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  1. At the same time as buying and getting ^ the above here, I also purchased one of those "Mystery Box Sets" where individual boxes are sold 'blind,' as they say. But a lot of sellers on eBay are selling the entire set of boxes, which sometimes feature a "mystery figure" in black profile. This set of TDL restaurant, is a fave of mine, when I've been to TDLR. The Queen of Hearts Banquet Hall in Fantasyland, is a great buffet-style restaurant. Andplenty of help to help you find a good table, etc. The box it all comes in. What you get. SPOILER ALERT! ............................ The mystery piece is a food tray with food on it. First time in the place - TPR 2007 Japan Tour. w/Mike and Peter enjoying our food trays.... What David and I shared, at the Banquet Hall in 2013 (TPR Tour). There was enough of everything to share!
  2. Forgot to add to the TR. They give you a Digital Copy # of the onride photo, taken. So here's a better look at myself - and check out that caption. The t-shirts came out when AtmosFEAR first opened. The gift shop, sadly, is no more. But with ThunderVOLT opening soon, who knows? Maybe they'll actually open a new gift shop, with the revamp of the Games Arcade .... along with the Ride Side Bar 2.0
  3. Opening Day at Playland ~ May 18/24 Rain had been falling on and off through the morning. No big deal. But my intentions were to just tour around the park, maybe get something to eat and drink, and just see what's changed (if anything) since last year. The first surprise was that all the games arcade was blocked off, and to be eventually rebuilt (the facades), assuming they're going to get it done by the time the actual PNE Fair happens, mid-August. The other surprise was that the entire row of buildings on the north side of the park, including my go-to drinking spot, the Ride Side Bar, was demolished, leaving space for the upcoming new concert amphitheatre being built. <grrr> Got a couple of rides done, food at the White Spot place, an onride pic from the Kettle Creek Mine coaster... and that was it. Both Coaster and the new ThunderVOLT weren't open. And the new coaster wasn't going to be open until July. <sighs> Until then, here's my pix... Waiting to go in. Testing, testing. The new flyer and park map. The usual plug for the upcoming August Fair. The map. A better showing of the map, on the wall of Customer Service. Not a huge crowd today. "I spy, with my little eye, something that is ....yellow." What's this? What's this? The young woman at the Snack Shack told me about the renovation they're doing with all the facades of the Games Arcade. Still testing. All blocked off. Yay. And nothing's been done with this building since .... several years ago? The Haunted Mansion wasn't going to open, until the afternoon. I was there between 11am and noon. \ This was the closest I could get to ThunderVOLT. And more green fences here. And the entire north end of the buildings .... all gone. Including my bar <sniff> I'm hoping they put it into the new arcade being rebuilt on the east side of Playland. Does anyone use the word "fly" anymore? Sky Bender was open. West Coast Wheel wasn't open - and missing a few ride buckets, too. The best landscaping of the park was here. Where the Honey Bee Express train travels around. I think the Kettle Creek Coaster sign needs a bit of a touch up, yes? No? All things considered, it's a pretty good coaster for anyone, kids and adults alike. They re-opened the Scrambler in it's original spot. Was down all last season. The White Spot eating spot. Really not that busy all the time I was there. In Canadian $$$. Pretty reasonable in American $$$, I thought. What I got: a bacon-cheese burger, fries, and a nice thick blueberry milkshake. Lots of bacon and cheese.... yum! After eating, a bit more strolling. This is the free Mini-Golf attraction. Not too busy right now. And Coaster. "Closed until further notice." Okay.... time to leave. The onride photo... ...on the Kettle Creek Coaster. And that's it, till next weekend's visit.....
  4. Cast CD Release Note! Not trying to take anything away from the chat on "Wicked", but I'm reminding everyone with the "slightest interest" in musicals by an "up and comer"...... Stephen Sondheim .... that his last written score that was produced this past fall... HERE WE ARE is being released this Saturday thru Amazon. (I put my order in for it, a few weeks ago.) And here's the quote from Amazon about it.... This quote is found only at the Amazon.com site HWA page. ...and check out the Cast and Production Team of this thing! Stellar, IMhO And Amazon.co.uk is only selling an MP3 of one song, for now. BUT it includes on that page, a wonderful all-inclusive BIO of Steve, all of his work noted, right there! Breathtaking!
  5. Well, judging by the trailer, they certainly put a ton of $$$$ into it. Looking forward to seeing Part 1 this fall/winter.
  6. This is "a bit late" here, but these are the photos I took, when KOOZA returned to town last November. And again, we had the VIP tickets, which in my mind is still a great deal for what you get. Free food, drinks, private entry into the grand chapiteau, outdoor terrace, separate bathrooms from the gp's, and free souvenirs, including the programme, etc. Almost there. Yep, we're at the right place. The photo op to show we were there. BC Place Stadium behind the main tent. Swag to buy. I got the KOOZA t-shirt, in a much larger size, lol. And the food kept coming and coming and..... Open bar, too. A couple of cast members are always available for photo ops, before the show begins. The gp in their own entryway. Busy, busy. Just before it all starts. Start of The Bows. The whole show was wonderful! Acknowledging the band up there. . It's fuzzy, but the band is there! Final bows and goodbyes. "Until we (VIP) meet again....Dec. (Friday The)13th.....ECHO."
  7. A couple of years later.... Just bought this thru eBay. It's a wonderful mini of Tokyo Disneyland's Space Mountain, in recognition of it's "Final Ignition." Which will be at the end of July, when it closes for good, and is re-imagined and rebuilt (and moved back several hundred feet), for a 2027(?) opening. When you remove the Mountain itself off the base, the light show can be projected on the ceiling. A very cool souvenir. The box. What it can do. Mine, lit up. Pretty.
  8. One of the Japan sellers I deal with, thru eBay, always sends me extra stuff along with what I've bought from her. Lately, she sent me a small catalog of souvenirs available in the new Fantasy Springs, opening in June. The writing is all Japanese, but the photos show what's available. I especially get a kick out of the 'hairdos' that the Elsa and Anna dolls have.
  9. Just checked with the site, and it appears Playland is going to be closed Mondays AND Tuesdays, from Opening Day (18th) through June. Then they'll go to a five day week, Wed-Sundays. And for the current weekends, it'll be mainly a 11am-5pm schedule. Whee. http://www.pne.ca
  10. ... But - I gotta say.... Tornado your worst coaster? LOL I rode it back in '09 and '14 in the early TPR tours, and found it to be one of my all time faves in the tours! Slow speed lift or insanely speedy lift! When I knew it was coming I braced myself accordingly. And I actually dreamed of one of these being built in Playland(PNE), my home park... Anyway, sorry it's not one you enjoyed. TPR tour 2014 - Bakken park - where I ran into my folks, that trip.
  11. ^ What he said. I always enjoy reading through what you've .....uh ......been through, on all your tour TRs!
  12. Something I've just noticed.... Our Broadway Across Canada subscription for the 2024-25 season, includes four shows, and two add-ons, one of which I immediately bought tickets for...for two separate showings! But - looking at all of the tickets we've got, everybody now seems to be opening at a 7:30pm Curtain, although for years and years it's been the usual 8 o'clock openings. So, has the covid pandemic had anything to do with these new, somewhat earlier, curtain times? Just wondering.... What we're seeing, starting in January, actually. But this November.... One of the two add-ons we couldn't pass up on. And I also bought a second ticket for myself, for the Sunday aft. performance! But it, and all the other shows, are starting at 7;30 pm. So .....? Just curious, that's all.
  13. ^ I always thought the timing of those musicals was wierd, too. So many openings in such a small space of time, etc. All for the sake of being "under the wire" for TONY nominations. And whether it wins or loses TONYs, Lempicka has already posted a closing notice. The Good News is, they are releasing a Broadway Cast Album! Final performance on May 19th. More (probable) closings, to come.
  14. ^ Well, you certainly have a 'win' there, in the "Last Item Bought" thread, lol.
  15. ^ From the sounds of the Cast CD (one of the few I could get early enough), they all sound amazing in (the revival of) "Merrily, We Roll Along," Sondheim would be proud, I betcha.
  16. Well, the 2023-24 TONY NOMINATIONS are in, announced this morning. And.... Wow. Quite the eye opener, with what and who is nominated for what, etc etc. And the snubs. Here's The Official TONY Site's link ..... https://www.tonyawards.com/ As for the musicals nominated for Best.... I have no idea how they sound (no Cast CDs released just yet, see above post). It will be an interesting broadcast. With Ariana DeBose Hosting! Again! Woo hoo! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ But by the way.... After the noms came out, a bunch of negative crap was aimed online, at "Stereophonic", for "being a play with music." And not, they screamed, a MUSICAL, "as it should have been nominated." Yeah. And I have another play with music nobody blinked on - the "Lady Day at the Bar and Grill" play that brought Audra McDonald her sixth TONY award? They even released a cd of the show, with all the songs and the 'drama' included. Shouldn't that have been a ..... jukebox musical? But it wasn't. And I don't remember that much being shot at her show. So chill, people! It's Show Biz!!! And for you Theatre Trivia Nerds - 12 SHOWS opened in the last nine days for TONY eligibility which this month was April 25th. Sheeesh.
  17. ^^ And is it continuously moving? That elevator system? Or if stopped, you then push a button, etc? (I do see a kind of control panel, there. But I thought I should still ask, etc.) Great tour of Helsinki! I should've tacked on a day or two extra, when I was last there with TPR.
  18. Please explain, if you can? You bought - but not .... got? ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ P.S. I just blew $70 (cdn) on 'three rubber duckies' for the Vancouver Fire Fighters' DUCK RACE in May. Who knows if I win something or not? The $ goes to a good cause in the city.
  19. "Celebration" (1980) Kool & The Gang I remember dancing in the clubs to this! And they've been nominated this year, for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame!
  20. There was a video posted a few days ago, of ThunderVOLT having a test run. Unfortunately, it only goes through one circuit.... I am hoping it does two runs. We'll see, eventually. Thanks to Playland(PNE) for the video.
  21. ^ LOL. And I myself, enjoy a good DY-NO-MITE Roll.
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