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  1. She won't stay out of it even though it clearly should not be viewed as an issue
  2. I won't make predictions about operational changes, food, parks closing, future licensing or which skip the line service to use as there are too many intangibles. However, I except future All Park Season Passes to be priced in the neighborhood of the current Cedar Fair Premium Passes, I don't expect them to go up too much as an overall increase in pass sales should occur at the Premium Level and drive revenue. However, I would not be surprised if the new entity develops regional passes at a price point in between the single park pass price and the Premium Level pass. This could be another area to drive revenue without forcing everybody to go to the Premium Pass but providing flexibility. Maybe in the style of a Eurail Pass where you pay one price for one country and incremental costs to add neighboring countries without having to buy coverage of all Europe.
  3. I think the only reason I saw it last time was a small sign on the wall or window of the attraction with the Desperado character, I don't think there was a big sign promoting the attraction.
  4. The haunted walkthrough sounds like a great addition to Tivoli Gardens. Walking through in the conga line really freaks me out if I'm not in the front as my view as hindered. Also, the salmon as Tivoli Gardens looks just as good as year ago. Regarding Bakken, always great to see a working Desperados.
  5. Sounds like a good addition to balance the park. They needed to do something with that building. Love the idea an attraction based beer.
  6. Always good to see a JimmyBo PTR. As far as your question about getting old, I think it would be better if you just said you were "classic"
  7. SeaWorld Makes $3.4 Billion Takeover Bid for Cedar Fair https://finance.yahoo.com/news/seaworld-makes-3-4-billion-160741492.html As reported by Bloomberg (Bloomberg) -- SeaWorld Entertainment Inc. has offered to buy amusement park owner Cedar Fair for around $3.4 billion, people with knowledge of the matter said. SeaWorld made a bid of about $60 per unit in cash for Sandusky, Ohio-based Cedar Fair, according to the people, who asked not to be identified because the information is private. The companies are working with advisers on the proposal, the people said. Deliberations are ongoing, and it’s unclear if the approach will lead to a transaction, the people said. A representative for Cedar Fair declined to comment, while a spokesperson for SeaWorld didn’t immediately respond to a request for comment. And I thought SEAS was struggling financially. I don't see CF selling at this price. I don't think shareholders will approve it and CF is supposedly considering bringing back the dividend, which would probably also drive the share price back to $60.
  8. Please consult a medical professional about this. Riding a flying coaster (due to the riding position) does not sound like a good idea. Yes, there will be some pressure on your abdomen from the restraints, the amount depends on your dimensions. The pretzel loops on the B&Ms provide a very intense sensation and I don't know if that will trigger a reaction in you.
  9. Grand Texas will finally add some rides. Big Rivers Waterpark and Adventures is opening a new portion of the park called Big Rivers Fairground featuring 11 rides. All rides are expected to be operational in the spring, but some rides will open for the park's upcoming Christmas event. RCDB is showing that a VISA SBF spinning coaster will open next month. https://communityimpact.com/houston/lake-houston-humble-kingwood/parks-recreation/2021/11/29/big-rivers-waterpark-adventures-set-to-add-11-new-attractions/ Big Rivers Waterpark & Adventures set to add 11 new attractions By Wesley Gardner Big Rivers Waterpark & Adventures is launching a series of new rides with some of the new attractions opening to the public by December. The water and adventure park is part of Grand Texas, a 630-acre entertainment, dining and shopping destination in New Caney. According to Carl Foy, Big Rivers Waterpark & Adventures’ marketing director, the new portion of the park, dubbed Big Rivers Fairgrounds, will feature 11 amusement park rides, including a spinning rollercoaster, a rocking pirate ship, a 360-degree spinning pendulum and several attractions for children. “Big Rivers Waterpark & Adventures is all about providing positive family experiences,” he said. “[The fairgrounds] is designed to be fun for all.” The new rides will add to the variety of attractions already available at the park, including water slides, a wave pool, rock climbing, a forest maze, ax throwing, a concert venue and a large aquatic obstacle course. According to Foy, the addition of the fairgrounds will allow the park to open earlier in the year than it has in the past. “It adds more length to our season and more components that we can grow with,” Foy said. “We can open up in March for spring break, for example, when the kids are out of school and it might still be too chilly to swim.” Foy noted officials were still in the planning phase of developing extended hours as of press time Nov. 16. “It depends on the time of year and weather conditions,” Foy said. “If it’s too cold, people don’t want to be climbing up and down walls and doing zip lines.” While Foy said the new rides that will be included in the fairgrounds are still under construction, some of them will be open to the public for the park’s upcoming Christmas at Big Rivers event in December. The rest of the new rides will be open by March 2022, he said. Looking to the future, Foy said Grand Texas’ main goal will be the construction of a theme park, although he said there still was not a timeline for when it would arrive. “The theme park is the ultimate goal, but it’s still a little bit away,” he said.
  10. What really got lost in the mix today is the addition of a Wacky Worm! And I wouldn't be surprised if the "Texas Wildcat" is another coaster, since "Wildcat" is popular coaster. https://austin.culturemap.com/news/entertainment/11-19-21-cota-amusement-park-2022-two-new-attractions/ Austin’s COTA reveals thrilling attractions for intensified amusement park in 2022 By John Egan Nov 19, 2021, 9:15 am Austin’s COTAland amusement park is getting ready to take visitors on a thrill ride — or two thrill rides, to be exact. The Circuit of the Americas announced on November 16 that COTAland, scheduled to formally debut in 2022, will become home to two thrill rides: the SkyBlazer and the Palindrome. COTAland reps say it’s the only place where people will be able to take advantage of these two rides next year. COTA has long been known for its racetrack, which hosts the U.S. Formula 1 Grand Prix and other racing events, but also features a variety of entertainment offerings, including its karting track, zip line, and holiday and music experiences. With the addition of COTAland, the property aims to take amusement to the next level. “COTA is working with the attraction industry’s best creators and producers to make COTAland a go-to amusement park destination,” Matt Hughey, senior manager of COTAland, says in a news release. “COTAland will feature everything from rides for young children to hair-raising experiences that will thrill even the most experienced theme park lovers. Something for everyone!” The SkyBlazer seats 18 riders side by side on a circular platform before raising them off the ground and then sending them hundreds of feet into the air. “After a few moments of anticipation, the rip cord releases and sends patrons into a momentary free fall before the swing motion catches them and sends them soaring over the enthralled onlookers,” the news release says. The Palindrome roller coaster will feature a 95-foot vertical lift hill, a top speed of 51 mph, two inversions, and a vertical “hop-stall” before riders experience the ride again — in reverse. Today, the park features “kiddie” rides, including a Ferris wheel and a carousel, but the SkyBlazer and Palindrome will elevate at least some of the experience to the adult category. Other rides planned for COTAland include the Skyflyer, Wacky Worm, and Texas Wildcat.
  11. After being delayed for two years, Luna Park is following through on some previously announced plans. https://abc7ny.com/luna-park-coney-island-amusement-sky-chaser/11084826/ Coney Island's Luna Park breaks ground on new rides, roller coaster, pedestrian plaza Tuesday, October 5, 2021 CONEY ISLAND, Brooklyn (WABC) -- Coney Island's famed Luna Park broke ground Tuesday on expansion plans for new attractions and pedestrian plazas set to open for the 2022 season. The expansion includes a new ropes course, appropriately named the Sky Chaser, along with the Super Flume and the J2SK Coaster, a log flume intertwined with an exhilarating roller coaster creating a brand new unique experience for guests. In addition to the three new attractions, Luna Park is transforming three streets in landscaped pedestrian plazas between Wonder Wheel Way and the Coney Island Boardwalk. The new rides will be located in a long abandoned lot nestled between the minor League stadium and Luna Park, and the foundation is already in with the tracks on site. The city owns the land and leased it to Central Amusement International, which runs Luna park. "Luna Park will unveil two custom made Zamperla rides," Central Amusement International President Alessandro Zamperla said. "A roller coaster, the J2SK Coaster, and the Super Flume ride." The plans had been in place but were delayed by the pandemic. "For the entire year, there was no Luna Park, and there really was no Coney Island," NYC Parks Assistant Commissioner David Cerron said. "And I think that that makes this moment so much more meaningful and exciting." And while the Luna Park reopened this past summer, crowds weren't what they usually are, and businesses struggled. The new attractions could help. "It's probably going to bring a lot of people to Luna Park, for things to do for the kids and stuff like that, but it should be interesting," Ruby's Bar manager David McBarnett said. "I don't do roller coasters, but it should be cool." In addition to the attractions, there will be three newly upgraded pedestrian areas with kiosks and carnival booths. But the plans for those also changed because of the pandemic. "Instead of having all the containers, all the kiosks, one attached to the other, we actually created some space between them," Zamperla said. "COVID informed us a lot when it comes to construction, safety, and we did change some of the plans." The plazas will be an open-air entertainment destination with food, games and retail locations, adorned with shaded seating and greenery. Named after an iconic piece of Coney Island's history, Luna Park is the largest amusement park in New York City and the Big Apple's most famous playground -- with a heritage that stretches back more than 130 years. Luna Park lights up the famous Coney Island skyline with its timeless charm, historic landmarks, and exciting novelties. Adjacent to the nearly three miles of sandy beaches, two and a half miles of boardwalk, and other top attractions, Luna Park -- which employs more than 1,200 people -- offers more than 50 games, rides and roller coasters.
  12. Good luck with the government and courts in getting the park's plans but on track
  13. On Thursday I visited for the first time in a month and saw that they more than doubled the size of the preferred parking area. Anyone have any insight if this is permanent or just done an anticipation of Fright Fest? Doing it for Fright Fest makes sense since Preferred Parking can fillup during Fright Fest. Implementing it year round only makes it appear to be a money grab, unless the push for memberships is also going to include an increase in "free" or incentived preferred parking.
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