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  1. let's talk about the next park. Drievliet. It's a small park in the Netherlands with a set of "standard" rides and something a little different. plenty of flat rides and fun things to do. we got there at the end of the day, had time to do a fun lap and check out the rides at the park and finished with a bit of time on the new addition (back then) at the park. first things first, this spinner was crazy wild mouse with rust theming but it was a fun ride powered coaster. check i see a loop flat ride fun just cruising around so yeah, this was a very nice surprise (but more rides later) small area but lots of fun for those summer days for the people that don't mind going up in the air logflumes are always a nice touch not sure about this thing launch track and yeah, it did go upside down fun time and this reminds me i should go back there someday to see how the park is doing these days. is anybody still reading this??
  2. Next day started at Efteling. Plenty of changes to the park since these pictures in 08. lots of walking and sore feet after a day at this park (and we had another park to visit later that day) welcome to the Efteling Hotel early morning butter Pegasus woodie coaster. ok ride, but the ride that came in it's place is more fun owh yeah, this thing still standing.. BOB is gone as well weird water coaster/ride thing. Station theming was great though lasers lights are always fun efteling version of "it's a small world" too many stereotypes.. has to be changed as well Next stop: Drievliet
  3. Next stop during the 08 Europe Trip was Toverland. Such a fun place (and they got some great new rides since 08) Looking back at these images it reminds me that i should go back there sometime during the next couple of months for a relaxing day of picture taking and riding. anyway, we arrived sometime during the afternoon, had time to explore the park a bit, got some food and then had part of the park to ourselves (with the group) fun times first look from the bus at Troy ropes course was a lot of fun triangle and carnage.. back to Troy fun times first drop so much has been added to the park since 08. onride crazy so many levels and changes entering the fly-through sun is getting lower ropes course was also an option after dinner bit of a challenge for some and don't forget about booster bike.
  4. The next day we started at Bobbejaanland. fun park, not too big (back then) with some fun and crazy rides. perfect way to start the day and wake up a little fun ride and plenty of options for picture taking and then we noticed this thing... i guess a picture says more than a thousand words is pretty accurate in this case (i skipped it and am happy about it) anyway, back to the coasters and rides power thingy nice looking water ride crazy long coaster train and party inside and the kiddie coaster. Next stop: Toverland
  5. The afternoon/evening was filled with a fun activity close to Walibi Belgium. Lots of climbing and ziplines welcome to Aventure Parc some rules/info after getting dressed people were released on the course in groups. starting small and low things got more difficult over time some people looked in despair over the different challenges (or just felt old) and others made it look easy. but the ziplines got bigger each level and so got the reward/stoke Not sure if the place is still around, but if you get the chance to try something similar, go for it. Lot of fun with a group of friends.
  6. Next stop was Walibi Belgium Looking back at the pictures it was another hot and busy day at the park (must have been a heatwave in the area at the time of the trip) Somehow i managed to not ride the awesome shooter at the park (actually still have not done that) and we had a lovely look at that weird coaster/zipline/contraption thing that was built and torn down pretty soon after that. It was closed at that time. anyway, picture time. welcome to Walibi Belgium such a weird contraption first ride of the day, shuttle thing i guess we can ride the kiddie i've been told this is an awesome shooter. somehow i still have not been on it drop towers are fun mine train coaster ride. water effects are always nice another look at this weird thing that was not around for long. wooden coaster Boomerang Raft ride was pretty popular that day so was the logflume
  7. First official day of the trip was a visit to Parc Asterix Fun park but in France.. so yeah.. highlight was Defi de Cesar to me, for the rest i don't remember much from that day/visit. Fun theming in the park bob time somewhat infamous/signature picture coaster time happy people ouch believe this was entrance to some indoor rides. signature screaming faces. up-side-down kiddie time water ride i believe this was a dark ride raft ride view?? another kiddie coaster this was fun, queue area etc was awesome
  8. Sorry for the delay, it has been a crazy busy month Anyway. The next Trip i joined was the Europe trip in 2008. Lots of new parks (and some familiar ones) with a fun group of people Fun times. First stop on arrival day was at Le Jardin d'Acclimation this was a very nice coaster with a fun "tunnel" feature fun for all ages and yes, there was a powered coaster and the spinner. There also was a zoo area and other fun things to look at (or play with) i'll try to update this 3 times a week, fingers crossed
  9. Last bit of this Midwest trip in 07 was spent at Kings Island. Beast at night was a lot of fun. It was kind of challenging to get fun pictures from a lot of rides back then. so you will have to do it with these Thanks for reading, should i continue with updates like this or is nobody interested? such a weird ride. still bummed i did not make it to korea in time. These rides are fun (when done right) most people have a picture like this another weird ride. time to cool down a little talking about weird rides.. grin fun for all ages yeah, 2 trains that's all for today (and midwest 07)
  10. next up was the final day of the trip at Kings Island, but with a quick trip to Stricker's grove. here's a couple of pictures of this fun break/stop we made it who needs fencing around a ride such a fun little coaster train ride fun for all ages and the bigger coaster. time to go back to Kings island
  11. yeah, sure was a fun trip back in 07. time flies.
  12. Next stop was Kennywood. home to a couple of fun rides and attractions. old school and airtime machines.. fun times. best way to start the day Racing woodie fun times another fun ride plenty of airtime here (loved the walkback) and then there was this crazy ride don't forget about this one either. it was an airtime filled day One more day left from this trip, 2 parks to go.
  13. time for some more Cedar points pictures. The next day started cloudy but it get pretty warm that day. Fun times walking around in the sun, not having to stress about getting or rides and taking lots of pictures Here's a couple from that day. nice way to start the day, it was fast.. and long (ish) but that was it (for me) I had been in Expedition GeForce just a couple of weeks earlier.. and that ran crazy awesome that day, so this just felt mehh maverick was so much fun to ride and look at still wondering what would be with the inversion here.. airtime for the win fog gave a nice effect mean streak was pretty bad even back then another crazy memory and picture from that trip launches are always photo-genic and yeah.. i did a long walk outside the park as well.. to finish this update. was a fun visit next up Kennywood.
  14. Yeah, as far as i remember i only skipped one ride, because it had a line and we had ERT the next day anyway. I managed to get on everything else that afternoon/evening Ended the day with a night (bug) ride on dragster and maverick as the last ride of the day. Made it so much easier and more fun the next day. (for pictures and relaxing)
  15. After six flags we drove to Cedar Point. Arrived there late at night.. but they had no power. so i think we got some flashlights and made it to our rooms. As i could see Dragster from the room window i tried to make some pictures while the entire park/area was dark. not my best pictures, but still. The next morning we all woke up early (after a short night) to get in line for the new hotness that was called Maverick.. i'll let the pictures tell the rest of the story 10 second exposure attempt this was a little better at 30 seconds.. but yeah.. it was dark. power is back so the next morning we got in line... for Maverick while waiting in line... and then this came.. yeah.. it was about to get a lot more wet. after heading back to the hotel, having a bite and fun there at the bar the rain stopped late in the afternoon. The park and all the rides opened and i left my camera in the hotel room to not have to worry about a bag and just get the rides in. We had another day at the park and plenty of time to get some decent pictures that sky was the craziest sky i had seen in a long long long time. Welcome to Cedar Point
  16. next up was Six Flags Great America my first experience with a Six Flags park in the USA (we had one in the Netherlands for a couple of years) It probably was another hot day (for me compared to the weather in the Netherlands) and first experience with Q-bots. these things have been and still are life savers when making long travels and visiting themeparks. Sometimes the only way to make it on all the rides during your visit, but making each and every visit a lot more enjoyable no matter the park or time. (waiting in line for 2 hours just is not my thing) here's a couple of pictures from that day. was a perfect way to start the day crazy people owh yeah, this thing.. First decent (forces) flyer for me at that time. (had been to Alton Towers but that one felt little compared to this) i believe this was a spinner? weird coaster.. just going back and forward with 2 spikes.. now these are fun first standup for me.. so weird.. kiddie coaster credit.. racing wooden coaster fun and the loop. Next up: Cedar Point.
  17. Not too far from Mount Olympus there were a couple of small parks.. one with a powered and a kiddie and a galaxy.. and another park (timberfalls) with mini golf and a wooden coaster.. This ride was awesome, it ran insane that day. hope these pictures give you an idea of how much fun it was speed and airtime flying lanyards crazy faces
  18. Next morning we had a bit more time at Mount Olympus. it was a hot day as far as i can remember. so some tried the water ride and others did the go-karts, most of the group did a couple more laps on the coasters ( i think) i don't have pictures of the waterpark, but vaguely remember some going in there (or maybe that was another visit) anyway not sure what happened here Dive to Atlantis has been removed since this visit so many go-kart tracks to try/ signs are always fun to check out.. But the highlight for my was Cyclops. so many great pictures. chill in the backrow and the best picture i think next up a couple of quick stops in the area before heading to a six flags park
  19. After this fun stop we made it to Mount Olympus. here's a couple of pictures from my first couple of hours there. We had more time the next morning. first coaster spotted in a tent join the line outside area and then there was this.. Cyclops. hairtime machine that back row was so much fun Guess not everybody felt comfortable letting go of the handlebar night time rides on this... so many stories.. grin more pictures from this park in the next update Hope you are still enjoying this trip through memory lane.
  20. After Indiana Beach it was time for a pretty long drive. But with a surprise stop at Little Amerricka. This park felt like it was in the middle of nowhere and just a bunch of fun things to do gathered in a single place. Like somebody had too much money and just bought a bunch of stuff to keep the kids in the area entertained. At least that's what comes to mind from memories at this time and looking back at the pictures. They had just finished a new coaster at that time, so we got to be the "test dummies" to test it out. It was a nice surprise and awesome way to break up the drive that day. test dummies lining up such a fun little coaster and perfect for filming etc this was the weirdest coaster even.. the view from the lifthill (other way from this picture) was so unique.. i think this was the first time i got on of of these type of rides.. seen plenty since still a fun video and memory from that visit. was amazed they managed to get in that together. Not sure if it would still be possible/allowed these days Next up Mount Olympus (and way too many pictures)
  21. Yeah, many years later I could be the old guy doing crazy stuff
  22. ^ so many fun memories from that entire trip (and so many pictures) Anyway, next day we had a long drive and stopped at Indiana Beach. Back then (07) it reminded me a lot of Blackpool Pleasure Beach (only because i had been there the year before) Rides and shops on top of each other and all kinds of random things around loved how it's located along the water, gives fun opportunities and also a fun water stunt show to look at (back then) first coaster you see as it goes along the waterfront fun for all ages and then there was this "thing" such a fun and crazy ride water stunt show folks playing around fire is always good for entertainment and then there is this still one of my all time favorite pictures. Just having time to try something different and getting that as a result was so much fun. Next up, another 2 park day
  23. After a fun morning at Kentucky Kingdom it was time for an afternoon/evening at Beech Bend. Fun little park (at that time) with all kinds of fun things and Kentucky Rumbler. i'm not sure anymore if i had seen a documentary about the building of this ride before or after the visit. But it was a fun watch. anyway here's a couple of pictures of that afternoon. Nascar karts spinning coasters are fun somebody got stuck here too long powered coasters can be scary loop de loop first looks at this GCI fun times (with low light) but low light also gives fun opportunities. Hope you enjoyed this update. Next up Indiana Beach and one of my all time favorite pictures
  24. Next day we had a morning stop at Kentucky Kingdom. it was a hot day, park on both sides of the road (i think i almost missed checking out the other side) forgot to ride Deluge but did get some pictures of the group having fun. Photo camera and waterpark are not a good mix anyway here's a couple of pictures. Chang T2 (SLC expressions) more T2 "Manboobs" on Deluge Next stop is Beech Bend
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