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  1. ^ hmm. . just checked my own profile, and it seems to be ok. so doesn't *appear* to be a site wide thing. hope the gurus can figure it out!
  2. the one at SFFT is the tallest in the world tho, since it goes up 5 stories and I totally forgot to post my purchase I made while they were in the queue for Joker: A KISS meets the Phantom shirt. I had seen others post about buying them and was determined to find it in the park! (the shop in Rockville where I found it sells all kinds of weird non-connected-to-Six-Flags-in-any-way stuff. . . . but at least this has a connection: "Kiss Meets the Phantom of the Park" was filmed at Six Flags Magic Mountain! $30 including tax, but yes, i really DID need *another* KISS shirt (
  3. Continued: we made it over to the boardwalk area, and they let us in because of our badges (past the growing line of folks who were ready to head to this portion of the park, that opened up at Noon). It was ~11:40, so we still had time to make the pirates walk thru, and I was really glad to get this opportunity. I've ridden this a TON of times, but what a difference walking thru it with lights on makes - I noticed all kinds of detail that had escaped me before! granted, no effects were really on (safety, of course, you cant have live effects when folks are walking), but I still
  4. So, after trying twice earlier and the universe being against her, Kim and her son Joel *finally* made it out to Six Flags Fiesta Texas last weekend. Originally her trip got cancelled and then rescheduled as part of an ACE event in Feb - which then got wiped out by the Texas Ice Storm. I was supposed to meet up with them both times. . . .however, in the interim, a new FB group formed, Thrill Seekers United (that is Texas based, but welcomes anyone from anywhere). I joined this group, since local-ish, and I knew some of the people in it from a prior group. TSU planned their first
  5. ^^ oh, that sucks . . maybe he can shift his visit a day so full day in park on Sun, with preview on Sat (looks like hours are the same both days: 11-7pm)
  6. there's a free shuttle (at least used to be) between the parks too. . so you can base camp in Tampa (cheaper than Orlando), and get to SWO without messing with traffic! I think we did 4 day when we went (although the 4th was a 1/2 day before heading to the airport). . . but I remember the price being about the same as you note per park.
  7. ^ drive up Friday night, and take advantage of the preview. 2-3 hours before close on the day before your ticket, you get in. Crowds will be light at end of day, and you can knock out the "big" rides you want. . then the next day: 1) you won't feel so rushed 2) you'll have a better idea if you feel you need to get Fast Track (I would, just because everything's been so crowded, but if you knock stuff out on Preview night, you might not feel that you must get fast lane) 3) your parking on Friday night for preview will still be good on Sat (so you only pay the 1st time) 4) if yo
  8. ^ now they've changed the wording to make it clear? yeah. hope those who go enjoy it.
  9. I just bought plane tickets for Dragon*con (not bad at all: ~$234 for round trip from Texas to Atlanta. (prior to this, what I bought was a bag of tacos in Seguin, while I was across the street visiting ZDT for the first time to ride the Switchback RollerCoaster. These Tacos were *legit* and worth the trip to Seguin alone.
  10. tho credit where it's due. . that horrible coaster *does* look amazing with that lighting.
  11. the Japanese Grill at Hotel Breakers (and the Perkins for Breakfast) are pluses for me too. I can take or leave the TGI Fridays, tho the patio overlooking the beach/pool at that location is nice. as you noted, Zach, the bar (indoors and outdoors by the firepits, where they have waitress service) is wonderful.
  12. #1 argument to stay at Hotel Breakers (for me): PARKING yes, you get free parking at Breakers Express. . but Hotel Breakers is *on property* you do not have to move your car, you can get up and walk to the park entrance. you park your car the day you arrive - in Hotel Breakers lot. . and there. you're parked at Cedar Point (unless you make a trip to the CVS in town to stock up the mini fridge in the room). you do not have to get up early/early/early every day, get in your car, sit in traffic to get across the peninsula roadway, go thru the parking booths, find a spo
  13. you're coming from overseas. spend the $$ and book at Hotel Breakers (which is on property, and easy walk to/from the park - so much so that you can go back to the room to put the leftovers from Melt! into the fridge). It's expensive, but oh so worth it, and the only way I'll do a multi-day trip to the park. (on property also gets you the best early entry perks, and you won't have to worry about parking) https://www.cedarpoint.com/resorts/hotel-breakers?gclid=Cj0KCQjw38-DBhDpARIsADJ3kjm8sOUGuYA1idwd3eqRO3rBLygPDgAmA8HtfwwHJCen7ZJvUar2THUaAh8HEALw_wcB&gclsrc=aw.ds
  14. the data on your phone saves it that way. the workaround is to open the pic and "edit". . flip it 180, save. then edit again to flip back to correct orientation and save again. that's the workaround on my phone for the pics that sometimes go upside-down. Fixed it for ya here tho (Yeah was pretty windy on Sat/Sun. . I'm sure that's why it valleyed)
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