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  1. Last bit of this Midwest trip in 07 was spent at Kings Island. Beast at night was a lot of fun. It was kind of challenging to get fun pictures from a lot of rides back then. so you will have to do it with these Thanks for reading, should i continue with updates like this or is nobody interested? such a weird ride. still bummed i did not make it to korea in time. These rides are fun (when done right) most people have a picture like this another weird ride. time to cool down a little talking about weird rides.. grin
  2. next up was the final day of the trip at Kings Island, but with a quick trip to Stricker's grove. here's a couple of pictures of this fun break/stop we made it who needs fencing around a ride such a fun little coaster train ride fun for all ages and the bigger coaster. time to go back to Kings island
  3. Next stop was Kennywood. home to a couple of fun rides and attractions. old school and airtime machines.. fun times. best way to start the day Racing woodie fun times another fun ride plenty of airtime here (loved the walkback) and then there was this crazy ride don't forget about this one either. it was an airtime filled day One more day left from this trip, 2 parks to go.
  4. time for some more Cedar points pictures. The next day started cloudy but it get pretty warm that day. Fun times walking around in the sun, not having to stress about getting or rides and taking lots of pictures Here's a couple from that day. nice way to start the day, it was fast.. and long (ish) but that was it (for me) I had been in Expedition GeForce just a couple of weeks earlier.. and that ran crazy awesome that day, so this just felt mehh maverick was so much fun to ride and look at still wondering what would be with the inversion here..
  5. Yeah, as far as i remember i only skipped one ride, because it had a line and we had ERT the next day anyway. I managed to get on everything else that afternoon/evening Ended the day with a night (bug) ride on dragster and maverick as the last ride of the day. Made it so much easier and more fun the next day. (for pictures and relaxing)
  6. After six flags we drove to Cedar Point. Arrived there late at night.. but they had no power. so i think we got some flashlights and made it to our rooms. As i could see Dragster from the room window i tried to make some pictures while the entire park/area was dark. not my best pictures, but still. The next morning we all woke up early (after a short night) to get in line for the new hotness that was called Maverick.. i'll let the pictures tell the rest of the story 10 second exposure attempt this was a little better at 30 seconds..
  7. next up was Six Flags Great America my first experience with a Six Flags park in the USA (we had one in the Netherlands for a couple of years) It probably was another hot day (for me compared to the weather in the Netherlands) and first experience with Q-bots. these things have been and still are life savers when making long travels and visiting themeparks. Sometimes the only way to make it on all the rides during your visit, but making each and every visit a lot more enjoyable no matter the park or time. (waiting in line for 2 hours just is not my thing) here's
  8. Not too far from Mount Olympus there were a couple of small parks.. one with a powered and a kiddie and a galaxy.. and another park (timberfalls) with mini golf and a wooden coaster.. This ride was awesome, it ran insane that day. hope these pictures give you an idea of how much fun it was speed and airtime flying lanyards crazy faces
  9. Next morning we had a bit more time at Mount Olympus. it was a hot day as far as i can remember. so some tried the water ride and others did the go-karts, most of the group did a couple more laps on the coasters ( i think) i don't have pictures of the waterpark, but vaguely remember some going in there (or maybe that was another visit) anyway not sure what happened here Dive to Atlantis has been removed since this visit so many go-kart tracks to try/ signs are always fun to check out.. But the highlight for my was C
  10. After this fun stop we made it to Mount Olympus. here's a couple of pictures from my first couple of hours there. We had more time the next morning. first coaster spotted in a tent join the line outside area and then there was this.. Cyclops. hairtime machine that back row was so much fun Guess not everybody felt comfortable letting go of the handlebar night time rides on this... so many stories.. grin more pictures from this park in the next update Hope you are still enjoyin
  11. After Indiana Beach it was time for a pretty long drive. But with a surprise stop at Little Amerricka. This park felt like it was in the middle of nowhere and just a bunch of fun things to do gathered in a single place. Like somebody had too much money and just bought a bunch of stuff to keep the kids in the area entertained. At least that's what comes to mind from memories at this time and looking back at the pictures. They had just finished a new coaster at that time, so we got to be the "test dummies" to test it out. It was a nice surprise and awe
  12. Yeah, many years later I could be the old guy doing crazy stuff
  13. ^ so many fun memories from that entire trip (and so many pictures) Anyway, next day we had a long drive and stopped at Indiana Beach. Back then (07) it reminded me a lot of Blackpool Pleasure Beach (only because i had been there the year before) Rides and shops on top of each other and all kinds of random things around loved how it's located along the water, gives fun opportunities and also a fun water stunt show to look at (back then) first coaster you see as it goes along the waterfront fun for all ages and then there was this "thing"
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