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  1. Nice video! Still can’t get over how great that color scheme looks on that ride(atleast in my personal opinion). If it rains hard enough on a ride they might as well give me a bar of soap to take up there with me. Two birds one stone. Definitely a good excuse for me to visit Japan one day. Have a great weekend everyone
  2. If this ride is ever built I’ll be convinced I’ve already died and gone to heaven! LOL! It really looks that great. Also it would be awesome for people who live in a different country to have something so crazy in their “back yard” in a sense. Not everyone has the same travel opportunities so I always root for more and more awesome rides being built around the world. It genuinely makes me smile to think about new people becoming coaster addicts across the world Thanks for sharing the gorgeous concept art guys! Wasn’t even aware this was being talked about. The art looks ambitious
  3. I have a feeling the color scheme will look even better in person! Love the location, the layout is cool as hell and pretty unique. Big congratulations to those who have Kings Island as their home Park. Kings island was already on my to do list but now I’m very glad I waited! Stoked!
  4. Is Fantastic Beasts really that popular? I feel like most people I know who are Potter fans are quite “meh” on those films. I don’t see that franchise being “theme park land worthy” in any way. Definitely not theme park worthy. Especially at the moment. The thing about Fantastic beasts is that we still have three films to go. The first was received okay and the 2nd pretty badly to meh by fans(from my personal experience). So we have no idea if the next three films will leave any kind of legacy that would warrant huge attractions imo. Although I could see a ride or small area based
  5. Did we watch the same video!??!? The indoor tank section is like a lesser immersive version than Orlando's Kong or Supercharged and those rides are already underwhelming. And the main indoor section was just a mess. No real story or anything and just random stuff everywhere with a bad looking new dinosaur animatronic at the end. I would honestly question anyone's "opinion" who would rather have a bunch of TV screens and water sprays than a practical set with real animatronics. "Awesome" or "incredible" are absoultely not words I would imagine many people using to describe this re-d
  6. Hi everyone! New member here. I lurk here from time to time whenever I want someone’s opinion on a ride. Or just old fashioned talk about upcoming stuff and speculation. My home Park is Carowinds and I’ve been to Disney world and Universal when I was pretty young(I’m 25 now). I’m looking forward to taking a trip to cedar point and knocking many parks off my bucket list when I get some health issues sorted out. But I figured why not join anyway? So hi there everyone! I look forward to discussing coasters and hearing trip reports from all you fine folks.
  7. I enjoyed your Hagrid video enough to finally make an account and start posting! Great videos and previews as always. As a huge Harry Potter fan I love that Hagrid is getting his own ride. The motorbike theme is so clever and I’ll definitely have to make a trip down there some day. Can’t wait to hear the impressions after you folks to get to ride it.
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