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  2. Guess I can rant. I've been a WDW cast member since 9/1999 so that's almost 24 years. During COVID, I was furloughed and then laid off. During that time, I got an MA in Creative Writing. I have applied for dozens of jobs and gotten nothing. After almost 1 1/2 YEARS of waiting, in May 2022 I returned to one of the two shows I had been playing before the shutdown. I was given a ONE day contract. I work one day a week unless they need me to fill in. I am still waiting for the other show to reopen. I have been forced to work a multitude of other jobs just to pay my bills. I seriously don't know how much longer I can wait. Done.
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  4. To celebrate International Lego Day (January 28th), here is another LEGO creation we made related to theme parks. We took the LEGO Ferris Wheel 3 in 1 Set and the boys and I made it into the Mickey Wheel at Disney's California Adventure. Anyone have any other LEGO creations related to rides or roller coasters? Today is the day to share them!
  5. Well reportedly the owner of the pMarineland Marie Holer has announced that the park is up for sale now. They are looking for a buyer to grow the park in the future. They are opening this May as usual.
  6. I'm getting 2 teeth pulled next week.
  7. I wish we were getting the 3 bench buzz bar and not the old cyclone trains, but hopefully they beefed up the seat cushioning and made the trains lighter so they don't beat the track to a pulp so quick.
  8. didn't want to start a new thread for these, so instead resurrecting an older trip report someone posted But I just got these incredible posters last weekend (2'x3') and picked up frames for them today. VERY pleased with how great they look.
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  10. ^ Maybe I'm missing something here but in the pictures linked above, they look like they have just the normal ratcheting lap bars, not a buzz bar. Am I blind?
  11. Pretty sure that definition is just a regular "blog" and a "live blog" is, y'know, updated in real time as things are happening..."live." But I'm almost 40, what do I know about these crazy youth terms.
  12. I mean, a live blog is providing commentary to something as it takes place with short updates. That is literally what they are doing. Providing regular updates of the construction progress.
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  14. If all coasters are open, nothing should be that much of a wait. Iron Gwazi, Cobra’s Curse, Montu and Cheetah Hunt might have some lines early in the day but nothing too bad. By afternoon it should be walk ons or close to it, if Cobra’s Curse is still closed, Cheetah Hunt and Montu will have longer lines more of the day. Also Falcon's Fury is supposed to open again this spring. I hope it actually does open then and it won't be like the Skyride that had signs up for opening in summer 2022 and never did open. https://www.tampabay.com/life-culture/entertainment/theme-parks/2023/01/25/busch-gardens-says-drop-ride-falcons-fury-will-reopen-this-spring/
  15. Heading to the park Friday February 10th, what should I expect crowd wise?
  16. The Gerstlauer spinner at the Mall of America last Friday. I had to do some shopping at the mall and wanted to do 1 ride on my way out of the mall. I wanted that ride to be the Log Chute (because duh), but it was closed all day. I'm aware the ride has some odd hours due to maintenance/staffing and is mostly limited to weekends. In the past, the weekend included Fridays. Just apparently not the Friday I was there, dammit. Anyways, got some good spinning on the coaster.
  17. For some reason I had Foster the People's 'Pumped up Kicks" stuck in my head at work today. I'm not a big fan of the song as it's happier than any song about a school shooting should be. But what really weirded me out about it today was that it came on the radio on my drive home from work tonight.
  18. I went last weekend and was really pleasantly surprised! The area is larger, better themed, and more immersive than I expected. It does admittedly feel like something is "missing" with the lack of the Yoshi omnimover ride, but everything it does have (the ride, mini games, animatronics, restaurant) is a lot of fun. I was worried the ride system chosen for the Mario Kart ride would make it seem slow and boring, but I didn't feel that way at all while riding. Overall, a great addition to Universal Studios Hollywood, and if the rumors are true with a Donkey Kong coaster expansion, that will really make it feel complete.
  19. he might have used the term "Re-profiling". . not sure. but remember, WW was the 1st of it's kind - a prototype. . so RMC/SFFT have said they want to use what has been learned since to bring WW: Golden Lasso up to match the ride experience of Jersey Devil & MM's Wonder Woman coaster.
  20. A new video has been posted by Disney and it is a simulated look at "Arendelle: World of Frozen" including, at the 47 second mark, Oaken's Sliding Sleighs "in action". It's a quick simulation, but it gives you a bit of an idea of it's run. And this is an overhead shot of (mainly) the Castle, but you can see Arendelle in back. And on the left of it, there is still space to put something else! Between Arendelle and Toy Story land. Perfect! Thanks to Alex2077 for this great shot. And in the "LOOK WHAT I FOUND" Dept. - I took another look at the video, and two spots in it, caught my curious attention. At 00:27 there is a "door" with Frozen-like design around it. Then at 01:17 one sees the door frame lit up, bottom right corner of the screen. Could this be the (official) entry for the Slidin' Sleighs' Coaster attraction? And the building in front (to it's left) is obviously Oaken's Shop, which will be the exit way of the attraction (the Gift Shop). Looks like it, to me.
  21. Wait wait wait... the Gold pass is now only good for 8 months? What fresh hell is this?
  22. This is almost a bigger better announcement than the new family coaster! The return of the buzzzzzz bar!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  23. Serengeti Flyer's entrance sign is up (picture taken from the train). Cobra's Curse has also been closed the past 2 days, hopefully it's not going to be an extended closure like some past times over the last 2 years.
  24. Replying to myself since I don't see this posted yet. PTC has refreshed the GASM trains and sending back to SFoG. https://www.instagram.com/p/CnxczlIpY8g/?utm_source=ig_web_copy_link https://www.facebook.com/philadelphiatoboggancoastersinc/posts/pfbid02XjwfSCaCzt2zR9uz7XHMZoHammJAqevEZxTEjMiXfT85dx23FZ5Gx7QbwHXLTkpTl
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