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  1. Oof, this is a big question... First off, I do really like American Dream. I know the reports are very hit and miss based on what's open but we have really enjoyed a few visits to the park and water park. The "mall" is not a real mall at all so keep that in mind. It's more an entertainment area indoors with a few random stores and food. For a second broadway show with kids that age I would probably suggest Aladdin or Lion King unless you think they're a little more advanced then Six could be a fun option too! Food wise, there's just soooo much. Bryant Park Winter Shops will still be going on and it's a ton of little food booths that are all AMAZING, that can be really fun for the kids. Ellen's Stardust Diner for the singing waiters. Any specific food they really like you'll be able to find a really cool restaurant in NYC I guarantee it! Feel free to reach out to me if you have more questions!
  2. Universal Studios, Islands of Adventure, and SeaWorld are all open till 1am. Disney parks are all midnight at the latest. The FunSpot parks are also midnight. So it's really up to you what parks, rides you want to do, SeaWorld would probably give you the best deal for rides, fireworks, and fun for the price.
  3. I don't really see any immediate problems with this. In the past we've seen one company falter while the other flourishes and then it flips every few years. I am excited though to start guessing which parks close and where all their coasters will be dumped!
  4. I blame the old burial ground under Knotts! Seriously, Xcelerator is a bummer, but like others have said whatever the hell they did to destroy Monte is a crime!!!
  5. I still don't now which one is you and which is Daniel in that one pic, twinning!
  6. Yeah, I feel like Tivoli is the perfect park to go have dinner and a nice walk after a long day. Maybe you ride a ride or play a game, but mostly it's just there to be relaxing and give you food.
  7. I also thought the weird kids bunny dark ride was great! I felt bad it didn't have a longer line...maybe cause it was kind of hidden?
  8. Yeah due to school, most of the US parks go to weekends and holidays after Labor Day (first weekend in September). Some parks like Dollywood and Silver Dollar City will operate a few midweek days, and because of Halloween Events you'll find some other parks open Thursday or Friday nights as well. If you're just doing coasters, all the parks you mentioned will be one day parks. If you're wanting to do re-rides and other rides then you may want two days at Dollywood and Silver Dollar City. Carowinds and Holiday World are one day parks. I would also budget for the skip the line programs at all the parks you visit. Operations at all parks worldwide never seemed to fully come back after the pandemic and it will greatly help your day if you can wait less in line!
  9. The park was slammed when we were there last month, I mean, good for them, but I would be there way before opening and be ready to go!
  10. I don't understand how Mexican food is so difficult for the Europeans to understand? But it does lead to some very amusing attempts!
  11. Knott's was one of the first theme parks I remember making an audible gasp over the price of food and drink and I think that was like 15 years ago!!!
  12. I don't know how I feel about it from the computer generated pov. I feel like I guess I'll just have to go ride it next summer with a bunch of TPR Friends to figure it out!
  13. ^^Yeah and I don't think it was that big of a deal. I mean, even HHN in hollywood lets people film there and it's no issue.
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