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  1. ^ To me it's more a fear of water in general. I go swimming in a natural lake that our family has a cottage on and I have a phobia of the deep water. The lake itself goes 80 feet deep which provides a home for musky which the lake is known for having. We are fortunate enough to have a pretty shallow sandbar that goes out 30 yards from our dock to the deep end. Fittingly enough what separates the sandbar from the deep end is this nasty orange seaweed. I avoid it at all costs with the fear of my foot getting tangled in it or encountering a creature like a water snake, big turtle or musky. Otherwise the lake is harmless for the most part and no reported deaths as far as I know. As for wave pools I was only in the Geauga Lake wave pool which still exists I think. I remember the pool being packed and I couldn't get down past the middle even if I wanted to. Wave pools to me are kind of disgusting... just a place for people to crash into one another. I guess consider me Kyle from Southpark where his phobia is... pee!
  2. Kennywood isn't big by any means and even if they were to at least expand the midway past the Playdium and wrap it around the back end of the Jackrabbit it would make it appear bigger than it is, but I don't think they'll do that. Not really worth the cost for a small midway expansion. However, I would totally dig an Intamin megalite or some other high capacity ride in that ravine.
  3. Kennywood has many cool angles. Kennywood from Braddock by jayayess1190, on Flickr
  4. Ah Morgan... I wish Kennywood had another hyper coaster, why you might ask? It's like asking someone why they have two Ford Mustangs. They're that awesome and two of them are certainly better than one. As for a mega lite, why not?
  5. Where did the Wonder Wheel go? I know this topic is about park workers seeing crazy things, but I immediately thought of crazy park workers for some reason. For instance; I recall a trip TPR did to Alabama Adventure and on Rampage a ride operator decided to jump on the track in the station to help move a baby carriage across the track while the train was entering the station. I personally wasn't there, but that got everyone's attention I think.
  6. Cool camera! ...but yeah, I see how rough it is and what puzzles me is how the track "drifts," especially through the boomerang. I got to be honest that I wanted this coaster to be worth salvaging because it was a sad day for me when the Steel Phantom lost its loops and when I discovered I could never ride Drachen Fire. The mega loopers are dying and for good reason it seems.
  7. I'm going to take a shot at this and say Wood Coaster has the best view from its lift hill!
  8. I guess this topic deserves TPR's own POV of the ride. [youtu_be] [/youtu_be] I just saw this for the first time and despite Robb's funny comments on the lift hill I had to judge by people's reactions on the train during the course of the ride and I would have to say that Manhattan Express sounds much worse. Maybe a handheld camera would have provided a better example of how rough this thing is.
  9. It looks the same as any Vekoma/Arrow coaster that's been built here in the U.S. and depending on whoever the rider is I'm sure it varies. Also, if the ride has capacity issues with just the one train running that would suggest the ride is popular assuming every guest that enters the park is unaware of the coaster's unprecedented reputation. The park would have to see good reason to fix it if they didn't think it was worth it, but I guess it's possible that they're only fixing a bad road by patching a couple of pot holes so to speak.
  10. ^^^^ That's an inspiring story about Carl Hughes life. I actually didn't know that about him before he worked at Kennywood that he was a sportswriter. His legacy will be around for a long time I'm sure and I'm not just talking about Kennywood. His family and friends will sing his praises forever I'm sure.
  11. This is coming from someone who's never ridden this coaster and has only ridden a couple of Vekomas in his lifetime (X-Flight and Serial Thriller), but why is it that Schwarzkopf coasters can have the insane loops and be just as rough as Vekomas and get more love than Vekoma? Maybe Schwarzkopf just has more fanboys, but good for the park for at least trying to fix it. That's more than what other parks can say that throw in the towel or let it SBNO for years. Wait and see I guess.
  12. I thought most of Colossus's track was already replaced with I-beams? In all seriousness an Outlaw/Texas Giant restoration project on the Colossus would be pretty sweet. Might even give me a reason to visit California someday... well that and my career in film. Whichever comes first.
  13. I assume this game adds to the Hyper Rails simulation from 2002. The game engine itself was fine, but there were things that could definitely be improved. For instance terraforming wasn't an option, so it'd be nice to see this. When it came to adding brakes to the coasters you had to do it via nodes, so if you wanted a long brake run you had to put down 8 different nodes and you had to adjust each individual node's power because one node has the ability to stop the entire train. As far as the coasters themselves I believe the following designs were available: Looping (Viper) Stand Up (B&M) Inverted (B&M/Intamin) Hyper (Goliath style track/trains) 4D (X2) I guess more design choices are in order like wooden coasters or maybe newer ones like Intamin and Rocky Mountain woodies! I recall the lift hills being prefabricated and any modifications to them weren't possible. I guess that was because of the elaborate stairs for the them. There were different station styles you could choose from which mattered when the coaster was finished because of the ability to walk around in the park and progress through the station's Que system. I guess all in all I'd like there to be atmosphere to the park when it's all done. This would be great because that's the one thing I didn't like about No Limits. Coasters in empty lots are not fun. That and in RCT the guests screaming and laughing really added to the experience. Edit: Upon review of the trailer it seems terraforming is possible unless the park was built like that and no custom terraforming is available. Also, I just remembered some elements like the curved drops being prefabricated too, so I hope modifying them is possible like it should with all the elements.
  14. I remember playing it clear as day 10 years ago. Adding custom lightning, paths for the park, multiple coasters, 4D coasters, etc. It had all sorts of potential for add-ons. I remember the physics being a bit off though. I hope that was fixed.
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