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  1. Sorry to hear it went so poorly I was super anxious about the rain, glad I managed to get all I needed in by 5 and scram, (along your lines I had no real want to stay longer, even for IG since it was moving at snails pace and just didn't wanna deal). I too am quite disappointed in my day at BGT, not the rides but the actual park left a lot to be desired. Deff worst park experience I've had in the last 2 seasons, much as I wanna blame SeaWorld BGW was far better in every aspect so maybe something about this one. Oh yeah the food...besides much of it being closed while we know what to expect at a park...but even I was a little taken aback at $23 I think it was for what was mass catered quality burger and some waffle fries. Was glad to have gotten 4 rides on IG 3 in the back (which was insane, esp as it warmed up) between that, it not being close, and my experience, won't lie I probably won't go back here unless they open up a big new ride. With so many RMC's now, while IG was great superb I can get a fix elsewhere. KD is also much closer to me, and BGW I do feel had a better atmosphere and overall a far stronger lineup.
  2. Wow, Im glad I only bought the normal QQ and not + Iron Gwazi.... the park (while I was there) was shockingly quiet.... I did 2 rides on IG then did a loop to hit all the rest: I had under 10 min waits for Tigris, Sheikra, Kumba, Montu...I used my QQ only for Cheetah Hunt, no joke. Glad I didnt go all in, would've paid $120 for basically 1 free ride on IG. AND after I did my loop I went back to IG for two wait was only 35-40 minutes So yeah QQ+ wasn't needed and sadly even normal QQ was kinda useless, what can ya do/first world problems lol Like some guy used QQ for Kumba, but I ended up in the same row as him lol I will agree with Zand, I kinda hated being here lol So it can't help the heat....that's Florida for ya but yes, very hot + miserable ops = bad time. Iron Gwazi was only 35-40 mins on my later rides BUT the line was only in the station To an above comment, I actually did think they went down to 1 train ops. With how short the line was and its slowness I figured something happened and they went down to 1/just reopened, but nope they were somehow running 2 trains! And the other waits while short, prob would've been walk ons if they tried. No doubt the ops were kinda terrible. And yes! So few rides are open! Falcons Fury was not up, as were a few others, half the food/drink places were closed. I did BGW 2 weeks ago and that park was far superior. Not just the atmosphere but was running way better/did not have these issues! Also this can't be helped but I can now say BGW has a superior lineup. BGT has Iron Gwazi which is God-tier but Griffon>Sheikra, Alpengeist>Montu (sorry! I mean Montu was great ofc), Verbolten > Cheetah Hunt/Cobras. Its a good, fun lineup dont get me wrong but kept thinking oof the BGW one is better lol All this is why I left at 3:00. Got all I wanted, multiple on Kumba, IG, was feeling not great so I bailed. Good rides no doubt, but quite disappointing and for the price.....cmon. That said Iron Gwazi is sick. Especially once warmed up, damn that thing was bonkers!!! I do put it behind SV (and probably Timbers) just bc it doesnt have quite as many elements/isnt as non stop balls to the wall, but that is one helluva ride. I can see why some may prefer it to SV, as it more 'rideable' and a tad less trying to kill you. I prefer the latter but just preference. Great ride, deff top tier RMC
  3. Nope, in fact I lived in this state for 4.5 years LOL Thankfully forecast looks dry until 2ish then rain is expected, as you say FL "rain" often is never never then a 20 minute burst then its hot and sunny again, so this is encouraging. Yeah I'll be there at gate open, QQ, and try to get as much in as quickly as I can. IG will be the focus but a few some others are a must as well.
  4. Well I've landed in an unexpectedly rainy Tampa. Was forecast to be sunny and clear (as of yest) so much to my chagrin looks it's supposed to rain ALL weekend, esp Sunday when I planned to go Well, I'm here and hey I've gone to parks on rainy days before and sometimes things turn out magical (it stays dry and there's no crowds) so time to pray to the coaster gods!
  5. Yeah weekdays at non peak times (and obviously avoiding spring break, holidays) is what I strive for. I've made out like a bandit before, like Kings Island or SFMM totally dead. Sadly it wasn't in the cards this time, I'll be in BGT this Sunday. But hoping it'll be less insane than Saturday and I'll be getting fast lane for sure. I ran into some extra $ almost like fate from the coaster gods....an amount that will likely just cover a fast pass
  6. Oh well I can't vouch for the crowds they draw, just bc I don't know, I got on early as noted but the line did get quite long and stayed long (perhaps it was not great capacity more for that?) until I left. So it had quite a crowd least that day. But oh yeah I'd have been there if Tumbili never existed lol I guess the parks have stats on these things, (which always beat observations) I dont know how "worth it" the free spins are. I assume parks build em though for the reasons they built boomerangs and SLCs and others....cheap, easy, ya know what you get, why use time and $ to always make something new when ya can plop something down? We don't like it....but from a business POV I get it. Do they draw enough riders to pull it off? No idea, though I'd think parks wouldn't bother if they were flops? Also much as we wish, and I do, parks don't cater to enthusiasts, so they don't really care much I'm sure what I'd do...as you said I'd have gone regardless, but locals won't really care so yeah I'm sure it makes sense to plop the free spins down.
  7. Wow, what?? Yeah that is at best a grave error and at worst, purposefully doing so someone can ride who shouldn't for safety reasons IDK how that wont end up with some valid lawsuits.
  8. ....Yes? Not sure the intention here, feels weirdly aggressive/judgy/sounding like a did something weird/wrong? Not quite sure what you're getting at, but yes, I do like those S&S free spins but ya know they are clones...done one (which I have multiple times) you've done em all. Twisted Timbers, I305, Dominator are unique and obviously better. Those are priority, Tumbili was there so I did it but I don't think it's weird to say I prefer/prioritize the RMC, IntaGiga and big B&M over it lol You do you but is there some rule you are supposed to do the newest first and go in order or something? lmao
  9. Yup yup! Agreed with all, even Loch Ness I didn't dislike it, it was fine, deff running well for what it is. One of the rare lineups where I can say I enjoy every one. Funny too I didn't have particularly much expectation for AC, Verbolten, Griffon, InvadR but all were wonderful! Yeah I'll have to get to BGW again for more Pantheon, though I won't lie I am concerned it won't be a ton different in a future, more warmed up, ride. Seen plenty of videos and its speed seems to be what it was. I do hope I'm wrong, shame if 2 years of hype and it was just a let down. But yeah, to my total shock as of now I feel Velocicoaster is better, did basically every aspect better. Did not expect this!
  10. Yup, was super easy! There was a surprisingly small crowd at gate open, got to Twisted Timbers for the 2nd train of day, 4 rides in 40 minutes. Hopped over to Racer then I305, did 4 in a row before I had my fill. Grabbed Tumbili for the credit, though I do like the ride, a spin on Dominator and called it a day. I was so beat from the sun and cumulative walking from these days, so got an early start on heading to DC. Also platinum pass I don't feel quite the same urge to do everything. God TT is amazing. I think it's gunna end up being #2 just behind SV, the airtime, pace, layout is all just perfect. And I305 finally after 9 years and a lift hill breakdown got back on this beast. Wow, I forgot just how truly insane this ride is. I love it but holy hell that thing is the upper limit.
  11. Yes single rider saved me a few times. Griffon went from hour wait to 10 minutes for me. Apollo’s Chariot I waited 15 opposed to idk but was looooong. Yup when I was waiting for Pantheon to hopefully open someone said it went down around 1. Oof hate when a preconceived belief comes true...intamin, a switch track, I worried it would have downtime issues. And yeah I was quite disappointed it’s not some horrible drive for me but it is a good 5 1/2 hours from where I live I’m not exactly a hop skip and a jump away but I can easily go sometime in the future. Yes, The park was so nice and I was pleasantly surprised at the strength of its lineup that I still really enjoyed my day.
  12. I quite like the rides, though I totally get why some wouldn't. Unrelated, going to KD today, realized that when I checked my Platinum Pass renewal email I had nothing to print, not even a bar code to scan just "its active" I do see no date is on the pass itself. Do I simply just provide the pass at the park and all is good? (with photo ID ofc)
  13. Weather was indeed perfect. Couldn't have been better, if anything got too warm! Was a good day. I got to Pantheon I think 4th train of the day, was fun but won't lie a tad less than expected. Was expecting a little more punch to it. Good speed and everything about it was good guess just expected a bit more. Line was already mammoth when I got off so I figured I'll give it some time to warm up, I'll try to do all the rest of the park, and deal with whatever wait is needed to ride Pantheon for a long while. Well, by the time I got back to it Pantheon was down, apparently it went down around 1/1:30 and it remained so all day Even took a break from the heat and waited near the station for 2 hours but no luck. They could get two tests in before some "error" kept coming up. Very unfortunate, but what can ya do? Was able to get more rides of others at least. Speaking of: -Tempesto: Very fun I love these rides but ofc knew what to expect. -Apollo's Chariot: Better than expected. Not mind blowing but fun and the air was just enough -Alpengeist: Wow, why do I not hear of this one much? This was sick, VERY forceful and intense, long ride. Didn't find it rough, though from the ride itself was a little jarring, 2 rides was plenty. -Griffon: Deff the best B&M dive I've done and honestly pretty solid. -Verbolten: which I realize was my 200th coaster! This is surprisingly fun, I did not expect this ride to be so good. -Loch Ness Monster: I mean....yeah.... iconic, helluva sight, but well, it's not the worst arrow looper out there I guess I can say -InvadR: So this was late in the day, 8:15ish and front row so maybe that all helped but this was shockingly fun. Good whip and some very solid air. A little bummed but overall very good day
  14. Well tomorrow is my first visit to BGW in 21 years After some dodgy parts driving down here, looks like tomorrow is totally clear, in the 70s, pay day is tomm in case I last second decide for a past pass. Life is good and I'm stoked!
  15. Well that's a relief. Also looking at both part ticket prices and fast pass prices I'm thinking it was wise to do the park on Friday (though it's Good Friday) rather than the weekend. Wasn't sure if this is really a travel holiday or even one most people get off....I never have before this year. So hoping for a not too packed day! Excited not just for Pantheon but I've not been here in over 20 years Big Bad Wolf was still around as was Drachen Fire SBNO. Needless to say I've missed a few things.
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