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  1. This will make London's West End Theatre District more interesting. Opening on May 10th. And it's a "Play With Music.".... Hmmm. More info. on the play can be found here: https://ca.yahoo.com/news/brokeback-mountain-stage-adaptation-open-164552382.html
  2. "I Want It That Way" from the Broadway Musical "& Juliet" It's one of those "jukebox musicals" (think "Mama Mia") all based on the premise of .... "What if Juliet never took the 'sleeping potion'. Then woke up to find her Romeo is dead. Though he too, has faked his death. unknown to her. But Juliet takes off and" .......... Both the Broadway and the London Cast recordings, are great!
  3. Found that the show biz paper, VARIETY, has just posted an article about "Sondheim's Last Musical" to be produced in the fall! Here's the link to the whole article: https://variety.com/2023/legit/news/stephen-sondheim-final-musical-here-we-are-broadway-1235556360/
  4. ^It looks like everybody is getting back into .... uh ...getting together, since these past few years. It's been totally packed in our big theatre, for the last touring musicals we've seen, since last Fall. Looks like your friend took good care of you. And you enjoyed the day. So .... There it is! Your enjoyment! (Bad ripoff from Chef Gusteau). THanks for sharing it all, Bert.
  5. Another two photos of ZOOTOPIA construction, posted on a Chinese (probable) Disney Fansite. I am guessing. First one taken from their cell phone, I think. And the second one is the top part, enlarged for a better look. A cell phone shot, yes? No? Nice close up on the top part of the above. Very nice. Thank You to "You-Who-Took-These-Shots". And this is the first time, I am seeing the bottom right corner of the Land. Possible Meet & Greet area, opposite a place to eat?
  6. Found a couple of new construction photos, of the new Arendelle attraction area in WDS. Thank you DLPrescueranger for the great photos! A view beyond the lake that will be the center of this area. And the rest of the Studio. And I see....BALLOON! Looking real good, there.
  7. Happy Academy Awards Day every body! The show starts at 5pm PST on ABC. Our bet (and hope) is that EverythingEverywhereAllAtOnce will win big. We've enjoyed the movie so much, we've watched it at least three times, already! Sadly, we never got to see the film on a BIG GI-NORMOUS SCREEN. And ...... Michelle Yeoh ROCKS! (literally, lol) 03/13 EDIT TO AD: Woo hoo! EEAAO won 7 out of 10 (2 noms for one category) possible wins! And the Amazon copy of it went "out of stock" immediately, LOL! And I wish I had bets on the other stuff too. I.E. CONGRATS to (Cdn) Sarah Polley for "Women Talking" Adapted Screenplay Win. Glad she's finally won something big, like this is. She's a very talented actor, director, writer.
  8. Happy Academy Awards Day every body! The show starts at 5pm PST on ABC. My bet (and hope) is that EverythingEverywhereAllAtOnce will win big. We've enjoyed the movie so much, we've watched it at least three times, already!
  9. Hey Elissa! Guess what? It's Chip 'n' Dale's 80th Birthday! And they've got a bunch of souvenirs to celebrate the occasion, at TDL Resort. https://tdrexplorer.com/chip-n-dale-80th-anniversary-merchandise-at-disney-store-japan/ Have fun deciding what to buy. Thanks to TDRexplorer.com for the great listing of stuff! It'll all be available from March 14 and 17th at various Tokyo Disney Stores.
  10. What's the minimum height, etc. for this coaster? I forget. It's a getting old thing. I actually like the "easy ambling" (that a phrase?) that it takes, both forwards and back. Maybe it's just a Large Scale family coaster, etc. Sure puts a lot into the elements, too.
  11. It will be something to see, and ride, once it's up and running.
  12. Couple of new ZOOTOPIA construction photos just found. Thank you to "She/He-Who-is-At-The-Bottom-Right-Corner of the Pix". Great colours in that cluster of Zootopia Districts' Iconic buidlings.
  13. Iowa has a great slogan for their lottery.... Made me smile. But I really think they should have written it as Woo Hoo! for You! Just a suggestion.
  14. ^ That main museum Bert and I went though back in 2017, was amazing! So much to see and learn more about the park's past. But yes, it had hardly any people in it, that I remember. But it was a great place to just chill out, and learn new/old stuff about CP. Sorry to read that their planned Western Museum "might not be in the plans", any more. Past merry-go-round/carousel horses on display at the museum. Taken June 05, 2017.
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