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  1. Recent Stuff Dept:

    Had something of a 'rash' happening on the back of my neck. Fun stuff, and have been prescribed a gel to help get it off my neck!

    Fun times. Spring is coming in fairly usual. The front yard is starting to blossom in pinks and reds. And passers by, notice it/them.


  2. Listening, to the latest (of 3) Original Cast Recording of the amazing Sondheim musical, ASSASSINS. With a lot of current, awesome Broadway talent in this one. This production opened in November, of last year. Off Broadway, but who cares? It's a keeper! It's really something, when this musical sounds as fresh as it did in .... 1991? .... All things (currently) political included, lol. Definitely a must buy. IMhO. And Broadway's Spongebob Squarepants (Ethan Slater) is the Balladeer in this one!
  3. ^ That's what we're actually planning to do, when we finally get over there in a few years' time. Run to Soarin' after the rope drop in DisneySea, LOL! Then, park hop, and hustle over to Beauty/Beast Land, etc. Or hit them on two separate days. That should work, right? Right??? We miss this. Taken by my David. At the end of the TPR 2013 Japan Tour.
  4. (We Like To) Do It With The Lights On Islands
  5. ^ And as well..... It's just been announced that the Broadway Cast Recording of the Pulitzer Prize winning A Strange Loop, will be available by June 10th! More information about it's release, AND for pre-ordering it: https://www.broadway.com/buzz/202017/a-strange-loop-announces-plans-for-broadway-cast-recording/
  6. Great TR, Adam! I was also interested in that menu item on the right of the waffle fries & cheeseburgers. Looks nice and filling. Was it?
  7. Stella's still being 'kinda shy' lately, when it comes to photo taking. But she loooooves her cardboard boxes, LOL. Taken a few days ago. Good old cardboard!
  8. Here Comes The Rain Again - Eurythmics
  9. Mickey Gilley Dies: Proprietor Of World’s Biggest Honky Tonk, popularized In the movie ‘Urban Cowboy’ Was 86.
  10. It's way too close, to be real and authentic.
  11. I just decided, and just bought, a day ticket to the park, on the same day that the evening event HAPPYLAND .... uh .... happens. Cost me $43.50, but at least I can now do Playland all of the day, with an hour or so break in between one ticket, and the other. I also bought the VIP ticket (which has now sold out I find out) that has a separate viewing spot for the concerts, private bathrooms, a bar just for us ... and access to Playland as well as everybody else, who didn't pay the VIP price. Hope my stamina is good and the old body holds up. And sitting down to take it all in, doesn't cost much to do, heh. And there's always the Ride Side Bar, too. EDIT To Add: Since my usual time spent on a regular visit to Playland was just over two hours (if that), I may treat the daytime visit just like that. Then come back home for a rest, and then head back there for the HAPPYLAND evening of Playland and Concerts! Stay tuned.... http://www.pne.ca My fave bar in Playland (and it's the only bar in Playland) and the PNE itself! Their Central Beer/Bar Garden (@ west side of The Fair grounds) is nice, though. Great place to have food and a drink. And the people watching is great! Photo was taken, during my one and only Playland visit, in 2021.
  12. Did you say ...... Buffet???? LOL. Great look at all the stuff being renovated, replaced and/or repaired. (3 'R's - who knew?)
  13. ^^ Really? REALLY? That's like a very (very) extended version of that Screaming Squirrel coaster in Gardaland. (SBNO I read?) But muuuuuuch slower. And no inversions. Only 'swinging.' Ick. No thanks. Whatever the credit it is.
  14. ^ Your last two posts .... even though I am saying it now ..... there are no words ..... really awesome creations, there. And that brisket (and those sides, too!) ...... <DROOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL> ..... on it's own or on a pizza. Really looks beautifully done. Thanks for sharing all the pizzas (AND brisket) you've created, cooked, and shown us! So far, hah hah.
  15. And, from the "FINALLY, Dept."... There will be a Broadway Cast Recording of SIX! But in addition to that, this will be the Very First Ever LIVE Opening Night Recording! Here's the Broadway.com site, announcing the news and link to pre-order it: https://www.broadway.com/buzz/202153/six-to-release-original-broadway-cast-recording-six-live-on-opening-night/ FYI ~ Opening Night was on Oct. 03, last year.
  16. I'm bored tonight. So here's # M ... Mariehønen Bakken (Klampenborg, Hovedstaden, Denmark) My 345th coaster, back in the 2009 TPR Scandi Tour. Since I wasn't going to hit #400 on this tour, I decided to get creative. So I counted on this tour #333; #345; #369 and my #393rd coaster.
  17. ...... And from the 'This Is Really Cool' Dept .... And it only cost nearly $19 Cdn. to get it. Should be cheaper in the U.S.A. Link is below the photo of it. Soooo cute! https://www.amazon.ca/Bobs-Burgers-Talking-Burger-Button/dp/0762462760/ref=sr_1_1?crid=2M0C7NH7O2113&keywords=bobs+burgers+button&qid=1651459144&sprefix=bobs+burgers+button%2Caps%2C146&sr=8-1 We actually have a number of these "Little Box" stuff things .... including I kid you not, a "Desk Top Titanic" to display, iceberg and all. Will "show all and tell all", another time.
  18. After my "successful run" as an A&W Teen Burger Lover ("That's not an A&W burger." was my 2-second punchline) in two weeks of local commercials ...... ....... they're now running ads for a "Best Burger Ever" ...... thing. Here's their PR quote. In the Western Canada franchises, btw. We're buying a couple of them on Tuesday, after grocery shopping. Hope they're good. The fried pickles were a main draw for us. I forgot what the * beside the words "prime rib" meant. Hmmmm. EDIT To Review: It was fine. Not overwhelming in any way. And <gulp> only $9 each! Cdn. but still. And the fried onions were a part of it (left out of the commercial) which helped. Burger thick and meaty. Fried pickles were great! The bun was different too, and not their usual blah blah one. More of a brioche kind. They should use this type bun for all their burgers. No other condiments added. There was enough sauce on it, but at times, it still tasted 'dry' but nonetheless it was a full meal deal type burger. W/onion rings. This was a One-And-Done burger for us.
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