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  1. Completely agree. It will be great, but it seems that at least other chain parks around the world at least have something different or stand out and this seems to be pretty similar.
  2. I'm glad they're at least going for a scaled down version of this event and not abandoning it all together which honestly, no one would blame them during these pandemic times if they did.
  3. I really feel for the California parks and people. Trust me, I'm the first to admit that our Florida governor is an idiot and slightly terrifying in his loyalty to Trump but even our very democratic county and democratic county/city leaders looked at the science, listened to the health department and found a safe way to open up the parks. The parks are also being very responsible (well, the large ones!) and going above and beyond the governors loose guidelines. It's ridiculous and just completely asinine to keep some of the California parks closed while allowing some to operate under w
  4. Glad you could make it to a park and have some fun! I forgot about the crazy wind storm SLC had a few weeks ago, glad they could bounce back so quickly.
  5. ^Yeah, super smart to make this a retrofit. I definitely see some of the parks with multiple towers installing this on one...plus Stratosphere is a no brainer!
  6. Wait...is the “two different experiences based on queue path” riding forwards or backwards which on a ride like this is kind of the exact same?!? Lol. Good for them though, love to see the Dubai parks expanding.
  7. Oh sad! I'm guessing that's the food location right next to Piraten so I'm glad it didn't spread and hurt the Megalite! Also fun fact, we ate in that restaurant on our last visit to the park last year.
  8. Robb and I have not personally been to the park, but we have many trip reports from it on the main forum if you check out the thread all about it!
  9. "I can't believe it's not Manta"!!! HAHAHAHA!!! Love it! Great TR!
  10. ^I found it way more than mildly interesting! Thank you for taking the time to do that. Super interesting numbers and economics at play here.
  11. Rumor is there are some high up California government peeps out in Florida, checking out the parks, and putting something together for your terrible governor who hates parks!
  12. ^Except Knott's is known more for their food and atmosphere than Six Flags is. Six Flags is a rides park plain and simple so I don't think that model would work well for them. I actually feel for you guys out in Cali and really hope the governor looks at the science and opens up outdoor parks soon!
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