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  2. Wow. Tragic for the families.... Though after watching that video I can't say for certain that's a ride I'd get on if someone were holding a gun to my head.
  3. Sorry, I would have linked to TPR video if you had one, but this appears to be the coaster that derailed. https://rcdb.com/16892.htm
  4. Today
  5. ^ That has been my experience in past years, but the good train early in the season got bad by the end of it.
  6. I think I'm more horrified by the random payouts of money to the families!??! $200 for your dead kid a day after it happened? That's crazy.
  7. My Banshee rides were in July and September and October. I don't remember the train colors but they only used the same 2 trains all season. I have heard the blame being pointed at one train in the past.
  8. Music festival as a theme is kinda hilarious but works out if they wanted to create a coaster that would give you a similar experience to being a raver on acid at an EDM fest haha! I really don't care what they call it, the coaster looks nuts and will have good decorations.
  9. I think that was just the working name at the beginning of the project, I seem to remember hearing before that it was always going to change.
  10. I love Halloween. The trip plan looks quite exhausted, but I hope you had a great Halloween with your girl
  11. Today I got my four packages, very annoying as it was one order. This includes: 1: Rise of Skywalker DVD. I will never use this as I have Disney Plus and it's not my favorite Star Wars movie but now I have a complete collections. 2: Trouble on Tatooine Lego set. Just wanted that. 3: Planet Coaster Console edition. Always wanted to play this game and now I can. Also I didn't buy it for PC because my Laptop can't handle it. 4: Final Fantasy VII Remake. I'm a Nintendo guy more then a Playstation one. I have Smash and the DLC so after Sephiroth the Youtube Algorithm started to
  12. For some reason I thought this was also going to be called time traveler
  13. Source I heard about it because someone shared a Korean website, I haven't included their article above because they are pretty bad at being clickbaity, and inaccurate, so the article has wrong information e.g. location of the park and their pictures are of a Vekoma corkscrew and Vekoma Inverted coaster that are from random parks and nothing to do with this park, however I mention it because they have one picture to do with the article which is a more grisly picture of the aftermath that I wasn't sure I should post in the topic but click at your own discretion: Link
  14. Agreed, Cedar Fair had the best practices out of every park. Sea World San Antonio was pretty good, but it was also extremely dead. Cedar Point in particular was extremely annoying on their policies, to the point that a lot just didn't make sense, but they kept the park extremely well distanced and safe even though it was packed. Kings Island was very good, but not as strict as Cedar Point. The worst park I would say was Silver Dollar City honestly, after you got through the screening process, rules weren't consistent and people crammed into lines while they overly distanced ride vehicles
  15. Oh, the wagon shop. Which reminds me of my earlier comments about craftsmen. Not just a different craftsman there, but one less. Most of the craftsmen are gone now, just selling stuff made off site, and most not had made either. Which do we loose next? Glass blower? Candle maker? The belt guy? (Didn't he do more than belts in the past?)
  16. From the picture, it looks like they are moving it to where the pottery was.
  17. I've ridden several wooden coasters that are arguably "better" than Beast, but I still attest that my first experience riding Beast (front row, at night, light rain and a thick fog) remains the best overall time I've had riding roller coasters to date.
  18. This is a great move. In essence, it makes your pass valid for one year after their re-opening date. And yeah, this extension is likely exclusive to Knott’s, since they are CF’s only year-round park and will probably stay closed the longest.
  19. Given that this is the 50th, I thought you guys might enjoy some history thanks to the way back machine. Park history https://web.archive.org/web/20101127215406/http://sfstl.net/index.php/park-history Ride history https://web.archive.org/web/20101208130801/http://sfstl.net/index.php/ride-history
  20. ^ I agree it's fun careening through the woods at 50+ mph. That's why you'll see me on Mystic Timbers or Diamondback over Beast. Beast is unique though. That's for sure.
  21. ^ Yes! Completely! The show was really cool, as they threw in little trivia bits about types of LEGO, and how some structures could (or couldn't) be put together. We found it interesting, especially with what the teams came up with, thru the series. Looking forward to Season 2! P.S. Love the idea of the shade structure over Miniland!
  22. ^^ I'm surprised I've been on so many of these kinds of coasters! Thanks to Robb and Elissa with their earlier tours, I have had the good fortune to ride Psyke Underground (or whatever it was called, back in 2008), Shuttle Loop at Nagashima, the Arrow shuttle loop in Blackpool, the one in Rusutsu Park, and probably (at least?) two of the ones in China. And Cascabel 2.0 in the now closed La Feria Chapultepec Park in Mexico City. But my heart goes to my very first one, Tidal Wave at (then) Marriott's Great America in CA. And my current fave, when I get down there to ride it, is Montezuma's
  23. I think they're still hoping to host it, hence the state of emergencies being used around Japan. I also don't see it happening but with all the money already invested and jobs promised they'll try everything they can before it gets cancelled. There is insurance but there have been estimates that a cancellation could cost Japan up to $50 billion. Even taking the next slot or next open slot causes a lot of issues in terms of maintaining everything, having to redo all the logistics and planning especially since the next open slot is 2032, but it's hard to gather how much a delay would
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