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  1. Jeffrey has been posting updates on his Twitter, as they have been working on the theming in the show building: and updating us on the progress of the 3rd train for Iron Rattler:
  2. Rockville, Crackaxle area, los festivales. . all "incredible" theming, for any theme park. . and yes, top of the SF chain in terms of theming. also falling under "incredible" theming? The queue lines for: Pirates, Joker, and Poltergeist and the amount of planting and new benches put in over the past several months have improved the look of the park even more.
  3. open to the public tomorrow, and the park has now uploaded a full ride POV to it's page on SFOT site: https://www.sixflags.com/attractions/pirates-of-speelunker-cave?fbclid=IwAR17cWDjDbsfNUigI0kF3kqATjTGVFWwJPSjcTsbSqVhI39akTSVXozCVNs
  4. As Mike notes. . there's *way* more to parks than coasters, and SFFT has incredible theming thruout, and the location is just lovely. it also has unique flats, and multiple 1st of their kind (or rare) coasters. And Dr. Diabolical is absolutely gonna be a draw, as the 1st Dive Coaster in Texas (and a unique design) if you wanna talk 1-2 thrill ride punch: Iron Rattler - Daredevil Dive Superman - WonderWoman Iron Rattler - Joker Poltergeist - Superman and for the more general, non thrill seeker riders? Rockin at Rockville Show - Christmas Show at Zaragoza & a huge 1-2 punch is: Bug's Bunny Whitewater Rapids (flume) - Hustler. (both really unique for a Six Flags, and I know folks who come to SFFT just for those)
  5. Wildcat is terrible, rough garbage. I'd be fine with RMC. . or just bulldozing the damn thing.
  6. Pirates Media Day is today. . . have several friends riding and posting info about it. Happy to hear tho it does have a lot of Pirates in it (and some of the theming inside looks a bit , um, wooden). . there are lots and lots of Spelunkers in there too! so yay!
  7. besides, this is one of my favorites at the park. . .talk about a fast and fun mine train. . and that final lift hill!
  8. they've posted multiple updates on their YouTube page: . . . they didn't redesign the ride, it's the same layout, so not really any rush to put out another POV, is there?
  9. TTD is a one trick pony, and I've ridden it maybe 3 times in multiple trips to CP (MF, Maverick, and several others, I greatly prefer to TTD. . hell, I've even ridden Cedar Downs WAY more than TTD. . LOL. . and that's not even a coaster). Kings Island is amazing, and think it's a better park than CP - especially for a non enthusiast, since they don't have as many "extreme" coasters as CP does. . and most of KI's coaster collection is mid-upper tier thrill, with don't' miss ones such as Orion, Beast, Diamondback, Bat, Banshee, and Mystic Timbers. I'd throw Adventure Express in there too. . a very fun (and fast) Mine train coaster. As well as some amazing flats including Boo Blasters on Boo Hill. .which is unlike any other version (think Disney Omnimover like Haunted Mansion, crossed with shooting dark ride). If I had to choose? I'd go to KI. .. and yeah, no comparison between Mystic Timbers and any other coaster. . the trains are great (no wheel seats, so wherever you sit, it's smooth). . .love that one.
  10. Tickets at work sells tix for the park...we used T@W for our visit a few years ago, and they were valid for Preview plan.
  11. ^ yeah. . but the Vekoma site also still lists Firehawk on it - as the only other Flying Dutchman.
  12. I mean..it's the 1st of it's kind in the USA, they added a turn table (which caused some redesign work), and there was this Pandemic Thing that closed many parks for quite a while and impacted revenue flow to parks. just enjoy it when it's open. .and it will open when it's open. Otherwise, I just don't get the bitching.
  13. and they JUST updated an hour ago. . it's opening to the public tomorrow! UPDATE: After more than six months of retracking work, The Beast is scheduled to re-open to guests on Sunday May 8. The 43-year-old wooden roller coaster -- the longest in the world at 7,361 feet -- has received over 2,000 ft. of replacement track and a steeper first drop.
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