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  1. League of Extraordinary Gentlemen is the biggest pile of steaming crap ever to be granted the grace of a high budget AND frickin' Alan Moore material. I mean, damn, I've seen more character and engagement from key-rings! On a lighter note, Inception is one of the best films I have seen in recent memory. Its up there with Blade-Runner for me.
  2. Lovely photo's, especially the evening ones. Maybe some narration would have been better though.
  3. So if that rumour was true, does that mean Thorpe Park will be getting one soon too?
  4. He lost loads of weight while making King Kong apparently. He looks like completely different person nowadays. I'm ain't going to experience this any time soon, but it looks pretty cool. Just hoping it doesn't turn out to be one of those quick cash-ins from the recent 3D craze.
  5. Shame. It looks pretty unique too. Hope your having a good time. Would love to drag my ass down to Oakwood sometime but its quite far-out unfortunately.
  6. The weather is always cruudy in the UK, you don't see too many unpale Brits. No, you just see a lot of orange ones. Hope you all enjoy the trip!
  7. I think its safe to say this ride is a failure. Only Dubai's money problems are giving it much hope at getting that record.
  8. Woo, I 'm not alone. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE the first act in Afghanistan but the rest just seemed a bit dull in comparison.
  9. Am I the only one who found the original Iron Man mediocre beyond Robert Downey Jr.'s performance?
  10. Harald Zwart is a crap director. All his films are dumb, disposable comedies. But really, who's going to play to see a film called 'Roller Coaster Tycoon'? In other words, it isn't going to get made. I hope I'm not eating my own words in a few years time.
  11. How To Train Your Dragon is better than Avatar.
  12. I love this park. I love how 'stitched' together it feels. And I love that Twist n' Shout coaster they have. Thanks for the report. (still think The Plough is the stupidest name you could come up with for that chair swing ride)
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