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  1. The park was reportedly sold for $15 million about 10 years ago, at the time the previously owners were claiming $1 million a year in revenue. There are plenty of small parks in the New Jersey area that survive. With proper market research, a little elbow grease and smart decisions I see no reason this park can't return. There are enough families in the area that won't snub their nose at a small park. I just hope enthusiasts don't put unrealistic expectations on the park and sh!t on the park because it is not for them.. I would love to see the new owners utilize the lake like Indiana
  2. Unless I'm missing something, simply stated, we're looking at the start of a public relations campaign to expand Disneyland. Of course if the focus is on what it can be, they are going to show the "best of" from other properties. I like their comment about removing old rides as a starting point to quiet the opposition from the Disneyland elitists who think their park is the best because it is the original park and sometimes oppose change because they are living in the past.
  3. It all depends on how you rate the most mediocre line-up. I would say the park with the most coasters where none would be in my Top 250 or so would be mediocre in my opinion. Of the parks I've been to Non-US Parks Wiener Prater takes the top spot FlamingoLand SunPark (China) Chuanlord Manor US Parks Valleyfair! Wild Adventures Morey Piers However, Wonderland Eurasia might be the true winner
  4. I just ran across this update https://wcfcourier.com/news/local/lost-island-theme-park-taking-shape/article_3cc989ee-17b8-59dd-b04c-70666c92b2ab.html Lost Island Theme Park taking shape Jeff Reinitz Feb 28, 2021 WATERLOO — Iowa’s newest theme park is rising from a former farm field south of town. The purple supports and tracks of a roller coaster soar above the snow-covered ground, and buildings are beginning to spring up as construction workers continue to labor through the winter. Work is projected to continue through 2021, and the Lost Island The
  5. Is the Citrus Tower still in Clermont? I remember it was a big deal when I was there as a kid.
  6. I saw this headline and thought maybe Goudurix was leaving. No such luck, only the dolphins, sealions and accompanying shows are leaving. https://www.mccourier.com/parc-asterix-announces-the-closure-of-a-flagship-attraction-that-has-existed-since-it-opened-in-1989/ Parc Astérix announces the closure of a flagship attraction that has existed since it opened in 1989 mccadminJanuary 25, 2021 This is the side change for Parc Astérix. The amusement park announced this morning in Le Parisien that one of its main attractions, which has been around since opening in 19
  7. The saga may be over, Standard Amusement is allowed to run Playland https://newyork.cbslocal.com/2020/12/18/playland-standard-amusements/ Exclusive: Westchester County Executive Agrees To Turn Over Playland Management To Private Firm By Tony AielloDecember 18, 2020 at 7:40 pm RYE, N.Y. (CBSNewYork) — There has been a major development for the future of Playland, the country’s only government-operated amusement park. The county executive in Westchester has agreed to turn over management of Playland to a private company starting in 2022. A thaw in the legal battle o
  8. If I remember correctly, Wonder Garden was as you assumed, but for kids only.
  9. I was about to post similar info and photos Yahoo News picked up from engadget after the press release YahooLink Other Key Takeaways: Although small to open a Donkey Kong area is under construction Osaka is a COVID hot spot again Super Nintendo World, the much anticipated “life-size, living video game” theme park will open on February 4th in Osaka, Universal Studios Japan has announced. The opening date is a welcome surprise, as Universal and Nintendo last said that the park would open in the spring of 2021. To get folks revved up, Universal Studios Japan (USJ) ha
  10. 5 days of complimentary nights at the resort is worth half the price. If a family of 4 buys 4 passes are they entitled to 4 separate 5 night stays. It is a large investment but, if you look at it that way it's not a bad deal.
  11. It's all about adding money to the bottom line immediately during Q4 since 2020 passes were extended through 12/31/2021. I'm more surprised they are not trying to pre-sell Flash Passes to 2020 Season Pass holders at this time.
  12. I've never been one to go all gaga over Anton, but I enjoyed this coaster. And the Polyp fits in nicely with the park's classic vibe. These two rides are choices by the new owner.
  13. Here are a few photos that ran in a variety of Japanese newspapers last month. The new Opening Date is Spring 2021
  14. Very happy to see this wonderful park working with this great roller coaster designer/builder. Now to start traveling again and get back Silverwood.
  15. Thanks for the feedback. I'll contact Robb and ask him to restore the Park Index to back-up files from June 15th. That is around the last time I can guarantee its accuracy.
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