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  1. https://www.sixflags.com/magicmountain/events/holiday-in-the-park Holiday in the Park Drive-thru Experience Select nights November 20-January 3 Six Flags Magic Mountain lights up the holidays for Holiday in the Park Drive-thru Experience ‘TIS THE SEASON FOR A HOLIDAY LIGHT SPECTACULAR For the first time ever at Six Flags Magic Mountain, experience millions of lights, festive holiday theming, and seasonal music favorites in a drive-thru nighttime spectacular, Holiday in the Park Drive-thru Experience. Beginning at 6pm on select evenings November 20 – January 3 , make me
  2. Sorry, should probably have read RCDB better if I wanted to make a list of GCIs that I have never ridden but I am willing to possibly sacrifice before Ghostrider.
  3. Maybe in the long-term, but I hope they start with the GCIs at Kings Island, Worlds of Fun or Valleyfair and leave Knott's alone until they know how well it works. I see myself being really selfish here but Ghostrider is one of the best things in the park and doesn't need to be messed with unless necessary.
  4. Spidey and Capt America should have come to help but texting Mickey is worthless!
  5. The problem with California's system is that Santa Cruz is already slipping back to the red category on adjusted cases per 100,000, and if they are like Riverside County, will be given one week to improve their numbers before getting slipped back a color category. If they go back to red, no boardwalk rides and they have to lay everyone off again. I know Riverside Country restaurants have closed their dining rooms three times since March and laid off servers/cooks and had spoiled food each time. There appears to be no limit on how many more times they can shut any of us down either.
  6. Is this the old Corkscrew? If so, I guess it sold. https://intermarkridegroup.com/roller-coasters/corkscrew-coaster-rc1403
  7. This poor kid is probably in high school and has to figure out what fat ACErs and Geo Metros are
  8. Approx 2300 lbs without gravy or fat ACErs. https://www.visitkingsisland.com/blog/2019/june/readers’-mailbag-how-much-does-a-beast-train-weigh ... READERS’ MAILBAG: HOW MUCH DOES A BEAST TRAIN WEIGH? June 19, 2019 Don Helbig Area Manager Digital Marketing - Kings Island Twitter: @DonHelbig ... How much does a Beast train weigh? – Byron B., Dalton, GA Great question, Byron. Each car on The Beast weighs 2,300 pounds with the weight of a full train (without riders) 13,800 pounds. The cars have become heavier over the past 20 years with the cars o
  9. Oh come on now. Pick 15 Six Flags rides that are past their prime or never should have been purchased in the first place is a fun game. If they didn't want us to play, they would have given us the list. We should get prizes if we can guess them all correctly.
  10. I have not seen poor little Deja Vu since that slow loading unreliable piece of crap left Magic Mountain. it sounds like renaming it Goliath and moving it across the country to SFNE didn't fix its reliability issues? If that is true, it is possible that moving Green Lantern First Flight to La Ronde will not make it a good coaster either. Shocking!
  11. Based upon what other parks have removed over time, the following types of rides are generally in danger: wood coasters, log rides, steam trains, skyways, and anything that seems to be down most of the time anyway.
  12. This park looks like a Roller Coaster Tycoon mistake where you spent all your loan on land and paths, before you build enough rides. Just a couple of peeps walking around saying I want to go on something more exciting than Dragon Mountain.
  13. More food, no rides productions present: Knott's Berry Farm is excited to announce a new seasonal food and retail event, this time celebrating the merriest season of all, with Knott's Taste of Merry Farm. While the theme park remains closed, Christmas spirit still shines bright this year with holiday charm brimming out of every corner of the park, as Knott's wondrously transforms with enchanted décor, thousands of twinkling lights, miles of festive garland, and a variety of picturesque holiday settings, all serving as a backdrop to the tastiest holiday foods around. With over 60 uniq
  14. I received an email from Knott's today asking Californians to help reopen the parks by messaging the governor. It took me only a couple of minutes to copy and paste some stuff, so it is super easy, and please try to help out too. https://reopencaamusementparks.com/ "California Parks Are Ready to Reopen Responsibly California Attractions and Parks Association is the only statewide association that represents the permanent amusement park industry. The association was incorporated in 2003 and opened offices in Sacramento in February 2004. CAPA serves as the voice of the attra
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