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  1. Per an Orange County Register article on June 9th, Knott's has announced that they currently have no plans to add a giga or hyper coaster in the near future. It might be hard to access the article behind the paywall but the short story is no new big coaster for a while. There is another article on the site from June 7th, saying Xcelerator is waiting on parts from Europe and there is no set re-opening date. https://www.ocregister.com/2022/06/09/knotts-berry-farm-shoots-down-giga-coaster-speculation/ https://www.ocregister.com/2022/06/07/when-will-knotts-berry-farm-reopen-the-xcelerator-coaster/
  2. Here is the special renewal offer for people with passes extended to 5/5/2022 that want to do it online: https://www.knotts.com/season-passes?keyword=SpringTwoSeasonPassesRenewal
  3. And now the Knott's class action suit over not issuing refunds when closed during COVID instead of extending the passes is now moving forward: Can't a theme park catch a break? https://www.ocregister.com/2022/04/22/knotts-berry-farm-season-pass-class-action-lawsuit-can-move-forward-judge-rules/ By BRADY MACDONALD | bmacdonald@scng.com | PUBLISHED: April 22, 2022 at 11:13 a.m. | UPDATED: April 22, 2022 at 11:50 a.m. A class action lawsuit filed by a Knott’s Berry Farm season passholder who was refused a refund when the Buena Park theme park was shuttered for more than a year by the COVID-19 pandemic seeks restitution for millions of passholders. A United States District Court Judge in Ohio denied a motion on Thursday, April 21 by Knott’s parent company Cedar Fair to dismiss the class action lawsuit and ruled the suit over non-refunded season passes during the coronavirus pandemic can move forward. Judge James Carr said in the ruling that any reasonable passholder would have expected a prorated refund when the Ohio-based Cedar Fair closed its 11 theme parks during the pandemic. Cedar Fair and Knott’s Berry Farm officials declined to comment on the pending litigation. Cedar Fair offered 2020 season passholders an extension through the 2021 season when the pandemic shuttered the company’s theme parks in March 2020. Knott’s, California’s Great America, Ohio’s Cedar Point, Virginia’s Kings Dominion, Canada’s Wonderland and other Cedar Fair theme parks reopened at varying dates based on individual state health and safety guidelines. Knott’s reopened in May 2021 after hosting a series of food festivals without rides during the pandemic closure of the park. The lawsuit was brought by Washington state resident Moneva Walker who purchased a 2020 season pass for Knott’s Berry Farm when she lived in California.
  4. Disney should play this correctly and: 1. State that all new development including new attractions will be delayed or canceled in Florida until we take a 10 year period to evaluate if we have reached market saturation in the Orlando area. Make the locals feel better by stating that we will not need to increase prices by 10% a year if we are not adding new $100,000,000 plus attractions every year. Instead, state you will spend $20,000,000 per year on attraction rehabs until the classic attractions are all in prime condition. 2. Dump all of Disney's fire and police department pensions, healthcare and municipal debt on the local or state government. I have heard that they could transfer well over a billion dollars of debt to the government as part of the process of dissolving the special district. 3. Layoff all Disney corporate staff that was moved to Orlando from California except for what is needed to run the parks and cruise ship. State that the company is entering a cost controlling stage because of lower attendance then expected.
  5. The last couple of times I was at the park, it doesn't look like they were working on the ride. If they are waiting on a part from Europe, in the past it has taken 6 to 9 months approximately to have the part manufactured and shipped here if that is any indicator.
  6. There is still a big giant gap that he obviously slipped through. The operator has some responsibility to know that it was unsafe whether his company trained him/her correctly or not. It sounds like the design, training and operator were all deficient. This is coming a 25 year claims adjuster.
  7. I wonder if they decided to wait for a Polercoaster to be available? I hear they are coming soon too.
  8. on Thursday they had two teams painting Xcelerator with lifts. There was another team at the other end of the track. It looked like they were using paint rollers and a bucket. And the lucky BBQ meal of the day was flank steak with White Claw Black Cherry.
  9. We listened and our customers demanded that we cut expenses to the bone and charge extra for every service that was included with admission; so I would like to welcome our new leader from Spirit Airlines, Selim Bassoual!
  10. Good point. Some times it is difficult for me to identify the line at where Six Flags stops caring and where California government cares too much. It is good that they are using a quality painter and may it look great for many years.
  11. The military appreciation discount, extended hours from 10 - 10, and that it was a holiday for some people helped make it packed. The military appreciation days have been extended to Mon - Thur. over several weeks, so I thought that would spread out the crowds. I guess that didn't work because Wednesday had half the coasters dispatching with some empty rows while Thur. had lines out of the entrance of almost every queue. There must have been something free for military because it was packed Thursday like a Saturday in July.
  12. I thought the Jack and Coke was decent for an amusement park pre-mixed cocktail, but the Margarita was very tart to me. I really wish they were able to sell the chicken restaurant boysenberry mojitos in the park. Its not really that far to go get a couple though. Xcelerator The Ride has been added to the ride closures from (Nov. 29 - Dec. 17) https://www.knotts.com/scheduled-ride-closures I hope the crowds today aren't indicative of what is in store for the holidays. It was one of those walk around and maybe catch a flat ride or two type of days.
  13. Happy, happy, joy, joy! Even more happiness in the front row! The rare Christmas/Halloween decorations photo. I wish you a Scull Mountain Xmas
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