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  1. Will they design this next generation of standups in a way that will make the eventual conversion to floorless easier?
  2. I would love to see the worlds tallest weight drop launch from the old schwarzkopf shuttle loops.
  3. The maintenance staff will. It was cool to have a complicated launch system with the fins that come down for the train to pass and then rapidly come back up to stop a rolling back train from hitting the one on deck behind. But when you think about all of those sensors and actuators that all had to work outside through the hot summer sun and sit through the cold snowy winter, it is amazing that it lasted as long as it did. That is not even taking into account the actual hydraulic launch motors, cables and other stuff that all need to work together precisely to get it to just go over the top. kudos to the mechanics that kept it going this long.
  4. It will free up some space to install some of the rides from california’s great america.
  5. Hope the track lines up when they put it together this time!
  6. While they are at it, why not raise it up 36 feet to at least match kingda in height
  7. I guess if that is the extent of the damage then we got off pretty lucky. From the poorly shot cellphone video it looked pretty severe. Thoughts and prayers go out to the fibreglass that burned. Maybe a go fund me is on it's way? If that is all that is damaged, Splashworks should be back up to half capacity in no time.
  8. There was a fire at the waterpark last night after the fireworks. Local news channel, CP24 says they evacuated people from the park at 11:30pm. There are a few badly shot videos on the internet that look like they were taken from cars on the road out that goes past behemoth. Traffic on the road out seemed to be moving surprisingly well, usually it is a parking lot after a long day lets out. We were there during the day and they closed splashworks and some of the other rides in the area at 6pm because of the fireworks, so there were likely no people around. I only have some sketchy internet video to go by but it looks like the Funnel slide Typhoon was on fire. Not sure if they will be able to find another hand me down slide from another park to replace it. The only good news, if there is any is that it should free up some lifeguards to staff the other attractions. Today was the most packed i have ever seen the waterpark but Mountain bay cliffs only opened for a few hours in the afternoon because of staffing shortages and Lazy river did not open at all. Update: Looking at another video just now, part of Minebuster looked liked it was on fire too. We can only hope.
  9. RMC have been known for refurbishing older coasters that no longer ran well. Who will RMC the RMC’s?
  10. Overlooking the obvious. carrousel to sf stlouis to hold them over until they finish their refurb.
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