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  1. I think I'm more horrified by the random payouts of money to the families!??! $200 for your dead kid a day after it happened? That's crazy.
  2. Yeah, I mean, bad circumstances but this is the right move for them and I'm sure they're actually pretty happy about being able to completely redo the whole pass holder program out there.
  3. Good for them for pivoting and jumping on the food festival bandwagon. Excited to see some of the offerings.
  4. Yeah, this will be an easy year for me as I think I only rode one or two new coasters! I will take the time to go back though and make sure everything else looks good in my rankings.
  5. I still can't believe SFMM is doing this! I mean, it's awesome, but just so odd!
  6. They also stopped EMH after 9/11. We'll see if it comes back again or it gets replaced by the before and after parties they had been upcharging lately.
  7. Did we get any snow pictures from the San Antonio parks? If Austin got 4" I would hope the parks at least got some flurries!?!?
  8. I'm glad they're finally doing a premium everything ticket and I imagine we'll see it up at the $750 level when things are back to normal! When we had to negotiate their weird system for a visit during HHN we ended up buying four different express pass options and spent about $750 per person on the ONE day!!!! It's more than a little crazy, and don't forget they still also don't do re-entry!!!
  9. This is great! Love the shaded area at Legoland Dubai and it's needed in Florida half of the year so a nice addition.
  10. Interesting to at least get an update about this. I think many of us assumed this would be something that would just quietly go away. Saudi Arabia is an interesting choice for a super world record breaking coaster that many of us will not be able to get to, but I do hope this paves the way for more giant Intamin coasters around the planet!
  11. I mean, to be fair...I LOVED THE LITTLE QBOT GUY!!!! They even had merchandise for him at one point!!!
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