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  1. I wish the front cargo pockets fit 375 ml bottles of Captain Morrgan as that would be awesome! I would need a bottle of clear on the left knee and dark on the right knee with a tactical backpack full of Dr Pepper and Coke bottles for mixers. I didn't know there was a last item bought thread or I would have listed it there. Thanks for the info.
  2. Having spent too much money on cargo shorts or pants of low quality or loose pockets where your phone or vape pen flys away, I finally found some reasonablly priced cargo pants/shorts that: 1. Don't make your legs look inflated with huge pockets. 2. No loose threads, buttons, zippers, etc... Appears and feels like quality construction for a resonable price. 3. These and TEMUs cargos are both made in China but these are actually great quality. I like these better than anything I have purchased from Macy's, Costco, Sam's Club, Columbia or Kohl's. 4. These are good enough for a few of my local law enforcement friends and actually wear well, so I am using as a daily work wear as a contractor / flooring sales. These are the prices I paid. You should use a junk email address to sign up and use any discount codes. The items fit as described with individual descriptions below: In order of prefference are: 1. Core Cargo Shorts (boulder) and the Core Cargo Pants (charcoal) are my favorites of the purchase. Both have velcro front flap thigh pockets with a solid seal on the pockets and will fit a phone up to the iPhone Max, Pixel Pro or Galaxy S+/Ultras. The charcoal Core Cargo pants were at my condo so I didn't photo them. I am guessing any color is fine but these were the less expensive and yet my favorites. 2. Stealth Cargo Pants (black) are nice but the cargo pockets are slick and if you forgot to zip them, anything inside will fly out on some rides Plus the zipper strings for the cargo pockets hit your legs when you walk although not very hard. I don't think these are worth $5 more than the Core Cargo Pants. 3. Atlas Tactical Pants (boulder) have some sort of weird butt/saddle area that is made for running but are not super attractive. They are the (boulder) color pants in the middle of the below photo and while I am not returning them, they don't look great for being $10 more expensive. I will wear these hiking but they are more practical than fashionable. https://lapolicegear.com/ I don't work for these people or receive a referral bonus; or I would have been more positive on my review. I would stick to the cheaper Core Cargo line and use a coupon code that you can get by visiting their website. They will send you a daily email reminding you they existing so use a junk email address when signing up or get SPAMed for life. Photos: shorts, tactical and stealth pants back sides. Weird butt area on the tactical pants in the middle. I left my Core Cargo pants at home so no photos. Front side of the same Shorts great, tactical pants okay Stealth pants good, core pants great.
  3. The website is now down for maintenance but my local park has a free splash pad and picnic area. It sounds like they are not really tryng to stay open but to find some way to pay to feed any remaining animals before they can relocate them. I heard belugas will eat you out of house and home and not so easy to put up for adoption
  4. Six Flags set a poor precedent when they called Larson Loopers or large Fireballs coasters and SFMM Superman is barely a coaster. If just the loop or a section of up hill track qualify as coasters, then a lift hill plus a continuous section of downhill track should be a coaster. As far a controlling speed, isn't there a scream launched coaster where the louder you yell, the faster it goes?
  5. Thanks so much. I didn't want to miss Wonder Woman, and wanted to reschedule my visit. I haven't had any Metrolink problems but the last time we took it to Union Station, we followed by a subway to Hollywierd and everything went down hill safety wise. Glad to hear the AV Metrolink line is okay.
  6. My experience so far is that Metrolink is like Amtrack coach or Frontier Airlines (without crowding), with a slightly larger bathroom that doesn't have a "Fasten Seatbelt" sign keping you from using it. I am free to walk around my entire train journey. Perhaps the $10+ fare each way keeps the joy riders at bay? Meanwhile Los Angles let a person out of prison after two felony Metro related assaults last year, so he could stab an old woman to death for her purse this week. https://people.com/los-angeles-train-stabbing-suspect-arrested-beloved-grandmother-killed-8639846 https://www.nbclosangeles.com/news/local/police-investigate-fight-turned-stabbing-near-la-metro-bus-days-after-deadly-assault/3398839/ According to LA Metro, there was a total of 166 reported crimes against people on city buses and trains during February. Just February, WTF? We voted for three strikes and you are out and ?????
  7. Just using "fair" the most ways possible. I haven't been to a Ren Faire but your avatar looked a little more Fright Fest or Scary Farm to me then Ren Faire, but I guess The Beast is classic French so that would work better.
  8. To be fair, I don't think CaptainUnknown will fare well at the ren faire if he is dressed as a psycho clown but perhaps a fairy?
  9. Thank you, and I found a better route through Rialto where I have 22 & 18 min transfers plus I can stay the whole 10:30 am to 6 pm operating hours. I am just going to do it and if it fails, an expensive Uber ride. Oh well, I still have never been on Wonder Woman. Hope I am not missing much. I do enjoy "NOW OPEN! & Closed for Refurbishment".
  10. Metrolink is free on Monday, April 22nd for earth day. Does anyone know if local schools get this day off? I don't have any children to ask but don't want to visit the park on a school holiday. I have taken Metrolink twice to Knott's over the past two months and other than a slight delay, we arrived okay. Am I insane for wanting to try this next Monday? I will save maybe 1/2 ro 1 hour by driving but can't watch TV on my phone during that time, so I might as well take the train since it is free. I am worried about the 11 minute layover in LA on the way. It is fine if my Riverside to LA train is on time but if it is late, I am screwed and may not make the connection. OLD ROUTE DELETED versus driving each way
  11. If you watch Youtube and search for closed or abandoned amusement parks there are tons of them. They all seem to have the same things in common: 1. They were the next Walt Disney, 2. They underestimated the cost to build their park by at least one-half, 3. They overestimated the attendance by quite a bit, 4. They had no extra funds when things went wrong, and 5. The failure was always something or someone else’s fault. I am not sure about this one but I am sure there will be a video soon with many of these factors being an issue. Don’t even get me started about friends that thought they were good cooks so they should open a restaurant “According to the National Amusement Park Historical Association, there are approximately 1,000 defunct amusement parks in North America, with a significant number being in the United States.[1]”
  12. If you live in So Cal and watch the news, it is just bad news every day. I don't like to go into LA any more and don't even think about going down to Venice / anta Monica to ride bikes like we used to. Most friends and family I know carry a concealed firearms everywhere you go. I would call it more fact than projecting.
  13. I don't like to speculate in garbage but sometimes if the rumors spell doom, it is better to visit one last time and remember it; than forget to visit and feel lost out. This is a long article so I can't summarize it but the Las Vegas monorail is likely on its way out within the next 5 to 10 years. Also why Disneyworld likely has not extended their lines in the future. Apparently the track width has been discontinued and Bombardier is out of the monorail business. https://www.casino.org/news/end-of-the-line-for-las-vegas-monorail/
  14. I wonder who is most excited in this photo? The puzzled looking service pug, Whittles with Boysenberry jam on his beard, or mommy who got a picture of baby with Whittles.
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