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  2. Yes. Ready to go back to a Japanese park again (and the skip the line at USJ are insanely expensive. and I still think worth every penny)
  3. ^yup its why sfft did away with their single rider line on ww and made it flash pass once people realized that everyone is single rider? There was no benefit to that line - which became just as long as standby so now just used for flash pass
  4. Today
  5. I'm curious if it'll be another Millenium Falcon style ride or something different.
  6. If it does have a single rider line, hopefully they place it at the beginning of the line rather than close to the station like every other one in the park except Zumanjaro. Many of them barely save any time because you could be in line for a while just to get to where the single rider line entrance is.
  7. I hope! Single rider lines are such a huge break, why don't more places/rides do it? But yeah esp hope so with a 12 person train.
  8. Really these Denver parks are way too hit-or-miss with their best coasters (which are good, but not anything great) for me to ever recommend traveling out here for just the parks. What really sucks is that the park was supposedly back up to almost 1.5 million guests before the pandemic (per a ride op I know on Instagram, so take that with a grain of salt), which kinda makes sense as it's ALWAYS busy. Along with having no more land, the fact that tons of people will show up anyways has given the park zero incentive to build anything new or even well-maintain & staff their existing rid
  9. Another thing I haven't seen mentioned but maybe missed it...does it have a single rider line? Feel like they'd want to make sure the train is full every ride when theres only 12 seats, but I haven't heard anyone mention it.
  10. Makes sense, w/ very rare exception have I ever seen anyone be denied if they asked. Yeah I hear crowds are brutal as would be expected on a weekend here w a new ride. Deff going this week, will keep an eye on the weather and try to aim for a day that may be cloudy/rainy but not toooo bad. Hope it keeps some more crowds away. Looks like Mon or Tues are candidates!
  11. A few friends of mine have said, they will let you sit where you want if you ask.
  12. When I flew to denver a few years back and checked out the park both Halfpipe and Sidewidner were closed sadly. I also checked out lakeside and they had a bunch closed there as well
  13. UGH. I guess I could have stayed around hoping they would open those two coasters. But it was hot and there was no sign of life at either coasters. Oh well...two credits I will never get. Their loss!
  14. @Zand It's assigned seating. I didn't notice anyone requesting seats, so I'm not sure if they are accommodating. Have fun today!
  15. From what I'm reading in reports, it's assigned seating, but they try to accommodate seating requests.
  16. Excited to finally get on this thing tomorrow! Are they letting you request seats or is it assigned and luck of the draw? Very low expectations heading into the park tomorrow. Will go right to Devil at opening. If the park is a sh*tshow then that might be the only thing I ride. Not getting Flashpass, but if lines aren't too bad then obviously I'd like to hit the essentials like Nitro, Batman, and El Toro. At least if I quit early, I can stop at Connecticut's best park on the way home (Quassy!). After seeing the horror pictures from the last couple weekends I have no idea what to expect to
  17. It's weird because they're definitely aware of the issue, for example I've had conversations with staff about the Time Traveler queue music and IP rights came up. Could be a thing of "well we've done it for so long without a problem so let's keep doing it." The more you think about it, the bigger problem it is for the park. As Woodie said the shows are a huge draw for that time of year and soak up a lot of guests. And I know it seems far away but from having worked in theater, redoing not one but multiple shows from scratch in what, 4 1/2 months? And have them be good? Short of a mir
  18. So where would they put an Avengers E-ticket ride? Looks like there is plenty of room behind Avengers HQ - currently the tram maintenance area and a parking lot.
  19. Night one of Coaster Rodeo was fun. The 2 haunted houses were good. Everyone was having fun. Tomorrow a lot of tours and full park ERT to end the day. Also, rumors are strong they will announce a new coaster at 3pm to the Rodeo group. Hope it's true. Also, can I say it's great seeing the park president and brass riding rides today? Jeff was in seat 7 on WW having a good time. Others riding Iratt tonight as well.
  20. After three long years we finally returned to this park (Our favorite SF park easily!) The weather helped keep the crowds down both days (Saturday it was raining until after lunchtime and Sunday just plain hot and humid). I was eager to try out the three attractions added since our last visit: Pirates, DDD, and Joker. The Pirates of the Deep Sea was heavily themed, entertaining, and a welcome break from the outside heat. I found Dare Devil Dive Flying Machines to be surprisingly fun for what it was but not something I would want to ride again and again. The theming was really cool though
  21. I was passing by the park today, so I took a ride on Jersey Devil during member previews. It was down for a bit, but once running they were loading trains quite quickly. There was no line to begin with, but had there been, I think it would have been tolerable. I only rode once, in seat twelve, and it was great! I'm looking forward to taking a few more laps in a couple of weeks. I think it will be a hit with most. I've only ridden one other RMC, Wicked Cyclone, which is high on my list of favorites. I wouldn't rate Jersey Devil as high based on today's ride, but it's a lot of fun and at moments
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