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  1. Guess what today is? January 17 – National Hot Buttered Rum Day Yum!
  2. Just spent over $40 cdn ($33 U.S.) online for some French Pastries to be delivered to us on Tuesday morning. C'est magnifique! https://www.merciboulangerie.com/
  3. ^ Yes! Completely! The show was really cool, as they threw in little trivia bits about types of LEGO, and how some structures could (or couldn't) be put together. We found it interesting, especially with what the teams came up with, thru the series. Looking forward to Season 2! P.S. Love the idea of the shade structure over Miniland!
  4. ^^ I'm surprised I've been on so many of these kinds of coasters! Thanks to Robb and Elissa with their earlier tours, I have had the good fortune to ride Psyke Underground (or whatever it was called, back in 2008), Shuttle Loop at Nagashima, the Arrow shuttle loop in Blackpool, the one in Rusutsu Park, and probably (at least?) two of the ones in China. And Cascabel 2.0 in the now closed La Feria Chapultepec Park in Mexico City. But my heart goes to my very first one, Tidal Wave at (then) Marriott's Great America in CA. And my current fave, when I get down there to ride it, is Montezuma's
  5. Wow! You go, girl! Happy 99th Birthday, Betty White!
  6. It's really amazing to read, that guest passholder systems that have been going since I-don'tknow-when, are now (most of them) becoming null-and-void with the company starting new ticketing and pass systems from scratch. I hope things work out for Disney and former passholders, etc. I'm sure it won't work out for "a few select fanzzz", heh. They'll be bitching till blah blah blah. Good for Disney to do this.
  7. Future Favourite TV Series: I know it's going to be a fave series for us. If we can ever get it. But darn you, Disney+! We don't have that, so we'll miss out (for now) on WandaVision.
  8. If this is the "inside layout" of the Frozen attraction, then I still believe (IMhO) that this will not be a boat-flume type ride. Oriental Land Co. Ltd. (who owns the Resort), was quoted, way back when, that they didn't want a clone of what was in EPCOT (or to be in Hong Kong and Paris). They wanted a unique stand alone attraction/ride for TDS. So this sort of points to a possible trackless or test track kind of ride system. But who really knows? It's still exciting to me, to figure it all out! p.s. Of course it could still be a "boat ride", albeit a trackless one. Or like Indiana Jon
  9. Looks like (to me) Drive-thru Holiday Events might actually become a regular annual park "event" since most of them all over the country have been successful in their own ways. And there's (mostly?) no guest trash to pick up after, compared to a walk-thru experience.
  10. This is especially true, if you don't have a phone to begin with. Shocking, I know. But it's true for us. We don't own cellphones.
  11. Great report, thanks! Was it imperative for you to have your car lights on? Or was that made an option? A lot of the pathways there I can see, are very well lit. Just thought I would ask.
  12. I just heard The Jerry Cans in concert on the radio. Un - bee- leevable! Whattan act! Very impressed with them. Will definitely look into their music.
  13. ^ First, I do hope they got pretty good matching singing voices, for each actor/character. Second, I notice that Porcupine Girl (forget her name) is in face makeup, so she will obviously sing live. What about the other masks the others have on, etc? Half masks and still singing live? Or a bit of (smiles) lip sync here and there throughout the show? Just curious of me.
  14. Good for them to FINALLY realize, that THIS is the best way to do the ride. IMhO. When they first announced it, I was really shocked that (first concept art) it was a one boat only, thing. Thankfully, they came to their collective senses, lol.
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