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  1. I'll have to look through some of my old photo boxes that we got from my grandparent's house after they passed. There are bound to be countless photos of WOF in the 70s and 80s in there. I know there is a ton of Extremeroller pics because my aunt won a contest to be one of the first riders after they converted it and the family was invited to the grand reopening.
  2. Basically all of Japan. I ran into the problem of finding a trash can several times after finishing up a cup of coffee. I got to the point where I'd just make sure it was completely empty & keep it in my backpack til I either found one or got back to my Airbnb. It's crazy how clean Japan is compared to NYC or London while also having like 99% less bins.
  3. Imagine being around when OE got knocked down and everyone was certain it was gonna be Patriot going there. Still a shame all that land is unused.
  4. This. Between 11/07 and 11/12, they really stepped it up a notch, Epcot as a whole really. Went from "Nice little side visit then back to MK" to "Why are we bothering with MK at all? More beer and bon bons please." I spent most of a day there and still had only seen a fraction of all the improvements.
  5. Gonna do this for WOF but getting my own team together. Looks like a great time to raise some money for kids, let's do this.
  6. As someone who used to think "My park didn't get something this year, CF is either selling them or closing it!", they are doing just fine for the moment. I'd rather see general improvements made then maybe something in a year or two. Now Oceans, while not feeling any pressure from the always unfinished Schiltterbahn(I'm out near there nearly every weekend for Sporting KC games, it has looked the same for too long), they still need a major refurb. Feels like Napoleon might pop out at you at any moment, just how 80s that joint feels and looks these days.
  7. The irony of the midget wrestlers was standing in line next to a midget couple on Detonator without laughing. I honestly wanted to ask their opinion.
  8. I went two full years without riding a coaster. Rode Prowler for the first time Friday night at long last.
  9. I don't know what got me hotter, the custom cookie or the copious amounts of wings.
  10. I'm doing good in college so far and I'm just overall happy with my life, it's going great right now!
  11. Luongo was sucking with the new home mask, then switched back to the white away mask and shuts down the Habs, haha.
  12. The one game playoff was supposed to take place yesterday, but was postponed of course due to the fact that the Vikings-Packers game was there Monday night, preplanned.
  13. My 96 Olds Cutlass that's been with the family since 97 finally gave up, and the car replacing it for me makes me a giant hypocrite. I have to drive a pewter PT Cruiser for the time being, bleh.
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