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  1. I mean, it's been enough to convince me to finally stop by IB next time I'm out there! I sure hope it can turn things around, seems like such a unique little park that has had so many tribulations, would be great to see it thrive.
  2. Oh it's no vacation, for proof: I am looking at Sacramento lol But I feel you! Plenty of research done, I've even looked at tax calculators (so I can know exactly what is acceptable pay), rent in various areas, crime maps, etc I did a lot of this leg work as I had a job offer out there earlier this year, but I held off to do the Masters instead/covid was peaking. It of course depends if I can find a good enough/appropriate job out there : ) Oh as for 2021 plans how could I forget! SFNE assuming it ever opens
  3. I mean, not exactly high on the list but for what it is, it's fun enough. I would check the line and if short just spam it a few times and move on, I always enjoyed it personally! I was lucky, the 6 times I rode it over 2 days 5 of em the break runs basically weren't there. It IS awkward but I didn't mind...in a way I liked the slow then oh drop! feeling. The other ride a couple of em did really stop you and that did suck and ruin the ride. But yeah fun enough! Can even feel some force in the helix and if you reeeaaalllllly use your imagination can feel one or two pops of air lol As f
  4. Besides COVID, which I HOPE will be less of an issue between the vaccine rollout and parks seeming like they did a pretty decent job adhering to protocols, (people maybe less so but I will keep my distance and they will just have to live with it) 2021 is gunna be a crazy year for me...I finally finish my Masters and thus may end up anywhere in the country! But my plans are this: 1: FL and back road trip: KD, Carowinds, BGT, Orlando, BGW, SFGAdv. 2: IL and back road trip: Hershey, Kennywood, KI, SFGreatAmerica, CP, Knoebels. This will depend on when the 2021 rides open
  5. Good to know, the extra parking fee is what stopped me least time. Well ticket bought, I'll be there this Friday! Knowing nothing about this place I was a tad concerned at the comment earlier about security not harassing people for taking photos or being alone. I get they weren't, so good...but was this a problem in the past? I will be there solo, and given its quite a sight I would like to take photos.
  6. Ah I see parking is free for October to welcome the reopening. Great! Yes, this seems like the best possible time to go!
  7. EDIT: I am just dumb if anyone saw my post just fughetaboudit!
  8. Stoked to see this park, and the new ride, are open! After putting it off I'm finally going this week, probably on Friday. I was hoping the weekday and price would deter people and hopefully negate any slowdown do to the pandemic. Stoked, especially for SBB! Is it still pay for parking? As someone who is going alone.... has that been an issue in the past??
  9. Woo modernity! Kudos for tackling the big task. Certainly looks nice and sexy and I can't wait to try it on the phone! I am so damn slow and stupid with technology so I'll need some time to figure things out, like why can't I find where to edit my signature lol and I need to dig up my long time used MForce profile photo, but love the changes!
  10. Yup, I will conclude that, through absolutely no fault of its own, age just has gotten the better of Boudler Dash. One, we got Intamins, RMCs, and GCIs which these days really kick ass. Two, perhaps age has gotten to it physically? I used to hear about he stupid air on it, every hill, unrelenting pace and damn it sure looked like it. Well, I found it a bit underwhelming 7 years ago and honestly, despite it being a warm sunny day, it was even more so. Don't get me wrong...fun. Still a top 10 woodie (though gunna be dropping), gotta love it romping through the woods, but the first half was
  11. Oh yeah was super fun, but I thought (b/c this is what I always heard) airtime on every hill and crazy air, "you barely touch the seat before the next" and I have learned over time POVs are not a great judge, but I mean dang it did fly over all those hills. So when it wasn't that I was a bit let down but again it was not a good weather day and it was one ride. So gotta try again, but true that was years ago when I was a lot more zealous I've learned since how to ride w/o expectations getting the better of me. Well hell nothing is like RMC, and El Toro and Phoenix are untouchable but RM
  12. Nice! Now that's what I'm talking about out. Well long as BD is open on Thurs and its not supposed to rain, I'll be going! I really need that cred again. I only got 1 ride on BD last time despite being their 3/4 of a day that was dead (long story short......GP friends lol) and it was 60 degrees and cloudy/drizzly. Not best conditions for a wood coaster. It was fun not quite what I hoped for. Perhaps the conditions, overhype etc but ready to try again!
  13. Good to know. I will done with finals tomm, and the weather is clear on Thurs, so I was planning on going. Is the status of B.D. noted anywhere on the site? I will absolutely make sure to check before trekking out there.
  14. Lake Compounce. Its the nearest park to me now and I've been wanting to give Boulder Dash another try for years, (had a good but semi lackluster ride on it b/c it was like 60 degrees, cloudy, and misty) so a proper hot summer day is needed. Good thing I checked the site! Its closed today due to the storm that blew threw. Hopefully tomorrow? But I will going there soon as its open. Still not sure if I do my KI/CP/KW plan (maybe with a stop in Knoebels) esp as hours are now becoming limited, Steel Curtain not yet open etc SFNE closed so Lake Compounce may be the only park I do rest of t
  15. I couldn't find any better alternatives, so I went with the BOGO deal. Now I am sitting on the second ticket which expires at the end of September. Not sure if I'll end up using it or not. Yup same boat. IDK if anyone has inside info/better knowledge but I don't got hope for Storm Runner. Sign said "temporarily closed for the season" which I wasn't sure how to interpret..... is it temporarily or FOR the rest of the season? Temp....for the season is deliciously vague lol But doesn't seem like a good sign? Shame, it's a part of why I'd go, and if it wasn't for the fact I got a 2n
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