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  1. ^ Cool! I don't check their Blog that often. But, good to remember, thanks.
  2. WOO HOO! There is now a VIDEO which includes a MODEL of Fantasy Springs, just released by Disney! I found a version to post, thank you @DisneyParks. Here.
  3. ^ Well, a third season is better than a lot of other series we enjoyed ... and they only lasted one season. (i.e. GCB; The New Normal; Pan Am). So glad it's coming back, at least one more time. Go Pray Tell!
  4. Great shots so far, Bert! Looking forward to more of your visit there. I rode a new (at the time) version of Dare Devil Dive in Tivoli / Copenhagen. Was an awesome flat to ride. TPR 2014 Scandi Tour. I forget this one's name.
  5. I get my first Vaccine Shot next Monday/19th! Relieved and a bit scared of it. I've never been one with needles, no matter what the reason.

  6. And now, from the "Who Knew?" Dept..... I just bought an upcoming 49th Anniversary Gift for David and Me ~ which actually happens on Earth Day, April 22. And considering he will never ~ ever, check this site for any gift clues (ha ha), this is a very easy Show&Tell to share. "In the Tiki, Tiki, Tiki, Tiki, TIki Room" .... from Inside The Earth. Drool. EDIT To Add: Oops. Forgot to tell. It cost me $47.48 Cdn ... for our 49th...? Cool numbering, huh? Photo of Cthulhu Tiki Mug, in All His Glorious....uh.... Ceramic-ness .... yes? No? From www.StormCrow.com ....t
  7. ... I also found out, I just WON $39, in a couple of free tickets and cash! And all for a $5 payment. Life can be nice, once in a while, when you really least expect it.
  8. ^ Could be a timing error, on their part. Or ..... "Somebody's not watching what's being posted," etc.
  9. Just had a kind of EPIPHANY about my future with coaster riding, etc. I am at "749 coasters ridden" at Data Base. That leaves 51 before I hit magic # 800. And ...... Playland(PNE) is soon getting a Brand New COASTER, to replace where Corkscrew..... was. So ...... I have to ride 50 coasters before making this Playland(PNE) Coaster my #800, thereby fulfilling my Ongoing Coaster Quest, of collecting Milestone Coasters in a Different Country, every time! i.e. #100 Wales; 200 Japan; 300 Germany; 400 England; 500 China; 600 Mexico; 700 USA; 800 ... Canada?
  10. I really miss Grona Lund. One of my absolute fave parks on my two TPR Scandinavian Tours. ('09 & '14). The new coaster only makes me more anxious about ever getting back there again, <sighs>. Other than that "boo hoo", I hope the opening for it goes well, all things considered, going on at this time in the world. One of GL's great staff, and myself. In the rain on our arrival evening visit. (6-23-2014) We also went to the park the next day, before boarding an overnight cruise to Helsinki, Finland!
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