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  1. If you're trying to live up to Six Flags' food service, that says a lot.
  2. Right. But, any time you build interest that's a not a good thing, regardless of how low payments are.
  3. I think it's anyone's guess for now. I wouldn't even bother without Fastlane Plus.
  4. Thanks for your prejudice, but I'd be willing to bet it all that I've done more caring acts within the past year, with tangible results, than you might in a 100 lifetimes. I'm not easily offended, but you just shit on a lot of people in here who are American, and believe it or not, caring people.
  5. Yeah, because it's only an American thing. This place is a shithole and everywhere else is a utopia. Thanks for your caring words spoken from your pedestal. You can buy me some pierogi, now.
  6. I've never done a membership or a dining plan. I'm holding out for the unlimited beer and Uber fun pass.
  7. I wonder how they'll enforce the vaccination standards. Hand stamps or wrist bands??? I wouldn't be surprised if the parks will keep the policies as already announced this year, since most of them have lightened up.
  8. Great report. NTAG seems right up my alley, since SV is almost too much for me.
  9. Dude, I hope you're not being serious. If you are, this is exactly why we can't have anything fun anymore. I don't see anywhere this is marketed toward children. I'm positive there isn't an age limit to ice cream. I think I've even seen my 80 year old in laws eating it, as bizarre as that sounds.
  10. I thought you were beating a dead horse with the haiku, but that one got me! I'm not much of a craft beer/microbrewery beer drinker anymore, but that looks damned good. It might be heavy though, so it's probably a kickoff beer, before switching to piss water.
  11. We almost bought in advance in 2019, and I'm glad we didn't. Every booth seemed to be at least 20 minutes long. We did our usual wraps and salads during the day. BBQ and beer for dinner.
  12. Whatever it is, it's sure to be the most exciting amusement park attraction added in Missouri for years to come, as history has proven.
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