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  1. Hmmm. "And then there was the last pizza I had....." This one had four cheeses, and I paid extra for adding leaves of Basil . Well, to be honest, I wasn't taken with this one. The fact that it was basically the flatest pizza I had seen from this pizza place... I think I am still missing tomatoes on any part of a pizza, be it the base, or as a topping. But I am still going to continue weekly with a few more olive-based pizzas to go. I want to try all the got in this place. And compare what I've had, etc. http://viateverepizzeria.com/ And it was a touch windy and cool outside, so I sat inside for the first time, in a long while. They put me in the corner of the place. To my left, part of the Victoria-William St. 'intersection'. Looking out in front of me. Not much to be able to see, compared to being outside. The Four Cheese pizza. With Basil added, a$ extra. I could count the basil leaves on this. The white blobs were the Riicotta. It tasted alright. Nearly finished, with a last slice to take to David. Total with tip = $33.53 Cdn.
  2. "Our Very Few Hours at The PNE" We left the house, to take the bus to the (modified) PNE, around 1 pm. We ended up arriving back home just before 5. Most of the "front" (west end) of the PNE grounds weren't being used, which included the majority of buildings on site. This included both the Coliseum (where the Super Dogs would perform) and the Agrodome, where a lot of farming and horse competitions took place. The only building being used was The Barns, the livestock and farming stuff was on display (and bunnies and chicks, and bees makin' honey, etc.), and though they used just half of it for actual farming displays, the other half was given over to (what's known as) The Marketplace, usually in the Forum bldg. at the 'front' there. Performance stages were set up... a) Super Dogs show went outdoors to where the Music Festival shows happened; b) the usual stage was set up again in what was called the Revel District. Small bands... and the beloved "For The Love of Drag" shows happened. And yes the PNE has imported a "live" drag show during the Fair for several years, now. Good for them! and c) a tiny stage with two climbing poles was set up at the western end of this site, for a Logging Show going on a few times ever day. There was no access to the huge park within the Fair's grounds. Which meant people could still visit it w/o having to visit the PNE, at all. There was no intention to buy a ride pass since we knew Coaster wasn't going to be open, and why get into long, crowded queues for these rides? Rides which I already rode during the few visits Playland was open this summer. Add to that, they didn't bring Western Amusements to Playland, which added about 7-10 more rides. So, it was the same # of rides that Playland ran with. So we skipped Playland. David was for two things to see and do there: check out the Marketplace, and find our beloved RIBS that we've enjoyed every PNE. With the Marketplace, it was a literal walk-thru for us, and he said there was nothing really of interest for him, this visit. We found two BBQ setups available, right beside each other in Revel District.... Gator BBQ, and Prairies Smoke & Spice. Henry's Chicken was also beside them which had mouth watering chicken quarters and halves sizzling away. We skipped Henry's, went with both BBQs and I got us a couple of nice draught beers, available right there. And then we got down to (eating) it... Of the two, we liked Gator's the best. As we have in past years, lol. Prairies was still good, but Gator had an extra juiciness to the meat. BTW, we both got beef ribs, and corn bread, coleslaw, and beans split between our orders. It was too much food for us to finish there. So one rib each made it's way back home for enjoying later as a "snack." And after we ate and drank ..... we left. The Super Dogs show was happening, but it was totally crowded up to the top rows we could see. Actually, with the Fair size down-sized, it really felt just too crowded to stay in for a whole day. Which is honestly why we made it only a few hours' visit, instead of longer. Here's photos I took, randomly... Anywhere noted in colour was PNE grounds. The main park and grey bldgs. were "not this year." And Playland stayed the same size as it always does, without the extra rides brought in. <sighs> First and only corn dog at The Fair. Had to save myself for The Ribs. Nice to see them PR the Rideside Bar. We drank elsewhere, though. I took David through the "Happyland" walk-thru. You can sit on this burger's lettuce! Stickers used to be handed out. But they ran out of them. Go figure. I am worrying that I may catch this sticker craze. But I didn't. Yet. I still liked this area, which looks even better at night. Back and forth two-toned glitter? Was open, but everything pre-bagged. No fun not seeing the fudge on their usual trays. Where Super Dogs Show will take place in a couple of hours. PNE Night Music Festival shows usually here. In Revel District, "The Paper Boys" were playing. A lot of Cajun. Irish and good feeling music from them. Inside The Barns, was a part of the old Challenger Map. I posted this bigger, for ease to read all that stuff. Another Map portion on display. Not sure why this was also there, But you could get closer to it, walk around it, etc. The Marketplace, in The Barns. Didn't feel the same way as it's usual spot (Forum Bldg). So, we skipped thru it. Wouldn't it be nice for ALL Stroller Areas to be this ....um...... minimal? Just sayin'. Noted. And shouldn't all ponies have a bit of glitz on their behinds? A nice person took my camera, and took this of us. Thanks whoever you were! Heading back to where the Ribs are, passing the Logging Show stage and it's poles. I bought from this one. Beef ribs with corn bread and beans. Under $30 Cdn. David at the cashier (blue shirt) ordering his Ribs. With colseslaw and cornbread. Also roughly under $30 Cdn. This was the remaining ribs, one from each BBQ place. Took 'em home with extra beans and slaw. Finished everything up that evening. One more listen to "the Paper Boys" .... and then we headed home. Fini.
  3. "A Pizza Epiphany" I went back for my usual Wednesday pizza meal. Came out of it, with a great respect for Olive Oil-Based pizzas! It's the truth, I have never had a pizza without a tomato sauce base on it. Till Wednesday. And it was awesome! Of course, all the toppings made it extra special, too. Certainly worth repeating, eventually. For now, I have four more of these styles of pizza to enjoy. With a good Pilsner or lager beer, too. Not every day you see a fire truck, lights blazing, in front of your house. Couldn't see much activity, until I walked past it, up to the pizza place. Turns out "something was happening" across from us. No ambulance showing up, tho. Then, the truck took off. Fini. Hmmm. Which side to choose, this visit? I went with the table on the right. This week's choice was the Filetto. And next week's pizza is below it. "Four Cheeses." Future yum. A nice draught Pilsner beer, with a "sidecar" of water. View of our house. Check. View of Victoria Drive, looking south. Check. Oops! Nearly forgot to get a shot of this great pizza! I realize that this one still has tomato on it. Just not as it's base. All finished! And looking forward to more of this kind of pizza in the coming weeks.
  4. Theatre Under the Stars (TUTS) here in Vancouver just announced their two shows, scheduled for next summer. Hopefully, everything will "sort of" turn back to normal. It's two musicals I know of, but am wondering how the general public will take to them... "Something Rotten" and "We Will Rock You", that latter of which has music by Queen. Should be a very interesting summer, next year.
  5. We did the annual PNE thing on Thursday, Sept.02nd. It turned out to be only a few hours, there. We ended up leaving near 5 pm. Photos will be posted eventually. We were not that impressed. But hey - we got our ribs fix, with corn bread!
  6. I'm dizzy from seeing all those 'go-rounds' lol. Awesome report on all the parks you visited, thanks!
  7. Interesting to see, that for one attraction only, Lumberjack Lifts for the kids, has a maximum heat allowance, heh. I am wondering though, what happens to it, after 95' ? Causing it to be shut down, etc. ? Just curious of me.
  8. Geez, can't wait to see how brand name theme parks' annual passes are gonna cost ya, after ten years or so from now.
  9. ^ and ^^ I'm pretty sure they're making sure Coaster is in top notch operating order when the 2022 Season begins.... I'm hoping,
  10. Pizza and a beer, yesterday (with tip) = $35 Cdn. And it was sooooooo gooooood.
  11. I forgot about this one, too! Such a crappy day there. Half of everything was closed, food was so-so, and their main wooden coaster (Anaconda) was totally CRAP-TACULAR! My Humble Opinion of Walygator Park. TPR 2008 Europe Tour.
  12. Yesterday, I had what is simply the most expensive pizza on the menu .... $22 Cdn. Which is what? Twelve bucks in U.S. money? But it had artichokes, black olives, salami, mushrooms and a couple of other things to make it a really loaded pizza, lol! And I enjoyed it so much, I decided to finally save a piece for David, since he kept bugging me to do so. Been over a year since I cut the middle out of the rhododendrons, finally exposing our front porch. What they wrap the utensils and napkin in. The Capricciosa. And "fior di latte" is Italian for "milky fresh mozzarella." And ecco qui! So beautiful, I hate to cut it up. But this is what $22 Cdn. gets you. Down to the last slice.... Which is saved for David. And he loved it, of course. Next visit: An olive oil-based pizza!
  13. When I did TPR tours, Robb and Elissa always made sure we had the best advantage (i.e. tickets and passes) for a day at any park. So I would easily say YES, if going to park far far away, Fast Pass would be the way to go, to enjoy the whole day. IMhO.
  14. I'm going to take the "never again" remark to a... "you can never go back, again" kind of comment. Two parks come to mind for that. Both in Japan. One is Toshimaen and the other by Tivioli. And Tivoli was where Kristen/Kidtums got her first coaster ride. Truth! And they are both closed, forever. So ..... "never again", but for sadder reasons. The Tivoli park ..... TPR Japan Tour, 2007.
  15. The coaster is fine. It's the riders that are screwed up.
  16. I am in total agreement, with those above who agree with you at the top, there.
  17. So I recently read A RUMOR about ShDL "shopping around" coaster companies with an attraction plan involving two launches and at least two switches in the design. It sounds something like the Grizzly Gulch Runaway Mine Train ride in Hong Kong DL. But that only has one launch to it. I'm pretty sure this has nothing to do with the ZOOTOPIA land they're building there, already. That's possibly test track-style or trackless they're going for IMhO. But you never know, hmm? And as I started with, it's A RUMOR. But ..... anyone else read about this, or have more information?
  18. What I enjoyed about the scissors, is that I could cut these enormous slices... or just an itty bitty one, to test the chile oil on. I suspect that the take out pizza orders and delivery ones are sliced, unless asked not to, otherwise. P.S. They do ask you at the table if you'd want it sliced, or "do it yourself" etc? But for myself, I have now been there so often, they just bring the scissors over, along with the small plate and utensils. Which I appreciate them remembering.
  19. ^ Yeah well, you have to remember when he posted this all, right yes? No? Eh.... Shakey's Pizza in Bellingham, WA Forever! So, it's been several weeks since "My Very First" visit to https://viateverepizzeria.com back in May. Since then, I've been back to the place five times! Each visit a different pizza. I did skip one, but will explain that later. This was again the Margharita pizza, but with salami added. This was also my first introduction to "the chile oil" on the table. Great pizza! I am definitely a meat eating kind of guy, lol. The next visit (usually on the Wednesday, when they open at 4pm) I went with the Marinara, which is a pretty basic kind of pizza. But instead of a tomato 'sauce' they used crushed tomatoes on this one. I felt that made all the difference. They also threw in some garlic cloves and oregano, which was a nice touch. And I still got a kick out of getting slices with the pair of scissors! I still used a knife and fork to enjoy each slice. No "rolling" at this point for me, heh. And they switched it up, from a little one server metallic cup, to a good sized bottle of Chile Oil! Good choice. Sat looking the other way up Victoria Dr. Three things, the crust .... and that's it for a Marinara! Noted. I did enjoy the crushed tomatoes part of it. Now I can slather on as much chile oil as I want to, bwa - ha - ha! The following Wednesday, it was this pizza totally blanketed in Arugula! The prosciutto was nice, cooked in the pizza. I enjoyed having just more than a couple of 'things' on my pizza. The bottle of chile oil awaits, too. So the rest of it must be ...under the arugula? It was good. I would order this one again. Hmmm. I really think their Flag of Italy could use a replacement flag? After this one, there was "the one with anchovies in it." I am only a fan of these fishies if they are (usually) in a paste, and used for creating one of those Caesar Salads, hmm yes? Whatever the case, I did enjoy it, but the anchovies here and there made for a jarring, very salty, taste in my mouth. I would not order this one again. But I liked the taste novelty of it all. Looking out front, from our porch. Great sunny day, it was. The view of Victoria Dr. from this chair. Fuzzy, but readable. Note: anchovies. And basil. Utensils of choice. Looks beautiful, even with the anchovies in there. And lastly, just eaten this past Wednesday, was a real fave of mine, now. With funghi, too! Note that I skipped the VESUVIO pizza. Too much spicy meats for myself. Piccante = HOT! So I skipped it. Yum right?!! Again all the meat cooked in the pizza. As well ....Chile Oil! A no-brainer to eat it all up, hmm? And....there it is. Five more visits to our local pizzeria, Neopolitan style.
  20. An article about the PNE's Opening weekend in today's newspaper (yes, we still read those), does mention that "Coaster will not be running, until next year." And that, as they say, is that.... hmmmph. Oh well. We're going to the PNE on Thurs. September 02. And enjoy what's there for us. But EDIT TO ADD: In the article, they give The Main Reason that Coaster is still down and will not open till next season... What I find a bit disappointing in all of this about Coaster, is that they could have explained this, right at the beginning of this season. If they'd already decided to go ahead with the major renovation, why not tell the public ASAP, too? Instead there was this "Coaster will not be operating/running this weekend," on their website. And on and on. Well, at least I hope I'll be able to ride and ride and ride Coaster again, next year!
  21. We saw Jungle Cruise this past week. It was fun. And 'busy'. And 3D! And I like Dwayne Johnson doing comedy/action roles. They suit him. And - the central female character had My Last Name! Houghton. I loved it!
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