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  1. Georgia Scorcher at SFOG is looking amazing these days too.
  2. not what you asked, but passing along what I learned from the actual park: if you're not staying at Breakers - so no option to go back to your own room - and you need a "stall" (to put it politely). . the ONLY decent option in CP proper: the Restrooms right next to the Police Station. those seem to be the only ones that are regularly maintained very well, and are the most semi-private due to the design (at least in the men's room - can't speak to the women's). the only other option I can think of might be to go out the Valravn gate over to the Marina, to make use of Famous
  3. ^ the bit of more info I saw on it today , I'm inclined to think what Mike says is more correct: the holding brake is on, and the motor on the opposite side is not turning off. so certainly sounds like a motor problem. . . tho I'm not a mechanic, nor there, so I'm just guessing too.
  4. when they discovered the issue while getting ready to open Joker at SFFT (they actually burned out the motor, which is how they realized it, I believe) - they shut down all of this ride type across the chain, and if recalling correctly, they found more than one other version where they had to correct, as it was incorrect there too. so the rides ran with the motors installed incorrectly, but not as well as they should have. at least that's my recollection.
  5. ^ I'd put $$ on one of the motors up top being installed backwards. it happened at both SFFT (Joker) a couple of years ago and it shut down the other versions of the ride while Six Flags checked them out (more than one of them actually burned out the motors as some of them HAD been installed wrong). with the whole mess of the pandemic? It wouldn't surprise me if one of the motors on top of Harley got installed backwards, resulting in what's in the video. OR - the video has been manipulated to make people think there's an issue. The SFA site doesn't show it's not operating.
  6. the online store has a DrachenFire Nanocoaster ( a Big Bad Wolf one too) https://seaworldparksshop.com/collections/busch-gardens
  7. ^ cool! I'll be hanging with @teacherkimand her son Joel all day too. . .would love to meet up again. Are you attending Coasterstock, or just gonna be there one of the days? (it's 7/9-7/10)
  8. based on that it's one of the few rides I took pics of while we were at Dorney (along with Demon Drop and a few of the coasters - mainly Possessed and that sea of concrete with no shade), I'd agree.
  9. based on the teaser they just dropped today? it's looking like a pretty decent sized coaster. . and could this possibly be the initial part of a "loop" inversion? has RMC done a "Traditional" loop inversion on any of their coasters? I must admit I'm surprised this section of track is as large as it is! this is gonna be a decent sized coaster they are adding. . so it's GOT to be going into that field by the parking lot. https://www.facebook.com/watch/?v=1361156040974689
  10. I get your clarification, tho I'm still at a loss as to why you would WANT to be on the 1st or 2nd train. Coasters tend to run better/faster once they "warm up" and have been going for a while. the first train of the day (to me) is gonna be underwhelming and you'll get a much better ride later in the day on most coasters (not all, but most), and I include RMCs in that judgement. but hey to each their own. . I won't do CP without FL+ on at least 1 of the days I'm there.
  11. so I know from your input, Diamondback row 2 is the magic row. and I'm sure I'll check out Orion in multiple rows. . but since my 1st ever visit to KI is coming up in 3 weeks. . any other seat / placement recommendations for any other rides at KI? I trust your judgement, so asking
  12. look, I LOVE, Knoebel's. . but you might want to rethink your comparison here: they had over 25 rides closed yesterday, many due to . . . yup, staffing. so is a park being "open" but with half the attractions shut down (including Twister!) better than a park shutting down on some days?
  13. so what you're saying is you DIDN'T get on it in 10 minutes. based on your hints, you would have waited 1 hour and 20 minutes (minimum) to get your ride, since you got there right at 9, and basically stood in line waiting for Steel Vengeance to open - instead of riding other things open during early morning hours. Actually, you would have stood around doing nothing for ~2 hours, since you recommend getting there at 8:30 parked. my time is worth more than the cost of FL+, so it's foolish not to buy it, and just do it that way (and also enjoying any other early entry rides that are op
  14. yeah. .just saw that on their twitter feed, and thought: what rides other than Talon does Dorney really need to "staff" ????
  15. the famous "Cheese on a Stick" is also not to be missed. that's sold only at Totem Treats, which is over by the Rocket Slide & Kiddie Carousel area.
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