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  1. ^Yay! I'm so happy they are able to get a little more of their season.
  2. I love the idea of "Riding with Monsters" on the coasters! Really fun! Thanks Bert!
  3. Yeah, I'm doing some research now and it seems some of these aquariums got crap for having tigers indoors and never actually seeing the sun. Now it seems like they've invested in better habitats for them.
  4. I feel like we now need to research if there are any other aquariums that also have Tigers.
  5. So apparently Rise of the Resistance is going to a normal queue next week and pausing the whole crazy virtual queue. This is most likely in preparation for Lightning Lane and due to less crowds right now.
  6. I agree that I think it's time something is seriously done with Lightning Rod. The ride and park have gotten a pass for too long now. It's kind of crazy this ride still doesn't work.
  7. With that combo ticket and re-entry now allowed that pretty much makes it awesome! Glad to see they were able to pull that off.
  8. We haven't gone yet, hoping to check it out the last week of September.
  9. ^On which ride. There are a lot of random rides where they try to drown you!
  10. ^Oh yeah, I'm not faulting the ride ops or the park at all until we know what happened. I have seen my fair share of parents forcing screaming kids on rides and I hate it as I know they are creating an unsafe riding environment for their own children. One time in Australia I even stayed with a stranger's kid as the parents were trying to force him on a roller coaster crying and I offered to stay off with him so they could ride together which was apparently more important than their child's safety. I just hope we get a straight answer soon at least confirming if it was a ride related malfunction, rider error, or something else.
  11. There must be cameras and the ride ops and other guests know if she was scared and trying to get out or not. The argument will be should the restraint have been enough to stop someone from trying to get out. And that's a worrying part of our litigious society. If all restraints have to become Saw Traps to prevent people who want to get out from getting out we will have a problem.
  12. ^^Yeah, sounds like you got lucky. Californians knowing how to merge!?!? That's HILARIOUS!!!!
  13. Sure wish SeaWorld Orlando had gotten this instead of Ice Breaker!!!!
  14. Oh, that is NOT a good report. Those restraints are very open and I wonder if a small child panicking could get out of them?
  15. ^Do yourself a favor and stay far away from the others! Those trains are even more like SAW death traps!!!
  16. Great report, and yeah Atlantic City could fall into the ocean and it would improve New Jersey!
  17. Yeah, I haven't heard about the knee pain issue on those type coasters before. And Jersey Devil is way more comfortable than the ones at SFFT and CGA.
  18. I wonder did that SBF ride ever open this summer!? It was still under construction when we were there and I don't remember seeing any reports of people getting on it. Also, that damn Pirates ride!!! In addition to it trying to kill you in the brakes, it also tried to kill us half way through when our lap bar popped open. And now I really want pizza!!!
  19. ^Yeah, I wouldn't do public transportation, it just doesn't work well in LA. Go for that shuttle service for LAX and use Uber around the park.
  20. Don't forget it also has the slowest lift hill so it just takes FOREVER!!!
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