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  1. I think it's important to note a few things in the 'reopening' news... - Parks CAN reopen April 1st if they're in the correct tier. This could change. And Orange County and LA county are sometimes not the same tier. - California residents only. - Just because they CAN open doesn't mean they will, I could see them waiting a few weeks to make sure they are ready and numbers are still trending in the right direction.
  2. Yay!! Universal is at least kind of reopening! Very similar event to the DCA event. Starts next Friday and runs Fridays - Sundays through early April for now but may be extended. More information here: https://www.universalstudioshollywood.com/web/en/us/things-to-do/events-and-seasonal-activities/taste-of-universal-food-event
  3. ^Whoa whoa whoa..Stop...are you saying there were SHARKS...WITH LASER BEAMS!!!!!???
  4. Is there an official release somewhere about it opening with the park? I just checked the website and didn't see anything.
  5. I’m shocked that they’re restarting so soon with so much still unknown about the global recovery but I’ll take any good news at this point so yay!!!!
  6. Remind me not to plan a trip to a park with you guys! LOL! Seriously though, I hope the universe is done crapping on your plans and these work out!
  7. I will never understand the Fury love. I've been on it plenty, in heat, in cool weather, in daytime and nighttime, I just don't get it!!! I mean, it's a fun smooth fast ride, but compared to all the other B&M's out there I just, well, don't get it!
  8. Great report. I too am pretty impressed that they were able to break the train!
  9. I'm a little surprised by your BGT review. They really have a pretty awesome coaster collection and Falcon's Fury, the flume, rapids, and the animals just solidify it as a top tier park. Maybe had Montu been running you would have felt a little more impressed.
  10. I assume we're talking Epcot style food and wine booths so $25 should get you at least 4 items.
  11. ^They've already started clearing a lot of land in the parking lot so assuming there. This is very Merlin in many ways. Plus they will now be "Legoland Resort - With three theme parks and several hotels!" I don't know how popular Peppa Pig is in the US but this will surely get the british tourists even more excited!
  12. ^Well, California is pretty darn expensive! I mean, look at what all those drive thru's were charging! Plus it's more like $50 as you get $25 back in food/drink credit for the event.
  13. Bummer about this closing. I agree, this whole concept is just crazy and I REALLY liked it as an attraction.
  14. Great topic! I can't offhand think of anything, but I'm sure something will come to me.
  15. Ha! That's a great point! AJ, can you look at the list of the parks and see which parks have the greatest spread between best and worst coaster?
  16. LOL! Caroline does NOT look impressed by that kiddie coaster. Also did I miss anything or did you not mention that it was the HOTTEST DAY IN SWEDEN pretty much ever the day we were there?!!? Yay Climate Change! Ugh, it was rough!
  17. Yeah, I think the only 'concern' is because people see this park going more the way of Celebration City or Wild Adventures than becoming the next SDC or Dollywood. I think it will stay pretty much the same and that's just fine.
  18. Coastersaurus does not belong in any 'worst' list...let alone a list with Bandit and Coaster Express! It's a kiddie woodie. This is why it may be time to take 'kiddie' rides off the poll.
  19. I like the Castle and Tree of Life the best, not the biggest fan of the ball and Tower but I'm sure they will grow on me over time.
  20. OMG! Don't give Merlin any ideas!!! We're going to see all kinds of new merchandise next year with Nemesis at the world's tallest coaster!!! LOL!!!
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