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  1. Today Space 220 Restaurant, the newest addition to EPCOT opened at the Walt Disney World Resort. TPR was invited to attend the grand opening ceremony and to experience lunch firsthand 220 miles above the Earth aboard the Centauri Space Station. This new dining experience offers prix fixe menus for lunch and dinner as well as lounge dining featuring an a la carte menu with an interstellar view. The restaurant is operated by the Patina Group, the restaurant branch of Delaware North that already operates a number of restaurants at EPCOT, Disney Springs and the Disneyland Resort. Guests take one of two space elevators to/from the space station from the restaurant lobby attached to the Mission: SPACE pavilion. Once above the Earth, a sustainable crop-farm in space and a space vineyard are the sights that tease the larger experience ahead before entering the main restaurant venue. Space 220 Restaurant is the newest addition in the ongoing transformation of EPCOT. The new restaurant is located at the Mission: SPACE pavilion with the new entrance tucked in the back corner of what was formerly an extended queue space for the attraction. The official sign for the restaurant out front. EPCOT Vice President Kartika Rodriguez was on hand to help ring in the grand opening. It isn't a Disney grand opening without an appearance from Mickey and Minnie! Space 220 Restaurant is officially open! Time to head in! The lobby for Space 220 is futuristic but subtle by comparison to what you experience miles above. A look at the "stellarvator" that takes you to/from Space 220 Restaurant. Ready to make our way up... You're given a boarding pass for each reservation/party. Next thing you know you're looking down on EPCOT as you are raised high into the sky... Just as you can look down to see the Earth shrinking below, you can also look above to see Space 220 Restaurant grow nearer. The view of Florida from the top... The experience concludes with the opening of the airlocks and a release onto the space station. Very different than what you find on the ground at EPCOT. Neat to see the crops the restaurant grows in space. Once inside of the main restaurant you're greeted with this incredible view. The restaurant of the interior design is just as impressive! The bar features a huge mirrored backdrop that allows guests to enjoy the panoramic view of space without turning around. Notice the X2 Deep Space Shuttle from Mission: SPACE floating just outside of the restaurant. Just taking it all in... The restaurant offers alcoholic and zero proof cocktails for flavor profiles of all ages. With each kids meal a set of collectible trading cards is given. There are three series in the deck (Earth, Venus and Mercury) along with three tech cards. Each deck comes with five cards. From our booth, we could see astronauts moving pieces across space for the new construction on the floor above us. The Blue Moon Cauliflower is a tempura fried cauliflower appetizer with housemade hot sauce (buffalo) and blue cheese dust. This was fantastic! The Centauri Caesar Salad is a delicious take on the more conservative appetizer. A fun souvenir cup for kids to enjoy during their meal. More pieces being sent upstairs! I don't often rave about sides, but these Roasted Fingerling Potatoes were showstoppers and nearly the best thing we tasted during our preview... Absolutely perfect. The Galactic Lobster Globe is the "Space Station Supplemental" option for the prix fixe menu. Available for an added $18, this Maine Lobster Salad includes Quinoa, Bulgur Wheat, Avocado, Lettuce, Mango, Citrus Dressing and Crispy Wontons. The portion size was incredibly generous and the amount of fresh, buttery lobster was a great surprise. I would absolutely order this again! The Lemon Mousse is incredibly picturesque and very tasty! Taking Astro on a space walk! This is really quite impressive. A reassuring sign for those visiting one of the restaurant's lunar restrooms... I thought it was pretty neat that this room is filled with bottles of wine in each of those tubes. Our elevator is here to take us back down to Earth. Down we go! Upon our return to EPCOT, we found a long line of guests waiting to experience Space 220 Restaurant for themselves. The entrance to the restaurant lobby is tucked into the corner on the righthand side of the pavilion. Space 220 Restaurant is a great addition to EPCOT and definitely a unique experience to be had! Reservations can now be booked in advance for the restaurant, which are highly recommended given the expected demand over the next few months.
  2. Skyline Attractions has announced a new lineup of children's roller coasters they call "P'Sghetti Bowl." https://skylineattractions.com/skyline-attractions-unveils-a-new-line-up-of-childrens-roller-coasters-perfect-for-any-park-or-family-entertainment-center/ Skyline Attractions is excited to announce its newest ride model, an innovative and budget-friendly children’s roller coaster lineup known as P’Sghetti Bowl. These miniature steel roller coasters are as twisted as a bowl of spaghetti and the perfect first roller coaster for any child! And with the new product’s cost-conscious sales price, P’Sghetti Bowl is an ideal addition to any amusement park or family entertainment center looking for a great new American-built attraction. “As a father of four, I realize the importance of amusement parks having rides that are accessible to all ages,” Skyline President Jeff Pike said. “I remember taking my young daughters on their first roller coaster and how thrilling it was for them and how exciting it was for me. That first roller coaster was also an important stepping stone for them, as it helped them build the courage to ride other amusement park rides. Our new P’Sghetti Bowl attraction will enable more parks and family entertainment centers to offer experiences like this to families.” Skyline is debuting P’Sghetti Bowl with four off-the-shelf models, as well as custom ride layout offerings. Each P’Sghetti Bowl layout includes a single-operator station, tire driven lift hill, and a series of twists and curves. The ride can be installed indoors or outdoors, and each model maintains the same low 36 inch [91 centimeter] height requirement and an inclusive train design that makes them accessible to riders of all ages. The P’Sghetti Bowl lineup is designed and engineered to be fun and thrilling for both children and their parents. “It’s one thing to watch your child have a blast on a ride, but it’s even better when you can ride with them and genuinely have as much fun as they are,” Pike said. “The P’Sghetti Bowl trains have been designed to accommodate an adult and child, or two children, in each row. The layouts are also interesting and dynamic enough that we think older riders will still find them exciting.” Alongside its inclusive train design, P’Sghetti Bowl also features an innovative new track design. The custom track incorporates a unique single rail, the first-of-its-kind on a children’s roller coaster. This will limit the number of welds, drastically reducing fabrication and maintenance costs. Cost-saving measures have also been implemented elsewhere in the ride’s design and fabrication. “If a park or family entertainment center wanted to purchase an American-made children’s roller coaster, they currently have very limited options,” Skyline Vice President Chris Gray said. “P’Sghetti Bowl is fully designed, engineered, and built inthe United States.” Any P’Sghetti Bowl roller coaster can be enhanced with customized decals on the passenger train or even the track, a first within the amusement industry. “With the single-rail design and relatively modest size of these rides, we have the opportunity to be the first ride manufacturer to allow a park or FEC to theme the roller coaster track itself,” Gray said. “Instead of looking like a roller coaster track, it could now look like a snake, a racetrack, or whatever a customer wants to fit their theme.” P’Sghetti Bowl offers parks and FECs the unique opportunity to theme their roller coaster track. Just a few possible themes include the wooden deck of a pirate ship, an extraterrestrial spaceship, or a slithering snake. The four off-the-shelf models range in size from miniature to medium, with the larger ones including additional hills and helices. Model A (185’) is the smallest of the models and is an elongated oval with a curved drop and a series of miniature airtime hills. It is 14 feet [4.3 meters] tall and 185 feet [56.4 meters] in length. Model A can fit into an 80 foot by 32 foot [24.4 meter by 9.8 meter] space. This is the most affordable option and is reminiscent of the small-scale roller coasters that used to populate kiddie parks across the country. Model A (185′) Model B (235’) is the second smallest at 18 feet [5.5 meters] tall and 235 feet [71.6 meters] in length. It’s similar to Model A with a curved drop, but its airtime hills are combined with rapid back-and-forth transitions. Its space requirements are 100 feet by 32 feet [30.5 meters by 9.8 meters]. Model B (235′) Model C (420’) is a tightly-twisted knot of roller coaster track, passing over and under its own track six times as it navigates a series of highly-banked curves and a medium-sized airtime hill. It is 22 feet [6.7 meters] tall, 420 feet [128.0 meters] long, and has a footprint of 100 feet by 40 feet [30.5 meters by 12.2 meters]. Model C (420′) Model D (410’) is the final model and is more elongated than the other models. It has an emphasis on hills and a tightly-wound helix. It is 22 feet [6.7 meters] tall, 410 feet [125.0 meters] long, and fits in a 152 foot by 38 foot [46.3 meter by 11.6 meter] space. Model D (410′) In addition to the four off-the-shelf models, Skyline is offering custom layouts. These custom layouts can include multiple lift hills, interactions with the terrain, and even intertwined tracks for a one-of-a-kind racing children’s roller coaster. Custom P’Sghetti Bowl layouts can be tailored to fit any park’s or family entertainment center’s space constraints and budget. An example of a custom P’Sghetti Bowl layout In addition to the variety of off-the-shelf layouts available, each P’Sghetti Bowl roller coaster is offered with an optional base frame. This simplifies installation and prevents the need for drilling into existing infrastructure or laying costly foundations. The P’Sghetti Bowl ride line-up is available now for as early as a spring 2022 installation. Check out the P’Sghetti Bowl product page for more information, and contact us today to start the conversation on installing one of these child-friendly roller coasters in your park or family entertainment center! About Skyline Attractions Skyline Attractions, LLC is based in Orlando, Florida, USA and strives to be the best manufacturer of quality American-built rides that the most demanding buyers require. The company was founded in 2014 and has since worked on the design and manufacturing of amusement rides across the globe. For more model-specific details visit: https://skylineattractions.com/products/childrens-rides/psghetti-bowl-childrens-coaster/
  3. Honestly so much better than I expected! A really enjoyable ride that I’d definitely do again in future visits! I hadn’t realized that the carousel was moved to Candytown but it definitely fits the new location well.
  4. Yes, I’ve experienced slowness, particularly when on my laptop.
  5. https://disneyparks.disney.go.com/blog/2021/08/the-magic-is-calling-you-to-come-celebrate-the-50th-anniversary-at-walt-disney-world-resort-starting-october-1/ It’s almost time. The anticipation is building. We’re less than 50 days from the start of an event 50 years in the making – “The World’s Most Magical Celebration” in honor of the 50th Anniversary at Walt Disney World Resort. It promises to be a spectacular, once-in-a-lifetime 18-month-long extravaganza unlike anything ever seen before, immersed in sparkling EARidescence and with Disney cast members at the heart of it all. It’s going to be quite the celebration. And what’s a celebration without music? Platinum-selling songwriter and music producer Alana Da Fonseca answered the call to create an original anthem for the 50th Anniversary, collaborating with award-winning composer Emily Bear and singing phenom Journi on “The Magic Is Calling.” Da Fonseca’s pop music style, Bear’s soaring orchestrations and Journi’s magical vocal performance come together to create a song that is all at once nostalgic, inspirational and contemporary. “It’s such a tremendous honor to write something that celebrates a place that brings so much joy to so many people,” said Da Fonseca. “There’s magic all around us, and when you’re there, you are feeling it at every turn.” You can start hearing the anthem soon in a variety of ways, calling everyone to join the celebration. “The Magic Is Calling” will connect to all four parks, as different arrangements of the song will be heard when each Walt Disney World theme park icon transforms into a magnificent Beacon of Magic at night, beckoning all to come and celebrate. Cinderella Castle, Spaceship Earth, Hollywood Tower Hotel and the Tree of Life will each shine like never before and come to life on select nights with their own unique EARidescent glow. Throughout the 50th Anniversary Celebration, “The Magic Is Calling” will also be included in special live entertainment moments across Walt Disney World Resort. You’ll hear the anthem during Mickey’s Celebration Cavalcade, featuring the “EARidescent 8” each day at Magic Kingdom Park, and listen for custom arrangements of the song performed by everyone from the Main Street Philharmonic and Dapper Dans to the Discovery Island Drummers and Voices of Liberty. “The World’s Most Magical Celebration” begins October 1. Will you answer the call?
  6. Fun Land of Fredericksburg has received city council approval to move ahead with their plan to add a 130 foot tall drop tower to the park! https://fredericksburg.com/news/local/fredericksburg-city-council-paves-way-for-new-ride-at-fun-land/article_60cae349-92eb-5eab-98e9-f7fb440f7c8c.html Fun Land in Central Park is set to reach new heights. Fredericksburg City Council voted 5–2 Tuesday night to allow heights of outdoor recreation structures up to 135 feet by special-use permit in the Planned Development—Commercial Zoning District. That paves the way for the amusement park to begin constructing the 130-foot drop tower ride that is in the preliminary stages. Mayor Mary Katherine Greenlaw and Councilman Jason Graham voted against Councilman Billy Withers’ motion because both agreed with the Planning Commission’s recommendation of 155 feet. They believe that leeway would’ve prevented the need for future businesses to require Unified Development Ordinance amendments. Greenlaw said Fun Land put the city “on the map” when it opened Virginia’s first multilevel go-kart track in 2019. The Planning Commission discussed the possibility of a facility such as Top Golf coming to Fredericksburg and that would require a clearance of approximately 150 feet. Graham said Central Park is the ideal location for recreational businesses with tall structures although the Top Golf discussion was purely speculative. “I think this is absolutely the place to allow these types of heights,” Graham said. “These experiential types of companies like Fun Land and Top Golf, I think are going to be the future of commercial property in the city as you see traditional retail start to phase out over time.” Councilman Matt Kelly expressed concern that expanding the limit to 155 feet would violate a 2005 agreement that no structures in Celebrate Virginia South would obstruct views from the Rappahannock River. Kelly said that while the Fun Land ride doesn’t conflict with the agreement, expanding to 155 feet could open the door for future issues. City Attorney Kathleen Dooley said the agreement is enforceable if city officials wanted to decline future special use permit applications pertaining to height. “We’re looking at redeveloping sooner or later all of Central Park,” Withers said. “I would hate to say we can have all this height. How is that going to affect the future redevelopment of the rest of Central Park? Are we saying we want to make it all amusement property or do we want to have a good mixed use of property?”
  7. Dollywood has announced that they are building on-site housing for employees that could support seasonal hosts throughout the year. https://fox17.com/news/local/dollywood-building-on-site-housing-for-750-employees-at-pigeon-forge-park-holtz-builders-tennessee-gatlinburg-smoky-mountain-travel-industry-events Dollywood leaders have announced plans to build on-site housing for more than 750 employees at the iconic theme park in the Great Smoky Mountains. The company will be partnering with Holtz Builders, a Wisconsin-based builder, to develop a $20 million residence hall-type housing facility. At 136,000 square feet, the four-story building is expected to be complete next spring. Temporary seasonal hosts—including students—are among residents who can stay at the facility through a variety of Dollywood's hiring programs. Dollywood's VP of Human Resources said Smoky Mountain traveling continues to grow, and the company is eager to hire and house workers as needed. "The Smoky Mountains region has proven to be one of the most popular vacation destinations in the country, and with the growth of businesses and attractions in the area, we need more employees ready to support all of those jobs," Tim Berry said. "Employee housing is a crucial piece of the employment equation in this area, and we are glad to partner with Holtz to create this new opportunity here at Dollywood."
  8. SeaWorld Parks & Entertainment's newest COO Tom Iven has resigned from the company less than two months after taking the job. https://www.marketwatch.com/story/seaworld-coo-tom-iven-resigns-after-about-40-days-271628763712 SeaWorld Entertainment Inc. said Tom Iven, its chief operating officer of about 40 days, is resigning for personal reasons, effective Thursday. The theme-park company said Mr. Iven will continue to assist the company through Aug. 20. He joined the company in late June from Six Flags Entertainment Corp. Mr. Iven succeeded Walter Bogumil, who was terminated after about three years with the company. Their departures mark the latest in the string of leadership changes in recent years at the company. In April 2020, Chief Executive Sergio Rivera resigned from the company after being in the post for about five months. Gustavo Antorcha, Mr. Rivera's predecessor, resigned from SeaWorld in September 2019, seven months after taking the helm at the Orlando, Fla., company.
  9. SeaWorld San Antonio has announced details for this year's Howl-O-Scream! https://seaworld.com/san-antonio/events/howl-o-scream/haunted-houses/ HAUNTED HOUSES NEW: THE SWAMP AT BLACKWATER BAYOU The Swamp at Blackwater Bayou transports unsuspecting victims deep into a mystifying and horror-filled Louisianan bayou. These unwanted guests will venture through the moss, muck, and mayhem of a foggy boathouse, swamp, cemetery, and mansion. Will you be able to escape alive or fall victim to the legends of The Swamp? New for 2022, The Swamp at Blackwater Bayou, transports unsuspecting victims deep into a mystifying and horror-filled Louisianan bayou. These unwanted guests will venture through the moss, muck, and mayhem of a foggy boathouse, swamp, cemetery, and mansion. Voodoo curses will render victims blind, the undead and the cursed will torment, and animal-human hybrids will creep alongside as they try to make their way through 12 spine-tingling scenes of absolute horror. Extremely brave explorers will be rewarded with three additional VIP scenes if they have enough courage to risk a grizzly end! MILTON CREEK MANOR A beautiful and lavish hotel had to close its doors after mysterious murders and gruesome events began. After many years, the doors are opened for any brave individuals who dare to walk its halls… but you aren’t the only guest at Milton Creek Manor. Your room is ready, are you brave enough to check into terror? ZOMBIE HORDE Romero Corporation welcomes you to Matheson's Corners. Beware of your invitation to these parts...one wrong move and you may become part of the Zombie Horde! KARVER'S KRADLE They say that Mr. Karver put his heart and soul into his puppetry. They had no idea.... UNEARTHED: SCARLETT'S REVENGE During maintenance at the park, an excavation crew uncovered a centuries old house buried deep beneath the ground. Upon opening its door, a sinister force is unearthed - Scarlett - a furious demon who wields a deadly deck of magical cards summoning creatures of Howl-O-Scream past. TERROR-TORIES NEW: THE SWAMP AT BLACKWATER BAYOU New for 2022, The Swamp at Blackwater Bayou, transports unsuspecting victims deep into a mystifying and horror-filled Louisianan bayou. Venture through the moss, muck, and mayhem of a foggy boathouse, murky swamp, cemetery, and abandoned mansion... or is it? Voodoo curses will render you blind. The undead and the cursed will torment you. NEW: PREY-GROUND Not for child’s play! Enter the Prey-ground if you dare, where your childhood nightmares come alive. NEW: THE SINDUSTRY DISTRICT Welcome to the SINdustry district… where your wants and desires come alive (or dead?). Enjoy drinks, music, and freaks in this fantasy where your imagination will run free. You might regret it! RIPPER ROW Stroll through the alleys of 19th century London, but be careful of dark corners. The spirit of Jack the Ripper lies in wait to disembowel more bodies. SHADOW STREET The demon dolls have found a new place to wreak havoc, stalking the pathway in front of Mr. Karver’s Kradle. Frightful surprises await those who dare to take a closer look. VAMPIRE POINT The disturbing, grotesque, and outright terrifying collide as the world's most frightening urban legends descend on this decaying town for a night of terror. ZOMBIE ZONE A horrible accident changed the residents of Matheson's Corner into the living dead. This Horde continues to spread the poisonous zombie making substance. There's always room for more!
  10. More event details for this year's Howl-O-Scream have been announced! https://buschgardens.com/tampa/events/howl-o-scream/haunted-houses/witch-of-the-woods/ NEW: WITCH OF THE WOODS Something wicked this way haunts…an ominous legend summons you with her inescapable curse. Curiosity has brought many travelers into this dark forest, but only bone-chilling stories and dying screams make their way out. With each step deeper into the woods, the prospect of survival quickly fades as demonic disciples hunt wandering intruders through their abandoned village. Human sacrifices are chased to the witch’s altar, where dark fates are sealed with more than spells. https://buschgardens.com/tampa/events/howl-o-scream/attractions/ SCARE ZONES NEW: VOODOO Driven out of the bayou by ravenous werewolves, the witch doctors now practice their dark magic on you as they pursue their twisted revenge through ancient curses. NEW: SKELETON CREW Rising from their watery grave, shipwrecked pirates seek to plunder the world of the living, taking all lost souls as their bounty. NEW: IN THE SHADOWS Eerie legends and horrifying myths passed down through centuries of ghost stories have gathered in the woods, turning wary skeptics into doomed believers. THE SHORTCUT Cutting through the cemetery may seem like an easy way out, except when the corpses rise from the ground only to drag you back into their graves with them. THE JUNKYARD You’ll find more than spare parts as you rummage through this surly scrap site. Will you make it out in one piece or be devoured by the haunted rubble? LITTLE NIGHTMARES Take a creepy walk down memory lane to the bygone era of papier-mâché masks and homemade costumes sure to stir up the nightmares of your childhood. DEADLY TOYS You can run but you cannot hide as giant toys spring to life in a murderous rampage with you in their sights. Childhood memories will be destroyed when these toys turn a play date into a slay date. HIDDEN SCARE ZONE & ROAMING HORDES Beware of the hidden zone and roaming hoardes...just when you think you know what's coming, untold horrors lurk in the darkness awaiting your arrival. GHOULISH ENTERTAINMENT FIENDS These captivating creatures of the night will infect you with dance fever and keep your pulse pounding with their raucous dance party on the Festival Field Stage. Bring your depraved sense of humor as the deranged doctor takes his motley crew on a wild vacation to Las Vegas. THE ROLLING BONES As guests dine between devilish destinations, the live performance of this skeleton band lights up Dragon Fire Grill with epic covers of classic rock anthems. COASTERS & THRILL RIDES CRASH TEST ZOMBIES Buckle up for an extra bumpy ride where the road rage from your fellow travelers includes a monstrous appetite for human brains. TIGRIS Catapult through an exhilarating array of looping twists with forward & backward motion. COBRA'S CURSE Come face-to-fang on this immersive one-of-a-kind spinning roller coaster. CHEETAH HUNT Race through Busch Gardens on this thrilling triple-launch roller coaster. SHEIKRA 200 feet from the sky, 90° straight down - ride this extreme roller coaster if you dare. FALCON'S FURY Drop 300 feet face-down on North America's tallest freestanding drop tower. MONTU Challenge yourself to seven intense inversions on this award-winning coaster. KUMBA Experience the roar on the legendary steel coaster, Kumba. SCORPION Twist and turn with a 360° vertical loop and speeds of 50 miles per hour. SANDSERPENT Zip, zoom & climb through the air on this "wild-mouse" style coaster. MORE EERIE EXPERIENCES NEW: BLOOD BAR Fuel up on liquid courage at an ALL-NEW ghoulishly-themed outdoor bar! On your way to “The Forgotten” be sure to stop by and pick your poison from bewitching brews and cocktails served by sinister creatures of the dark. After all, our vampires prefer their victims with a little more flavor in their bloodstream. SIGNATURE HOWL-O-SCREAM COCKTAILS Swamp Water Milagro Tequila, Flor de Caña Rum, Beefeater Gin, Monin Granny Apple Witch’s Brew Tito’s Vodka, Blue Curacao, Grenadine, Cranberry Juice The Bite Jell-O Syringe Shot Milagro Tequila, Berry Jell-O Plus a selection of beer, hard seltzers and spirits. SHOP OF HORRORS Be sure to stop by the Shop of Horrors featuring the latest Howl-O-Scream fashions including shirts, hats, ghoulish sweatshirts and haunting gifts. GAMES Test your luck at DarkHeart’s Games of Skill, located in Pantopia. A plethora of classic and new-age carnival games means there’s something for everyone’s taste. You can also win prizes at several other games around the park!
  11. SeaWorld Orlando has announced the newest details for this year's Howl-O-Scream! https://seaworld.com/orlando/events/howl-o-scream/attractions/?scroll-to=haunted-houses HAUNTED HOUSES WATER'S EDGE INN What began as an escape to a peaceful seaside hotel has turned into a terrifying struggle to find an escape from it. This inn sure doesn’t look like the pictures in the review. From the moment you arrive, you can feel that something is terribly wrong. Every crumbling hallway and decaying room is crawling with restless souls. Maybe those wild stories about this place’s sea-crazed owner and his search for the sirens were true all along. Having second thoughts about checking in? Don’t worry, the staff will be right with you…everywhere you turn. TERRIFYING SHOWS SIRENS' SONG The sirens are here to tell their story…and feast on your fears. Don’t miss a moment of this mesmerizing outdoor show. Who's behind all these ominous occurrences? Here’s your chance to find out…if you have the courage to face her, and the ones she’s summoned to help her carry out the carnage. Prepare for special effects, hypnotic dancing, and spine-chilling savagery in this outdoor spectacle. This is the story of the sirens, and it’s not for the faint of heart. SCARE ZONES DEADLY AMBUSH The year is 1961. You’ve wandered into a quaint campground, nestled in nature. It might sound like a dream, but a new nightmare has just begun here. What’s happened to the campers? Creatures are emerging from the darkness. There’s nowhere to hide, and no park ranger to rescue you. Get back to civilization now, before it’s too late. THEMED BAR EXPERIENCES SIRENS' LAST CALL Creatures of the shadows need a place to play too. Could it be this rusted-out underground warehouse? Glance around and do your best to blend in. The regulars here are followers of the siren, and they know how to spot an outsider. Be sure to pay homage to her by trying the bar’s signature drink, “The Siren's Kiss.” HOWL-O-SCREAM RIDES IN THE DARK It wouldn’t be a SeaWorld visit without a ride or two, but it wouldn’t be Howl-O-Scream without a dose of nighttime terror. After nightfall, every moment of fun comes with a splash of fear. Enjoy Mako, Orlando's tallest and fastest coaster, and Infinity Falls, Florida's tallest rapids ride, in the DARK! I also noticed something of note in the description for the Front Line Fear Extreme... One of the houses will have bonus rooms accessible exclusively by Front Line Fear Extreme ticket holders.
  12. Knott's Berry Farm has released two announcement videos revealing the mazes and shows that will be featured at this year's Knott's Scary Farm!
  13. Kings Dominion has officially announced the theme of the updated area, Jungle X-Pedition including the addition of a new S&S 4D Spin Coaster called Tumbili! We'll be posting more details from the media event today soon! https://www.kingsdominion.com/blog/media-center/kings-dominion-to-debut-new-roller-coaster-tumbili-and-rethemed-safari-village-area-in-2022 Explorers wanted! Kings Dominion is renaming and upgrading the Safari Village area of the park and introducing a new roller coaster in 2022. The new area, Jungle X-Pedition, is set to an exotic archeological dig site and research facility, where explorers can visit the base camp for a bite to eat at a new signature restaurant and shop at an immersive retail location. Around the corner, guests can climb aboard a brand-new roller coaster for a topsy-turvy adventure. Tumbili (toom-bee-lee -- the Swahili word for “monkey”) is a thrilling roller coaster that suspends riders on either side of the track as the cars flip continuously throughout the ride. Featuring state-of-the-art magnetic technology that induces and controls spinning, this 4D Spin Coaster will give riders the feeling of weightlessness as they cruise along the track. Guests will be immersed in the area’s rich theming with painted supports resembling bamboo and scenic ruins from the “Monkey God” temple as part of the Jungle X-Pedition discovery. Other features of Tumbili: 112 feet tall 90-degree vertical lift State-of-the-art magnetic technology to induce and control spinning Ride time of 55 seconds Seats eight riders Speeds of 34 mph Two beyond-vertical Raven Drops Three layers of track vertically stacked “Kings Dominion is in the business of making people happy, and the introduction of Tumbili and the Jungle X-Pedition themed area in 2022 is sure to excite our park guests,” said Bridgette Bywater, vice president and general manager. “We place a lot of focus on providing immersive experiences for our guests, and both of these certainly deliver on that promise. Riders will want to ride Tumbili again and again because, depending on the weight, position, and rider interaction, it provides a different ride experience every time. And, Jungle X-Pedition will offer delicious food and retail options for those who want to take a break from it all.” Tumbili is the first of its kind in the region and is slated to open in Spring 2022 along with other new discoveries in the Jungle X-Pedition area. Guests can be the first to experience the new Jungle X-Pedition area and Tumbili with the purchase of a 2022 Gold Season Pass, available now at the lowest price of the season, or a free Kings Dominion Pre-K Pass that provides children between three and five years of age with complimentary admission all season long. Gold Season Passholders receive unlimited access in 2021 and 2022 to Kings Dominion and its Soak City water park; entry to special events like Halloween Haunt, The Great Pumpkin Fest, and WinterFest; free parking, exclusive discounts, and more. For details, animations, and illustrations of Jungle X-Pedition and Tumbili, visit kingsdominion.com. Kings Dominion, a 400-acre amusement park located in Doswell, VA off I-95, is home to more than 60 rides, shows, and attractions, including 12 world-class roller coasters and Soak City, a top-rated 20-acre waterpark. Kings Dominion is a property of Cedar Fair Entertainment Company (NYSE: FUN), one of the largest regional amusement-resort operators in the world. _____________________________________________________ Here's a look at the media event that told us the story of Tumbili--and the transformation of Safari Village to Jungle X-Pedition. And where does our expedition begin ? Why, at the last outpost of civilization, of course. A proper expedition needs a guide--and a special events kiosk. Stick to the path and you'll be OK. Stray off the path and, well, it was nice knowing you. This view is going to change quite a bit by spring 2022. This will be the restaurant formally known as Outer Hanks next year. It's going to be part of a "base camp" for explorers, and will feature not only a new menu ad kitchen, but a covered patio and bar, as well. Welcome to base camp, explorers! We heard the story of Prof. Gerald Winston Whey, who discovered deep in the jungles of Doswell, Virginia, some ancient temples dedicated to different animals. People entering these temples could take on the powers of the beasts of the jungle. It was here that Prof. Whey encountered a "wild contraption," which hurtled him spinning and swinging over the trees. That "contraption" was the legendary Tumbili. Thus, the Whey Foundation was established to explore the mysteries of this and other ancient temples in the area. But wait? Who's that lurking in the background? It's an elf, with a somewhat creepy present from Santa. Yes, it's the 20th anniversary of Haunt--Halloween has come early this year! Better polish your crucifixes, sharpen your stakes, and break out the garlic. Santa sent a nicer present, too. Winterfest's new Winter Wonderland Parade. The elf and the intrepid explorer seem very pleased. "OK, folks, the presentation's over." Who wants lunch? I think the transformation of the restaurant and the old Safari Village was overdue. I certainly wouldn't mind if the new base camp restaurant offered wild boar and bacon-wrapped gator bites on the menu. This was a great spread. So, relax in your pith helmet and a nice umbrella drink on the veranda at the base camp. You've earned it after a long day of exploration. I am happy to report that I-305 is as nuts as ever . . . . . . as is Twisted Timbers. TPR thanks Kings Dominion for inviting us to their event today. But remember, it's all about . . . . . . Tumbili in 2022! But you can enjoy Haunt and Winterfest this year.
  14. The final lineup of houses, scare zones and shows at Halloween Horror Nights 2021 has been revealed by the Universal Orlando Resort! Check out all of the exciting details for this year's event, which starts on September 3rd, 2021! https://media.universalorlando.com/press-releases/hhn-final-lineup/ Universal Orlando Resort unveils the final lineup of unfathomable terrors for Halloween Horror Nights 2021, including an array of twisted original haunted houses, five scare zones and two live shows. Guests will brave this collection of haunts and more when the world’s premier Halloween event returns to Universal Studios Florida to celebrate 30 years of fear select nights September 3 through October 31. FIVE ADDITIONAL ORIGINAL HAUNTED HOUSES Nightmare-inducing original stories brimming with terrifying creatures will envelop guests within the five remaining haunted houses of the season, where visitors will: step into the notorious Halloween Horror Nights town of Carey and relive its most horrifying haunts over the past 30 years in “Welcome to SCarey: Horror in the Heartland” follow in the footsteps of a legendary paranormal detective on a ghostly mission in “Case Files Unearthed: Legendary Truth” become entangled in the sinister roots of Halloween in “The Wicked Growth: Realm of the Pumpkin” fall victim to a fiendish theatre troupe in “Puppet Theatre: Captive Audience” uncover the darker side of a seemingly innocent ritual in “Revenge of the Tooth Fairy” These original experiences will round out this year’s macabre lineup of 10 haunted houses for Halloween Horror Nights 2021, which also features Netflix’s “The Haunting of Hill House,” “The Texas Chainsaw Massacre,” “Beetlejuice,” “Universal Monsters: The Bride of Frankenstein Lives” and “Halloween Horror Nights Icons: Captured.” FIVE INESCAPABLE SCARE ZONES Guests will not find refuge in the streets of Universal Studios Florida…a legion of horror icons, otherworldly beings and more await in five all-new scare zones. Hundreds of menacing “scareactors” will emerge to stalk guests’ every move as they: enter the monstrous universe of iconic horror stories from “Crypt TV” attempt to escape the frights of scare zones’ past in “30 Years, 30 Fears” resist succumbing to an alien cyber regime overtaking a future dystopia in “Seek and Destroy” flee the wrath of the Terra Queen and her rooted, evil plans in “Gorewood Forest” witness a box office “slash” in “Lights, Camera, Hacktion: Eddie’s Revenge” TWO OUTRAGEOUS LIVE SHOWS Two all-new, outrageously-entertaining shows will take center stage at Universal Studios Florida: Marathon of Mayhem: Carnage Factory, a brand-new nighttime lagoon show that will transform the expansive Universal Studios lagoon into renowned visions of fright highlighting some of the top names in horror and Halloween Horror Nights history that are featured in this year’s event. Halloween Nightmare Fuel, a fiery new show featuring nocturnal creatures, aerialists of the night and frightful fire performers – all set to pulse-pounding rock, metal and electronica music. THE ICONIC RETURN OF THE HALLOWEEN HORROR NIGHTS TRIBUTE STORE Plus, Halloween Horror Nights wouldn’t be complete without the return of the event’s highly-anticipated Tribute Store in Universal Studios Florida – an immersive retail location designed to celebrate the world’s premier Halloween event featuring themed rooms decked with specialty merchandise, a variety of unique treats and more. Additional details about this year’s Tribute Store will be revealed soon. Below is the complete slate of experiences that await guests at Universal Orlando’s Halloween Horror Nights 2021 this fall: HALLOWEEN HORROR NIGHTS 2021 OVERVIEW Universal Orlando Resort marks 30 years of fear this fall with Halloween Horror Nights 2021, beginning Friday, September 3 and running select nights through Sunday, October 31. Guests will face 10 terrifying haunted houses, five sinister scare zones and two outrageous live shows based on everything from horror greats to haunting original stories – all created by the twisted visionaries of Universal’s Entertainment team. All tickets and vacation packages are on sale now – visit www.Orlando.HalloweenHorrorNights.com to purchase tickets. Due to popular demand, event nights are expected to sell out and tickets should be purchased in advance. 10 HAUNTED HOUSES Netflix’s The Haunting of Hill House Netflix’s critically-acclaimed series “The Haunting of Hill House” will bring its ominous presence to Universal Orlando Resort and Universal Studios Hollywood in all-new mazes, awakening the imposing and mysterious Hill House as it beckons guests to embark on the dark journey experienced by the Crain family. Iconic scenes from the Netflix series will be featured throughout the maze, including the omni-powerful Red Room – the heart of Hill House – and the infamous Hall of Statues, where deceptive powers overtake everyone who enters. Testing even the bravest guests, they’ll attempt to escape the entanglement of the estate’s eternal stranglehold or succumb to the powerful forces of Hill House – leaving them to wander the endless halls forever…alone. Beetlejuice Beetlejuice was the first “ghost host” of Halloween Horror Nights – originally called ‘Fright Nights’ – during the event’s debut in 1991. As Halloween Horror Nights 2021 celebrates a milestone year, this former host will become the supernatural star of a bone-chilling haunted house based on Warner Bros. Pictures and Tim Burton’s Academy Award-winning horror-fantasy film. Guests will be at the whim of the self-described “Bio-Exorcist” as they shadow Beetlejuice’s every move through artfully recreated scenes from the popular film. From the infamous haunted attic within the Maitland home, to the model graveyard and Dante’s Inferno Room, guests will have the extraordinary chance to enter the movie surrounded by its most iconic characters. With brash defiance, Beetlejuice is ready to turn on the juice and see what shakes loose – and his plans don’t include returning to the land of the unliving. The Texas Chainsaw Massacre Inspired by the 1974 iconic slasher film “The Texas Chainsaw Massacre,” the “Halloween Horror Nights” mazes at both Universal Orlando Resort and Universal Studios Hollywood will depict a disturbing and intense experience as guests try to outrun the maniacal Leatherface and his unrelenting chainsaw. Guests will embark on a killer journey through a series of familiar scenes from the film and eventually fall victim to a family of cannibals. From a dilapidated gas station to an eerie, old farmhouse, they will witness unimaginable horrors around every corner, soon discovering that nowhere is safe from the demented Leatherface. Universal Monsters: The Bride of Frankenstein Lives At its core, Halloween Horror Nights is an extension of the horror film legacy originated by Universal Pictures, and the event continues to honor its blockbuster history with a haunted maze highlighting one of the studio’s most sinister creatures – The Bride of Frankenstein. “Universal Monsters: The Bride of Frankenstein Lives” at both Universal Orlando Resort and Universal Studios Hollywood picks up where the 1935 classic film “The Bride of Frankenstein” left off, thrusting guests into chaos as the Bride becomes an unstoppable scientist and begins her mission to revive Frankenstein’s Monster. Her unwavering quest to find eternal life will come at a cost, and guests will soon find themselves entwined in a frenzied battle in their daring attempt to escape. Halloween Horror Nights Icons: Captured The most notorious Halloween Horror Nights icons in history are joining forces to inflict unimaginable terror upon guests in Halloween Horror Nights Icons: Captured. Guests will quickly realize they’re the hunted as they encounter a monstrous “Hell of Fame” where they’ll have no choice but to face the brutal cruelty and madness of this foreboding collection of Halloween Horror Nights legends, which include: The Caretaker, a once well-respected surgeon who has become eerily infatuated with the removal of internal organs – especially while his patients are conscious The Director, an aspiring filmmaker obsessed with capturing the suffering and torture of his victims on film – placing them in their very own living horror movie The Usher, who seeks to invoke violent vengeance on those who don’t follow the rules of his theater The Storyteller, who stops at nothing to entrap guests into her latest tales of terror, where no one lives happily ever after Jack the Clown – the original Halloween Horror Nights icon and the most feared of them all – and his assistant Chance, a deadly pair who thrive on tormenting victims in ways that embody their sick sense of humor Welcome to SCarey: Horror in the Heartland Some of the most haunting original stories from Halloween Horror Nights over the years have been set in the mysterious town of Carey – and this year, Welcome to SCarey: Horror in the Heartland will combine these stories and bring them to life once again in a first-ever haunted house that pays homage to the event’s 30-year history. Guests will be transported back to the shady township of Carey and enter familiar settings that will leave fans shrieking from nostalgia and horror. From the ghastly cave of vampires from The Hive, the decrepit attic of Dead End and the disturbing Meetz Meats human deli from Leave it to Cleaver, they’ll find no escape from the evil of Carey once and for all. Case Files Unearthed: Legendary Truth The world of Legendary Truth, an evolving story following a mysterious paranormal research group, has haunted guests via unique haunted houses throughout Halloween Horror Nights history. In Case Files Unearthed: Legendary Truth, guests will step into the well-worn shoes of the infamous Boris Shuster – the elusive private eye investigating the supernatural – as he endlessly searches for clues to a series of strange occurrences throughout New York City. Falling further into the shadowy, dark world of the paranormal, guests will face an overwhelming onslaught of ghouls, poltergeists and terrors, all while trying to solve the biggest mystery of them all – how they’ll survive… The Wicked Growth: Realm of the Pumpkin The beloved tradition of Halloween has more sinister roots waiting to be unearthed and as the grower of this ritual, the Pumpkin Lord is preparing for his yearly human harvest in Wicked Growth: Realm of the Pumpkin. Lured in by the familiar sights and sounds of the holiday, guests will find themselves trapped in an endless maze of traditional Halloween domains, including a dilapidated haunted house, an ominous graveyard and even a wicked witch’s cottage – all overrun by ruthless creatures engulfed in ghastly pumpkin growth. They’ll follow the ceaseless vines as they twist and turn right into the Pumpkin Lord’s lair, where he eagerly awaits new victims and is never truly satiated. Puppet Theatre: Captive Audience The demented side of puppetry and theatre will take center stage in Puppet Theatre: Captive Audience as guests are transported to San Francisco’s abandoned Grandeur Theatre in the early 1900’s. They’ll find the Pasek’s Puppet Troupe trapped within its ruins in the midst of rehearsing for their next grisly performance. With a fanatical need to entertain any captive audience, the troupe has turned to transforming trespassers into living puppets – dismantling and sewing them back together as life-sized marionettes for additions to their horrific encore. Will guests escape in one piece or will it be their final curtain call? No matter what, the show must go on… Revenge of the Tooth Fairy Revenge of the Tooth Fairy will entice guests to uncover the darker ritual behind an innocent childhood tradition. Long ago, parents struck a bargain with vicious, goblin-esque tooth fairies to protect their children from these evil creatures who crave pearly whites – all children must give up their baby teeth or pay a gruesome price. Guests will step into a heinous realm of blood, teeth and gore where these fairies extract their toothed bounty by force and the only way out is to hold in their screams and keep their mouths shut. FIVE SCARE ZONES Crypt TV Guests will step inside Crypt TV, a dark universe of monsters that reside in the same reality on their screens, in their pockets and now, in real life. In this nightmare world that’s overtaken San Francisco, creatures of all shapes and sizes exist, including The Look-See, the Sunny Family Cult, Harclaw and Miss Annity. Now, they’ve been brought to life in a world of fear that will engulf any guest who enters. 30 Years, 30 Fears The most infamous characters from past Halloween Horror Nights scare zones will reunite to take over the Avenue of the Stars in 30 Years, 30 Fears. Guests will enter a gory reunion where the past has come back to haunt them with creatures of blood and bone, beastly monstrosities and chainsaw-wielding fiends lurking around every corner. Seek and Destroy In Seek and Destroy, guests will find themselves in a New York dystopia where a ruthless alien cyber regime, led by The Controller, has taken over – relentlessly scanning the city streets for humans and turning them into fuel. With the regime’s loyal followers hiding in the darkness endlessly hunting for new victims, guests must either join them or be destroyed. Gorewood Forest The heartless Terra Queen is back and her wicked plans to remake the world in her terrifying image will take root in Central Park, transforming it into the grisly Gorewood Forest. Guests will find nowhere to hide from her menacing minions as they harvest fresh blood to feed her ever-growing power. Lights, Camera, Hacktion: Eddie’s Revenge Eddie Schmidt, Jack the Clown’s diabolical brother, is returning to Halloween Horror Nights to film a gory Hollywood sequel in Lights, Camera, Hacktion: Eddie’s Revenge – except this time, the monsters are real. Vampires, evil clowns, creatures from the watery depths and other horrific beings from event’s past will roar on the scene where guests will make their short, and painful, cameo. TWO LIVE SHOWS Marathon of Mayhem: Carnage Factory An all-new Universal Studios lagoon show will make its horrifically hypnotic premiere at Halloween Horror Nights in Marathon of Mayhem: Carnage Factory. Jack the Clown will lure guests into a trance, and they’ll awaken in the heart of an insidious factory with pulsing lasers and pounding, electrifying music. Frozen with fear, a nightmare machine will extract guests’ deepest fears one-by-one and project them onto giant water screens, showcasing the notorious Halloween Horror Nights icons and frightening scenes from Netflix’s critically-acclaimed series “The Haunting of Hill House,” the legendary Universal Monsters classic movies and the iconic slasher film, “The Texas Chainsaw Massacre.” Halloween Nightmare Fuel A fearsome and unforgettable performance will ignite guests’ waking nightmares in the all-new show, Halloween Nightmare Fuel – where nocturnal creatures, aerialists of the night and frightful fire performers will come alive to the crackling beat of rock, metal, and electronica music. Universal has also released a behind-the-scenes look at the Revenge of the Tooth Fairy house that will be a part of this year's event. https://blog.universalorlando.com/behind-the-scenes/revenge-of-the-tooth-fairy-at-halloween-horror-nights-2021/ Sometimes the most disturbing and troubling horror stories are those that revolve around children’s folklore. (Although arguably some of the great classic folk stories are rooted in darkness with vile creatures and tragic endings.) But there is something rather unsettling when one such story that is meant to invoke comfort and excitement upon losing a piece of your childhood takes a turn for the worse. Halloween Horror Nights (HHN) at Universal Orlando Resort is known for taking beloved folklore and applying its own demented twist to the storyline. This year the mythology of the Tooth Fairy is being explored with an original HHN tale cloaked in vengeance. You’re invited to step inside the Westhorne house and find out what happens when you defy tradition. Tradition that turns out to be a centuries-old pact between mortals and sprite-ish monsters who demand the teeth of babes in exchange for payment in the form of treats or money. Enjoy this enthralling tale and let it be a cautionary warning for what awaits you in this haunted house. One night a Tooth Fairy appeared in the bedroom of young James Westhorne, who recently lost his first tooth. But when the fairy neared the bed James jumped up and shouted, “No this is my tooth and it belongs to me! You can’t have it!” “You mustn’t upset the Faerie Folk, Master James,” pleaded the child’s Nanny. “The Faerie Folk aren’t kind, nor forgiving.” But spoiled James just shook his head, “So what if they are. They can’t have it and nothing will change my mind.” “But they’ll hurt us and take you away. You’ll be doomed to live forever as a cursed monster.” “I don’t care, and I don’t believe you. I don’t believe in fairies!” And, as if to settle the argument on the bed, the fairy took the Nanny’s teeth instead. Then the creature pulled James away to make him truly, dearly pay. Next the fairies ventured down the hall and killed the servants one and all. James would scream and cry and kick and then begin to look rather sick. The fairies then visited Mother and Father and gave them a lesson to learn. And James had to look, had to see, had to hear, what trouble he had earned. Lord and Lady Westhorne were set upon next, their evening tea still warm. Papa and Grammy — oh no! — are being ravaged by this harm. O’Neil the butler was chosen to prove the point that children mustn’t forget. Though James now was changing, shifting you see, his fate was more than set. And Cook was stripped of all her teeth, a sweet treat you may bet. The fairies are fighting to rip them out in one completed set. Sheets turned red by Westhorne blood was all little James’s fault. He cried and yet he did not want the pain to stop, cease, or hold. The maids were shown next what happens when you don’t pay the proper respect. You learn the lesson every parent must know — every child owes a debt. You pay their price, you don’t say no, or someday soon you’ll see. Just ask James, or what’s left of him, in the fairy jubilee. Learn from James. The lesson here is plain to grasp. The teeth you must provide, for there is no escape, no reprieve, no place to RUN OR HIDE!
  15. A few weeks ago I had the chance to experience Discovery Cove for the first time as a full-day guest. I had visited Discovery Cove previous for the media previews of The Grand Reef and Freshwater Oasis but both of those times were only a few hours, not the full experience. My wife decided that for her birthday Discovery Cove is what she wanted to do to celebrate so we booked our experience, Dolphin Swim included! Discovery Cove is designed like a day-resort or cruise on land, with the majority of the offerings included in your admission, though upcharge/upgrade options are available. Food is available throughout the park with two fast-casual meals (breakfast and lunch) available along with snacks at kiosks and bars. Beverages including basic beer and wine are included, though there is a premium drink package available for purchase. Daybeds and cabanas can be reserved for an extra cost. The Dolphin Swim is the park's main attraction and is factored into the price of most base admission offers, but if that doesn't appeal, you can purchase Day Resort admission to enjoy the rest of the park's amenities without participating in that experience. Additional experiences can be added to your package as an upgrade including the Seaventure underwater walking tour, a private Animal Trek guided tour, swimming with sharks, stingray feedings and more. You enter the park through a gorgeous air conditioned that sets the tone for your experience... You queue up to get to a check-in station to confirm your itinerary for the day including your Dolphin Swim time. This is also your opportunity to add any additional experiences to your day if you didn't prebook. I strongly recommend getting to the park before opening to avoid having the wait taking time away from your day in the park. You get a lanyard and ID card which you keep with you at all times. This will also feature the times of any of your reserved experiences and the location you go to check in for them. Upon exiting the park entrance building, you're greeted with this beautiful sight. The layered beauty of the park is something to admire. It isn't a SeaWorld park without animal encounters... And these two parrots are among the first we had during our day at Discovery Cove. First stop: breakfast at Laguna Grill! Here are your options to choose from... Pretty standard breakfast fare but a good way to load up before an active day outside. Bars throughout the park are where you can pick up drinks and snacks. The bottled beers and several wines are included in park admission. The beers on tap, liquors in the back and mixed and frozen drinks are available to purchase a la carte or to get as a part of the premium drink package. A look at the Premium Drink Package and a la carte premium drink options. I will say, this was something I was most eager to revisit from my prior trips to Discovery Cove... Unlimited Lemon Slushies! They've since added new flavor options but lemonade was the only way to go for me. Explorer's Aviary is one of the included areas/experiences of the park... Inside you can find these Bird Identification Cards if you'd like to know what you're seeing... I've since identified that this is a bird... 100% can confirm. Bird feed is included at no extra cost during your visit to Explorer's Aviary. I made some friends as a result. That's one big bird! You can enter Wind-Away River, the park's unique take on a lazy river from within Explorer's Aviary. Wind-Away River is all kinds of picturesque. There are no tubes to float on in here, so you can enjoy a complementary life vest and a pool noodle while you're inside. Life vests are required while in the Wind-Away River. There's even a cave you float through. Very beautifully designed. This is not a traditional lazy river in that the depth of the path changes significantly and suddenly along its course. At times you'll be wading through the water and at others you'll be up to your neck floating with the trough beneath bottoming out 8 feet below. There are several entrances/exits to the Wind-Away River. Wind-Away River runs through Explorer's Aviary, so you get some interesting vantage points of the park's flying residents. Quite pretty. Wind-Away River gets two thumbs up from me! Back at Laguna Grill it was time for lunch... We sampled a few of the options they had to offer. After lunch it was time for some snorkeling in The Grand Reef, the park's saltwater reef. You get to swim up close to a number of rays, fish and even (behind well-designed barriers) sharks. The Seaventure experience in The Grand Reef is an upgrade option that allows you to walk underwater, almost like a helmet/snuba dive combo. The helmets give you full head mobility and no regulator is needed. The helmets are weighed down to help you stay on the floor and are tethered to a floating source of oxygen above. Up close and personal... Some giant rays swim past you and you're totally ok to touch them as they glide past. Baby shark... Daddy shark... The barrier between the sharks and guests in The Grand Reef is pretty subtle. You get very close... They have skates here too! So cool! I really do love The Grand Reef! The Freshwater Oasis is where you can see marmosets and otters in neat wading environment. We didn't see any animals in The Freshwater Oasis during our visit but the environment is still fun to explore. And of course, the Dolphin Swim was an amazing experience. It lasted about an hour and we had the chance to learn about these amazing creatures, observe their behaviors and take some photos with them. Plus you get the chance to glide along with them in the water. We had a great time during our visit to Discovery Cove and I definitely think we'll go back for the Day Resort experience in the near future!
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