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  1. Wow! Very optimistic! That is a very standard ticket price for any of the Sea World Busch Parks. If you'll be visiting multiple days or other parks in the chain it will be a better deal to get a fun card or annual pass. Sometimes BGW has been on Groupon or other discount sites but I doubt it this summer.
  2. ^&^^ You used to have to. We would time some of our trips to make sure to be where we needed to be to activate it.
  3. I miss traveling overseas!!! Thanks for the updates Hanno, keep them up.
  4. Robb, KT, and I have NEVER had Platinum passes bought at any of the Florida parks. They've always been much more money. Right now some of us have San Diego and some have San Antonio! Grab the cheapest one you can and enjoy!
  5. Toverland has certainly changed a LOT over the years. Still managed to keep their awesome 'playground have a ton of fun' vibe though, even with giant new coasters.
  6. ^It won't be terrible but many Florida schools are already out by then so keep that in mind. For example, Orlando's last day for 200k students is May 25. Tampa IS still in school that week. Not as many 'school trips' for the end of the year but some schools and groups have started back up. In other words, it won't be empty but it will be better than Summer, Spring Break, or Holidays.
  7. ^Why is it OBVIOUS they'll do soft openings? There were zero soft openings for Hagrid's. Sure the ride has been running with people for six months now but we're also in a pandemic when no one seems to know what's actually going on. They are still running it almost every day and I would LOVE to see it soft open but I am not assuming anything.
  8. ^Around Memorial Day, very. Last year? Nope! On the weekends? Yes. When exactly are you looking at? Also note, that ALL parks this year seem to be VERY Crowded both due to pent up demand and lower capacity.
  9. One of the big districts where SFMM is in Valencia has Spring Break this week so...
  10. Went to Aquatica this morning to try out their new slide Riptide Race. It's a fun, two person, double tube slide. Here's a short video we did, bigger video soon! I will say this ride is best enjoyed with a lot of weight in the tubes and make sure you're actually racing someone. It's pretty long for a tube slide so that's also nice. If you're on mobile, tap below for video! MCStitchedVideoHD.MP4
  11. I wonder if it will almost be more like the Avengers ride at IMG in Dubai. I really liked their little Marvel area! Here's a video we shot on it:
  12. Winjas is still the best coaster in that park...Fight me!
  13. I hadn't been following this project at all as I'm not super into Marvel, but now that KT is somewhat obsessed it looks pretty cool! So this took over the bugs life area right? Hope non-Californians are allowed in at some point before the summer is over.
  14. ^I also wonder if they realize they're going to be SLAMMED this summer when people are allowed to travel but for most it will be another domestic only summer.
  15. I mean, at least Merlin is finally using their bizarre ass marketing for something that kind of works?!!? I get that it's a bunch of temporary carnival rides but at this point I'll take it!
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