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  2. I've been on both Harley Quinn and Tidal Twister at Sea World. Harley was a tad better than I expected, but it still definitely wasn't great (I did have an end seat). Once was more than enough, and I certainly agree with all the criticisms of the ride. Wouldn't miss it a bit if it were gone. Tidal Twister, to me, was moderately enjoyable. Depending on where you sit, there's actually a small pop of air. It reminded me a bit of a Bayern Kurve, which I enjoy. But it was slow and clunky, the train jogs a lot, and the load process took forever.
  3. Wow. Minus The Kingda Ka not opening. Coaster Power Hrs last night was awesome. Did so many rides. Lost count after 43 rides. THE DJ was awesome. And the fist pumping music on skull was a great addition, it just needs to be turned way up. Couldnt hear it while riding. Only issue all night was seeing a dead racoon near the lakefront.
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  5. For what it's worth, a friend of mine has been going to SeaWorld San Diego now and some photos they sent me showed some parts of the ride covered in cobwebs.
  6. It looks great in the clips, with some really nice speed, especially for early tests. I'm sooooo hype for this ride, even more so than Jersey Devil which is an hour from me. I'm sure that will be great, but this just looks like a top 5'er for me. It ticks all my boxes, and that its at BGW is the cherry on top.
  7. Ok if that's the going rate then so be it. I was comparing the cost against the other parks we are going to like SFGA and Hershey but maybe BGW has a lot more to offer or in a different league that justifies the extra ticket price.
  8. Trip Report on 4/16: Arrived at the park a little after 9pm after a last minute decision to head to the park after work. It was just starting to rain, with temps around 55 degrees. Parking gate was down to only one stall, and they were waving people though and not checking people's reservation's. Every ride I went onto was a walk on, I first hit up Batman as I knew I only had time to do one full rotation through the park. The queue was literally cut in half, which made it a breeze to walk on. Then I hit Ninja with its nice light package, though the ride was a little rougher tonight, more
  9. So that's half of Skyline's operating Skywarp coasters possibly removed after just a couple of years. How does Sea World's version compare to this (experience and reliability)? To be fair I think these would be decent filler rides if they used LSMs instead of their clunky tyre-drive system and used a nicer train design. But they don't, so they aren't.
  10. Power hours event seems to be a great hit! Fairly low crowds so most rides were very short waits, and the park was beautiful!
  11. ^ hmm. . just checked my own profile, and it seems to be ok. so doesn't *appear* to be a site wide thing. hope the gurus can figure it out!
  12. the one at SFFT is the tallest in the world tho, since it goes up 5 stories and I totally forgot to post my purchase I made while they were in the queue for Joker: A KISS meets the Phantom shirt. I had seen others post about buying them and was determined to find it in the park! (the shop in Rockville where I found it sells all kinds of weird non-connected-to-Six-Flags-in-any-way stuff. . . . but at least this has a connection: "Kiss Meets the Phantom of the Park" was filmed at Six Flags Magic Mountain! $30 including tax, but yes, i really DID need *another* KISS shirt (
  13. Good evening everyone, I don't know if this will be possible, but here is the story: I got a coaster mania ticket! Was super excited to be able to finally go this year. however, my work has just planned a work conference that weekend that I can't miss. If it is possible to switch the ticket to a different name, would any of you be able to use an extra ticket? Send me a DM and we can talk about it there. I would still need to call the park to see if this is possible. Thank you.
  14. Trying to look at my own profile and lots of 404s. Help? https://coasterpoll.com/u/zach-boothe5a58d32c77fae/rankings
  15. It was testing last week but has not opened yet. Probably any day now.
  16. What’s the word on Lightning Racer? From looking at the app, it doesn’t appear as if it’s been open yet. Heading to the park in early June and hoping all of the coasters will be open by then!
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  18. ^ Cool! I don't check their Blog that often. But, good to remember, thanks.
  19. Word is water dummies are now on the Storm Runner trains. That's about it so far.
  20. WOO HOO! There is now a VIDEO which includes a MODEL of Fantasy Springs, just released by Disney! I found a version to post, thank you @DisneyParks. Here.
  21. ^ Well, a third season is better than a lot of other series we enjoyed ... and they only lasted one season. (i.e. GCB; The New Normal; Pan Am). So glad it's coming back, at least one more time. Go Pray Tell!
  22. Well Illinois is also testing near 80,000 people a day. By comparison we didn't test 40,000 a day until August 5th. But I digress. I completely agree that SFGAm could have opened last summer. We visited King's Island in July of last year and felt completely safe with the protocols in place and reduced capacity. What I fail to understand is how Six Flags was allowed to open Hurricane Harbor but not the theme park. Why were indoor entertainment venues open at a reduced capacity when an outdoor entertainment facility couldn't?
  23. Continued: we made it over to the boardwalk area, and they let us in because of our badges (past the growing line of folks who were ready to head to this portion of the park, that opened up at Noon). It was ~11:40, so we still had time to make the pirates walk thru, and I was really glad to get this opportunity. I've ridden this a TON of times, but what a difference walking thru it with lights on makes - I noticed all kinds of detail that had escaped me before! granted, no effects were really on (safety, of course, you cant have live effects when folks are walking), but I still
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