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  1. hmm. . . earlier in the Afternoon, Poltergeist was less than 10 minutes, as was Bugs' Whitewater Rapids. and I think Skyscreamer was in the 10 minute range too. but I think even early, Superman was in the 30 minute range, and Iron Rattler was ~45. the wait times absolutely did double & triple the later it got tho. . . our dusk ride on Iron Rattler had an 1 1/2 hour wait time, as did the evening ride on Superman.
  2. it will be crazy busy. either budget for Platinum Flash Pass (and hope they don't sell out). . or just go to people watch, and don't expect to get on any/many rides. the SF Texas parks are already nuts, and its' still 2 weeks to Halloween. Edit to add helpful hint: if you do go, park WAY far back in the lot, even if you're tempted to get a spot up near the front. SFOT lots do *not* exit from the gates you come in thru. Instead, they exit from the back (and side) of the lots. If you're near the front when the park closes? you WILL be stuck in massive traffic j
  3. there are a few Flats on Flash Pass at Fiesta (not many, but a handful). but even those like Joker had minimum 45-1 hour wait on Gold. Granted if you go Platinum, that will cut way down on that, but I believe the only Flats with FlashPass are: Joker (giant Pendulum) Bugs' Rapids (Flume) Scream (Drop Tower) Skyscreamer (Starflyer) Hurricane Force 5 (Disc-O) Pirates of Deep Sea (Dark Ride/Shooter) & Gully Washer (whitewater rafts) so yeah. . All the coasters but Wonder Woman have it tho!
  4. Thanks. It's strange, right? I guess folks are so desperate to get out and have some fun, that everyone is coming out, resulting in the crowds. Covid doesn't seem to be on many folks minds - in particular, the lack of social distancing as the crowds got larger thruout the day (not that really anything could be done about that - if you're letting that many people in? you're letting that many people in). Agreed 100% heck, we even took a 25 minute break to wait in standby for SuperVillain Swings (W-I-D-E standby line) while waiting for our Iron Rattler FP t
  5. Just saw a commercial promoting the "Freaky Car Show" display that Fiesta had going on. and *NOW* I understand why the crowds were so insane (and so busy when you were there on Sun, @Arthur_Seaton) apparently if you buy your ticket via the "Freaky Car Show" website? you can get in the park for ~$19. That's an amazing price for anyone that is not a Member, or PassHolder. Didn't catch if it includes parking or not, but I kinda bet it does - since it's a Car Group running the promo.
  6. to give credit tho..the Ride Ops behind him (on the other side of the station) *are* wearing their masks correctly. had it just slipped down on him before you snapped the pic? or is that just how he was wearing it? (I mean, why bother if you aren't gonna wear it correctly). at SFFT saw several "park guests" wearing masks this way, but at least all the ride ops were wearing correctly - of course SFFT had issues in regards to Social Distancing. At the end of the day, as Bill kinda implies above, you gotta deal with what you feel safe doing. from your pics, I'd feel total
  7. nice report. . tho sadly, notice the HP Op on Skyrush in your pic is wearing his facemask incorrectly! sheesh. glad y'all had fun tho, and this pic in particular is amazing! oh, how I wish I could see stuff that that in person at this time of year - it just doesn't really happen in Texas.
  8. oh, come on. I highly doubt that anyone who posts here would be upset about Christmas lights display. ESPECIALLY pics posted by someone as an example of the kind of work he'd like to do working at a Theme Park for their Holiday displays. & @ranelson38 those displays look great. How long do they take you to put up?
  9. our house looks like an abandoned home, with lights kept off and shades drawn. we won't be giving out any candy, or answering the door. Need to be Covid safe, since my Spouse is considered high risk.
  10. thanks! I had a great time meeting up with y'all as well. can't wait to see your TR, as I'm curious how SFOT went (and read about SeaWorld San Antonio).
  11. ^ the "Gourd" design work at Hotel Breakers is impressive as hell. Very well done. thanks for the pics!
  12. got a survey from Six Flags thanking me for my visit, and asking how things went. was honest in regards to the Flash Pass issue (and that was very pleased with the resolution), and that the lines for any food service were terrible once the park got crowded, but not sure what they could do about it, since it appeared the food service spots were staffed fully. got a response from them asking if they could contact me further in regards to my "issues" I haven't gotten back to them yet, but really, the Supervisor on Sat more than exceeded any expectation I had for what they could do
  13. ^ that's a very interesting explanation for us non-tech folks! Thanks for offering that amount of detail.
  14. we saw several of his T-shirts on Sat at Fiesta Tex. . . and noticed he's using the SLC "Serial Thriller" as the imagery. so NO THANKS. but, back on topic, I really do want to make it to Dollywood in 2021.
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