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  1. Assuming they are allowed to open mat 14 i am not sure if there is a pass holder preview day but either way i am just glad they found a way to be permitted to open. i am thinking i may buy a meal plan just to support them since i have already paid for my pass. at this point as much as i would love to ride some rollercoasters i would like to support them as they reopen.
  2. I was planning to go in april with the craft brewing conference which was since cancelled. i emailed the contact us on the website, and they promptly responded: Good Morning Doug, Your Platinum Pass will get you into Schlitterbahn. Parking is free here, please let me know if you have any further questions. They did not indicate any issues with showing your pass and coming in, like every other park in the chain. Since parking is free anyway, if you had any trouble you could surely speak to guest relations. Obviously with the post covid situation, it might be smart to email ahea
  3. I was planning to be in san antonio mid april for the craft brewers conference which has since been cancelled. To take advantage of the christmas specials, I signed up for a six flags membership for fiesta texas thinking i would go 2 or 3 times and then drive to dallas and go to sfot before flying home. I figured i would come out ahead with a pass. If i got a chance to go to chicago montreal or darien lake this year it would be a bonus. It made sense at the time but it looks unlikely i will be able to go, or at least be unwise to. I understand that you need to go to your “home” pa
  4. I have been to the last several years passholder night. It is a fun atmosphere and everyone seems happy to be back at wonderland for another season. People are understanding that rides which have not run for 6 months have a bit of downtime. Many of the staff are new and not on their midseason form. Foodservice which is pretty bad on a good day is even slower with lots of things running out. On paper it is a textbook shitshow but people are thrilled to be back so it winds up being a nice night out.
  5. I also like back of the bus on Leviathan! Check out 4 th train second row on Behemoth. You get nice floater air over all of the hills, it is great! Back of bus is nice too especially for the turnaround. Same for Vortex. Since you seem to like Fury, how would you compare fury to Leviathan?
  6. ^wow, i learn new things daily. i am not sure i have been on guardian this year at all. I went on sunday for my last behemoth ERT of the year and last day to do splashworks... It was kinda cool and overcast with almost no lines, if you kept walking up to each slide, you stayed warm. Considering the weather, there was a surprising number of people there. I went on Klockwerks and noticed that the swinging time seemed much less and that it took a long long time to slow down. i don't know if there is a braking mechanism to stop it that was not working, but it was strange. Among other t
  7. ^^ The park opens it's gates 30 min before opening time. They will let you go through security and walk around the fountain area. They have rope drop points to all the areas, and if you go to the left of the mountain, there is a rope drop down the hill near yukon. When i went with guests, we went to that and had a short line to yukon. I went to the single rider line and managed to get on the second train of the day, as it did not occur to any rope drop people to go for the single rider. They will let you use your bonus fl pass whenever you want. On the day you want to use it go to the boot
  8. Whatever you decide to call it, you could get a B&M rattle to play with!
  9. Wonder mountain guardian is worth doing, especially if CW is not your home park and you don't get the chance to ride it often. It's lineup is inside the mountain so you cannot tell how busy it is until you are in the lineup. You can also plan to go in mid day when it is hot and you want to get out of the sun for a while. not sure if you can take food in the line but you cannot take bags with you, so they have to either be in a fluffy bunny or stashed in the bushes. I might be more inclined to spend my precious ropedrop time on some coasters.
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