train Replacing Ninja RMC Boss The next SBNO ride Next season: "Things are looking like shit." 2025 Season, "The park is working on beautification with the new/new CEO. They replaced broken concrete, painted some rails, and planted flowers. It's about time." We'll just leave out staffing and food service, because that's a constant.
  3. Are you kidding me? It's literally the same conversation over and over again year after year, with every CEO, in the 15+ years I've been a roller coaster forum nerd.
  4. Someone finds this every couple years. It's an element specifically designed to increase capacity and reliability...
  5. I call this upkeep. Otherwise, the park has been working on "beautification projects" since as long as I have been on SFSTL.net. "This year the park is focusing on landscaping and painting." I do this every spring. Hell, I even replaced some aged concrete a few years ago. I painted my livingroom this year. Six Flags has been grasping at relevance with the least amount of money and effort, year after year.
  6. They've had such good luck with RMC that it's no wonder they hired them to do the track work on BF.
  7. Is there much for a toddler to do at City Museum? I haven't been in over ten years. Are they restricted to a certain area?
  8. My kid won't stop singing Humpty Dumpty.
  9. Any updates on the new roller coaster, or other park news?
  10. I heard it's going to Indiana Beach, opening in 2027.
  11. We get one small family coaster clone and daydreaming goes rampant.
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