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  1. Awww...I mean, it was sooooo bad it was almost fun?!!??!
  2. ^FYI - the big rides with long lines have been closing the line HOURS before park close. =( Again, hopefully this will be changed and back to normal by the time you go but I tend to doubt it. Also, B&TB Premier Access sells out in the morning so you would have no chance at that. I agree to spend more time at Sea than Land, but the parks are very different from how they used to operate so keep that in mind.
  3. I think this is a great, valid, and topical question. I have many of the same feelings as posters above but will add something else that we've done in the past and will continue to do. OFFSET! You know when you buy airfare and they tell you that if you pay a little more you can offset your carbon emissions for the flight? I do that for some of the places we visit! In the past I have donated to Women's and Gay Rights organizations when visiting the Middle East. The LDF, ACLU, and NAACP when in certain US States. And now will probably add Abortion Rights and LGBTQ+ orgs in our US Visits as well. Like others have said, I will not let stupid laws and rules that most of the public doesn't even support stop me from doing something I love and making me happy, but I absolutely can choose to spend the bare minimum in certain places or with certain brands. Everyone who does our trips know that I will go out of my way to avoid Chick Fil A and try to stop the bus at food stops where that's not even an option but I'm not going to ban someone from eating there, I'll just try to educate them on either better options or the offset theory that I use! We have been very vocal since before it was a thing that we don't support JK Rowling but Kristen loves Harry Potter and I'm not going to deny her something she loves because of that horrible bitch! I'll just continue to be vocal about it so people can at least know that she's terrible! Hope this helps and makes sense!
  4. ^I googled a few Japan school calendars and it looks like most schools are back in session by your dates.
  5. ^Honestly seems like kind of a cool idea for passholders for free! Would love to know what they're capping it at or how? Those extreme rides have very low capacity and if they're running them free that's crazy!
  6. Feel free to link to the official Park POV but not other coaster channels. Thanks!
  7. It's always good to see the rodents get the recognition they deserve. I'm sure no one in the US even knows it's their birthday, let alone a full merchandise line!!!
  8. I'm excited that we're finally seeing some different stuff out of B&M, as Lizzo would say...it's about damn time!
  9. ^It depends when you visit. In past seasons you could split up a few things (indoor vs. outdoor, water vs amusement) but you'll have to wait till they put up the info for this summer season if that's when you're planning to visit.
  10. ^I have always believed in Karma and balance in the amusement park industry. SF and CF cannot both be great at the same time and they both can't be terrible. This has been since the 90's. They seem to ebb and flow and go back and forth and put some sort of terrible balance into the world!
  11. Move on everyone. Also, Anyone who thinks ChickFilA isn't in the hate business is wrong. They're just better at hiding it after the backlash. Also, this is the most excitement CP will be getting this season!
  12. I mean, isn't this the same chain that put a location in an NFL Stadium!??!!
  13. Yay! Get rid of judgmental jesus chicken at all parks please!
  14. I don't think this was even a 'height requirement' issue as much as a body shape and child passing out issue!
  15. ^But is it really unfit or is this some weird sketchy jersey thing?? Like are we going to find Jimmy Hoffa's body buried under the water park!?!?
  16. Wow, they're really lucky there were only minor injuries! That's a kids area and it happened while the park was open!
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