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  1. Vangelis He was 79. Composer of the films "Chariots of Fire," "Blade Runner".
  2. Something I would like to know, w/o being set aflame, but .... Why do (most) Middle Eastern men, require their women to be totally clothed in black apparel, and (usually) allowing only their EYES to show through the 'helmut' of cloth they are wearing? What is "religious" about that? I do not understand. It's slowly changing I've 'heard.' But still. a lot of women still do it w/o argument, which means what???
  3. For myself, the ease and more 'casual' atmosphere of Knott's made it all the more likeable, compared to the intense Get Ready attitude for The Disney park(s) visit, we felt. That's not to say that stuff wasn't going on at Knott's while we were there (a Sept. visit), lots of atmosphere 'players' in the Ghost Town, and pretty much everything was running great with the staff they had, then. My only mistake was wanting to sit in one of the front row seats of Xccelerator (sp?). That took for ---- e ----- ver. Especially with the numbers of other riders passing our oh-so-slow queue. Wasn't worth it. I enjoyed other seats, as well. P.S. to add: Also, this was a great hotel to stay at (Knott's own), more reasonably priced as far as we were concerned. And it included a shuttle to Disney, if we wanted to use it. Which ... we did. <g>
  4. ^ Ha! There was actually "one of these recent Topics LINK" that wondered ...."why do pepperoni slices CURL when cooked on a pizza?" Truth, I kid you not! But honestly, that is a wonderful (current) lineup of pizzas you have created and cooked. YUM!!! Very envious here. But then again - I have a BBQ KING as my partner. So .................. HAH to you!
  5. ^ Much better, than I ever would have gotten! Thanks for posting the shots.
  6. ^ Hey! That's my Birthday Date (Mar.30)! Kewl. And by 2024, I'll be .... 71. eep. (And by the way, I don't believe it.)
  7. ^^ That definitely sounds like "the right idea," in tackling both parks. Hope you have/find fun and enjoyment, too!
  8. I had this 'rash' .... but it's starting to go away, now.
  9. Recent Stuff Dept:

    Had something of a 'rash' happening on the back of my neck. Fun stuff, and have been prescribed a gel to help get it off my neck!

    Fun times. Spring is coming in fairly usual. The front yard is starting to blossom in pinks and reds. And passers by, notice it/them.


  10. Listening, to the latest (of 3) Original Cast Recording of the amazing Sondheim musical, ASSASSINS. With a lot of current, awesome Broadway talent in this one. This production opened in November, of last year. Off Broadway, but who cares? It's a keeper! It's really something, when this musical sounds as fresh as it did in .... 1991? .... All things (currently) political included, lol. Definitely a must buy. IMhO. And Broadway's Spongebob Squarepants (Ethan Slater) is the Balladeer in this one!
  11. ^ That's what we're actually planning to do, when we finally get over there in a few years' time. Run to Soarin' after the rope drop in DisneySea, LOL! Then, park hop, and hustle over to Beauty/Beast Land, etc. Or hit them on two separate days. That should work, right? Right??? We miss this. Taken by my David. At the end of the TPR 2013 Japan Tour.
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