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  1. We posted a video about this when it was announced that includes a full pot and off ride of the actual coaster this is based on from Skyline Park.
  2. ^^Great report. I think I would die if I was on Zumanjaro and they launched a Kingda Ka train.
  3. Nice story and history of Jack. Clowns never scared/bothered me but they seem to really affect a large percent of the population so good for them!
  4. I moved your topic here so you can get more opinions!
  5. ^Weird, I've never had an ad like that come up. I'll mention it to Robb and see if there's anything we can do. Are you still getting it?
  6. This is the worst Covid Closure yet! Seriously though, thanks for the report. Interesting with their virtual queuing but then long lines. I'm sure the breakdowns are just like all the ones we're seeing here as they're not back in the groove yet and probably short staffed a bit as well!
  7. I'll be honest, Cedar Point will not be the best choice for your family until your youngest is 54". Maybe a Kings Dominion, Busch Gardens Williamsburg and some culture stuff would be a fun choice?
  8. Hey if Cedar Fair has taught us anything...at least they're not closing for the whole day!!!
  9. ^Yup! We also booked as KT has become quite the Marvel fan and this was the ONE thing she really wanted to do this summer.
  10. You'd think the city at this point would do anything to support and encourage a wonderful business like Grona Lund, but it's also comforting to see that government bureaucracy is messed up everywhere!
  11. I think it would make most sense for this to be a family coaster, but we're all hoping for something more! Also, didn't Fun Spot now build a GCI and Gravity Group woodie? ...they should definitely go with an RMC next!
  12. ^^Cinnamon Bread won't be open till July 1st so maybe wait? Seriously though, if you follow us on Instagram we went last weekend...when there were some issues outside the front gate on a Saturday. The employees and rides were all great, but it was VERY busy most of the day. Storm Chaser and Lightning Run were running amazing.
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