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  1. ^ Uh huh. And a klassy Marlboro (cigarettes) lettering on it's side, too.
  2. I just started putting up Halloween lights and stuff on our "newly revealed" front porch. After at least a decade of growing, I had had enough with the rhododendron "hedge" that had grown in front of our porch. And I wanted to SEE the sidewalk again! So the middle part was chopped out, and for now, I am dealing with some interesting decoration choices. Below is what I did last year. 'Quel Difference' for this year's set up! Soon, I will post the results. Plus I think we have figured out a pretty great way to get the candy to the kids! P.S. We decided to go ahead and plan for it, eve
  3. ^ Honestly, I think back on the 2010 Europe Tour, we were all in the newer African-themed hotel (sorry, forget the name of it). And they had a bar on the main floor with service outside in a gardened area. It was a nice spot for drinks and discussion. But the Dragon Bar was noisy, crowded... we loved that, too.
  4. ^ Ha ha, love that little REGISTERED thing beside Lightning Rod. And Firechaser Express, too!
  5. Well, I checked and checked the weather predictions for the coming week. And decided to buy my Slayland Ticket for this Thursday, 6-11pm. I`m not too keen on going to one of these PNEvents during any weekend. And Thursday looks like it`ll be the best night for it, no rain, and some clouds. And a TR will follow, on the weekend. (Photo care of The PNE) My ticket. Looking forward to a break from being inside, for so long. See ya on Thursday.....whatever you are! And contrary to the park's Theme this weekend (it's RETRO), I think wearing this one will b
  6. ^ I agree with this idea, of creating Rest Zones for people who just want to chill w/o the mask on, for a bit of time. Properly distanced, of course. Especially for those big parks, like this one and others.
  7. And today, unsurprisingly, our next musical we were supposed to see this January ~~~~~ has been postponed until January..... of 2022! Oh well. After reading about the Broadway Shutdown extended to the end of May next year, I thought Anastasia would go, too. And now, the ONLY SHOW possibly able to come to us will be HAMILTON, late June, next summer. So our Brand-New-ly put together Schedule goes like: Hamilton,June/21; Jesus Christ Superstar,Oct/21; Anastasia,Jan/22. "Come From Away" is still scheduled for March next year, and is still an Add-On to the Subscription. I`ll wait
  8. ^ Looking great, there! Thanks to everyone at Grona Lund for the photos.
  9. It's time to start getting into the All Hallow's Eve...... spirit.
  10. It's time to start getting into the Alls Hallow's Eve.....spirit!

  11. From the "And to No One's Surprise" Dept.... The Lightning Thief got shut out, and all the TONY nominations were split between The Above ^3^ Musicals ^. The actual most interesting category is Best Leading Actor in a Musical. Of which only one actor has been nominated: Aaron Tveit from Moulin Rouge. So now it will be to all the TONY voters to give Aaron a 60%+ affirmation vote, and give him the award. This will make for an interesting broadcast, however they're planning to do it. Rumors are leading to a December airing.
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