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  1. I just found an overhead photo posted, showing the footprint of the new Space Mountain, and how far back it will be, from it's first spot, etc. Looks a bit bigger than the original footprint so ...... maybe an add-on bldg, behind the mountain itself, to house a Guardians-like attraction, maybe? ^ Like you suggested. Thanks to whoever took this shot.
  2. That Dragon Bridge looks awesome! And it shoots fire and water? What could be better than that?! Great TR on the park, and what you did ride, etc.
  3. ...and while I was checking out something else (looking for the date of Original SPAMALOT opening...) at http://www.ibdb.com (great site for everything Broadway), I came across one of the musicals "coming to Broadway in 2024." I know it's a bit of a wait for it to open (Mar-April) next year, but knowing what "the score" consists of, has me Definitely Interested for it. And here's the website for the show. https://heartofrocknrollbway.com/ With the songs of Huey Lewis & The News! I also love this logo for the show. It would make a great pin!
  4. Playland(PNE) just posted info. about the 2024 Season Pass available. PLUS, info. on the new coaster opening next year: ThunderVolt. That's what they're calling it. https://www.pne.ca/playland/ for the coaster info. https://www.ticketleader.ca/events/detail/playland-2024-season-passes ThunderVOLT current construction shot (posted by Playland).
  5. Just read about this. Coming to Broadway in 2024. Music by Elton John. Hmmmm. I wonder if Jessica Chastain (who won the Oscar for the "Eyes of Tammy Faye" movie) ...... can sing?
  6. The PNE Grounds are being readied for the annual PNE WINTER FAIR, presented by our local Auto-Assoc. BCAA. More info on it can be found here: https://www.pne.ca/winter-fair/
  7. I spotted this, outside our Central/South America Food store, on The Drive. Now ..... would you put your furry friend inside this, while you shop? Or "stop for coffee"...? It all works with your phone, etc. Still ... I dunno about it. I know my cat Stella would rip it to pieces, if she ever got put in one of these, lol. Anyone else seen one of these in their city's shopping area(s)?
  8. Wow - been a while since posting here. But - I did go to my sushi place (Britannia Sushi) on Monday, and ordered two of their "Chef's Special Rolls". And thoroughly enjoyed them! With tip, the total was around $30, Cdn. That's what? ...... $11.49 American? Top: David Roll - Prawn Tempura, Spicy Tuna, Cucumber topped w/Assorted Sashimi. Below it: Crazy Roll - Deep Fried California Roll. It doesn't 'look' deep fried in the pic ...but it was!
  9. Something to add, about Space Mountain. I totally forgot that besides there being a new design look for it, the whole 'mountain' itself was being rebuilt and moved farther back from it's current location! And where the Mountain once stood, a new Plaza is being created. It makes me wonder, if in rebuilding SM, will it be a clone of the original one, or a track re-design and build, etc? Time will tell. Artist Concept art of the new Space Mountain and Plaza at night.
  10. ^ That t-shirt looks great! I got a "Farup Hits' CD and a fridge magnet from the park, when I was last there. Farup's a great park, and very spread out, so you get plenty of 'exercise,' walking through the place.
  11. "Over One Month Later...." ^ Have you seen any more progress on The New Coaster, lately? I am trying to get over there, and take what photos I can, from all sides, if possible. One day soon. I hope. Been a while, so I thought I'd just ask you.
  12. "Chandler has left Central Perk Coffee Shop." Matthew Perry, age 54.
  13. Richard Moll, age 80, original cast member of "Night Court". Richard was the tallest cast member of "Night Court." Also, with the least hair of the cast, lol. RIP "Bull."
  14. Happy 20th Anniversary, WICKED! It opened on October 30, 2003. Congratulotions!
  15. Awesome! We're planning to (hopefully) visit* Japan and TDR in <gulp> 2029, when the newly designed (outer) Space Mountain is also open, by then. *If by then, we can still afford it, too. This looks nice, too. Closing in 2024. Re-Opening in 2027.
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