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  1. Move down the street from Mount Olympus or Holiday World and you will get all the rib adjusting excite you have been missing. Old brutal wooden roller coasters still exist and luckily for you, are not popular with the rest of us so short lines for you!
  2. I can't find it on any of the many used ride sites. They would usually still list it if it recently sold. According to the park, it looks like Hasbroland is taking over the spot of Mindbender. https://www.wem.ca/play/attractions/galaxyland "Galaxyland Powered by Hasbro is the only Hasbro theme park in Canada North America's largest indoor amusement park features more than 27 exhilarating rides and play areas for all ages. A total of three and a half acres of family-friendly rides will be transformed into an amusement park wonderland for all fans of Hasbro, a global play and entertainment company, and its powerhouse brands by 2023." "Galaxyland announces closure of the Mindbender Edmonton, AB (January 30th,2023) - Galaxyland has confirmed the closure of the Mindbender, the world’s largest indoor triple loop roller coaster. “The iconic Mindbender has been the park’s premier thrill ride since the grand opening in 1985,” said Lori Bethel, Vice President of Parks and Attractions. “While the Mindbender will be missed, we are excited to announce that we are working on groundbreaking new plans for family thrills that will immerse our guests in an out-of-this-world experience.” Galaxyland has started the redevelopment of the area with the decommissioning and removal of the Mindbender. Please watch Official West Edmonton Mall on social media for updates and teasers in the coming months."
  3. Wishful thinking? I realize that I live in the state trying to ban gas stoves and cars, but that makes me really need other states to do something more stupid so I can feel better. I just went into Rite Aid and realized they can't even sell menthol cigarettes in our state any longer. Just good old fashioned tobacco flavor even in vapes that don't contain tobacco.
  4. Ah, Floriduh is suing Disney to keep Splash Mountain as white as possible. Story below: https://localtoday.news/fl/florida-state-files-lawsuit-to-stop-disneys-splash-mountain-attraction-redesign-report-210195.html
  5. In case anyone blinked, it is time to change prices again. Wasn't the Diamond pass $249.99 last week?
  6. I am sure that if one of the many pass or membership options that they have tried was successful, our old membership price would be subject to change or discontinuation. Since they haven't been successful in driving attendance, I don't think they want to lose us too. They are kind of leaving the existing customers safe for now while they experiment with new customers until they find a balance that works.
  7. Thanks for responding, and I will check again tomorrow. I guess I have been spoiled. I was used to hitting the park on a weekday pre-COVID and being the only one getting a beer at the bar, good weather, short lines despite one-train operations, seeing the same guests over and over again because you had the place to yourself, mostly everything open, etc... It wasn't financially sustainable and COVID finished it off. You can't run a park profitably when you have more employees than guests that day. The good days may turn lean for awhile and I am sure if sucks for everyone. It could be expected high Santa Ana winds, cost cutting, or lack of staff but it doesn't change the outcome that the thrill ride would hopefully mostly be open. I'll keep my membership because it is cheap but I have only been back one time since COVID re-opening and too many closed things and would probably stop by more if it wasn't a three hour round trip from the good old Inland Empire. Too many Thanksgiving White Claws and checking out
  8. I was thinking about driving out to MM in a couple of weeks. Are this many of the thrill rides closed on a holiday weekend with good weather? Only 9 of 17 or 53% of the thrill rides are open. I can't imagine how bad it could be on non-holiday Thursday.
  9. I have heard Scrooge McDuck and Daffy Duck are the front runners for the new CEO position once Iger retires. Scrooge has an inside track and both are better than Chapek.
  10. I am guessing as an insurance adjuster that this is part of the structured bankruptcy. Why waste assets when you know the judgement is higher than owner equity? You start by creating a separate shell company, borrow to negative equity, and insure for the state minimum limits. Once you know the loss is more than what equity you have in the loan or insurance limits; you file bankruptcy. They are just pre-liquidating assets as they know liquidation is inevitable. Ducks in a row.
  11. It is a little off topic but if you live in LA, quit watching KTLA. Big station but little heart. Two happy looking but fired faces.
  12. SFMM bridge to X2. I spent two minutes last time I saw her, so I guess I care a little.
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