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  1. This is FANTASTIC news, I love these coasters, nice to have one here. As for where to put it, that parking lot strip might work, its usually used for adminstrative parking.
  2. I love my Soul, so happy I got it, went from a 2000 Tiburon to this, funny, same beta 2.0 cast irom 4 cyl engine, its a tank of an engine, my tib had 170,000 miles and still ran awesome
  3. $3.75 in Albuquerque After reading these california prices, I don't feel to bad
  4. I am a bit confused, while I will never buy a Hummer ( I should not say that, everytime I do, I end up with that car, damn Buick Skylark), anyone should be free to do so, I love cars, and understand, when you see something you like, no matter how impractical, its special. I just bought a new car I am getting slightly better mileage than a Hummer, at about 32mpg, which is above EPA woo for Manual trans, anyway, I do like the view out my front door now 2011 Kia Soul 2003 Hyundai Tiburon GT V6 1976 Camaro 350 with Turbo 350 trans and a ratchet shifter, fun fun fun
  5. I can tell you why I dislike some rap its the same reason I don't listen to any metal on the radio, everyone is pretty much copying everyone else I'm not into rap at all, much more of a rock/metal person, but I have heard some underground stuff a friend of mine showed me that was fantastic, (don't ask the band name, that was a few years ago, and I don't remember) Its the same in Metal, alot of the music I listen to is not mainstream, its main purpose is not to be an true expressiosn of the artist, its to make money, some people can do that, and still be creative and good, but the vast majority can't I am certainly not saying all commercial rap is bad, there are some that I find myself tapping along to, but I appreciate the true nature of underground music, thats just me, i guess
  6. I work at a hospital in Albuquerque, we are somewhat close to regular mexico, being in New Mexico There are additional hand sanitizers and stuff, but it presents in healthy adults as a mild flu, the mortality rate is less than a regular flu, which is estimated to kill 500,000 people annually It is/was a good test of how we would handle a pandemic, but this was not it, they most likely will include a vaccination in next years flu shot for this strain of flu. I have no problem with the reaction, but thank GOD it was not the killer we thought it was
  7. Well mine are 3 and 9, and I work graveyard, So I am Technically not dead, but you should see me when I get home in the morning But that said, I CANNOT wait for April 1st, so I can ride the Rattler, it gets to this time of year, and I start REALLY needing a coaster
  8. So many choices in New Mexico Lets see The New Mexico Rattler in early April
  9. HOLY CRAP I'm still not dead, I just have two kids now, and am busy LOL, what an old thread I do usually check the site about every day, but lurk a bit more, maybe we can see a return of Cliff's photo TR around April 1st
  10. I don't know if ths is just here in Albuquerque, or if this new burger is available everywhere, but I'm probably not going to be rushing down to try it This is a REAL photo caught by Magic Juggler on the dukecityfix forums, an albuquerque forum, funny stuff MMMMMMmmmmm anus burger
  11. I think its a GREAT time to buy stock For VERY cheap, I have purchased GM Fannie Mae Freddie Mac AIG I have put about $500 in the market (its gambling basically, so make sure you can lose it) Fannie and Freddie will be returned as they were with better oversite, and values should go up, this is a long term investment, like years GM is WAY to big to be valued at $5 a share, yes they have money issues right now, but gas prices are falling fast, and some of thier cars in the pipeline, like the Chevy Volt, which should have a MPG rating of 100mpg, should bring life back to the company. Gm also may be getting direct federal loans, aside from the 25 billion gauranteed in the new bill passed by the senate (for upgrades for the new MPG requirments) 50/50 chance Chrysler and GM may merge, also REALLY intresting AIG has only taken out a loan, and issues perferred stock to the goverment to back the loan, Shareholders are trying to raise capital to pay the goverment back quickly, when that happenes, the shares will go back up again, if only one of these companies returns to its former glory, I will have made my money back, and then some. If you have faith in Ford, its at about $2.00 a share, they are a HUGE global company, and make some awesome cars in europe, not so much here. Lets hope they start doing what GM is doing, and start having global cars, it brings up the quality here, and cuts development costs by ALOT, thats why Toyota and Honda have been so succesful, build cars for every market, it makes sence, you should see the Ford Focus in Europe, its a tad bit better than ours European Focus American Focus
  12. That sucks I have never had that issue with my Wii Actually, I have had no issues with any of my systems of late, I have all three, and even my 2 year old 360 still works great The olny thing I can think of is make sure there is PLENTY of ventelation around the machine
  13. No I believ he said, "no one believed Bush would win in 2004 ..... never underestimate the ill-informed and under educated" This thread is turning into a bash the republicans thread, which is very VERY offensive to me, I choose to vote this way because is the way I believe, I see you comparing Palin to a stripper, which is in a word, disgusting Thank goodness I am old enough to have a small amount of respect for other peoples beliefs, I am reporting you all to a moderator, this is rediculious
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