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  1. I have always loved the look and the cycling of that NebulaZ, when I first saw it demoed at the convention Robb & TPR covers for us. Sorry, forget it's Official Name. It's an age thing and that's my excuse. But I always thought that this would a great flat ride to have at Playland in Vancouver. When they started enlarging the park. And adding new rides and attractions, etc.
  2. <sighs> Well, it was a good ride, as usual. Coaster at Playland(PNE). And I wish I'd ridden it more, last Thursday night. It's c-c-c-c-cold, man!
  3. Hey Hey! Today, it's National Pumpkin Day! Our carved-up beauty, last year.
  4. ^ Thanks. And by the way... I forgot to mention and THANK all the people who worked at Playland during these times, SLAYland included. I think they put together a really good approach and layout to this year's October Event. There were no walk-thru haunts, but they put together a really impressive...uh...."Exhibit" of bits of all the haunts, with a few safely-placed scare actors (Hi Drac!), too. And definitely not for young children this one. I honestly think that the Haunted Train Ride might be too intense for them, as well as this walk-thru. My 5 Cents, And any Playland person I h
  5. ^ Thanks Bert. I remember reading this `"drag and drop" system. Just haven't actually worked it out, yet. Silly old bear I am. Thanks again. Something I (conveniently) forgot to try. One of these, and PUMPKIN flavoured Cotton Candy! )o:
  6. Here we go. "My Visit To SLAYland.....at Playland!" Last night was a really nice night. Literally. The sky was clear of clouds, and the temp. didn't plummet to other worldly numbers. It was cool. But not freezing cool. I arrived about a 1/2 hour before opening time. The lineup was fairly long, but nothing I hadn't been in, before. But by the time Playland opened, the queue was way beyond the mini golf course, around the corner and up beside Coaster's fence. Hmm. I already had a Playland mask on, so the free one I got with my admission, I pocketed away to take home. I headed straigh
  7. Two nights ago. When was the last time you took transit?
  8. ^ Aw that's too bad. And I edited my previous post to reflect your not getting the "twofer" ride on it.
  9. Makes me think I would add on another day there, just for DisneyTown and all it has to offer. Including this. Whatever it actually is, LOL.
  10. Here's a photo from earlier this evening. More to post soon. Where I ate my "White Spot Triple O" cheeseburger. And fries. And chocolate milkshake. Yum.
  11. Well, tonight's The Night! David's driving me to the entry way of Playland. And I'll then have a choice of having Customer Services to call him and get me a ride home. Or...take transit back. It's easy from the park. Just a matter of "how long between buses?", etc. And of course, looking forward to seeing how they toned down most of everything that the adults enjoyed (including the Ride Side BAR), including no walk-thru haunt houses at - all. So instead of all that, there's a walk-thru "exhibit" I guess, highlighting the haunt houses them self. Hmm. Wonder how the 13 yr.olds will view it? Th
  12. Great TR of your visit there! And I was wondering - what did you have at the Biergarten, that you enjoyed so much? Just curious of me.
  13. This would be a cool way to update Playland's HELLEVATOR. It's not a very tall tower. But it can be a space shot thing, or a drop tower...or both! During the annual fair, The PNE, they (sometimes) program it to do the space shot first. Then, it climbs back up the tower and does the drop. Very cool program. I wish they would do it during Playland's regular season.
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