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  3. To clarify, The city is not in the position to have casual conversation about what plans they may or may not have come. to us its an awesome out of this world, boner inducing experience to see plans, to them it's just a job. . .
  4. I'll be there. They seem to indicate it would be limited to 500 or so this year. Lines for Voyage last couple of HWNs was fairly long so hopefully it's quicker this year. Also walking all the way back on Voyage to the spaghetti bowl again this year. Obv a lot of hate for the lottery, so no telling how they handle it next year. It's just too popular right now. They also made it 2 days with no option of only Fri night and Sat. Made the price this year $125 which is a big higher than before, too.
  5. I think that light has always been there. Someone probably just forgot to turn it off.
  6. I was always under the impression that the city had a HARD no rule about stuff involving the public roads. That's why we've never seen anything try to expand west into the grassy overflow parking lot. But maybe tunneling technology has improved to the point where it doesn't have to disrupt regular traffic on Beach?
  7. I just watched another Emperor POV and I'm mad all over again. Who the heck decided that the ride experience for the penguin coaster was going to be "zooming around a giant pile of gravel"? Just a little bit of theming work would have made such a strong impact. Some rock work with "snow" like on the walls of their animal habitats, and a little water feature (maybe at the bottom of the drop, so you dive into it). Hell, even just making some of the gravel blue to suggest the idea of water. It's such a massive downgrade in presentation from what we've seen Sea World be capable of.
  8. I don't think they know what a "soft opening" is, but here you go...
  9. I think he meant "why are people, not the park, bothering the city, because absolutely nothing is going to happen."
  10. If the ride crosses the street (or goes under it), that could affect utilities and infrastructure, so of course the city would have to be involved.
  11. It's June 3 weekend. Had to enter and get selected in a lottery earlier this year.
  12. Any word on Holliwood Nights this year, this is about the time of year for it.
  13. I love Adventure Express. Most action in the park happens right there. Thank god we have a little coaster variety still around, so much is gone.
  14. I have thought about the concept of RMC'ing an old arrow mine train before lol. I'm sure it could be done but I mean what mine train out there has a layout that's even worth modifying? I guess if the goal is to make a smoother, more reliable, less maintenance family attraction then maybe there are few to consider but probably isn't worth the time and effort to develop the concept. Something like Gemini at Cedar Point may have some potential? But that's kind of a one off attraction out there.
  15. Buck buck buck buck buck buck buck buck buck buck buck thigh pain buck buck BRAKES. Yeah. Fun for the whole family... Must be 54" to ride.
  16. Water coaster maybe? That was mentioned as a potential future attraction option (along with a Kentucky Flyer-esque Gravity Group Woodie, and a Gerstlauer Eurofighter ala Tantrum or Iron Shark) back at an ACE event they did in 2019.
  17. I wonder if they'd take on a mine train? LOL I'm sure whatever they would do to it, would be phenomenal. Final lift hill (world's first) mini-launch, uphill barrel roll!!
  18. Brendan just wandering around the park trying to get a coffee and all the monsters keep interfering
  19. On their website it says tickets will be available soon so I guess we'll find out if the whole park (water slides and amusement rides) open all at once. I hope so!
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