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  2. ^Let's hope so; there is a big hole where Galaxi used to be. Those are really fun rides, complete with real air time (where your but leaves the seat. Hi RMC).
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  4. Sabaton - Steel Commanders. Which, since I saw the band live tonight, will be in my head til morning.
  5. Hmmm. "And then there was the last pizza I had....." This one had four cheeses, and I paid extra for adding leaves of Basil . Well, to be honest, I wasn't taken with this one. The fact that it was basically the flatest pizza I had seen from this pizza place... I think I am still missing tomatoes on any part of a pizza, be it the base, or as a topping. But I am still going to continue weekly with a few more olive-based pizzas to go. I want to try all the got in this place. And compare what I've had, etc. http://viateverepizzeria.com/ And it was a touch windy and cool outside, so I sat inside for the first time, in a long while. They put me in the corner of the place. To my left, part of the Victoria-William St. 'intersection'. Looking out in front of me. Not much to be able to see, compared to being outside. The Four Cheese pizza. With Basil added, a$ extra. I could count the basil leaves on this. The white blobs were the Riicotta. It tasted alright. Nearly finished, with a last slice to take to David. Total with tip = $33.53 Cdn.
  6. Looks like Lightning Rod was open today (Friday, 9/17/21). Is it possible it's only down during the Monday/Wednesday operating days for right now?
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  8. ^Yay! I'm so happy they are able to get a little more of their season.
  9. Heads up for anyone coming to the park for Halloweekends, they are doing the same early entry for passholders and hotel guests like during the normal year, despite it not being published. 5:00 opening for early entry on Fridays (and presumably Thursdays when that starts), 10:00 on Saturday. EDIT: Double-bonus! Standard re-entry policy applies all night long! A life saver for us smokers.
  10. I love the idea of "Riding with Monsters" on the coasters! Really fun! Thanks Bert!
  11. oh, and they gave me some of my favorite Swag at the event too.. love it:
  12. ThemePark Review got invited to SeaWorld San Antonio's kick-off event for Howl-O-Scream last night (the event starts in full tonight at the park), and i was able to attend to report back on the scares and fun they are offering up this year! This year marks the 20th Anniversary of Howl-O-Scream and SeaWorld San Antonio has gone all out for this year - making it the biggest Halloween event in Texas - and also the scariest. This year the Event features 5 Houses (1 new), 7 Terror-Tories (3 new), and 5 bars (that serve along with lots of options, some specialty drinks for Howl-O-Scream). The event is certainly geared towards those who are older, and the bars do offer non-alcoholic versions of the frozen drinks. . but as it doesn't take place until the evenings, there's still plenty for families to do at the park thruout the day! The area that hosts Howl-O-Scream proper is just beyond Sesame Street Bay of Play - you pass thru the Howl-O-Scream pillars, and you can follow the path all around the lagoon - with the houses, Terror-Tories (scarezones), and Bars spread along the way. Making this a really large, and pretty immersive event. Before you get to the main Howl-O-Scream entrance tho, there are some fun kid-friendly options to enjoy in the Sesame Street area, including some "not so scary" displays: and this *amazing* Cornfield Hay Maze SWSA has created just for the Howl-O-Scream event. Perfect for the kiddos: But once you pass thru the "gates" into the main Howl-O-scream area? the frights get a bit more extreme: the New Terror-Tories scare zones include Prey-Ground & SINdustry District, as well as the Swamp at Blackwater Bayou. -- but for this kickoff event, SWSA was shining the spotlight only on the new for this year Swamp at Blackwater Bayou Terror-Tory that features the brand new House: the Swamp at Blackwater Bayou, as well as a large bar/entertainment option, and Steel Eel. let's pass thru the gates and have some fun: they rolled out the "Black Carpet" for us: Trying to put on an "Imma not gonna be skared" face. . . . but yes, some of the things in this section just terrified me. the least of which was the Live Snake (on the tree) you could touch and take pictures with (part of Seaworld's Conservation and Teaching policies). . but nope. . I just took the picture They had some really great Cajun food options out for us (and the humidity made it a perfect match for the Swamp theme) - I was really impressed by this stunning Ice Sculpture: and I got to meet/say hello to Ray from SeaWorld San Antonio (who is also a member here at TPR) who filled me in on the event happenings and how excited he was for Howl-O-Scream to be kicking off today: The scare actors were out in full force, and staying in character. As the sun began to set, it got creepier and they got me to jump a few times as they snuck up on me here and there during the event: The Lone Star Lakeside Bar has been remade into: Liquid Voodoo Bar: and here's a sampling of the Howl-O-Scream special menu (note: both frozen drinks can be served without the alcohol for those under 21 if they wish to partake) The new house didn't open until 8pm: but this really fun option opened right at 7: Yes, during Howl-O-Scream, you get to ride the Coaster (s) with Monsters! this sounded amazing, so headed there to try it out (after sampling the special drinks and a nibble or two of the Cajun snacks) it really makes for some great pictures! (in the full event, I believe every coaster will have the option to ride with monsters) it was nice and dark by this point, so after an announcement, some voodoo curses, and fireworks? the Swamp at Blackwater Bayou opened for us: Not gonna post any pics from inside the House, because you should experience it yourself, but I must say that it's very well done: not only are there trees/swamp, and voodoo witchdoctors inside, but there's also a decaying/decrepit mansion that houses all kinds of ghouls and monsters - who may (or may not) jump out at you from (well) hidden spaces. It's a great effort and a fine addition to the Howl-O-Scream houses. and it's incredible that the houses are all free with admission (although there is an option that one could purchase a "skip the line" pass for the houses if one so chooses, I was told). back out into the main walkway, and more of the Monsters had come out and about as it got darker: this young lady was an attendee who was there with her uncle and was having a great time! All in All, this is a great event, and I plan on going back to enjoy the full Howl-O-Scream event in the next couple of weeks - it runs Fri/Sat/Sun (with one Mon tossed in) from 9/17-10/31 So Scary, So Freaky, and So Much Fun. SeaWorld San Antonio has really knocked it out of the park with this event. Recommended.
  13. If you've got the Fright Lane already, then yeah, do Saturday. I don't trust Friday night staffing at Cedar Point during Halloweekends. I don't know if this year Saturdays will be any better, honestly, but it sounds like you've got a better shot at it. I'm planning on heading out that way in early October; the major goal is to get out to Kings Island for my daughter's first visit ever, and Cedar Point is probably going to be an "on-the-way-home" stop on a Sunday. Supposedly they're actually doing haunts on Sunday nights in October, we'll see how that goes.
  14. Rode it last night for the 1st time. . . LOVED it. SO much airtime, especially in the back car. tho I think it would be even better if those seats had a little cushion (overheard from the row in front of me on one of the airtime hills "this is gonna hurt when we land"). . .LOL
  15. I've not been to Knott's since Haunt 2018, but that third train was doing a whole fat load of good in the transfer area sitting directly next to the second train that wasn't in operation even though the line was 45+ minutes.
  16. I have always had good luck with less lines Friday night. I always just wait a few hours before getting in line and they start to die down. With that said everything is different. And the weather is amazing right now so it could be a big old mess
  17. I've been to the Dallas world aquarium and they had a Jaguar in a rather small enclosure. The whole place looked rather poorly run with shoddy looking exhibits in terms of the health of everything too. One of the few times I didn't read reviews about a place before going. Apparently the owner has a lot of controversy surrounding him as well.
  18. That's a good thing, considering their haunt events are always busy as fuck
  19. this puts the Landry's Downtown Houston Aquarium to Shame! (yes, even with the Houston one having White Tigers). I so want to go to this one now too.. . . and why doesn't Kemah Boardwalk have an Aquarium???? (maybe too close to the Houston one or the competition from Moody Gardens one in Galveston. . . but still. . the Boardwalk should have an aquarium). great report!
  20. Cedar Fair does have a bag tag policy for medical bags. I've seen people with them in lines and allowed to leave them in the stations of rides that do not have loose article bins.
  21. Jeffrey Siebert posted on Instagram that the park has purchased a third train for Iron Rattler. I presume this is for maintenance reasons, so two trains can operate year round. Knott's made a similar move in 2017-2018 when they purchased a third train for Silver Bullet even though it can only run two. Great move! Also, this means Six Flags made a purchase from Gerstlauer. Never say never...
  22. That's the issue for me. Why post a sign outside and have ride hosts standing there saying the ride is temporarily closed. That's why I kept checking the Dollywood app and walking by to see what "temporarily" actually meant. I think it is just a PR decision for guests and should be handled differently by Dollywood.
  23. Will this park operate year round now or will it have a limited operating schedule like Aquatica?
  24. Thanks for clarifying that it is indeed back to its "normal self" as I mentioned in a previous post. I know I might get some flak for this but even after all the hype, praise, and awards this thing has received over the years I feel its time to say this coaster is massively overrated and a complete joke. Yes I have ridden it but when you factor in all its persistent UN-reliability (yes I emphasized the "UN" for a reason) it is a laughing stock that will probably be added to Urban Dictionary as a new term for "broken rollercoaster" and yes it is a big black eye for both Dollywood and RMC that needs to be dealt with for good before more dollars, resources, and marketing hype are wasted on it. This is dare I say getting to be SOB levels bad with the amount of modifications/repairs and SNBO time its logging. Its taking up some prime real estate that could be put to much better use. It needs to be put out of its misery.
  25. Universal Studios Hollywood and Six Flags Magic Mountain must require vaccination proof
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