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  1. This is awesome. Thanks for posting these. Looking forward to future trips and pictures.
  2. from the same visit to Walibi Lost Gravity Crazy fun ride. Not that long.. but plenty of fun. Together with Untamed and Goliath the park has an awesome line up of coaster
  3. From Yesterday's visit to Walibi Untamed Fun fun fun ride Nice upgrade compared to Robin Hood
  4. Sorry for the lack of updates this last week. Life got in the way I guess. Anyway... Today I got to visit Toverland. How about a couple of Fenix images?? enjoy
  5. from 2010 After Bay Area bash I visited Universal Studios Hollywood. Tram Tour was something I had to check out at that time.. Shark time
  6. let's go back in time. from the 2011 visit Tokyo DisneySea Sindbad counting down the days till the next visit and eating popcorn
  7. from 2014 Tusenfryd Speed Monster. Fun Intamin launched coaster which has a unique location.. right above the entrance with an escalator going underneath it.
  8. from 2014 Phantasialand Opening day for Chiapas Lovely day and fun water ride. dance room fun
  9. Just curious... is anybody still seeing this? reading this? or am I just posting for posting?
  10. from 2014 Opening day of Helix at Liseberg Fun ride
  11. from 2016 weekend trip to Sweden.. Park is Kolmarden Ride is Wildfire Such a fun ride and lovely park
  12. Had the opportunity to experience New Years Eve party at Tokyo Disney Welcome to 2017
  13. Again from 2016 Tokyo Disneyland couple pictures from the Electrical parade fireworks are always fun at the end of the day
  14. I love being able to do walkbacks around coasters and parks. They usually provide some cool photo options. How about some Beast pictures? From 2016 visit to Kings Island
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