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  1. There should be no plexiglass dividers in the mazes per the ride ops I spoke to today who attended the employee preview Haunt event. They have a sugar free Berry Punch that is pretty good and is in a couple of locations in the park. The drink stands in front of the arcade near the bumper cars and the one in Camp Snoopy near the kiddie coaster both have it. This is one of the drink stands with the diet Berry Punch. Meet and greet Looks like the pizza place near the bumper cars is about to be re-skinned into something new. Pumpkins everywhere
  2. I was able to make it out to Knott's on Thursday the 2nd. Hangtime and a couple of the flat rides were closed. The longest wait was for Ghostrider at approx. 20 min. I call this photo two black cherry White Claws, 3/4 pound bag of personally chosen candy, and a log ride. True fact!, If you have White Claws with their couple of grams of carbs that you have more room on your diet for a big bag of candy! This is the new Boardwalk BBQ menu. As you can see, I was able to order two more White Claws, flank steak, and hatch mac & cheese. It also would have come with a corn muffin but I was carbed out. The observation tower accents the photo. Wipeout is a lot smaller when all taken apart. When did the water in the lagoon turn so green? Is this an algae breakout? The bottom of the lagoon is looking pretty sad. The old "K" at the top of the sky cabin was on display. It looks like each side was lit differently. This side has looped tubing. The opposite side of the "K" was lit in white single tubes.
  3. https://metrolinktrains.com/ Metrolink is quite a bit cheaper but will take longer as you have to transfer from a bus to a train, and possibly a Uber from the Buena Park station. I screen printed the sample Saturday rate, part of the schedule, and you will still be 3.7 miles from Knott's about a 1 & 1/2 hours later. Directions from Buena Park station to Knotts
  4. Agreed on October. I have been able to re-ride Ghostrider without leaving the station. because only a couple of people were in line.
  5. COVID only delayed the conversion of this park to 800 condos at a project valued at $2.4 billion. It did not stop it. If they were nice, they could give all their old rides to Trey and Matt Stone and they could build a Cartmanland next to a Casa Bonita. Mui Bien! Or takeover Lakeside and build a new Casa Bonita over there?
  6. When I first watched this video, I thought great animatronics. When I watched the second time I realized how close we are to being replaced at work. I wonder if Spiderman at DCA is made like this? Also, if you can tell me when Boston Dynamics changed their name to Cyberdyne Systems you will get extra credit below.
  7. It looks like the pinball museums in Vegas and Banning, no relation from each other, each decided to expand right before COVID. The one in Vegas moved to the strip near the LV airport and used gofundme and other sponsors to stay afloat. I don't remember the Banning pinball place asking for help to move to Palm Springs and I think people would have donated if they would have asked for assistance. Unfortunately, the Banning pinball location failed. I appreciate your comment and I use to live down the road from you in Richmond, VA and the $12.50 that you quoted for pinball is a great value.
  8. I kind of feel like arcades, FECs, and amusement type places are similar, so I posted this here. The museum of pinball in Banning California has closed and there will be an auction to liquidate the equipment. Banning was near Casino Morongo so nice for gambling and arcade games. Despite the article, you previously were able to play all weekend for $150 or approx. $60 per day. It was a nice family weekend. I am glad the pinball place survived in Vegas. https://arstechnica.com/gaming/2021/07/a-look-back-at-the-museum-of-pinballs-huge-collection-of-games/
  9. They haven't said anything and took down most of the signage., including the wood Mystery Lodge sign. This photo is from Feb. 2020. This is from May 12, 2021. The relax zone sign appears to be wood and not a sticker or something to cover the old sign.
  10. We will miss you on a hot day, Tidal Wave but will probably love the new coaster even more.
  11. Things just changed again this week. I am now hearing that CDC and California have lifted the travel restrictions to California for out of state guests. Universal and Sea World are already allowing out of state guests if they have their vaccinations. Disney has already said no for now. Knotts and Magic Mountain haven't commented that I can see. There will probably be more updates this week. It will still be June 15th that the amusement parks are supposedly allowed to stop the 6' distance stuff, blocking rows, and cleaning trains every other cycle. Until then, I would assume all of the rides are operating at 1/4 the capacity and that the parks are going to have wait times similar to a Saturday in July, just without the heat For example, from the Seaworld website: SeaWorld San Diego is now operating as a theme park. Per state COVID-19 restrictions, attendance is limited to California in-state visitors, and now out-of-state visitors will be required to show proof of a fully completed COVID-19 vaccine (you are considered fully vaccinated two weeks after your second shot, or two weeks after the one-dose vaccine). Guests may also be asked to present proof of residency upon entry. Party sizes may not contain more than 3 households. To adhere to capacity guidelines, and for the health and safety of our animals, employees and guests, reservations and proper face coverings are required to enter the park.
  12. Has anyone been to the park since kids went back to school? I have an appt next week but I don't want to drive 1 1/2 hours each way if all the coasters are an hour wait. Right now I am looking at some online wait times of 100 min for Full Throttle & Goliath, and 130 for West Coast Racers. It is even 35 min for Scream and Revolution. Do those sound accurate to anyone that has been there?
  13. I wonder if it received the full $950,000 that was requested? A warm climate will be good for it as it required a full train to dispatch in cold weather. At least at Scandia it operated that way. It also sounds like they ordered at least one new train as Scandia just had one last barely working train when it closed.
  14. It took me a half hour to get through and I am only 25,346 in line! Yahoo! Is the site working for anyone else? I haven't advanced in line at all. Still 25346 Boohoo! It took until almost 2 pm, but got a reservation.
  15. Ticket sales and reservations will be available April 26th at 10am PST for Knott's. also, per the state of California and nothing to do with the Knott's announcement it looks like the state could fully re-open on June 15th. Hospital ICU capacity is currently over 30% and vaccine appointments are going unfilled around me so things seem a little positive. https://www.cdph.ca.gov/Programs/CID/DCDC/Pages/COVID-19/beyond_memo.aspx "As we reach 20 million vaccines administered and COVID-19 case rates and hospitalizations have stabilized, California is looking to move beyond the Blueprint for a Safer Economy to fully reopening our economy. On June 15, all industries across the state can return to usual operations with common-sense risk reduction measures such as masking and vaccinations. We will only progress to this stage if we continue to stay vigilant, keep wearing our masks and getting vaccinated. The state will monitor hospitalization rates, vaccine access, and vaccine efficacy against variants with the option to revisit the June 15 date if needed. What triggers our move Beyond the Blueprint? On June 15, California will fully open its economy if two criteria are met: 1. Equitable vaccine availability: If vaccine supply is sufficient for Californians 16 years or older who wish to be inoculated. [i] AND 2. Consistently low burden of disease: Hospitalizations are stable and low, and specifically, hospitalizations among fully vaccinated individuals are low."
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