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  1. We will miss you on a hot day, Tidal Wave but will probably love the new coaster even more.
  2. Things just changed again this week. I am now hearing that CDC and California have lifted the travel restrictions to California for out of state guests. Universal and Sea World are already allowing out of state guests if they have their vaccinations. Disney has already said no for now. Knotts and Magic Mountain haven't commented that I can see. There will probably be more updates this week. It will still be June 15th that the amusement parks are supposedly allowed to stop the 6' distance stuff, blocking rows, and cleaning trains every other cycle. Until then, I would assume all of t
  3. Has anyone been to the park since kids went back to school? I have an appt next week but I don't want to drive 1 1/2 hours each way if all the coasters are an hour wait. Right now I am looking at some online wait times of 100 min for Full Throttle & Goliath, and 130 for West Coast Racers. It is even 35 min for Scream and Revolution. Do those sound accurate to anyone that has been there?
  4. I wonder if it received the full $950,000 that was requested? A warm climate will be good for it as it required a full train to dispatch in cold weather. At least at Scandia it operated that way. It also sounds like they ordered at least one new train as Scandia just had one last barely working train when it closed.
  5. It took me a half hour to get through and I am only 25,346 in line! Yahoo! Is the site working for anyone else? I haven't advanced in line at all. Still 25346 Boohoo! It took until almost 2 pm, but got a reservation.
  6. Ticket sales and reservations will be available April 26th at 10am PST for Knott's. also, per the state of California and nothing to do with the Knott's announcement it looks like the state could fully re-open on June 15th. Hospital ICU capacity is currently over 30% and vaccine appointments are going unfilled around me so things seem a little positive. https://www.cdph.ca.gov/Programs/CID/DCDC/Pages/COVID-19/beyond_memo.aspx "As we reach 20 million vaccines administered and COVID-19 case rates and hospitalizations have stabilized, California is looking to move beyond th
  7. it is open during the week during the passholder preview mostly 10 am - 8 pm. Schedule is up on their site going to second week of Sept for the park. https://www.knotts.com/calendar-and-hours
  8. I received an email back in September that if I kept paying that I would be upgraded from Gold to Gold Plus permanently and Platinum until the end of 2022. I didn't pause my membership. I was upgraded from Gold to the Gold Plus, but not the Platinum. Did this happen to anyone else? I asked at the park and they said Gold Plus is all I get. Member chat wouldn't upgrade me past Gold Plus either. "Jason, Thank you for being a Six Flags Member -- you truly are one of our most valued guests. These are difficult times, and we know COVID-19 virus has caused many challenges for everyone.
  9. I wonder if this is correct for wait times as of 4 pm on opening Thursday? At this point, I will ride anything next Tuesday when I go. Even Scream multiple times if it has a short wait;
  10. I don't mind myself, but the alcohol is creeping further into Disneyland. I always wanted to try a Meyers Rum/Dole Pineapple Whip, so maybe someday! "Disneyland adding a second place to buy alcohol in the park The Blue Bayou will serve beer, sparkling wine and Hurricane cocktails when the New Orleans Square restaurant returns after Disneyland reopens on April 30." https://www.ocregister.com/2021/03/31/disneyland-adding-a-second-place-to-buy-alcohol-in-the-park/
  11. I don't see anything that states you have to be a full time California resident. If you live at your parents house during part of the summer, you are a part time California resident at least when you are here. I would make the reservation and see what the trip reports mention on what documents are needed at the park. I am visiting on April 6th and will let you if someone doesn't get out sooner whether they are checking IDs or just passes and reservations.
  12. Knott's emailed that they plan to finish Boysenberry Festival until May 2nd without rides and then open the amusement park rides/theme park sometime later in May. I am so excited considering the only coater I have ridden in the past year is Desert Storm in Phoenix. I do get to go to Circus Circus for a weekend next month to ride their coasters for the first time in 10 years. Are there any masks that filter the smell of cigarette smoke? Knott's email: "We are encouraged and excited by the recent announcement that came out of the California Governor's office regarding the reopening
  13. I was wrong too. Rides are coming! Did anyone else notice the date is April 1st? Don't make an April fool of me California You better re-open. https://ktla.com/news/california/some-outdoor-ballparks-stadiums-and-theme-parks-eligible-to-reopen-april-1-in-california-state-officials-announce/ "Amusement and theme parks: counties in the red tier: limited to 15% capacity counties in the orange tier: limited to 25% capacity counties in the yellow tier: limited to 35% capacity no indoor dining limits on indoor rides In addition, theme parks should only be
  14. California made an announcement that they are going to change the daily new cases per 100,000 threshold once enough poor people get vaccinated. This should happen in a couple weeks and again in a couple of months. The increase will be "slight" with no actual new tier ranges mentioned but it should get counties opened quicker. Section from March 4th press release relating to re-opening: https://www.gov.ca.gov/2021/03/04/california-leads-with-public-health-and-vaccine-equity-to-safely-and-sustainably-reopen/ "Consistent with the disproportionate impact of the virus, the state is m
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