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  1. ^^ If your idea spreads throughout the boards, you might as well just go ahead and lock the WoF thread.
  2. When we visit HW, we usually stay at the Hampton Inn in Jasper. It's right next to Schnitzelbank, which is supposedly one of the better German restaurants in the states. They have authentic German food and beer, as you mentioned you liked. It's about 25-30 minutes from the park, but it's clean. Just beware of the time change between Jasper and HW. Jasper is where A League of Their Own was filmed... if you care... and why would you? We stay at the Hyatt Regency in downtown Louisville. Although, last time we went, the city was dead. It got hit hard by COVID and peaceful protests.
  3. KK has a pretty chill water park, too. I like how it's kind of intertwined with the park.
  4. SFSTL says they can have it painted and good to go in three short years.
  5. I've done one coaster event, which was Coaster Campout at CP. Although the experience was awesome, I witnessed what happens when too many coaster enthusiasts get together in one place, during Steel Vengeance ERT... Which is probably why I never put forth the effort to meet up with anyone. I'm not that hardcore.
  6. I'm strictly speculating (admittedly unlike other enthusiasts) that it would be much more cost effective to build a ground-up coaster than RMC and old one. I can only imagine an RMC treatment on Mine Train at SFSTL.
  7. Thanks. I'd rather avoid it being too crowded, although I doubt the event would make the antique cars packed.
  8. Are there events into Sunday? My wife and I were thinking about taking our daughter there that Sunday afternoon, and all day Monday.
  9. Depends on if Cedar Point can get their act together. Oh. Wrong thread.
  10. Buck buck buck buck buck buck buck buck buck buck buck thigh pain buck buck BRAKES. Yeah. Fun for the whole family... Must be 54" to ride.
  11. So because there was a pandemic we're going to pretend that park planning wasn't ever on the same level as the Farmer's Almanac?
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