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  1. Oof. That said thanks for the thread bump. I am visiting some friends in Vermont this summer and seeing made me think, I should stop here either on the way there or back!
  2. Last time I rode Goliath was 2015 and wouldn't say it was smooth, well it wasn't lol but it was not sooo bad, I did enjoy the ride. I thought it was pretty fun! Certainly wasn't rough enough to take away but if it got worse since I could see it really getting into unbearable. Agreed the bigger problem I had was in my three visits to SFNE I do think it was running a cumulative 3 hours lol Im sure regulars had better luck. Always sad when a ride is removed esp now when we cant know when replacements will happen, if at all but I realllly cant blame the park for this one. I mean downtime was famou
  3. So excited about the Fast Lane news. Even on a weekday/event should be worth it for S V and maverick alone, and w limited capacity. Pretty excited. Oh shyhawk! I am a hardcore fanboy. I will not go to CP and not ride it, usually a few times.
  4. I mean, no...they or any park does not care about you lol or me or any one. Its bad enough enthusiasts already think parks do/should cater to us but what, like if you as an individual write them they will buck their entire policy for you? Believe me, I wish!! I also am shelving my BGT plans bc Iron Gwazi is not likely to be open and I agree, having been there not too long ago Im not willing to spend the extra $ of (pricy) park, extra travel, place to stay etc BUT that's just how it goes....much as I wish I could say "Open Iron Gwazi otherwise I am not going!" and they would listen.......I thi
  5. Yeah I'm praying to the coaster gods its opened when I'm in VA it looks like such a sick ride. Agreed, deff more hyped for it than Jersey Devil despite also being in my home park.
  6. Someone mentioned a few days ago they were here and Storm Runner was down. Just checking, its been generally operating so far, correct? I know it was down when I went last July and believe it was for the whole season.
  7. If referencing my comment about it'll prob be 2022 was just kidding dude lol Just taking a shot at SF and its (pre covid) slowness with this opening rides I know I'm behind the times, suddenly it's cool to defend SF (Cedar Fair now is on the **** list?) but eh what can I say? SF needs to do more than be open earlier than CF parks to win my heart XD I mean I wasn't even planning on going to Great Adventure until Jersey Devil opens. I am caving bc 1 its been so long 2 I do need El Toro 3 people seem to say the park is better than it used to be...so (excluding Covid which obvs has made every
  8. Yeah I love the car! I dont think anyone has any idea. SF + covid dirsuptions...may be 2022 for all we know XD
  9. Ah well...to each their own! I'm not that bad lol Awesome @ dankeykang! That's great to hear. This is what I figured/others have said in the past. Figured it was just spring break/pent up demand crowds and 1 train ops....but seems all is returning to the norm. I grow ever more excited to go!
  10. Aw yeahhhhh. Also looking at the LR wait times I'm seeing that 1, it seems to be generally running most of the day? 2, the wait times look way down from a bit ago. Im guessing its still running 2 trains? Im thinking by May, with spring break well over, lines should be no issue : D
  11. That is fair, the ability to take a break and just walk to the hotel is quite nice. That is one downside to not staying on site for Coastermania, I always take a break (I need to) and of course gotta not just walk to the car but lose the sweet spot right near the park. Its true it IS an experience, it's one that I skip on now but having done so in the past it is quite wonderful. Gah all this makes me excited, can't wait for June 4 to be here!
  12. I probably still would in lines even if that requirement was dropped but for now prob best they keep that rule in place lol All in all not too concerned and really trying not to think about it. Been a weird balance between being prepared knowing things may not be quite "right" or go to plan but trying to also stay excited. Like I assume all the crowds Ive been seeing (almost universally) are due to spring break, openings etc and I assume the days I plan to be here will be fine, but ya know its a whacky year.....trying to go w the flow and not sweat it. Esp as here does have the time saver i
  13. Yeah same, esp since express is not far. Like sure its not right there, and you dont get to look out your room and see the park and its pretty and all but its literally just a few minutes away. To each their own I suppose. 3 nights is $600 extra is that worth a few minutes convenience and (admittedly) pretty view? Some yes, me no. But also...I've done the whole stay on site for my first time thing (paid for by the parents btw as I was like 13 lol) so easy for me to say. EDIT: Oh I see on site hotel already booked. Well there ya go! Hope it's a great time, this may be funny from me who ca
  14. Agreed, cliche and I'd not say it if I didn't mean it but nothing quite like the first trip to the point. There for 3 days, you will certainly enjoy it. I still get a twinge of excitement when I go and a good feel driving up on the peninsula, seeing the coaster skyline, and I've been prob 10 times. After kind of taking it (and parks in general) for granted I'm feeling excited again this year!
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