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  1. ^ the moldy Garfield props are what stunk, I'm sure I'm sure it got deep clean/fumigation when they converted it over!
  2. ^ it smelled SO bad in there tho. . . I still have flashbacks to it, years after we went! great report, and pics!
  3. last year was their 1st year round cycle (and it got funky due to Covid). SFFT went year round 2 years ago.
  4. I do NOT need any more T-shirts. . especially "nerd" T-shirts. . . but - Offworld Designs has sent me an email telling me that as the founders are retiring (and it sounds like they are closing the business) they are having a sale on everything in the warehouse to reduce the inventory remaining. everything 50% off. . . (that's EVERYTHING. . even the stuff on sale). so? I couldn't help myself 4 for me, and 2 as gifts for friends if you want/need any geeky/scienc-y/fandom-y Tshirts, here's the site: https://www.offworlddesigns.com/
  5. Highly unusual. . and this is the largest snowfall in decades (if not ever). the last time we had "snow" was ~5 years ago, and it was a very light dusting mixed with ice / sleet. this was actual snow. for a good 9 hours.
  6. @dankeykang ^ oh it Snowed in Texas. (and temp was ~32.9 all day) not sure about San Antonio, as that's further South than us, but at my house we got over 4" yesterday. because it is TEXAS? People flipped the hell out (there's still quite a bit of snow on the ground - tho it's now melting - but yes, EVERYTHING in Central Texas shut down yesterday, and most are still closed today. the stores were insane too - people stripping the shelves. Was nuts. . sheesh people. this is in Austin yesterday: neighbors building life-sized snowmen
  7. If I had to guess, the new Mardi Gras Voodoo walkthru (I'm assuming TPR will be posting more details) is going to be in the Haunt that's over there across from the SpassBurg Train Station entrance. (that Haunt was always walking thru a mad professor's laboratory. . so seems like it would be an easy "overlay" to make it a House of Voodoo). great use of a space that's off the main path, and isn't used other than a Haunt, if that's where it is.
  8. only what they announced at Winterfest. that it WILL be reopening at some point in the future.
  9. Sundays at SFFT tend to be quieter anyway, so I always recommend Fiesta Tx on Sunday.
  10. I had hit my goal, then put some back on, and spent from Feb-August dropping it again to come back to where I was before. I got "bad" in Sept, back on track for maintenance in Oct/Nov, then had a really bad Dec - it's been rough, and I've prolly put back on ~12 lbs. so I'm guessing I'm in the 190 range right now - so still ~60lbs lighter than I was a couple of years ago, when i really started to focus on dropping weight (I was at 248#). but, 190 is ~13lb gain from my lowest, so really wanna get back to ~180. so yep, back to being serious about my "no fast food/no sodas"
  11. the Premier Spaghetti Bowls (the 6 flags versions that run without MCBR), get faster and faster, and take the back half & that final inversion at a really fast speed. (to the point that the brakes slam you forward when they catch on the brake run) you can really feel it start to speed up at ~30 second mark in this:
  12. ok. . spoiler free take on WW84 (which thanks to the new giant TV we just got (75" across, and equipped with HBO Max - which we get free since we pay our cable provider for it), was just like watching it on a Movie Screen anyways). Overall, it's decent. It's not *great* (certainly not as good as the 1st one), and I'd honestly give it a grade of "C+" - but it's worth seeing, even with several issues. Pros: - the design of the film/characters, and overall set design is fantastic. - the acting is (for the most part) very good, and Kristen Wiig impressed me as Cheetah - I
  13. yeah, the cast on the arm is the "signature" of the lead character in "Dear Evan Hansen"
  14. I love all the early industrial and techno. and it's Finger-F.O.C. (Friends Of Carlotta). . it's their theme song. it's only dirty if you have a dirty mind, Bill
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