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  1. Unfortunate news with El Toro, esp that I finally am not just back in NJ but working. Really pains me to go here without Toro but I assume it'll be down for a while, understandably so, prob gunna just bite the bullet and go sometime. What can ya do? Also are there really attempts to say it didn't derail? Yo, the wheels went off the track, it derailed lol I get why Six Flags will try to say not but c'mon man. Not good, just glad no one was hurt.
  2. Landed a job! It's not my career...but for the time being, it pays the bills and it's really not too bad. Solid pay, good benefits, close commute, not too stressful etc Speaking of benefits....I wasn't sure how this year would shape off so that's why I did 6 parks in 3 weeks lol BUT I now will have 10 days paid vaca I NEED to use by year's end. So yes, more coaster trips will happen! Thinking I can redo my Texas trip that got Covid-ed and idk maybe one to California, or perhaps Orlando to catch Velocicoaster.
  3. Agreed and that is a sensible, logical thing to say but ya know, enthusiasts get a little....tooo enthusiastic sometimes lol At Dollywood I found one guy who was saying LRod is "OK" basically because it wasn't Steel Vengeance lol But yeah I'm stoked. Also we can pile onto the meme of "Opened before Iron Gwazi" XD
  4. One, superb photos! Two, glad to hear it's living up to the hype. Yeah we sure have become spoiled, "lesser RMCs" or "not as good as other raptors" still better than 80% of rides lol Thanks for the tips, depending on plans I will be going either tomm or Friday (finally) to ride this beast, and El Toro
  5. BTW...has I305 reopened yet? Looks like I'm about to land a job soon so would love to swing by here later in the year once it is (hoping Pantheon opens but not banking on it lol )
  6. Agreed, on June 4 I didn't think the situation was nearly as bad as some were explaining here, which I am not doubting just as you said I think they tried to be better. FL+ was certainly helpful for SV, not as much as years past but deff a lot better than standard line. There was still some weirdness depending on the person on moving one line more than the other, like at one point FL line was basically stalled and the normal went for a long while. Some dude yelled out about it and I felt kinda bad BUT....the op did start alternating lines afterwards and it was a lot better lol I am indeed willing to say that (broken record) things still arent totally normal and SV always has given problems. They're dealing w it, I had no complaints really when I went. Agree w Zand seems they learned. Sucks for those who got screwed by the random change but least they've gone back.
  7. Yeah Nitro, last I rode, was starting to become temperamental. Some phenomenal rides some eh, but I hear this happens with B&M hypers, and I had very inconsistent experiences w Diamondback. Glad was running well, was always a fav of mine. When the air is good its just superb, the layout and that helix (had a friend that would always near pass out) what a ride. Sorry it wasn't the best of days for ya. Hoping weather holds for Tues.
  8. Also it was just bad luck but when I went to KI All 3 B&Ms were done at various points, one for an hour, and one multiple times (at least 3) for the day. Happens but yeah for B&M bit of a rough stretch of bad luck! Oh and forgot to say, while IDK if I could see it a giga at Dollywood would be epic!
  9. Yeah it really speaks about the quality of the lineup when a ride like this is NOT the automatic best in park and people can be let down it isn't "more". I piss on this park a lot, and I will never stop lol, BUT it does have some great rides. Also speaking of being spoiled it is kinda funny how quickly we went from OMG WOW about RMC to now we can gripe that one is less great than others/gotten spoiled that not EVERY RMC is a contender for best coaster lol But yeah I'm stoked and yeah kudos/sorry to yall that have no choice but to do a weekend LOL not a chance in hell, least not till later in the season. I'm glad the week is currently free to me. Watching the weather tomm may be too much of a washout, maybe tuesday. EDIT: @Zand damn! Sorry man That is brutal. Sucks hat happened and yeah it's just shit luck and can't be helped but oof terrible public opening day for sure. Hope ya can enjoy the rest of the rides, maybe next time but man that does hurt sorry
  10. I hope! Single rider lines are such a huge break, why don't more places/rides do it? But yeah esp hope so with a 12 person train.
  11. Makes sense, w/ very rare exception have I ever seen anyone be denied if they asked. Yeah I hear crowds are brutal as would be expected on a weekend here w a new ride. Deff going this week, will keep an eye on the weather and try to aim for a day that may be cloudy/rainy but not toooo bad. Hope it keeps some more crowds away. Looks like Mon or Tues are candidates!
  12. Quite true, oof music is especially bad. And yeah same I like to take jabs but there are a few enthusiasts who's opinions I value mostly bc I think they're fair, well thought out, and in general...seem to align near mine over time so I've come to trust them. One of those have indeed said Jersey Devil is great, but not quite the same OMG WTF intensity and force of railblazer/wonder woman but they of course loved it. Which I think is fair, it's larger and less compact and visually doesn't whip around as much so that all seems sensible. And with RMC's it's like comparing gold to more gold anyway, more is nice but **** you still got gold. Still excited to ride it and stoked Great Adventure finally has a new + unique ride, and that an RMC is near me. I'll prob get a season pass bc of it. So mission accomplished SFGadv!
  13. Was gunna suggest Ybor City myself. Good drinks and food! Generally cool place.
  14. Yes! Can't wait to go! Love Hershey but can't go here w/o Storm Runner.
  15. Why not? Apparently they are getting a much bigger version of Dragonflier in the area next to Dragonflier XD Besides part of the...fun (?) of being an enthusiast is baseless speculation of wild things than being disappointed when it doesn't happen! Yeah I love those Skyhawk rides, it is indeed one of the few flats I always make sure to hit.
  16. Nice! Clearly staffing is not an issue going forward, its almost like they were right to go moderately out of the gate and see how things go instead of full speed and realize "oh shit". Six Flags should enjoy their moment in the sun while they can XD
  17. Of course! Sounds dreadful and huge kudos to that person but what a nightmare that is. Better for the park to do what they can to try and lure more people to work. Which is also why I've taken the chance when I can to drop a thanks to the ops, (esp for Coastermania since that's so long after normal close for now) I do appreciate those who are here busting it for us. Esp at KI where the ops were indeed still busting their asses. I wonder if its like a KI pride thing, never seen any CF or SF (or a few others for that matter) park that over time, even on a not crowded weekday, move to try to move people like they do. Last thing I'll say on the matter is we have a cult of work, one that is deep seeded so I get the knee jerk, but we work to live not live to work (least that's how I am) and we will bust ourselves....but not just for the sake of it. That's why it's work, not charity and they're employers not overlords. I don't chagrin a single person who isn't coming back yet....esp with all the horror stories I hear about people at parks and things I've seen, can't blame anyone who may be thinking ya know **** this no, I'm not doing it. But I'm supremely grateful for those who are here working for us to enjoy some rides. Truly I am. For that, I'll be done with the matter as well.
  18. But this is the internet, that's what ya do! If you don't OTT attack people for simply having a different opinion it's like you aren't validated in your own or something! What are people who struggle to tolerate other opinions/lacking confidence supposed to do then? Get a life!?!? That said pretty funny that anyone would bash on the ride than later say oh well still better than 90% but typical enthusiast shit lmao I am more and more glad I stopped following the community and just experience things myself. Esp considering anyone posting their opinion on YT/online kinda has to ham it up to get attention etc I'm stoked for an RMC less than an hour away! Bc yeah even the weakest one, which somehow I doubt this is, indeed its better than most and this is the first good ride and unique ride this park has added in ages. Like how it used to be in the day. Tempted to go tomm but a Friday oof...nah may wait till next week to go on a Tuesday or something.
  19. Much to my own amazement I actually had great days at Carowinds and KD (on opening weekend!) Kennywood and KI all without fast lane Granted, Kennywood was a supposed to be rainy day, KI was a monday (and also rainy) but yeah sometimes the coaster gods shine upon you Not from this point on though, yeah now that June is here I won't be caught dead at any park without! Esp since I committed to do Great Adventure with my brother and he can only do weekends...RIP me
  20. It would be, that's not so much it just find the claim a tad dubious is all lol
  21. Yeah I wont go any farther bc goodness this is NOT the topic I want this to go off into but all the "damn kids today!" "more ok to mooch than work!!!" reeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaalllllly asking for an "OK Boomer" sorry to say it yall. And this is from someone who has been working full time at various jobs for a decade and only stopped to do a Masters Degree so dont even imply I'm some lazy ass who defends lazy asses. Bill also makes a few good points as does the # of staff per ride thing. On orion there WERE multiple people doing restraint checks. Compare to Kennywood 2 days before when there was ONE person doing both trains. Which: sucks, and I get KI is prob proud of their ops as they should be but like clearly they can deal w it and we'd all rather more days/hours. So yeah idk gotta be a reason they are having these issues so bad while Six Flags, or Dollywood for that matter, are doing much better. Wouldnt surprise me if Bill is right and its larger financial issues and they are blaming the workers, would make sense actually given they also leave their staff to deal w the OTT outraged mobs lol Things still aint normal yall, kinda recovering from a year when the world largely shut down. Let's give it time.
  22. Im hoping this is a satire of how enthusiasts are, in which case brilliant stuff! Otherwise...a length breaking inverted coaster w no inversions? You think Vekoma? So the park will have two Vekoma inverts? Sure, and I heard that the record breaking gerstlauer is going to Lakemont Park, will be 2 miles long and 15 inversions
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