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  1. Awesome pics as always Hanno! That was an awesome day! I'm in some of your pics as well: pic 13, 40 & 42
  2. I hope you guys had fun in ORLANDO on your annual Halloween trip. Nice updates.
  3. The Alpine Coaster at Jiminy Peaks Mountain Adventure park in Hancock, MA on Saturday. It was most likely my last coaster ride of the year & my 304th credit!
  4. ^Well the Alpine Slide was closed so I couldn't tell you. The Alpine Coaster had a top speed of a incredibly fast 26 mph lol.
  5. I've been to Haunt at Dorney a few weeks ago & on Saturday a place called Massacre Mansion in upstate NY. It was acceptable for $15 but the actors were basically local teens with little to no experience. Here is the link: http://www.massacremansion.com/gallery.htm
  6. The Alpine Mountain coaster at Jiminy Peaks Mountain Adventure park on Saturday. This is most likely my last coaster of the year.
  7. Photo TR: A Mountain Adventure October 23, 2010 This past weekend some friends & I headed up to Bearsville, NY to enjoy a nice relaxing weekend up in the mountains where my family lives. I live near Philly so it was about a 4 hour drive. We left Friday night the 22nd & got there around 11:30 pm & started up a campfire. On Saturday we hung out around my grandparent's farm & hiked up to a log cabin I own & shot some guns. We shot a 21 gauge shotgun & a 22"rifle. We did that for about an hour then hit the road to try & find something fun to do. This is where the ro
  8. ^Yup & season 2 starts in April which is when this episode will air.
  9. Photo TR: Six Flags Great Adventure October 15, 2010 This is most likely was my last trip if the year so I thought I would make a small PTR. Yeah it's been a while A few days ago I received an email asking me if I would like to be a part of a film shoot for the Travel Channel show 'Bert The Conqueror'! I had a choice of Kingda Ka, El Toro, or both which was the coasters they were filming for the show. I could only attend the El Toro shoot because I had a college class in the morning (when the Kingda Ka shoot was) so I signed up for the El Toro shoot in the afternoon. Believe it or not thi
  10. Nitro in the back seat earlier today Most likely my last ride of the year
  11. A night ride on Steel Force at Dorney Park during Haunt yesterday (Saturday)
  12. Kingda Ka at GADV earlier today! It was a walk on & I rode it 2x in a row
  13. Don't plan on getting or want an iPad or iPhone anytime soon. Anyway I'm looking forward to TPR: The Magazine Issue #2!
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