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  1. I hope Superman stays. Its position on top of the hill makes it seem much taller than it actually is.
  2. I guess you didn't notice the almighty dollar is in short supply for 2020. Survival means paying a bit more. Be happy they're open.
  3. Isn't it, though? We're lucky to speak such a common international language. I'm still apprehensive of traveling overseas, because even though English is so common, I still worry about the language barrier or if it's perceived as rude to not speak the language. I haven't had the balls to make the trek, yet.
  4. Yep! I'm still holding out for pierogi to make my first trip, though.
  5. Dude. I'd totally pay $20 to drive my Subaru through the park, even at 2 mph.
  6. Define the word "us." I like B&M hypers and I like B&M gigas. I find Diamondback, Goliath, Mako, and Raging Bull especially all ride different from one another. If you've ridden one classic wooden out-and-back coaster, have you ridden them all? I'd be able to relate to your idea much more if we were talking about wild mouse coasters and boomerangs. Hypers just don't seem to be 'your' flavor.
  7. I'm not trying to be negative, but I wouldn't jump the gun just yet. Did I miss something? I wasn't under the impression topper track would never to be replaced/retracked. El Toro is a prefab wood coaster and it still receives regular retracking. RMC may have pushed the envelope a little too far with Lightning Rod. It's nothing most other roller coaster manufacturers haven't done.
  8. So a classic ride followed by a classic roller coaster. I hope this is a continued trend for IB. Another version of Knoebels would be great.
  9. I was debating whether or not to say anything. Josh and I text on a regular basis. I've received updates from his parents lately. Josh used to be a big contributor here, including posting behind the scene reports. As a passionate employee of the park, he cut back on posting over the last few years, due to the negativity. He's a great guy. Please keep him in your thoughts and/or prayers.
  10. Do we know for sure it's a cheaper option than RMC? If it would help it keep more of the wood coaster feel and drastically improve the ride, I'd be all for it vs instead of I-Box. I don't know if it's as big of a marketing sell to add an element or two instead of completely reworking the ride.
  11. I'm not getting too involved in the wood vs. steel argument, but I'll say for me there's a noticeable difference in how a RMC wooden coaster rides vs. their I-box. It feels more like a wooden coaster to me than a steel coaster. As far as potholes go, Outlaw run has a prominent one on the bottom of its first drop. It's very noticeable in the back seat.
  12. Bro. I literally just came to this thread to comment on how there are already arguments breaking out on some of the roller coaster facebook pages. The ride will still kick ass. I'll take reliability over novelty. I mean... Anything to keep me coming back here to St. Louis would be considered a good thing, Kim. But, that's just me.
  13. For the same reason Togo was bad for offering similar rides, but B&M is good for offering similar rides.
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